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These muscular parole officers are ready to fuck

Hands up. Against the wall. Spread ’em. When parole officers have to check in with ex-cons desperate to stay out of the slammer, the action quickly escalates with loaded guns. Watch as TitanMen exclusives Eddy Ceetee, Lorenzo Flexx and Jesse Jackman bust more than just the bad guys. Caught with drugs, former convict Bennett Anthony will do anything to escape prison — quickly offering his holes for parole officer Anthony London’s pleasure. Officers Bruce Beckham and Eddy Ceetee use some free time to practice their frisking technique — the two soon getting a taste of what each other is packing. A broken monitoring device puts Lorenzo Flexx into a panic, but parole office Jesse Jackman offers a way out — shoving the desperate bad boy to his knees before getting him on all fours.

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Titan Men Jesse Jackman

My adventures With Billy – Part 04

By Robmacz

I awoke the next morning to find my left hand still cuffed to the headboard. I heard Billy in the kitchen, and a few minutes later he was walking back into the bedroom wearing just a pair of boxers and carrying two mugs of coffee.

‘Morning, inmate,’ he said. ‘I’ve made some coffee. I guess I’ll need to take those off you, though.  I’ll need them for work later.’

‘Shame,’ I said. ‘I could get used to wearing these.’

‘Well, we will have to see about that,’ he said with a cheeky grin.

‘What would happen,’ I asked, ‘if I got convicted of that DUI?’

‘Relax, you’ve no need to worry, I’ll inform the DA’s office today that after reviewing the evidence there isn’t probable cause.’

‘No, that’s not what I meant. Just suppose you didn’t do that and I pled guilty to the charge instead. What would I get?’

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Worshipping feet behind bars

Chad Tyler is facing a lonely first night in his prison cell when his guard Rikk York comes in to make a deal. Chad will take care of Rikk’s feet and Rikk will give him some extra perks and protection. Rikk has to gauge Chad’s foot worship skills, so he has the prisoner take off his boots and socks. The guard sticks his stinky feet in Chad’s face to lick off. Rikk is impressed. He knows he will be back here again and again to get foot pleasure from his new inmate.

Chad Tyler is facing a lonely first night in his prison cell when his guard Rikk York comes in

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Title of this video: Prison Guard Rikk Worshiped

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The Facility – Part 02

By Rubrpig

Andy sat behind the intake desk waiting for the prisoner transfer van to arrive with the next batch of prisoners for the jail.  Jake and Murray were responsible for prisoner transportation so they were the CO’s that picked up the prisoners.  The incoming prisoners could arrange for a standard pickup at the airport or an arrest on the road by a “state trooper” and taken into custody and brought to the jail.  The arrest option had become a success with at least 2 prisoners paying for that option.  In this batch, only one had taken that option so Jake had put on his trooper uniform complete with tall gleaming dehners and taken the unmarked police car and headed for the pickup area.

The car containing the prisoner passed the unmarked police car and Jake switched on the lights and accelerated after the prisoner.  He pulled over and the cruiser pulled up behind.  Jake walked up and ordered the prisoner out of the car and once he had obeyed, cuffed him and walked him to the cruiser.  As Jake pulled away with the prisoner, a local tow truck operator who they had hired to pick up the prisoner’s cars pulled up.  As part of the payment, the tow operator got a discount at the facility as he was a bondage and control addict.

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Cop-on-cop sex

Check out Dakota Rivers and Jeremy Spreadums in BAD COP 2: INTERNAL INVESTIGATION – Scene 1

They’ve made their pledge to serve and erect. When long shifts are over, aggression takes control at a precinct where the officers break their own rules. Get arrested by TitanMen exclusive Dallas Steele, who leads an Internal Investigation where blue steel meets blue balls.

At his locker, tall Dakota Rivers is approached by a smiling Jeremy Spreadums. Some taser play stings Jeremy, with Dakota offering to kiss and make it better. “You can fucking kiss this!” demands Jeremy, whipping out his cock. Dakota slurps the uncut slab, then feeds him his loaded gun. Jeremy deep throats him, his lips sliding down to the base to Dakota’s tight balls as he reaches up and rubs the jock’s huge chest. Dakota eats and fucks the bottom from behind (“Fuck, that’s a big dick!”). Jeremy sits down on him — the bottom’s rock-hard dick slamming against his own abs. He gets on his back, shooting on his chiseled stomach before Dakota douses his dick.

Models in this shoot: Dakota Rivers and Jeremy Spreadums

Title of this shoot: BAD COP 2: INTERNAL INVESTIGATION – Scene 1

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Welcome to the Military Police


stories by CREUSSI’ve been serving in the foreign legion for years now…

Good time, bad time… depends…

No regrets…

No pain, no gain, said the enlisted Englishmen… it was right here too…

I was to change of regiment. I was due to get to the new one, next week, on Tuesday… I did not have my “Feuille de Route”, but we always get it at the latest minute.

As we were Friday only, I was expecting having a 72 (a leave for 72 hours – 3 days). Sure it was not signed yet, but I was almost sure I would be free tonight….

In order to move quickly, all my belongings where ready by the middle of the day, and I was just waiting the documents to be signed to get dressed in “tenue de sortie”, and go…

I went to the “ordinaire” (the place where troopers eat) for lunch, and had a nice lunch.

Then I went for the regular haircut, in order to look perfect when I get to the new place.

I was not to be involved in the training this afternoon.

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Men behind bars: Sex in prison

Check out these images from “At Large” at Titan:

Brady Martin face fuck hard-bodied Patrick Allen in his cell until all three splatter the floor with sperm

In At Large, hot and handsome guard Matt Bradshaw gags prisoner Steve O’Donnell with his meaty cock, then bends him over and fucks the hell out of him. In Scene 2, Sexy Scott Davis and beefy Brady Martin face fuck hard-bodied Patrick Allen in his cell until all three splatter the floor with sperm. In Scene 3, cellmate studs Damian Ford and Jon Galt spear each other’s throats with their fat cocks, then fuck until they’re dripping with sweat and their cocks ooze the last drops of cum. In Scene 4, hunky prison guard Steve Cassidy gets his due when a bunch of horned-up prisoners handcuff him to a bench and gang fuck him to within an inch of his life.

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Damian Ford and Jon Galt spear each other’s throats with their fat cocks, then fuck until they’re dripping with sweat and their cocks ooze the last drops of cum

Officer Denali has complete control of his prisoners

Criminal inmate Val Simpson managed to hit every mark along the way in his criminal career! Charged with a crime, convicted, sent to prison, house arrest violation, escape custody, trashed the ankle band to wrap things up with another felony. Officer Denali takes it personal when an inmate tries to escape or gets violated off of house arrest. It really pisses him off! Officer Denali has complete control of his prisoners, and that is a good thing!

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