Leather Lover Tied

By Aussielthrbiker

It was my first year at university. I had moved out of my parents and into a dorm and had picked up a part time job in a department store downtown. Dorm life was great fun but our dorm was pretty quiet – it had a reputation for being the dorm you lived in if you actually wanted to study. My part time job was also great fun; I worked three shifts a week in the “Young Men’s” department. Two were all day shifts when I worked alongside the permanent employees, who were around my age and a fun bunch. However, my favourite shift of the week was Thursday evenings. On Thursdays I worked with Brad, who was another university student. He was in his second year at another university. He was around my height and build, ie, 5’11” and slim. He had blue eyes and short curly blond hair. After the store closed, we would have dinner together at the burger joint across the road before catching our respective buses. Brad would often tell me about life in his dorm, which sounded a lot more active than mine. In particular, he would recount in some detail the hazing, which usually involved one of the guys (sometimes him) being tied and gagged. I would listen intently to his stories wishing this would take place at my dorm. I made this comment to Brad a couple of times.

A few weeks after I had started, I came in for a Monday shift and saw a wonderful sight. Racks filled with leather jackets and leather jeans now occupied a corner of the department. My colleagues told me it was a new promotion for “Renegade” leathers. The jackets were in the latest style, modelled on motorcycle jackets. I had always wanted to own a leather jacket and leather jeans but in high school they had been well out of my price bracket. Even now I was earning money and got a staff discount, it would still take a few weeks of saving to pay for them. My highlight of the day was selling a leather jacket to a very cute guy. He had mid length black hair and brown eyes and I sold him a black jacket with wide white stripes on the sleeve. When I saw him try it on, I longed to own the same jacket.

Shortly before closing time Craig, the department manager, came up to me with another guy he introduced as Simon. Simon was wearing another of the jackets we had on display, a black jacket with red and white stripes on the sleeves, he was the sales rep for Renegade leathers. He explained that as part of the promotion for their leathers, they would like to get some of the department members wearing their leathers. Would I be prepared to wear one of their leather jackets and leather jeans to work for the next six months, in return for which I could keep them afterward? Well, I didn’t need to be asked twice! Simon said he had already selected a jacket he thought would look good on me, this turned out to be the black jacket with the white stipes on the sleeves. He also picked out a pair of black leather button fly jeans. I tried them on and they looked just stunning!

I could hardly wait to get to work on Thursday evening, wearing my new leather jacket and jeans! I got into work to find out, much to my pleasure, that Brad had also been asked to model a leather jacket and jeans. He was wearing a black leather jacket with twin blue stripes around the body and the sleeves and black leather jeans. He sure looked hot! I noted he gave me quite a look too when I walked in wearing my leathers. We attracted quite a bit of (favourable) attention that night. We had quite a few cute guys try on both leather jackets and jeans and converted a few of those to sales.

We went for dinner as usual after work and I had a hard time keeping my eyes off Brad in his new leathers. Afterward we headed for our respective bus stops. Brad’s was across the road from the burger joint, mine was a couple of blocks away. It was quiet as I walked to the bus stop, it was amazing how quickly the shopping core of downtown emptied out after the stores closed.

I heard the sound of a vehicle stop beside me and a van’s sliding door open. The next thing I knew, I had been pulled inside the van and was being held down on a mattress on the floor. There must have been about four people holding me. From the sound and smell, all were wearing leather jackets. My arms were pulled behind my back and bound tightly together with rope. Next my ankles were also bound together with rope. I felt a big leather plug pushed into my mouth. It was attached to a strap, which was buckled tightly around my head. Finally I was blindfolded with a piece of black cloth. I was let go and I started to struggle but whoever had tied the ropes had done a good job and they held me securely. I tried to cry out but the leather gag was doing its job. I then heard a voice, “Gentlemen, we have done well tonight, our buyer should pay well for this boy and a bonus to have him in leather as you know how our buyer loves leather. Fortunately no one will notice him missing for a few days, we’ve left a note on his dorm room door saying he’s at his parents for a few days, his parents will think he’s in the dorm.”

I had always wanted to be tied up and I had often fantasized about being abducted and tied up. This was the first time I had ever been tied up, however, this wasn’t some game, this was reality and it wasn’t a random abduction, someone had been following me, planning this! It had been fun to fanaticise but what I was feeling now was real fear, would I ever escape from this alive? The fact that I had been followed and set up was really creepy. However, at the same time the whole feeling of being helpless was also an incredible turn on! I was also aware of the smell and feel of my new leathers.

The van drove around for some time before coming to a stop. I heard the door slide open and the rope tying my ankles was removed. I was helped to my feet – I was surprised at how unsteady I was – and was led away from the van. Walking wasn’t easy while blindfolded and I more stumbled than walked. After a short distance my captors stopped and pushed me face down on the floor. They then started to add lots of rope to the rope securing my wrists. Ropes were tied around my ankles, above and below my knees, my elbows and all over my torso. My ankles were then brought up and tied off to my wrists in a tight hogtie.

I heard the same voice as before, “He won’t escape from those, we can leave him until the buyer gets here tomorrow. I suggest you don’t try to escape, those ropes will get tighter the more you struggle.” I heard a door close and assumed I had been left alone. I felt how tight the ropes were around my body. I started to struggle and found that the ropes did start to get tighter. I tried to find the knots but nothing. There was no way I was getting free. I tried to call out for help, but my cries were muffled by the gag.

I don’t know how long I was tied, all sense of time vanished. As I lay helplessly tied I grew to love the feeling of the tight ropes all over my body and as time passed I didn’t feel so scared about the “buyer.”

I heard the door open and a few people enter the room. Then I heard a voice, “Gentlemen, you have done a great job delivering the merchandise.” It was Brad’s voice! My blindfold was removed, and I saw Brad and the other guys from the “Young Men’s” department, all wearing their leather jackets and leather jeans. They removed the gag, untied me and helped me unsteadily to my feet. Brad explained that they had been checking me out since I started work. He had told me about the hazing at his dorm to see if I was into being tied up (which I was). The leather promotion had provided the final test; to see if I was also into leather. I had passed both tests with flying colours and was now a full member of the team.


Metal would like to thank Aussielthrbiker for this story — which is long overdue for posting!


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