Milking Day – Part 4

By Cutieboy90

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Cutieboy90I stared at the wall, like I had for the past hour or so. No, not by my own choice. I was strapped in this position, my ankles spread with a bar, and my arms behind me. A thick leather muzzle kept me quiet, and there was a tether attached to the top of it keeping me in place. There was also a tether around my full, aching balls, which were already feeling a squeeze from that infernal steel chastity cage that’s been locked on them for over two months.

I huffed into the thick leather padded muzzle as Mark finally approached. I heard him set something down behind me, before he came into my field of vision. He patted my head, and kissed my gagged mouth.

“You look so fucking pissed!” He teased, pinching my cheek. I huffed a muffled obscenity at him as he chuckled. “Now now, don’t forget who’s in charge here,” Mark firmly slapped my nuts, instantly making me double as much as the restraints would allow. My nuts were already so tender, I was close to tears at the third strike of his palm. But of course, my sadistic boyfriend just smiled and continued to tap his palm into my package until I was on the verge of passing out. Damn did it hurt.

He kissed my forehead, and stepped away while I caught my breath. Much to my surprise, he began to unbuckle the heavy leather muzzle from my head. I didn’t get to say anything, as he kept his hand over my lips once the leather was pulled away. I kissed his fingers, knowing it would probably be several hours before I got the chance again. I closed my eyes, as he fingered my mouth. Evil he might be, I still loved him.

“Awwww… So sweet baby.” I felt his other hand caress my face, and suddenly he was close to me. He took his finger from my mouth, and replaced it with his own lips. I moaned as he kissed me hard. All these weeks of teasing and orgasm denial had left me frustrated as hell, and now I kissed him back with all the passion I couldn’t express any other way. Hungrily. Desperately. So drunk with the lust of kissing him, I didn’t notice as he buckled a collar around my neck until it was being locked. It was unfamiliar, very stiff and high. I pulled back from our kiss to ask about it, but before I could say anything, a very thick leather bar was eased between my teeth. I heard the straps locked tightly behind my head. Mark smiled reassuringly.

“Hush, it’s ok.” He said, reaching for another pile of leather straps, which I knew was the head harness with the blinders. “Remember that impromptu scene a few weeks ago, where you milked me like a prized bull? I liked that. In fact, I liked that idea so much that I thought I’d return the favor. So I got this posture collar and a bit just for you, my fine stud!”

I huffed playfully, testing the collar. Sure enough, I could not move my head. And now that the blinders were on too, I could only see what was directly in front of me. Mark knelt down in front of me, out of my sight, and I felt him fiddle with my chastity cage.

“Hmmmmph??” I asked. We’d never removed the chastity cage for our milking challenge before. Mark patted my chest reassuringly.

“Easy, stud. Today’s going to be a little different…” I gasped at the feeling as the cage fell away, my dick free for the first time in over two months. It was weird to have a full boner again. Even the ring was removed from my balls, suddenly I felt… Extremely naked and incomplete. I whined and whimpered through my bit gag, but almost as soon as I thought how foreign it was, Mark answered by stroking my cock with a lubed hand. And fuck, did it feel amazing.

I’d almost forgotten what it felt like, to be stroked like that. I panted and bucked into Mark’s fist, revelling in the sensation of my entire throbbing length being touched. I started to thrust, with a bit of vigor, but Mark took his hand away.

“Nope, not yet. Just wanted to make sure you could still get hard after all this time locked.” I could sense him smirking up at me, with that wicked gleam in his eyes. I just growled in response.

“But first, you need to be dressed properly.” Still unable to see, I could only guess what Mark meant. I heard some straps get buckled, a few locks clicked, and then my arms were raised, forcing me to bend forward in a strappado position. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but I couldn’t move at all. With the posture collar, the bar between my ankles, and now my arms pulled up, there was no wiggle room. And despite the head-down position, I couldn’t see my own erection. My desperately hard, 7 inch length, throbbing freely for the first time in forever, and I couldn’t even look at it!

I stamped my foot, growling in pure frustration. I suddenly felt a sting on my right buttock.

I jumped, well, as much as possible. “MMPPHHKKKK!?”

Whack! Again, the sting. I roared in my gag again. After a few more, Mark stopped hitting me with whatever it was, and started fiddling with my package again. I moaned with pleasure, and lusty need as he teased my shaft and fondled my balls. They were aching for release, feeling swollen and tender. My cock felt like it was going to explode. It felt like he was putting tape on my junk, or wrapping gauze or something.

Suddenly I felt a tingle. Electro. Again.

“HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…!” I moaned. It felt good, but I really didn’t want another gigantic plug stuffed in my butt. Even if the thought did make my dick jump. “MMMMM!!”

The tingles gradually got more intense. They seemed to travel from my balls through the length of my shaft to the tip, stroking through it in a way. I could just picture Mark sitting there playing with the control dial, enjoying my torment. The level was enough to tease and keep me aroused, but not enough to bring me off. I could hump into the air all I wanted, and it would have no effect.

“UGHMMMMMM!!” I wailed, a river of drool now flowing from my gagged mouth, and down my chin. I could hear the splats as they hit the floor. I’d really been turned into a barn animal, restrained, horny as hell, snorting, drooling, and forced to stare at the wall while I was teased with electro stimulation. Fuck, it was so hot to do this to Mark. And even hotter now with him in control, as he should be. I wanted to cum, if only to guarantee that he’d lock me back up. I was so horny, I just wanted to shoot.

My thoughts were interrupted as I felt a gentle hand grope my butt. It caressed up my back too, before returning to focus on my ass. I stared hard at the base of the wall, trying to think about anything else but the stimulation and my desperation to cum. As much as I loved being locked up, I also wanted to finally get to lock Mark up for a spell. I wanted to earn it. Fair and square and deservedly. All I had to do was not cum.

However, my body was telling me something else. Something that was getting harder to ignore. I could feel that Mark had sat down next to me, wrapping his legs around one of mine, his hard cock pressing against my calf muscle. With his hand, he’d been fingering me sensuously. Slowly, but deeply, gently poking and pressing my prostate with each pass. First with one finger, then with two, then finally with three. All while the electro hummed through my cock. I knew I couldn’t last long like this, and so did Mark. But surely he wouldn’t sabotage a milking day so quickly?

I did my best to hold off. Mark was very thoroughly and deliberately targeting my prostate, the fucker! I grunted imploringly at him. This wasn’t fair!

As if in response, Mark kissed my thigh. He nuzzled the side of my leg, and continued to finger my butt. I wanted to relax, and let him get me off. I was so horny, and this felt so good! Instead, I huffed deeply and chomped harder on the leather bit. If I was meant to be a cocky stallion, I was going to be a truly stubborn fucker at one!

Once again, almost as soon as I’d gotten myself under control, Mark reminded me who was in charge. This time by grabbing my cock. I froze, overwhelmed again by the sensation of a hand closed around my full-fledged boner. I moaned like a bitch, whinnying as he stroked me with a such a slight motion it was barely perceptible. Mark continued to pummel my butt with one hand while lightly stroking my cock with the other. I was too well secured to move much, but I bucked for all the extra few millimeters were worth. I grunted a warning that I was getting close. Mark kissed my flank again, I could feel the smile on his lips as he did so.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMPPPHHHKKKKKKKKK…!?” At first I couldn’t tell if I had cum. Mark took his hand off my cock. I still felt the tingle from the electro, and of course the attention lavished on my prostate. With the posture collar on, I couldn’t even look down to see anything. But the unmistakable frustration of a ruined orgasm came through soon enough. Hell no!

“MMMMMMMPPHHHH!!!!” I roared and thrashed. I could feel my load running down my shaft and balls, and a sudden slickness to Mark’s fingers as they continued to slip into me. After a few moments he took his fingers away, and I felt him stand up and walk away. I kept humping at the air, furiously trying to gain some satisfaction from that orgasm. I didn’t even care about the chastity challenge or my milking day goals, I just wanted to feel something!

Mark’s hand gave my right buttcheek a grope. Then gave the left one a squeeze. Both hands grabbed my hips. I held my breath as the tip of Mark’s cock prodded my hole. Could it really be? No way! I’d shoot again if he fucked me now. “MMMMMMPPH!?” I half-heartedly protested as he eased his way in. I felt the sharp sting from earlier, and quieted back down.

“Good boy. Take it. Enjoy it.” I felt the electro intensify a touch or two, and Mark’s hefty cock hilted to the base. Fuck it was heavenly, as he started to thrust. Gently at first, but quickly gaining force and speed. Even at times I hadn’t been locked in chastity for months, I’d have admitted that I have an addiction or even obsession with Mark’s tool. I memorized every inch of it by feel. In my mouth, my hand, or my ass, I knew his dick better than he did. And right now, I could tell he was close.

Mark was fucking me hard. Every powerful thrust had his balls slamming into mine. It hurt, but oh so wonderfully. He growled in my ear, dominantly like an alpha stallion, claiming his breeding bitch. I moaned, panting frothily, every thrust knocking the wind out of me. I was lost in the primal nature this fuck. So high on pheromones. Mark’s musk, the taste of the leather in my mouth, and of course the sensations in my butt, cock, and balls. Mark gave a deep grunt, and came hard in my butt. I shot my second load as he filled me with his spunk. I’d never cum so hard before, I shot most of my load on the wall where even I could see it. Both our orgasms were long, seemingly endless.

I heard Mark panting hard, I could feel him shaking, even as he continued to hump me, milking the last of his load out.

I was breathless. I couldn’t really feel my cock anymore. I didn’t notice when Mark turned the electro off, nor when he removed the pads. I didn’t even notice when Mark released the collar, gag, and straps, and we helped each other stumble through the kitchen to the master bathroom to take a hot shower.

Mark’s favorite lavender shower gel finally cleared my head enough to think again. I looked at him, leaning against the tiled wall, his chest still heaving. He looked at me with half-closed eyes, his tongue lolling out the way it did post-orgasm. I lathered up his torso, thoroughly cleaning his skin, and massaging his muscles. I worked down to his thighs. His dick was still hard, so I took it in my mouth to finish the job. I started to take it down my throat, when Mark pulled me off it, pulled me back up, and kissed my lips. We held each other there, the warm water splashing off our backs, the sudsy sponge forgotten at our feet, perfuming the steam with lavender and eucalyptus.

We eventually rinsed and dried off. Mark tried to sling me over his shoulder to carry me to bed, but we ended up just staggering in each others arms instead.

“Fuck…” Mark finally said as we snuggled up for the night. “I know tonight was… different.” He said sheepishly. “I think we should have talked about it.”

I pulled him closer, and gave his neck a kiss. “It was fun. Seems we’ve unleashed a beast of some sort.”

“Yeah… Fuck, after all that shit at work settled down, and-” I placed a finger on his lips.

“Shhh, no more of that. Tonight was wonderful, and clearly we needed it.”

Mark nodded. “Come here,” he hugged me tightly for a moment. We shared another kiss before settling in for the night. Tired as I was, I couldn’t help but feel that something else was coming between us. Whatever it was, I’d have to worry about it tomorrow. For now, I’d drift off in the safe, solid embrace of Mark’s arms.

A week later…

Mark drove up to the curb, where I waited. He’d gotten off from work early today, and we were going to have a proper date night. Dinner, movie, the whole nine yards. He was still in his suit from work, and he shamelessly checked me out over his sunglasses as I climbed into the passenger seat.

“Damn, that’s a hot look,” he whistled. “Calvin Klein?”

“Kenneth Cole,” I replied. “But something underneath might be Calvins…”

Mark grinned. “You tease!” His green eyes flashed as he pulled his shades back up, and we sped down the block.

We arrived at the restaurant, an upscale Italian place downtown. We’d been here a few times before for special occasions. The food was exquisite, the waiters were cute, and the dining room looked out over the skyline. We had a table by the window.

“Congrats on that promotion, by the way.” I raised my glass to Mark. “I don’t recall saying that yet..”

Mark smiled. “Shucks, well it was about time… Listen, about that promotion. There was something else about it.”

“A raise, I hope?” I asked sarcastically. “For putting up with all that nonsense.”

“Yes, actually. A very substantial raise at that.” Mark smiled matter-of-factly. “So I thought it was time to splurge a little…”

I rolled my eyes. “Oh, there it is. What insane toys did you get to torment me with?”

Mark laughed. “I love how well you know me. I can’t surprise you, can I?”

“It would be hard.” I took a sip of my wine. “Though you do manage on occasion.”


“Yeah. Like how I’ve been unlocked for an entire week now.. I didn’t see that one coming!”

Mark blushed. “Heh… About that. Well… I missed playing with your cock. Stroking it, edging it, and sucking it in the morning.”

I blinked, feeling a blush cross my face. “I… Hadn’t ever thought about it that way.”

“Well now you get to.” Mark pushed a small key across the table, one clearly meant for a chastity cage. I smiled, and pocketed the little silver key.

“I knew it. So what’s special about this one?”

“This one’s smaller than the other one, and has a urethral tube. It also has an attached butt plug, and can be electrified.” His charming smile grew through his description. I feigned shock.

“Great. What are the conditions? No wait, let me guess! Every day I make you wear it, is a week I’ll have to wear it.” I tapped my foot against his under the table.

Mark shook his head and cleared his throat, a habit of his when he was nervous. “I hadn’t thought of that… But I think it really depends.”

This was new. No premeditated conditions was unlike him. “What does that mean, exactly?”

“It means…” Mark huffed lightly. “It means, uh…”

The waiter placed our dessert on the table. “Tiramisu, on the house tonight!”

“Lovely!” I exclaimed, and watched the waiter’s cute butt as he walked away. I looked back at Mark, as a bead of sweat rolled down his temple.

“It means I love you. More than I can express with mere words. I want to own you, care for you, spoil you, and tease you. I want to pleasure you, torment you, and be with you for always. I want everything with you, and I want more. I want… No, I need… Fuck…” Mark fumbled something, and in one graceful movement, knelt by the table holding a velvet-lined box. “Will you marry me?”

I was lost in the eternity of Mark’s eyes. Swirls of ocean green that made time stand still, and everything else disappear. He was saying words, that seemed fuzzy to my ears, but clear to my heart.

“Yes, Mark. Absolutely and forever. Yes!”

Mark eased the ring on my finger, and kissed my hand. Our eyes never broke contact, as we shared a hug and a quick kiss, to the applause of the other diners.

“We’re going to have one hell of a wedding night.” I whispered in his ear. “That thing’s not coming off until then.”

“Fuck…” Mark purred to me. “You sure? This thing is a real bitch, and I think you’re going to miss my cock too much.”

“It can’t be too bad, considering you picked it out, and handed me the keys. It’s up to you how long that is, you’re the one tasked with choosing our happy day, Mr. Big Promotion.”

I smiled sweetly as we sat back down to enjoy our dessert.

Mark’s eyebrows jumped, and that wicked smile crossed his face. “Hmmm, I’d better get on that wedding planning then. Just know, it’s going on you for the entire honeymoon.”


The End. Er, well… Beginning?

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Metal would lke to thank the author, Cutieboy90, for this story!


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