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Dario Beck, Trenton Ducati, Jesse Jackman and Hunter Marx

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AI-generated art

What do you guys think about the AI-generated images? I think they are really hot! I imagine that someday in the not-too-distant future, this technology will improve to the point that someday soon there will be a way for a guy like me to get dominated by AI-generated avatars in virtual reality or in Second Life.

Some of the creators include Albron Muscle and RupertRat


These pictures are from various Tumblr pages. No infringement is intended. Some of the creators above include Albron Muscle and RupertRat. There are many others. There are lots of these images on Tumblr and X (formerly Twitter)

Florida Trap – Part 02

By Johnny Utah

I drove back to the hotel, jerked off twice and didn’t get much sleep. The thought of going on that work crew just kept me up, in more ways than one. I did of course think about chickening out, but then I wondered when I would ever get another chance like this. Probably never.

The alarm on my phone went off. Time to get up. I brushed my teeth, didn’t take a shower, remembering the advice from Sergeant Stiles.  I ate a pop tart that I got last night. I grabbed a to-go coffee in the hotel lobby and drove to my prison date.

Turning off the highway, there was an access road to a cell tower, and beyond that some railroad tracks. Nothing else but Florida Pine scrub. Sergeant Stiles was there with a white van. It was now or never, so I parked and got out of my car.

I kinda got the feeling of being a fly going in the spider’s web.

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Prison Library update about Johnny Utah

Johnny Utah — author of the popular “Florida Trap” story that was originally featured in the Metalbond Prison Library back in 2021 — has recently ADDED to this series! There will be at least one and probably TWO brand new parts to this male bondage fiction, and to get everyone ready for the conclusion to this saga I have decided to re-post all the earlier chapters, every day or every other day, starting later today.

male bondage stories by Johnny Utah


If you enjoyed this story when it originally appeared, this will give you a reason to refresh your memory. And if you are NEW to this story, I hope you will enjoy! As I mentioned to the author, in my view this is one of the best in the male bondage prison story genre.

I have corrected a few typos from the original and made a few other very minor edits. Please note that the “click for next part” link will not work for 1-2 days in each part until the next part re-appears.

—Metal (July 26, 2023)

Taken down and stripped by corrections officers

Institutionalisation. It’s a common problem in jail. Men, treated as criminals, as bottom of the heap, their personalities change. They start playing up over the smallest thing. Like answering back a guard. This is a big mistake as they have a whole range of punishments you don’t even know exist, until you’re on the sharp end of one…

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