Michael is bound to a bench with twisted plastic wrap

Sadistic top-man Jared broke Michael Del Ray long ago. Now this handsome, All-American boy is his slave, a piece of meat who exists to serve his young mater’s perverse fantasies. Michael is bound to a narrow bench with twisted plastic wrap. He’s naked but for ass-less briefs. After caressing his slave’s smooth skin, Jared whips his shoulder blades with a favorite bullwhip then moves down his back, leaving a bright, red lash-mark every three inches. Michael screams and pivots off the bench, the elastic bonds digging into his flesh. Jared lashes the captive’s bulbous ass at least a dozen times before slapping and squeezing the fresh wounds, then whips him even more.

MICHAEL DEL RAY Dream Boy Bondage

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Title of this video:

MICHAEL DEL RAY – Deviant No More – Chapter 1

Jared Dream Boy Bondage

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