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Where’s a sexy cop when you need one?

Don is home stroking his cock when Bobby the cop bursts in about a noise complaint. “You’re in trouble, but I know how to fix this!” the Top Cop exclaims, pushing Don to the bed as he unsnaps the fly of his police uniform. The cop is big and built, and his cock is 100 percent erect and stiff as he pulls Don up to nurse on the massive tool. He tears off his black shirt and gives us a look at his perfect muscles as Don happily slurps down eight inches of police woody. Bobby grabs the young hot bottom by the hair and fucks into the juicy throat, then pushes him down face first and pulls off his sweats to get at the hungry ass underneath.

Top Cops Scene 2


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Title: Top Cops, Scene 2

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Three Slaves – Part 02

By Practicerestraint

The Third Slave

The third slave didn’t know how long the ride had been, just that it seemed to last forever. He was shifting uncomfortably from the pressure on his bladder when the van came to a stop.

The driver opened the door of the van and stepped in. Before unlocking the slave’s leg irons, the driver pulled up the legs of the slave’s jeans and locked a stun cuff onto each of the slave’s legs.

“Do you want me to demonstrate these?”

The slave shook his head vigorously. He’d seen demonstration videos online.

“Then keep your mouth shut and follow my instructions.”

The driver removed the slave’s wrist shackles and fitted him with transport irons: A waist chain with a handcuff on each side. After these shackles were in place, he removed the leg irons and freed them from the ring in the floor. The driver directed the slave to sit at the edge of the van, his legs dangling out. The driver reshackled the slave’s legs. The slave was grateful that the irons went over his jeans and away from his Achilles tendons.

“Get out.”

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Hosed down in the slammer

The sadistic guard at Strip Search Hell takes real delight in mocking this defenseless naked prisoner as he’s viciously jet washed. The mean criminal does his best to obediently comply, but his cock, balls and arse are harshly hosed down. He clenches his fists as the onslaught of freezing cold water hits him – this is embarrassment and physical discipline which allows the guard to maintain his absolute authority in a prison filled with rebellious muscular thugs just like this one.

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VIDEO at Strip Search Hell

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Caesar gets strip searched in prison

Under the watchful gaze of the stern prison Governor, the guards strip search feisty inmate Caesar. This prisoner has a long silky foreskin that needs to be skinned back for a thorough contraband search! Plus they need to check behind his big dangling balls and up his tight arsehole. The power crazed men enjoy humiliating and sexually using this angry runt.

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Island Paradise – Part 2: Chapter 09

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 9: Someone Up There Likes Me

The answer was obvious: I’d keep up with my classes and try my best to keep up with my fantasies– same as always, because I was never gonna wind up on St. Bevons as a slappie anyhow.  If I got rejected, big fuckin deal.  But of course that’s not the way I felt.  I wanted them to accept me!  Cmon, after all those Steps, isn’t that what you’d want?

So the next few days were pretty miserable and anxious.  Finally I had to make a rule that I’d check my mail only twice a day, instead of jumping into my phone every minute.  That’s why it took me about eight hours to find the new message from SLPOUTREACH: “Joel Barlow:  We are pleased to inform you that on review of your Application, Documents, and Interview, you have been accepted for admission to the State Labour Program.  You are now permitted to proceed to Step 4.  THIS STEP MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF THE DATE OF THIS MESSAGE, OR YOUR ACCEPTANCE WILL BE CANCELED.  Use the following password.”

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These muscular parole officers are ready to fuck

Hands up. Against the wall. Spread ’em. When parole officers have to check in with ex-cons desperate to stay out of the slammer, the action quickly escalates with loaded guns. Watch as TitanMen exclusives Eddy Ceetee, Lorenzo Flexx and Jesse Jackman bust more than just the bad guys. Caught with drugs, former convict Bennett Anthony will do anything to escape prison — quickly offering his holes for parole officer Anthony London’s pleasure. Officers Bruce Beckham and Eddy Ceetee use some free time to practice their frisking technique — the two soon getting a taste of what each other is packing. A broken monitoring device puts Lorenzo Flexx into a panic, but parole office Jesse Jackman offers a way out — shoving the desperate bad boy to his knees before getting him on all fours.

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My adventures With Billy – Part 04

By Robmacz

I awoke the next morning to find my left hand still cuffed to the headboard. I heard Billy in the kitchen, and a few minutes later he was walking back into the bedroom wearing just a pair of boxers and carrying two mugs of coffee.

‘Morning, inmate,’ he said. ‘I’ve made some coffee. I guess I’ll need to take those off you, though.  I’ll need them for work later.’

‘Shame,’ I said. ‘I could get used to wearing these.’

‘Well, we will have to see about that,’ he said with a cheeky grin.

‘What would happen,’ I asked, ‘if I got convicted of that DUI?’

‘Relax, you’ve no need to worry, I’ll inform the DA’s office today that after reviewing the evidence there isn’t probable cause.’

‘No, that’s not what I meant. Just suppose you didn’t do that and I pled guilty to the charge instead. What would I get?’

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