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Cycles of Discipline – Part 02: Warming Up

By JoxMau

Our lives are like a honeymoon again. We won’t start our new relationship for weeks. I first had to give my two weeks notice to my job, which I was more than happy to do.  You want time to do more research and prep. You want to start off out on the right foot. I am nervous that you are thinking of backing out, but you assure me that that is not the case.  As the weeks move from one to the next, more and more packages arrive so I know you are up to something.

You encourage me to enjoy my freedoms while they last.  You take me to one of our favorite steakhouses and whisper to me over and over how I might not have a steak and potato for a very long time, so I better savor my meal.  I do slow down when dining out with you and try to be more mindful. The sex is like nothing we have had before.  Although you have my cock locked up most of the time, you let me out regularly for lots of play sessions which might only be teasing but just as likely may end with me cumming.

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Jock Platoon Discipline Regulations

By ToughCoach

My trainees are athletes who crave discipline and structure and take pride in saying “Yes, Sir” as they sweat and suffer. They accumulate demerits and have to pay them off in a very unpleasant Incentive Physical Training (IPT) session. Once accepted after meeting induction standards and passing a fitness test, trainees receive the following rules.

male bondage stories forced to work out in a jock

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Job Opportunities

By leatherkinkboy

I was running a bit late for the job interview. If I took public transport I would definitely be too late. I did not want to risk that, as I was really keen on getting that position. The reason why I was running late was because I was watching porn. I kept myself locked since a week in a tight cobra chastity cage, and I was constantly horny since then. The feeling of submissiveness and humiliation a chastity cage gives me is really horny to me, so I wear it quite often. Sadly I have nobody who would want to control the keys for me for longer periods but it is also fun to keep myself locked while chatting with dominant guys on the internet who motivate me to stay locked and denied longer and longer.

So I was watching porn of a guy in some kind of leather bondage suit, completely helpless, strapped down, gagged, hooded and only his locked cock was showing out. This image was so hot to me. He was tortured, verbally humiliated, and touched by several men in the video. At some point they unzipped a zipper at his ass and started fucking him. After cumming into him they plugged him again. I got really carried away with this video.

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Intense Self-Bondage Almost Gone Wrong

By AnvilArt

The setting: Bedroom with king size bed. Chains in all four corners secured. Laid spread eagle with both legs spread apart taught as far as I could go. Connected to the chains. One gallon jug of hard ice water with a key inside frozen to a cord. The cord is twisted around my wrist. From the top of the bed chains are coming down straight above my head secured to the top of the bed. E-stim on my balls and an e-stim butt plug in my ass. An e-stim amplifier hooked to repeating music selected from previous e-stim sessions.

A timer with two dozen switches. For on and off for the e-stim. So e-stim is playing repeatedly from music nonstop. The timer turns it on and off. It’s like 15 minutes on 30 minutes off then 30 minutes on. Two hours off then 30 minutes on, etc. Random settings out of my control.

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Taking My Lawyer Boyfriend to Jail


Before CJ Hernandez was my boyfriend, he was a hot-shot defense attorney in my city. You would see his face and name all over the city on billboards and on local TV ads.

My name is Jason Walker. I was a financial advisor at a small firm. I dreamed of one day making it big at a well-known firm, but for now I was struggling. After all, I got my degrees from a local college and not from an Ivy League. I had borrowed a lot of money to get these degrees, and they were not paying for themselves. I had converted my garage into a prison cell and would have people pay me to be inmates. At the moment I had three inmates in there, but I had not disclosed this to my guests. I had warned them to keep quiet because I had guests and would punish them if they made noise.

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Your Destination Is on the Right

By Jaybird

“Your destination is on the right.” I turned into the alley and followed it back to the little parking lot behind the building, noting the side door as I drove past it. My heart was racing. This is stupid, again, said one voice. But it was silenced by the anticipation. Yes, I was very cautious — to the point where I likely turned down a lot of real opportunities. Yes, we had chatted back and forth for a couple of hours last night and today. Yes, there were no red flags. But yes, I had never met him. Still, I took a deep breath and proceeded.

It was dark, the streets were deserted in this little rural town. I took everything out of my pockets and dropped them into the center console of the car, everything but the car key. Looking at my watch, I had plenty of time, about 40 minutes or so. My watch then went into the console along with the phone. Exhale. Grab the plastic grocery bag with my “stuff” in it, get out of the car and walk to the door.

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It’s What I Wanted: A Bondage Story by and About Zander

By Zander

Part 1

I can’t say it was an ambition of mine from my pubescent days, although I was very aware of it even then. I took notice of men in news reports on crime wearing cuffs and shackles doing the perp walk. Historical movies and displays depicting bondage and the devices of it also got my attention. I did notice these things stimulated my already easily triggered teenage libido. Having no access to such things relegated my interest to just that.

It was not until I had my first homosexual encounter that many long-discarded fantasies came to the fore. I had repressed those sexual feelings all through college — even had a few girlfriends along the way. Now 26 years old and working a low-level management track job for a healthcare company, I was told one morning to go to the lobby and meet my intern, Jim, and give him some low-level tasks to occupy the next six weeks.

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Slave Punishment System – Part 01

By Scribe

Discipline Technologies announces a new prison cell designed to severely punish the uncooperative or misbehaving slave. It can be used when standard discipline measures fail to achieve the desired result. Our craftsmen can install the cell in your dungeon, or we have several cells available at our site that can be rented to punish the unrepented slave. We can also accommodate slaves who voluntarily feel they deserve severe discipline.

The cell measures 6-foot-by-6-foot and is 7.5 feet tall. Floor, ceiling, door, and walls are solid stainless steel. The floor is elevated 6 inches to allow for plumbing and electrical connections. There is a control box mounted on the outside wall of the cell that contains the equipment and computer necessary to operate the Slave Punishment System.

The system consists of three primary punishment modules. There is a strappado device for hanging the slave by its arms, an electrified cock cage to administer shocks, and a gas mask to exercise breath control.

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