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Video: Emerson is tortured by Jared

Meanwhile at Dream Boy Bondage, super-sadist Jared continues to bullwhip his supine slave, then shoves a steel butt plug up his ass and shocks him with jumper cables – sometimes while whipping him.


Beautiful young Emerson remains spread-eagled, facedown on the torture table. Jared whips his slave’s back a few more times, then rubs the fresh wounds, sending Emerson into spasms of pain, his lean, naked body confusing seductively. Jared loves the captive’s long, lean body and his perfect, bulbous ass; it is so rare for such a lean guy to have such a juicy ass. Emerson’s beauty drives Jared to hurt him even more, delivering punishing lash after punishing lash, even as Emerson looks up at him, his moist eyes begging for mercy. But Jared is just getting started. He shoves a massive, steel butt-plug up the prisoner’s ass, sending him into more convulsions, then attaches jumper-cables to the butt plug and Emerson’s wrist. The shocks are unbelievable, lifting Emerson off the table as he screams and whimpers. His body has never looked better. Jared is such a sadist he even whips the captive while the current is flowing.

Dream Boy Bondage

Title of this shoot: Emerson Palmer – Smooth As Silk – Part 4

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Video: Jared has Curtis locked in the pillory

Scroll down for a free video preview from the men of Dream Boy Bondage. In this episode, sweet, innocent Curtis is locked in the pillory, spanked hard, fucked harder and shocked with electrodes attached to his balls. Jared is unstoppable.

Young Curtis is bent over and locked in the pillory, completely naked and terrified. He knows he is going to be hurt; he just doesn’t know how. Then Jared appears, wearing nothing but skin-tight athletic briefs. He holds a short, leather strap – a device made to beat a captive’s ass. Jared spanks Curtis hard, then shows him a huge, rigid dildo. Curtis can’t believe his eyes: The thing must be a foot long! The poor, helpless prisoner screams and moans as Jared fucks him for an hour. Curtis thinks his ordeal might be over, that the ass-fucking was the climax. He couldn’t be more wrong. Jared puts a steel ring around the base of his balls, then attaches two electrodes. “What are you doing?” Curtis asks, on the verge of panic. Then the first shock hits. There are many more to come.

Here is a free video preview:


Title of this shoot: Curtis – Torture Twink – Part 5

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Pictures and video: Strapped to a steel ladder wearing ass-less briefs

Check out this recent scene from the men of Dream Boy Bondage — with a free video preview below:

Matie has been turned around and re-strapped to the steel ladder. He is still naked but for his tiny, assless briefs, which frame his butt-cheeks beautifully. His ass is a true dancer’s ass, so taut and firm the cheeks barely touch, two globes sculpted by a thousand hours of training. His shoulders are broad and his waist narrow and tight. In other words, he must be whipped. Jared, stripped to the waist, with a simple but sexy leather harness framing his powerful chest, is more than happy to provide the whipping such a back and ass demand. He starts out slowly, methodically, and then speeds up, leaving Matie gasping and trembling, almost hysterical. Jared then applies the violet wand to the fresh wounds and cuts the briefs away, leaving the boy completely naked and shaking in pain and fear. Jared is just getting warmed up.

Here is a free video preview:


Title of this shoot: Matie – The Whipping Boy – Part 3

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Video: Bradley is tortured

Bradley is a dream-come-true for anyone who fantasizes about torturing the perfect heartthrob: a beautiful, blond swimmer, fit and lean, with flawless, creamy skin shaved smooth. The stud is dazed from hours of abuse but still strong and full of life. As the single-tail whip, expertly wielded by Jared, cuts into his body, Bradley absorbs the pain with quiet intensity. He doesn’t scream bloody murder, but you can see the agony in his moist eyes and on his beautiful face. The blows from the whip keep coming, followed by mists of alcohol. Then Jared covers the prisoner’s nipples, cock and balls with nasty pins – and continues to whip him. Bradley is almost delusional with pain, but he hangs on. This is one tough captive!

Here is a free preview video: be sure to watch in full screen:


Title of this update: Bradley – Dreams Come True – Part 8

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Video: Aden gets spread-eagled on the bondage table

Meanwhile at Dream Boy Bondage, Jared has spotted Aden at the same gym frequented by Neill. An hour later, Aden is spread-eagled on the bondage table, looking oh-so-sexy, struggling and flexing against his bonds, his navel popping out from under his shirt. He’s dressed in spandex jeans and a sleeveless T-shirt, classic dumb-jock gear, garish but sexy as hell. Jared massages the captive’s muscles and gradually cuts away his clothes, until he’s completely naked, but for a blackout hood and gag. After removing each piece of clothing, Jared pricks Aden’s smooth, perfect skin with the pinwheel, making the prisoner yelp with pain. Then he sticks Aden’s cock and balls through a steel ring and attaches electrodes.

Here is a video preview — be sure to watch in full-screen mode:


Title of this update: Aden Davinci – Another Dumb Jock – Part 1

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What I like about Jared

For those of you who follow the Metalbond site, you will no doubt recognize Jared of Dream Boy Bondage, who is one of the most sadistic tormentors there. But this guy can also TAKE IT, as well. Check out this video clip:


See more of Jared, and the prisoners he works over when he is in control, by clicking through to Dream Boy Bondage – a site that has TWO new updates every Friday! Fuck fuck fuck! Gay bondage porn does not get any better than this, if you ask me.