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Don’t show up late for your spanking

Here’s another one from the men of Spanking Straight Boys. For this shoot, Parker managed to show up 25 late. Tom straps him to the spanking bench and spanks him by hand and with a rubber slapper/paddle, wooden spoon, electric paddle, hairbrush and a new cane/birch implement. The first few whacks which Tom refers to as the “reminder,” instantly redden Parker’s butt, ensuring that he really feels the entirety of the session that follows. Parker’s eyes well up and he struggles, but, with the exception of a single smart-aleck remark (a remark that he pays for), he remains obedient. Parker assures Tom he won’t be late again, but that’s what they all say immediately after they are punished.

Spanking Straight Boys video

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Title of this episode: Parker On The Bench

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Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time

gay_bondage_Strip_Search_Hell_01 gay_bondage_Strip_Search_Hell_02

This is definately one of life’s losers. He keeps making the wrong decisions. Which dealers wear undies with WEED emblazened on them!? Bet he didn’t think anyone would see them. Now he’s getting his precious undies and everything else taken from him. He doesn’t realise that these nasty warders have the say over his body from now on. It would probably be a good idea to get on their side. Instead he gives them the evil eye. Idiot.


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Good cop bad cop

good cop bad cop male bdsm porn

Lewd behavior. Conduct unbecoming. Moral bankruptcy. The inappropriate activity runs rampant in the police department, where one Bad Cop after another engages in dirty deeds while on duty. TitanMen exclusives Hunter Marx and Nick Prescott lead a squad of arresting performances. An alarm trigger at an empty residence gives officers Nick Prescott and Adam Herst opportunity to whip out their love guns, the duo sucking and fucking each other in a heated pairing. On neighborhood watch, Donnie Dean catches colleague Ricky Decker jacking off. They swap sucks before Ricky takes control in a pairing with explosive chemistry. The precinct locker room heats up when Hunter Marx and Damien Stone finish a long shift, rewarding each other with their big dicks in a hot-and-hairy flip fuck.

Nick Prescott and Adam Herst male gay porn

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Can Dreams Come True? Part 3

By Shket36

With English-language editing by Joshua Ryan

Nikolai speaks:

June was approaching, the first hot days had set in.  In Eastern Siberia they are especially hot.  This always infuriated me, because I had to sweat in my Penitentiary Service synthetics or put on a woolen jacket with a cap. But I needed to visit my ward Peter. Working in the system, I was able to easily arrange a date, despite the fact that I am not a relative of the prisoner. When you’ve been part of the system for more than 12 years you become a tough and soulless person, but I felt a special attraction to Peter, which I had never had for any man before.  I liked this guy for some reason.

Arriving at the prison you have to go through an inspection procedure to detect any contraband, regardless of the fact that you work in the department.  You spread your arms like a convict so that the prison officer thoroughly searches you. After the standard procedure of filling out various papers, I was escorted to the meeting room.

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Bad Cop: Scene 2 with Donnie Dean and Ricky Decker

From TitanMen, here are shots of Scene 2 of Bad Cop with Donnie Dean and Ricky Decker:

bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_001 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_003 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_004 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_005 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_006

As Ricky Decker takes a break and works out some tensions in a garage, Donnie Dean comes in to catch him. Turned on by this, Donnie quickly takes advantage and goes down on Ricky, who soon returns the favor. After a little swordplay, Ricky soon bends over the hottie Donnie.

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