Milking Day – Part 3

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 gay bondage storiesIt’s been three weeks since the last milking day, when my boyfriend Mark sabotaged my chance for release. Three weeks, and just one more to go before I could try to reverse the roles, and lock him up for a while. To date my dick has been locked in a steel cage for eight weeks, and I really miss stroking it.

Mark had been having some difficult weeks at work. Layoffs meant there were fewer people to do the same amount of work, but the work still had to be done. Mark’s had longer days, and he was so tired when he got home. Too tired to go to the gym, too tired to eat, too tired to even jerk off! I was worried about him.

One late afternoon, Mark pulled his car into the garage. I heard the door close, and waited for him to come in. I’d been preparing dinner, and was surprised he was home so early. Even though he had gone to work so early, it hadn’t made any difference as he still came home so late. Today was odd, that he was home early. And he was taking his time coming inside. Huh, how strange, I thought as I washed my hands. Better go check on him.

I peered into the garage, and Mark was still in his car. Sitting in his seat, eyes closed, mouth agape, chest rising and falling in a gentle way. I opened the car door, he was asleep! Oh poor Mark, I watched him for a moment, he was always so cute when he was sleeping. And this was my opportunity to take care of him.

My dick throbbed in its cage, as a plan came together in my mind. I smiled to myself and leaned into the car. I carefully unbuckled the seatbelt, and manouvered my sleeping boyfriend out of the car. Chastity had definitely improved my own workout routines, and now that I could carry Mark, the results were clear. I dragged him over to a table we’d been building, and I removed his clothes. He wasn’t awake, but he managed to help a little. “My poor Marky,” I whispered in his ear. “Worked to exhaustion. But I’ve got you, babe. I’ll take care of you.” He nodded, though I doubt he heard a word I said.

Once stripped, I bent him over the table. This was no ordinary table, though. It was designed to be a fuck bench, but we wanted to still have access to the front side of whichever one of us was strapped to it. So the legs were curved away from the center, and there were three cushioned rests that supported the body at the shoulders, midsection, and hips. We’d designed it to be comfortable for long-term sessions, and the limbs could be repositioned without having to remove or add anything to it. The structure itself was made of aluminum and the supports had heavy padding and vinyl upholstery.

I strapped Mark’s wrists to the front supports, and his ankles to the back ones. I pulled the three straps over his back to secure him to the table. The table kept him on all fours, with his muscular beefy ass up, and his head down. His big dick and hefty nutsack were also easy to reach, and they dangled on display, framed by his legs. I groped him heavily, now that he was secured, and looking so hot. I stroked his cock, he was hard almost immediately. I knew he hadn’t jerked off in at least ten days, he was definitely pent up. I hadn’t seen or felt his balls this plump and full since I’d last had him in chastity. And that had been, well, a while ago.

Mark made a moaning sound. I pulled a bench up, and sat by him, petting his face. A small trickle of drool was starting to creep down the side of his chin, and his breathing pattern told me he was waking up. He groggily opened his eyes, and with a moan tried to rub his head. The creaking of the restraints reached my ears.

“W-whas going… On..?” Mark asked, as he weakly tried to move. I stroked his head and neck.

“Shh, babe, it’s ok. You fell asleep in your car, so I’m taking care of you tonight. Just relax, ok? I’ve got some water for you.” I held up a glass of ice water with a straw for him to drink. Mark nodded as he took a few sips.

“Ohh fuck, today was just… All week has just been so crazy, and we’re all working too hard. But they won’t let us hire anyone yet because those fucking bigwigs don’t think we need-” I placed my finger on his lips.

“Hush,” I whispered soothingly. “I know sweetie. You’re working so very hard, and you can tell me all about it later. But today is over, you’re home with me, and you get to just rest now.”

Mark nodded. “Thanks, sweetie. I’m.. I’m so fucking exhausted.” He drooped limply over the table. I picked his chin up, and gave him a long slow kiss. The restraints creaked again, I could tell Mark was really wanting to hold me. Take me into his arms, and be the strong, protective man he usually was. The dom top he was used to being now that I’d been locked in chastity for almost two months. Which was why today, I was going to remind him that I too have a dom side.

I pulled back from our kiss, tenderly caressing his cheek, and sharing a loving gaze. His eyes were so beautiful. I reached behind me, and gently held up a large red ball gag. This one had a head harness, with blinder panels on the sides. Mark’s eyes went wide. He bit his lower lip, realizing I was taking charge. He looked back up at me, his eyes a mix of hesitation, lust, and some weariness. I held the gag in front of his mouth.

“Go on, then,” I insisted. “I know how much you’re going to want to say about this, and I told you I was going to help you relax. We’re doing it my way, because we both know that’s what you need.”

Mark hesitated, eyeing the gag. He hadn’t worn a ball gag in several months, and this one was pretty big. Finally though, he opened his mouth, and I strapped it in. I adjusted the harness, making sure it was snug. The ball filled his mouth perfectly, and the chinstrap ensured he couldn’t move his jaw at all. The blinder panels restricted his sight to what was right in front of him. He moaned into the gag, gradually settling into his submission. I petted his back. His dick was hard.

Another feature of this table, was a storage rack under the midsection support to hold equipment, lube, other supplies. We’d even built in housings for a milking machine, powerbox, and a stereo. I’d get that milking tube on Mark’s dick for sure. But first I needed to prep him.

I got some lube on my hand, and began to tease Mark’s boner. He throbbed in my hand, hard and horny.

“Uhhggggghhhhh…” Mark moaned through his gag, and tried to buck into my hand. “Mmm.. Fggh mmphgh’n mmmph..!!” I leaned in and kissed his balls, tickling each of the swollen orbs with my tongue. The restraints creaked more, and Mark’s legs were flexing. I edged him once, stroking him slowly. He did deserve to enjoy this, and I had all evening to make sure he did.

I stopped stroking after edging him a second time. I let him cool down a bit, as I caressed his butt, thighs, and calves. The garage was comfortably cool enough that we could both be naked, so I stripped off my clothes. I didn’t let him watch, but I did hold my briefs against his nose so he would know.

“Mmmmmmphh!” Mark whined in frustration, turning his head, trying to catch a glimpse.

I patted his back, in a condescending fashion.

“Uh uh, stud. You’ll get to see when I decide to let you see.”

Mark settled down, resigned to that fact. But he continued humping, even though there was nothing for him to hump against. Poor horny boy he was.

I hooked up the suction tube for the milking machine, and started it up. The tube slurped and sucked itself over Mark’s big beautiful manhood, as he gasped and moaned. He was slobbering heavily over the ballgag, his drool falling to the floor with loud splats.

I set the milking machine to very slow, teasing pace. Mark wouldn’t get off to such a low speed, but he’d be teased and tormented on the edge for a good long while. I ran my hand up along his back, and held his hand. He moaned at me, as I was just out of his sight. I leaned in close to him.

“Enjoy this, my pet.” I whispered with a playful hiss. “You’re a fine stallion, a prized bull. Strong, cocky, masculine. But sometimes you need to be reminded that you’re mine.” I fastened a collar with a big square bell around his neck. “And I’ll treat you as such.”

Mark gave a low, sexy growl, accompanied by a lengthy splatter of drool.

“That’s good stud. There there.” I patted his head, and walked back to the kitchen to finish prepping for dinner. If I baked the vegetables instead of sauteeing them, I could time the oven to have them ready in a few hours. I could reheat the lasagna at the same time. Plenty of time to play with Mark, and get him to bed at a reasonable hour before work tomorrow. I loved it when things worked out so efficiently.

I checked in on Mark every now and then. He’d struggle and moan, sometimes more, sometimes less. He was clearly very frustrated by the slow milker, though he was also very tired. But being kept so close to the edge like that couldn’t just be ignored. Try as he did to get used to it, or to push himself over the edge, he couldn’t. I had him exactly where I wanted him.

I added some weighted nipple clamps after about an hour. I smiled as he bellowed in his gag, the bell clanging as he struggled. He was such a lucky stud, getting to enjoy a couple hours of cock stroking. I certainly would have! I held my own caged package in my hand. My nuts were full, my dick strained against the cage, leaking like crazy. I hadn’t seen my own erection for almost two months, let alone stroked it. It throbbed painfully now, as I watched Mark trying to to fuck the milking tube, hearing his gagged grunts, and the clinking of the bell.

Fuck. I watched his ass, his hips flexing against the restraints. Such a beautiful ass it was. I could be mean and stuff a huge electro plug in it. Like the monster he’d shoved up mine. I could make him cum like a real bull, with electro pulses. It was tempting, but I had a better idea.

I returned to Mark’s side in the garage, this time in his field of vision. He looked up at me, panting, pleading, begging as he drooled freely around the big red ballgag strapped in his mouth. He was horny as any breeding bull. He eyed me standing there, his gaze fixed on my steel caged dick. He humped the milking tube, aroused like he always got at seeing me locked up. I grabbed his scruffy, saliva soaked chin, and caressed his throat as he nuzzled my balls. I stroked the back of his head, and heard his muffled sighs as he breathed my musk. It had been leg day for me at the gym, and based on how he was moaning, I figured he could tell. I smiled, and pulled away. He whined and whimpered, desperate for more.

“Well stud, it’s been two hours. You wanna show me how much a fine stud like you can cum?” Mark nodded eagerly, grunting affirmatively. I smiled. “Good bull. I’ll give you the necessary stimulation, and you can cum all you want.” I could see the lust in his eyes, he wanted to cum so badly!

I walked back around to the milking machine, and turned the dial up. One click. The pace increase was barely noticable. Mark yelled and cursed through his gag. I gave his butt a firm slap that quieted him down.

“Patience, stud.” I whispered. I reached into a drawer, and pulled out a large dildo. Mark hadn’t had many toys up his butt lately. This one would be a stretch, but he’d warm up quickly. I fastened the dildo to a harness around my waist. I lubed its thick, 7 inch length with a generous amount of Elbow Grease. And then began to finger Mark’s hole.

“MMMMMMMMPPPHHHMMMmmMMm…!” Mark was tight. I firmly but gently worked him with my finger, then added another. With my other hand, I rubbed his balls encouragingly. For me, I relaxed if Mark placed his hand on the small of my back. With him, lightly petting his nuts had the same effect. Soon I was able to work a third and then a fourth finger in. His whimpers gave way to pleasured moans, and he was grinding back, desperate for more prostate stimulation.

I held the large dildo, making sure the harness was secured, and the toy was centered over my chastity cage. I positioned the tip against Mark’s hole, and slowly began to push.

“MMMMHHMMMMMMMMPPHHHHHHMM!! FFMMMMGHHHHH..!!” Mark threw his head back, arching himself as much as the restraints allowed. I watched as his ass cheeks clenched, and his body heaved as his breath grew heavy.

“That’s it, stud. Breathe deeply, and let me in. You’ll be cumming in no time.” I said gently in his ear. I kept caressing his balls, as I slowly slid my fake dick up his backside. We’d never done pegging like this before, and I wondered why I hadn’t done it sooner. While it wasn’t the same as working my own dick in, the dildo was pressing back against me. The pressure against the front of my own prostate was pleasing.

I took my time working my ‘dick’ into Mark’s hole. It was big, he was tight, and this was supposed to feel good. He was panting heavily, and his moans began to have a lustfulness to them. Once the toy bottomed out, I started a slow shallow thrusting. I could pound his prostate, but I’d also be pounding mine, and I wanted to prolong this.

Leaning over his back, I kissed the back of his neck and shoulders while I maintained a gentle pace. The bell around Mark’s neck clinked with every thrust, and he was starting to get into it. His grunts were muffled and frothy with large amounts of drool. I turned the milker up a bit, and humped a little faster. I knew he wouldn’t last much longer…

“Mmmph… MmmPH… MMMPHH!!” My sexy man came hard. His entire body spasmed with each spurt he shot into the milking tube. Even through the thick silicone toy, I could feel him clench on it as he orgasmed. The machine sucked his load away, and continued to milk him through his climax.

Mark barely had the chance to catch his breath, before the post-orgasm sensitivity set in. The machine wasn’t letting up on his spent dick, and I wasn’t letting up on his ass. He bucked on the table, the restraints creaking, and the bell clattering. He cried out frothily, begging for a break. But he wasn’t using any of our safewords, so his pleas went unheeded.

Once he’d endured the torment, and had calmed down, I kissed his shoulder.

“Such a fine beast.. New twist on the term ‘breeding bull’ huh? You stud.” I lay against him, slick with sweat, still humping his ass. He gave a playful huff, like the proud, cocky stallion he was. I rubbed his shoulders, and then unstrapped the dildo harness, refastening it around Mark. The big dong was now buried to the hilt, and secured in his bum. He gave a pleading whinny as I walked back into his line of sight.

“Woah there, easy boy.” I caressed his ear. “Enjoy it. I’m going to leave that and the milker on while I clean up and get dinner ready. I’m willing to bet you have a few more loads you’d like to have collected tonight?” Mark nodded, ringing the bell around his neck. “Good boy,” I said as I kissed his forehead.

I pulled up a mirror, positioning it in front of the table. “Since you seemed to like this, here’s what I’ll do. You can watch yourself in the mirror, as you drool and huff like an animal. But I want you to get into it more. Whenever you cum, I want to you grunt and moo properly, and ring your bell. I’ll set up the monitors so I can hear. Between collections, you may rest and relax as you wish. Understood?”

Mark nodded, and mooed deeply.

“Good bull.” I kissed his forehead again, and patted his shoulder and butt as I left him to enjoy the rest of his evening. I turned the milker to a moderate speed, and turned the lights on. It was still light out, but I didn’t want my prized stud to be left in the dark when the sun did go down. I figured he’d be dry shooting by the fourth orgasm, and then I’d come back, let him out, dinner would be ready. He’d sleep well before having to go back to work in the morning.

As I reached the door, I heard the bell start clanging, and a series of long, low growls, crescendoing into desperate, throaty moos. Heheh. Damn, could my boyfriend be a sexy beast.

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Metal would lke to thank the author, Cutieboy90, for this story!

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