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My Fantasy Finally Came True

By submissivekink79


I had the greatest experience I have ever had last night. I had a dream to come true. I was dominated by a forceful man, and I loved every minute of it.

I met him on the net, and he lived close to me, and we worked out a time for me to come play. Then I got up the nerve to ask him if he would dominate me. I had a particular fantasy, and I shared it with him. He agreed, and I was so excited I was shaking all day Thursday.

Well Friday night came. I drove to the address he gave me. Knocked on the door, and he answered, and invited me in and I was told to strip, and he will meet me in the bedroom on the left of the hallway.

I was to strip, and walk into the bedroom and stand before him, and hand him the key to the locks, and then lock the chain around my neck, and hand him the end of the chain. I did exactly that.

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Male-on-male prison sex amongst inmates and guards

It’s a good thing inmate Jake is so greedy. After taking on the bareback cocks of the warden and a guard, Jake is handed off to another couple of inmates who can’t wait to get their big dicks serviced. He’s already shot his load and taken two, but he’s ravenous for those hard and dripping dicks while inmates Jake and Dexx give him their lengths to lick and suck. His work ain’t done yet. Stick around for part 3!

Male-on-male prison sex amongst inmates and guards


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Scene Title: Jake Morgan, Jace Chambers & Dexx

Scene Short Description: Desperate Times & Desperate Measures – Part 2

Jake Morgan, Jace Chambers & Dexx

The Tank – Part 03

By Rubrig

Nick slumped as much as he could in the chains holding his arms to the side of the dive tank.  Standing wearing the heavy Mark V dive gear was stressful despite the buoyancy of the gear in the water.  The heavy brass collar of the helmet pressed on his shoulders.  He was still rock hard and had been since the Boss had dove down and chained him to the tank.

The underwater light that dimly illuminated the tank turned up brighter and Nick raised his head inside his helmet and looked through the small ports in the helmet and watched as the Boss swam into view again in heavy scuba gear.  He swam over to Nick and unlocked his arms and let the chains drop to the floor of the tank.  Nick shifted and moved away from the side of the tank slowly swinging his arms as much as the heavy canvas and rubber suit would allow.  The Boss slowly swam beside him and then he swam up and was soon out of sight.

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Jail sex with Killian Knox, Rikk York and Jake Morgan

sucking off the prison guard

At Raw Dads, inmate Jake Morgan will do anything to get the reprieve he needs and you can bet that warden Killian Knox is happy to help him out in exchange for his hot mouth and hairy hole on his hard cock. He’s not the only needing release, when guard Rikk York stops by his own long and stiff baton is soon joining the fun and Jake finds himself having to serve double time on their dripping tools! With the three back at his cell, he takes each in his raw hole and even submits to a cramming DP fucking from the two before their loads are spewing over his hole and being fucked deep inside.

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