My Fantasy Finally Came True

By submissivekink79


I had the greatest experience I have ever had last night. I had a dream to come true. I was dominated by a forceful man, and I loved every minute of it.

I met him on the net, and he lived close to me, and we worked out a time for me to come play. Then I got up the nerve to ask him if he would dominate me. I had a particular fantasy, and I shared it with him. He agreed, and I was so excited I was shaking all day Thursday.

Well Friday night came. I drove to the address he gave me. Knocked on the door, and he answered, and invited me in and I was told to strip, and he will meet me in the bedroom on the left of the hallway.

I was to strip, and walk into the bedroom and stand before him, and hand him the key to the locks, and then lock the chain around my neck, and hand him the end of the chain. I did exactly that.

He took my chain and began to pull me to him. He is a rather large man but, so am I. He pulls me to his chest, and orders me to suck his nipples.

As I do. I am so hard! He is pulling tight at the chain locked around my neck. The jingle of the chain drives me nuts knowing it is locked on me, and there is nothing I can do about it.

I continue to suck his nipples, and I look down for a moment, and he is rock hard. So with my left hand I begin to play with his cock as I am sucking his nipples. He begins to moan, and he pulls my chain up to his face, and forces his tongue in my mouth. I have never been much on kissing, but what choice do I have.

Next he pulls my chain and brings my face in front of his 7 inch cock. He says suck it, and I obey. Not only is his cock 7 inches, but the girth of it was large!! Now, I have sucked a few cocks before but, I am not an expert by any means.

He said he felt my teeth on his cock, and he slaps my face. He said if he feels teeth he will slap me every time, and I will get harder. So I begin to be very careful, but my being slapped like a bitch did turn me on. I am a submissive, after all.

I let my teeth touch his cock again, and he slaps the other side of my face. I feel my body rushing because the feeling of being under someone else’s control.

He said to stop, and he stood up and told me to lay on my back, and let my head hang off the bed. I did, and my head fell back. At that point I knew what he had in mind. He was about to fuck my face, and that is exactly what happened!

He had my chain pulled tight and was thrusting in and out of my mouth. I am in pure bliss! He keeps on fucking my face for a good while, and he begins to moan again. I knew he was getting close to cumming and I tried pull away. He sensed that, and pulled on my chain harder, and thrusted harder. Soon I took the first cum shot into my mouth I have ever had.

He told me I had better not spit it out, and I forced myself to swallow it down.

He then took my chain and pulled me close up to the headboard of the bed. It has posts with larger turned spots on the posts. He pulls me close to the post and wraps the chain around the post at the narrowest place and locks me to it. He takes handcuffs and locks my hands around the post as well. He said it was so I couldn’t jack off. He said he was going to watch some TV, and that we aren’t done yet.

I stay there helpless for what felt like a couple of hours while I can hear him watching a football game.

He finally came back in, and unlocked my neck chain from the post, but he was only extending it slightly so I could lay flat on the bed. He then relocked the chain He then raised my legs and took out some lube and applied it into my ass, and into my rectum. Then applied it to his cock. I was nervous as I had never bottomed before but could do very little to stop him with my hands, and neck locked to the headboard.

He began to enter me. I had read that if I push out he could enter better so I did, and he slipped in, but rather painfully, but he began to fuck me. It hurt, but it was starting to feel real good!

Finally, it started feeling very very good, and I was able to enjoy it. This goes on for a good while. I figure it took him a while to cum again after cumming in my mouth just a couple of hours earlier.

Finally once again he began to moan and by this time I am leaking precum, and he cums inside my ass.

I have never had anything like this happen to me, but it all was a dream come true.

He then comes over, and begins to suck my cock, and I am so close to cumming that I explode almost immediately.

He gets up and walks out of the room. I can hear him doing something, but I don’t know what.

Finally, he comes in and unlocks my hands, and removes my handcuffs. He unlocks the chain from the bed post, but not from my neck.

He beings to pull me by my chain, and I follow him. He brings me into the bathroom, and into a large walk-in shower.

He said to lay on the floor of the shower, and I do. All while he is still holding the other end of my neck chain.

He then grabs his cock and beings to piss all over me. It is so warm, and it feels kind of good as I am cold from being kept naked and chained for a few hours.

He then takes the chain and wraps it around the toilet and locks it and closes the glass door to the shower and says get a good shower.

I washed myself all over, and it feels so good after the events of the day.

I finish and come out and dry off.

He comes in, and unlocks my chain from the toilet, and from my neck, and hands me my clothes.

I get dressed and walk out to the surprise of a hot meal of a grilled cheese and chips. I eat them and he said it has been fun. I agreed, and said I want to do this again sometimen and he said anytime I’m ready. I leave and drive home still reeling of the excitement of what just happened to me, and I knew this wouldn’t be the last time!

Thanks for reading my true experience! Sincerely: submissivekink79

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