Military Grunt Discusses Not Beating Off Anymore

By Unknown

Spoke not too long ago about the mindfucking provided by the military training I endured, I made it sound a little dark, I should clear up now that I love my new life, even though I know I have been conditioned and am still being conditioned. I know it sucks that Metal can’t post who this is, but most of you should hopefully be able to work this out.

Possibly the hottest part of my training was the chastity, not actual chastity but sort of circumstantial chastity. With guys sleeping next to each other less then a meter away, it is a little hard to discreetly jerk off, and we are so stuffed from the training through the day that we just wanted to get as much sleep as we could, not to mention the fact that the corporals would be wondering around as well!

The observant reader will no doubt be asking why not the toiletries area. Two reasons, no shower curtains in showers (more about them soon, I know you are all dying to hear about that) and the toilet walls were covered in weapons specs. That’s right people, we had diagrams of the weapons we had to use, how to strip them, how to shoot properly, we had targets hung in our rooms to identify the kill spots, the hallways were coated with army values and weapon specs as well. So think about it, while in our rooms sitting and relaxing we would be staring at a diagram on the wall showing us where to shoot to kill a human being. While sitting on the toilet we would be looking right at weapon specs. Is it any surprise really that I have been brainwashed?

The other thing is that with all of us eating at the same time and drinking all through the day the bathroom was never really empty and again the sounds of someone jerking themselves off is … tricky … to hide.

So there it is, before I knew it I was up to 7 weeks of no jerking off!

OK the showers, I know you’re all dying to hear about those. Alrighty so 8 showers, 47 of us, and 15 minutes to shower, now do the math, not a long shower, right? The showers were simple stalls with heads lined up next to each other, no curtains, the people waiting were facing the stalls, there were hooks but no benches, so water all over the place, so when you finished your shower you grabbed your towel and raced out, squeezed past everyone else, the area between the wall and the showers was about enough to squeeze 2 people between and the door was at the end so avoiding touching someone was impossible (most of them naked) try and find a dry spot to dry yourself, usually having to share it with 5-6 others, everyone naked. So 47 naked guys running around mostly naked and dripping wet, by about week 6 on specially designed meals and workout plans and heavy training our bodies were all slimming down and definition was present. Remember we had to be at a certain fitness level to get in in the first place. No sex or any kind of release for 7 weeks and brushing past naked people each day. Not an easy thing to deal with!


Note from Metal: This is a true story by a longtime contributor to this site.



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  1. That’s fuckin’ hot. Brings back memories of my basic training in the Navy. Same set up–no shred of privacy for 8 weeks, no doors on the bathroom stalls, communal showers with dozens of guys, bunk beds in an open barracks. I was 18 years old and went for 8 weeks without jerking off. I thought I would go crazy and was hornier than hell. I’ll never forget my first jerk off after getting out of boot camp, in a bathroom stall (with a closed door.) I must have shot 3 feet up into the air! To this day (many decades later) that is the longest time I have gone without shooting.

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