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The New Academy – Part 04

By Rubrpig

This is a work of fiction loosely based on a fabled facility, The Academy.

The author writes chained into a chair, wearing Wesco boots, a Carrara chastity belt, heavy leather posture collar and nipple clamps as required by his Master and Owner.  It has been locked in the chastity belt for 3 years and has agreed to it being made permanent.

And it continues…

Gary tried struggling but the straps did not allow for much movement, but the Officer’s cocks got hard as they stood watching Gary struggle as the heavy leather of the sleep sack squeaked and squealed as it rubbed on the leather of the chair.  They rubbed their cocks through the material of their breeches and then left the room.  Gary was all set for a 24-hour session, and they would come in every 6 hours and connect Gary to a feeding pump, but they were sure Gary would not realize they were there.

Gary laid there on the chair, secure in the sack…

Gary laid on the reclined chair, his head and torso elevated so he was in a semi raised position.  He struggled again the heavy leather of the sleep sack and the straps that hold him tight against the chair.  His head was rigidly held by the heavy leather and steel posture collar that was locked around his neck.  He finally calmed down and laid quietly, his breathing rasping through the grommets in the heavy hood.  He finally relaxed into the bondage and the chair that held him.

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Good cop bad cop

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Lewd behavior. Conduct unbecoming. Moral bankruptcy. The inappropriate activity runs rampant in the police department, where one Bad Cop after another engages in dirty deeds while on duty. TitanMen exclusives Hunter Marx and Nick Prescott lead a squad of arresting performances. An alarm trigger at an empty residence gives officers Nick Prescott and Adam Herst opportunity to whip out their love guns, the duo sucking and fucking each other in a heated pairing. On neighborhood watch, Donnie Dean catches colleague Ricky Decker jacking off. They swap sucks before Ricky takes control in a pairing with explosive chemistry. The precinct locker room heats up when Hunter Marx and Damien Stone finish a long shift, rewarding each other with their big dicks in a hot-and-hairy flip fuck.

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A Game of Chance – Part 04

By Robmacz

After being told that he had no right to a phone call Tom turned around and looked at his cell. It reminded him of the cell he was in only a few days before, a bed, a wash basin and toilet, but nothing else. The one main difference was that there was a solid wall separating him from the cells either side and he could only look out of the bars and see a short corridor that led to the area where Charlie’s desk was. Only one of the other cells was occupied and that was by a drunk. Tom could smell the drink and sick coming from his cell, which was not helped by the heat of the place. It seemed as though this was the only part of the terminal building without air conditioning.

Tom spent the rest of the day and night in the cell. No one came to collect him. His only interaction was being brought some food and drink. This consisted of a sandwich and some water in the evening and a sandwich and some coffee for breakfast. For the rest of the time he was alone with his thoughts. He tried to make sense of what had happened to him, but couldn’t. He was sure that once the US Marshals arrived they would sort this out and he would be free to go.

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Some prisoners become accustomed to total humiliation

If you work in the nick you accept that some prisoners become accustomed to total humiliation. To some extent they expect it, and it’s no-ones job to be concerned about why a man wants to be strip-searched. If a man acts in a way that you suspect that he’s stashed contraband up his arehole, then you have no choice but to inspect him thoroughly. It’s just a straight coincidence isn’t it that the places men choose to hide stuff are also their sexual private parts!

prisoner humiliation

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Risk – Part 10

By lthr_jock

Mike panicked at the thought of being paraded down his own street dressed like he was and braced his feet, trying to resist as Jan pushed him towards the door. “Jan, come on, you can’t…” Mike paused as the muscled Pole pushed him another foot towards the door. “You can’t fucking DO this!”

Mike twisted out of Jan’s grip and turned to face him. Jan’s reaction was to shove Mike hard in the chest causing him to crash into the door with a massive thud. As he hit, the back of his head slammed against the door, causing him to see stars momentarily. That was all the time Jan needed. Before Mike could do anything else, he slammed a fist into Mike’s stomach. The young copper doubled up and as he gasped for breath, he felt Jan force a large rubber ball into his mouth. In seconds it was secured behind his head. Mike was relieved as he knew Jan couldn’t take him outside while he was gagged. He stood up, gasping for air through the gag and watched as Jan pulled a spit hood out from a pocket on the stab vest.

He pulled it down over Mike’s head and then secured it around his throat. Mike peered out through the cloth and realised this had been treated somehow – it was hard to see anything because Jan had painted the inside of the hood so that his features would be totally invisible. He relaxed as he realised that no-one would recognise him and he stopped struggling as Jan opened the door.

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Risk – Part 06

By lthr_jock

Mike started to struggle out of the rubber t-shirt and as his accumulated sweat ran out from under it, decided to do this in the bathroom. He grabbed the straight jacket and hood and took them all into the shower, where under a stream of warm water he stripped naked and soaped himself clean of the mass of cum and sweat that was matting his pubic hair. He luxuriated in the shower, turning the heat up to massage his muscles that were aching after the extended bondage. As he did, he could see the red marks that the rubber had left on his skin. He ran his fingers over them and as he did he thought back to how they had been caused and he felt his cock rising again.

He ran water over all the rubber gear and left it hanging up as he stood in front of his bathroom mirror. Cleaning the steam off it with a swipe of his hand, he saw his shaved head clearly for the first time. His head looked strange and angular without his normal covering of hair, and made Mike look completely different. He hadn’t realised that Jan has also removed his eyebrows, which made his eyes stand out more. He ran a hand over his head and looked at the stubble on his chin which now looked incongruous on his hair-stripped head. Picking up his razor, he shaved his chin clean. As he put the razor down, he found another present from Gordon – a tub of some kind of wax. Taking some out, he smeared it over his head and then spent several minutes rubbing and working it into his scalp until it gleamed.

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