Mounted Cops – Part 2

Three Mounted Police Stories

Three Stories Of Different Mounted Cops, Booted, In Bondage And Fucked

2 – Trooper Greg’s Story

By Alex Ironrod

Copyright 2021; All rights reserved

A line of sleek horses passed by, their riders’ firm, tight-breeched asses rising and falling at the trot as I crouched behind the hedge, secretly watching. At the rear was a large black stallion, mounted by a tall, broad-shouldered officer in sharply creased uniform shirt and tie, tight breeches with a thin red stripe and gleaming tall black Dehner boots and spurs – the man I hungered to serve.

It was becoming an obsession. Here I was, a member of the Hunterville Police Department for three years, spying on this powerful Master Sergeant. I was desperate to join his Mounted Unit, to worship and lick the leather of those shining boots, to perform whatever sexual services he might demand. I’d found out what was needed to join the small, mounted troop. I’d had some experience with horses from my summers on my uncle’s farm as a teenager, but I knew my cowboy ways wouldn’t pass muster.

So I’d been taking riding lessons twice a week, punishing my butt on an English saddle and achieving a hard-on, just thinking about getting between Master Sergeant Alex Brand’s strong thighs.

I’d worked out their routines; every Wednesday and Friday morning, they rehearsed their drills for the annual police show ,practicing a series of maneuvers which ended in an elaborate musical ride with horses and riders intersecting one another at a controlled gallop, boots gleaming, leather creaking, equipment jingling, asses thrusting forwards and backwards. The Master Sergeant shouted commands and rode proud at the head of the final gallop, tight but supple in the saddle.

I moaned in the bushes, my hard-on pushing against my jeans, looking for release. I felt a couple of drops of pre-cum leak out and seep into the denim.

“This is ridiculous, I’d think to myself. I’m a grown man, six feet tall, 195 lbs. and fighting trim. All I have to do is to go to the stables, introduce myself and ask about vacancies in the troop. Shit, what’s the worst he can do? Tell me there’s no opening?

But is it the troop I’m really interested in or is it that fucking hot Master Sergeant?

Are the rumors true of his interest in men? What if they’re not, and he’s completely straight? What if he’s not interested in me? Fuck it, I decided. The only way to find out is to go up to him and ask.”

The next day, dressed in my best PD uniform, gleaming from shoes to gun belt, I presented myself at the stables. My officer had just swung his booted leg over the saddle of his horse, 16.5 hands tall and was checking round the yard. As usual, the uniform and the horse fittings were immaculate.

“Master Sergeant, Sir, can I talk to you for a minute please? I’m Officer Greg Tanner, Traffic. I’d like to know if you have an opening for a guy like me in your troop, Sir.”

“I’m always looking for likely recruits, officer, and you look about right. But I’ve only got a minute right now. Any riding experience?”

“Some English, some Western. I’ve been taking lessons, and I’m willing to learn more. Whatever you think I need to do to join your unit, Sir. You’ll find that I’m very determined, if that’s what it takes, and I’m available for you any time I’m off-duty.”

“Fine, I’ll try you out. Be here at six tomorrow morning, and we’ll take a ride. Got some riding gear?” I’d moved in close to this man on his horse, so that my upper arm was brushing hard against those gleaming boots. Master Sergeant Brand must have felt the pressure; he looked down and smiled. “Take it easy, Officer Tanner. You’ll get a fair trial in the morning. Don’t be late.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.” His muscled legs nudged the stallion forward and they moved off. I went whistling to work. That had been easier than I had expected.

Next morning, I dressed carefully, in my good breeches and my tall brown boots, with a tight tee-shirt and jacket. It was misty and the sun was just forcing its way through the night clouds as I reported in at the stable office at 5.45. Alex Brand was already there, a mug of steaming coffee in his large hand, giving instructions to a tall well-built blonde trooper.

“Good, you’re even early, Tanner. I like that. Trooper Marchbanks here will take you into the stable and you can saddle up. He’ll see to Devil for me. Give Tanner the chestnut gelding.”

Fortunately my riding class had included instruction in tacking up a horse, so I didn’t make too much of a cock-up of it. Ten minutes later, the two of us clattered out of the stables and down the dirt road, with Brand leading. I could feel my prick rising, as I watched his butt rising in the saddle, with his cuff case positioned directly above his ass cheeks.

“I’ll keep it simple this morning, Tanner. I want to see you at the trot, and at a Controlled Lope, and, as we get near the woods over there, we’ll try a short gallop together. Move ahead.”

I was also relieved that my riding lessons paid off and I managed the various exercises reasonably well, until we galloped knee to knee up to the edge of the woods. My cock had risen to the challenge as we pulled up. Master Sergeant Brand led the way along the narrow track, turning off suddenly into a clearing.

“Dismount and let me see how well your tongue works on my Dehners. I know you’ve been waiting to worship the leather, so get to work. I want to feel you through the boot.”

I jumped down off the gelding, as he thrust his toe at my mouth, I opened wide, and the tip slid in, as I gripped the boot shaft. My tongue slobbered over the heavy leather sole, and, as the Master Sergeant leaned back in the saddle, I covered his foot with my saliva, pushing it in to mix with the taste of boot polish. I worked hard, moving round the gleaming leathered foot, taking the Prince of Wales spur into my mouth.

The cold metal tapped against my teeth as I covered the tip with spit and licked it clean. Then he kicked me off and sent me round to massage the other boot. I kissed and slurped the tall black leather looming at face level. I pushed in as hard as I could and felt his toes wriggle in response. Finally he was satisfied.

“Not bad for a first attempt. You could be trained into a suitable boot licker, so on to the next step. Tie your horse over there, take your clothes off. Come on, all of them. Yes, even your briefs. Now, put your boots back on, and mount behind me. Get comfortable; make sure your balls are out in front as we trot and hold on around my waist.”

He headed deeper into the wood, with my naked body rubbing against the stallion’s coarse hair, agitating my dick and my sensitive ass. The Master Sergeant pulled my hands down into his groin, sliding my fingers over a rapidly expanding dick in his tightly stretched breeches. He reined in his stallion, told me to dismount, and swung down behind me. I stood up, as straight and tall as I could manage, chest and cock thrusting out, as he swaggered towards me and took me in his arms.

He poked his tongue into my pliant mouth with its residue of boot polish and spit, and ran his gloved hands down my chest, plucking my nipples as he descended. I groaned as best I could with a plundered mouth, moving into his embrace as he hefted my eager cock and squeezed it hard.

My body was his, responding vibrantly to the questing fingers, as they checked my balls, weighing each in turn, and then sliding under me to grip and part my ass cheeks. He pulled out of my mouth and I panted in heat, wanting more. Off came the gloves as he shoved his index finger into my hole, and I jerked forward with a grunt. Meanwhile his other hand massaged my tool, using the pre-cum which was oozing from my piss-slit to lube those large fingers. My arms reached out to seize him at chest level, as his ministrations sent me shuddering and closer still.

I pulled open the buttons on his crisp uniform shirt, daring to reach for those large brown nipples and rubbing them even more alert. Now we were both panting and sweating. I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer, as his muscular fingers worked me back and front.

“Sir, please, Sir, permission to cum.”

“Permission granted. Now let me see you spray.”

Deprived for the last couple of days, my balls bunched up and forced my cum to explode through his hand onto my stomach and chest. He laughed as I came and came again. I stood there, shaking, panting, sweating, as he ran his cum-covered hand through my hair and across my face.

“Not bad, not bad at all, Tanner. Now, the last part of this test is to see how well you can suck me off. So, down on your knees and try to stop panting. I don’t want your teeth biting my member. Take it out of my breeches and smooth the shaft with your fingers. Good. I like the feel of your hands – not many calluses.

“Take the head in your mouth and suck it hard. Run your tongue round my piss slit. Yeah, that’s right. Now, start drawing some more of it in. Whoa, take it easy; I don’t want you choking on my dick. That spoils the fun! Try to relax your throat muscles; here, I’ll massage the outside for you. You should have my cockhead at the back of your mouth, yes? Now, bathe the whole shaft in your saliva and start serious licking. Ahhh, I like the sensation. Keep it going and close your mouth around it.”

I knelt there, naked, like a young supplicant intent on pleasuring my Master, my mouth gripping his great tool as I grunted in unison with him. Sweat dripped into my eyes and down my chest, my knees hurt from kneeling on the hard ground, but I ignored it all, determined to bring him to climax. His horny hands gripped my head tightly as his thrusts became more and more urgent. I reached a hand up to stroke his heavy balls and perineum; he threw his head back, bellowing with pleasure, and I could feel his cock vibrating as he soared up the final slope. Abruptly he pulled back and out, as his cum-fountain shot all over my face and head, drenching me in his warm man seed. I gulped in a mouthful or so of my Master’s cream as we celebrated this first union.

Minutes past as the Master recovered, and his cum dripped over me; then I licked his cock clean, so that I could put it back into its breeches’ nest.

“I think you’ll do, Trooper Tanner,” he smiled. “You passed this test with flying colors, and we’ll consider you for a place in the troop, provided you get through the initiation this weekend. Shit, you look a mess, covered with cum and grass.

We’d better start cleaning you up here, and then get you dressed and back on duty. By the way, what was your first name again?”

He cleaned me with a damp cloth from his saddle bag– he’d obviously done this before – and then hoisted me behind his saddle again. We trotted back to the stables, after stopping to let me get dressed and mounted.

“OK, Tanner, your initiation will be Friday night, ten o’clock here. Don’t bother to dress up; you’ll be naked in less than five minutes.”

He smiled and winked at me from atop Devil; I rubbed my hand and arm over his boot again as a tribute. The other trooper, Marchbanks, was coming out as I turned to leave and glared at me when I ventured a good morning.

I still had my regular PD duties to perform, and I don’t remember much of the following few days. I managed to rearrange my schedule to be clear on Friday night, and replayed our cum-session in the woods over and over again in my mind.

Friday went by very slowly; but at last it was time. Wearing the same tee-shirt (my good luck symbol), a pair of tight, threadbare jeans and my high black cowboy boots – and no underwear – I presented myself at the Master Sergeant’s door.

“Come on in, Tanner. It could only be you at this hour of the night. Let’s get another look at you. Not bad. Turn around and let’s get another look at that hot ass of yours. I couldn’t help noticing it the other day. Now, shuck those clothes off in here; I want you naked and in the barn. Oh, and keep those boots on.”

I did as I was told – fast – and marched behind him into the large, echoing and dimly lit space, with stalls on either side and the sounds of horses at night, snuffling, moving restlessly, with heads peering out over their half doors at the bare-assed stranger. “Come on down to the far end. Straighten up, for Christ’s sake, and kiss me. Yes, that’s right, get close and give me a real deep-throated kiss. Mmm….I guess you’ve done that before. How many times with men? In fact, how much man-sex experience have you had?”

“Enough, Sir, to get me started. I’ve had two or three relationships over my 22 years. And I think I’m ready for whatever tests you want to throw at me, so that I can join your troop.”

“Glad to hear that, so let’s get going. Come over here. Step up to this cross and embrace the wood. Spread hands high. Legs apart. I mean apart, Tanner, and hold still while I fasten you in place.”

He stood there, tall and commanding, taking off his white shirt and undershirt, with the rest of him still in his uniform of Sam Browne belt, breeches and those highly polished Dehners and spurs, the black leather Damascus gloves barely covering his large hands. I stiffened, involuntarily, before submitting to be roped tightly to his St Andrew’s Cross. The Master Sergeant did a thorough job, double-checking his knots to make me helpless, my growing cock squeezed between my stomach and the wood.

I turned my head at the sound of a cupboard being unlocked, and Brand pulled out a large flogger and a leather hood. He smiled into my anxious face.

“Time to take you into the night, Tanner, to gag and to hood you, before I have the pleasure of flicking this flogger over your butt and shoulders. And then comes the main test. So, kiss your gag plug and take it into your warm mouth. Attaboy.

Got it firmly in place? Now to buckle it tightly in the back.

“And now comes the hood. You can feel the smooth leather as it slides across your face. Notice, no eye or mouth holes but you can breathe through the nose space. Next, let’s tighten the laces securely and close you in. Now you won’t know when I’m going to whip you, or to tweak your nipples or that excited cock, or move on to other games.”

I was fully stretched on the cross, ass exposed, booted toes barely supporting my weight, as he moved around me. I felt my nipples being twisted and pulled out. And then a sharp pain, as clamp teeth bit into my aroused tits; first left and then right. I groaned into my leather pecker gag, as his hands moved down to attach a stretcher to the pair of balls he had been playing with. He had me twitching in my bondage, hissing as small weights were added to my nipple clamps.

Then, suddenly, I felt the sting of the lash on my exposed ass. He laid on hard six times, until my butt cheeks throbbed with pain and heat. His gloved hand moved over the glowing surface, rubbing in the beating he’d administered. Then he began again– across my shoulders and upper back – another six blows scattered across my body by the cords of his flogger.

Again he stopped and pressed his whole uniformed body against my nakedness. Then the fingers of one gloved hand reached down to my ass, and first one, and then a second pushed into my warmed hole, with a little lube gathered from my now dripping cock. I moaned and flinched, but the fingers were insistent– and experienced – as they worked at expanding my sphincter muscle. His other hand was pulling on the clamp weights, making me twitch front and back as he showed his mastery of my body forced upon the wooden cross. I could hear his breathing deepen, the zip on his breeches opening, until finally I felt the hammerhead of his prick beating at my door.

I gnawed on the gag in my mouth as his condomed cock forced its way up my passage, pain sending shudders through my sweating body, and I jerked in the unyielding ropes.

“Settle down, Tanner. It’s your first fuck from me, but you better be sure it isn’t your last, if you want to join my unit. Your narrow chute is really exciting my tool, but it seriously needs stretching. So here goes, as I plough your upper reaches.

Work with me, boy, you might as well enjoy your fucking – or rape – whichever you prefer. I’m going to have you – now.”

We growled and groaned together, as he started to sweat with me. His muscled upper body was bare and pressed into mine, pushing my chest forward so that my arms were strained even more, and my nips were punished further by his constant tweaking on the clamps and weights. He thrust up and withdrew, thrust up and withdrew with an increasing urgency. Then, with a mighty bellow, he came, his man seed racing up my passage and my tortured cock trying unsuccessfully for its own release. He came down slowly, sliding out of my dripping ass, his gloved hand roughly unclamping my nipples and setting free my balls, leaving me still hot and frustrated.

“I need to turn you round on the cross for the finale, officer, but don’t try anything foolish or I’ll yank your balls off. I’ll release your arms one at a time, twist your body to face front, and hang you back up again, only tighter this time so you can’t move a muscle. Same with those booted feet of yours. Do I need to kick them apart again? Good, I’m going to anoint those so-sensitive tits and your stomach, and especially that still-waving prick of yours, with this honey mixture. Then I’m going to bring in my stallion Devil to lick you clean. He’ll sniff and tongue you, but, as long as you keep very still, he shouldn’t bite you. I can’t guarantee that with your dick sticking up like a pole. Stand straight and tall, trooper, and don’t make a sound either.”

I grunted and moaned, begging him to stop, but the leather gag filled my mouth, and the black hood muffled my efforts. Blind in my leather hood, voiceless and scared, I strained my other senses to find out whether the Master Sergeant was earnest.

Suddenly I heard the clop of iron-shod hooves and I froze. I feared the great horse was getting near me. Could I just hear his soft breath? Then I felt something checking my hooded face…my God, Devil there also? I felt pushing against my chest…and then the sergeant’s laughter. My body was completely turned on, quivering with excitement, and I knew. It was just a trick, to see if I would crack under Master Sergeant Brand’s pressure.

“Good work, Tanner, you’ve proved you can handle cruel or unusual punishment. I’ll be back in a minute.”

My cock couldn’t wait, and I could feel my cum fountaining out of my slit, as I wriggled and moaned in ecstasy. I heard the Master Sergeant’s boots returning, heard his laughter as he saw my jism trickling down my body, felt his hands untie the leather hood and pull it off. He ruffled my hair as I hung panting, still tightly bound to the wooden cross, still gagged and naked. Slowly he released me, massaging my muscles as he did so.

“Yes, Tanner, You’ve passed your initiation. I must say I had a couple of anxious moments, with ‘Devil’ around. Anyway, you’re now in. We’ll do the transfer paper work tomorrow and you’re going to need more training. Police riding skills. Your sexual skills need some refining, too. But welcome to my troop.

“Oh, and I want you to shove this butt plug into your ass and wear it until I think you’re sufficiently open. Don’t worry, you can take it out to shit and to shower, and I’m the only one who gets to fuck you regularly. For the time being I want no one else up your ass. Turn around and let me get this one firmly seated in that hole of yours.”

So I became a member of the Huntsville PD Mounted Unit, although it took a couple of months for me to learn my duties and to ride properly, and to stretch my ass chute to suit the Master Sergeant. I was partnered with the chestnut gelding I’d ridden that first morning, and Chesty taught me all I needed to know. I met and worked with the other guys in the troop, but my aim was to keep Master Sergeant Alex Brand happy in both on-duty and the off-hours.

I worked very hard to become a good horseman and an even better police officer. As winter rolled around, I knew I looked hot in my tight jacket, breeches and boots, and I knew my Master Sergeant noticed both me and my work. My reward was an occasional ride together, when our booted legs could rub against one another in the stirrups and, more importantly, increasingly regular fuck sessions. I rode his cock to glory up my broken-in chute and he would often let me jerk off after him. Nothing was as intense as that first session, but he still liked to tie me down or hang me up before butt-fucking, and we would sweat and grunt and cum together.

In fact, everything should have been fucking great, but there was one problem. His second-in-command, Trooper Marchbanks, didn’t like me – hadn’t since that first morning at the stable – and knew I was after his job. Marchbanks had the morning privilege of polishing and licking his Master’s boots, and of having regular jack-off sessions. But my boot-worshipping abilities had improved to a similar standard and my overall turnout was better than his. We insulted and threatened each other quietly and constantly. I wanted to wear him down; he wanted me out of the way. Finally it came to the Master Sergeant’s attention, as it was threatening to divide the troop.

“Right, you two, I’ve had it with your fucking quarrelling and complaining. Either you shake hands and forget it, or you’re going to have to fight it out. Which is it to be? Well, it sure as hell doesn’t look as though you’re going to kiss and make up.

So, I’m going to let you settle it in our ring. But this fight will be like no other you’ve taken part in. It’s to be a wrestling match and not by WWE rules. You’ll be ass-naked and oiled. Your sole aim will be to wrestle your opponent to the ground and fuck him soundly. This is a unit where men fuck men, and that will decide the contest. First one to get his cock firmly home wins. So we’ll gather back here in the barn around 10 tonight, and we’ll settle who’s going to be my second once and for all. The other guys can watch, and, hopefully, cheer you on.”

We were both determined to win; he was bigger and heavier than me, but I’d had some judo training and knew a couple of good holds, if I could get the chance. It was a cold night, and, despite the heating in the barn, both Marchbanks and I were shivering as we stripped down.

“OK, boys, you know the rules. Pin your opponent with your prick. You can each oil the other, so that neither gets the advantage. Make sure you rub it in all over, even in the hair. The only thing that doesn’t get lubed is your opponent’s cock – you’re already erect and leaking. And leave the asshole alone too. So it’ll be a kinda dry hump. Should make it more difficult, but more exciting. No time limit, no dick-and-balls twisting, and otherwise, no holds barred. Right, begin.”

Marchbanks immediately leapt towards me, his meaty fingers extended, but I sidestepped him neatly. In turn, he slithered out of my way as I tried to throw him over my shoulder. We grunted and slipped together for five minutes. The thick oil meant that getting a purchase with the fingers was almost impossible, and we were both panting and furious. Once he had me by the waist, but I wriggled loose before he could bring his dick into play.

We each had a raging hard-on, excited by the sexual challenge and by the shouts and yells of our fellow-troopers. His size was his advantage, but speed was proving more useful as we both began to tire.

Suddenly I saw an opportunity. He overreached to grab me; I shot out from under, got him in a half-nelson, choking him with all my strength. He wriggled, cursed, but I had him in a tight hold, forcing him down as his legs began to buckle.

My cock seemed to act of its own accord and was banging frantically at his gate. I pushed him onto his knees, my full body weight bearing him down. I was in; he bucked and humped. But that only helped me to force my leaking and now-lubed tool fully into him, slamming my balls into his ass-cheeks and pulling up his head by his hair. I exploded into him in one of the fastest and largest orgasms I’ve ever experienced. We both lay on the ground, my body covering his, as we slipped and sweated and moaned and panted in relief. I felt him climax underneath me as we squirmed on the stable floor.

“Great fight, guys. Tanner, you win, but Marchbanks, it was a close thing. Now get off one another, shake hands, and embrace, man to man.”

I grinned sheepishly at Marchbanks, wiping oil off my face and, to my surprise, he slowly grinned back. We started laughing as we slithered off one another, hugging, with our oily and dirty chests still heaving from our exertions.

That is how I joined the mounted troop of Hunterville PD, and fought my way to become second-in-command to the man I was determined to serve. Master Sergeant Alex Brand is totally my Master; I worship his Dehners, which I have polished with my tongue, before I slide his strong legs into them each morning and then lace them tightly for the day. I curry-comb and shine the coat of his stallion, Devil, every morning, and clean and polish his horse equipment at the end of each day. I service his sexual wants eagerly. He binds and fucks me in return, and I am content.

Copyright 2021 by Alex Ironrod,

Posted here by permission.

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