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A Left Turn at Albuquerque Continued – Part 05

By Hunter Perez

I never considered myself to be a jealous person, but after my meeting with Holmgren I was deeply envious of his encounter with Quinn, that adventure-seeking magazine writer he met at the schoolhouse. I was unable to fall asleep because I became consumed with resentfulness over Holmgren’s newfound happiness and the possibility that he might find himself in a romantic relationship.

“Why is he able to go out and about and meet people while I have stay locked in a cage?” I thought to myself. “He knows I don’t belong in here, but he’s keeping me here. He’ll probably keep me here for the rest of my life. He’ll probably quit one day and go off somewhere with his new boyfriend and I’ll be stuck behind bars until I die.”

My unhappiness forced me up, which was just as well because Zeb began snoring at an intolerable level. I sat at the foot of bed, sometimes glancing out of the cell door with the hope that Patterson would come chugging by for a quick chat. By mostly I stared at the floor, slowly asphyxiating myself with self-pity.

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A Left Turn at Albuquerque – Part 04

By Hunter Perez

Now, why in the world didn’t I allow Nicky to uncuff me when he made the offer? Perhaps I was being noble – his fantasy of arresting me clearly meant a lot to him and maybe I didn’t want to hurt his feelings? Or maybe I was still aroused at the concept of being his handcuffed prisoner? I had never done this type of a scene and I found it to be fun. At least for the initial part of the trip.

But once we got off the highway and took the road to the ghost town, my arms became sore and my shoulders hurt. The erection that accompanied me at the start of the journey disappeared and ride became more onerous while driving across a road in serious need of paving.

The area we drove through was conspicuously absent of civilization. Granted, the desert landscapes were beautiful in their ochre austerity, but to this urban denizen the absence of people, places and things was unsettling.  And as a real estate professional, the location raised a host of questions.

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Your Destination Is on the Right

By Jaybird

“Your destination is on the right.” I turned into the alley and followed it back to the little parking lot behind the building, noting the side door as I drove past it. My heart was racing. This is stupid, again, said one voice. But it was silenced by the anticipation. Yes, I was very cautious — to the point where I likely turned down a lot of real opportunities. Yes, we had chatted back and forth for a couple of hours last night and today. Yes, there were no red flags. But yes, I had never met him. Still, I took a deep breath and proceeded.

It was dark, the streets were deserted in this little rural town. I took everything out of my pockets and dropped them into the center console of the car, everything but the car key. Looking at my watch, I had plenty of time, about 40 minutes or so. My watch then went into the console along with the phone. Exhale. Grab the plastic grocery bag with my “stuff” in it, get out of the car and walk to the door.

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Subject Neighbor – Turned Subject – Part 01

By Justin I

Justin I male bdsm storiesFirst day of June. I woke up to the smell of eggs, protein waffles, and coffee. I was greeted with a pleasant scent in the air but my eyes were blessed with a beautiful man. Carrying two mugs to the table was a 22-year-old, 6’2, honey blond hair all over, lean beef white boy with tan flawless skin. I dressed him in nothing except a tight, very revealing pair of bright white compressions trunk length. Along with a thin silver chain around his neck with my dime sized medallion revealing a “β” for beta. I am the Alpha.

Four years since I, Fred, met Sam, three since taking full command. Just a stranger and boy back then, now a young man and powerful. A bodybuilding masterpiece sculpted for my pleasure.

Sitting down at the table Sam was to not speak unless given approval, whether that be permission or because of the chip in his head. This was how all of his actions remained. To do nothing unless ordered via verbal or digital command. More on that to come.

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Officer Swift – Part 5

By straitjacketkwf2

“Jim, wake up,” I head David’s voice in the distance. Louder, “Come on, it’s time to get up.” I opened my eyes to a bright sunny morning with the light streaming through the basement window.

I was back in my house. I started to sit up but couldn’t. The straps across my body held me down on the vinyl mattress. I was in my Posey straitjacket, and Dave, my partner for six months now, was unlocking the cell door. He brought a water bottle with straw to my lips, and I drank the refreshing cold water.

Dave was dressed in tight 501s and a tee shirt. He said, “Don’t drink too fast now.”

He looked at me and I looked at him. With a knowing expression he said, “You had the dream again.”

“Yes,” I said between sips of water. “And you had a starring role.”

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Fucked while in chastity

With a name like Caged Jock, you know this bottom is all about being used and enjoyed by a massively hung daddy like Rocco Steele. He starts out eagerly worshiping that big daddy dong, but soon enough he’s sliding his tight and smooth pucker down on that girthy meat and enjoying every thrust, with his own cock and balls tightly restrained in a metal cage! Daddy Rocco really works that hole until he’s ready to fill the boy up, then we get a good cum dripping finish as semen pours from Caged Jock’s twitching fuckhole!

caged jock fucked in chastity

Video at Raw Dads

Scene Title: Rocco Steele and Caged Cock

Scene Short Description: Loading Up His Sub Hole

caged jock gets fucked while in chastity

Some Time in Rubber – Part 1

By rts

I only began wearing rubber a couple of years ago, having no one to partner with I never had the “incentive” to remain in my catsuit for more than 12 hours, and that was an act of self control. Usually I find myself too horney after just a few hours to resist pounding off and then needing to get out of the rubber immediately after as I begin to feel more uncomfortable in the restrictiveness and sweat.

Well thanks to the internet I met a bud who offered me the opportunity to experience some extended rubber wearing time. As he lives some distance from me it took a few weeks until we could arrange to meet when I had plenty of free time.

He arrived at my place in his truck with a duffel bag full of gear which he promptly opened ordering me to strip. I complied and he proceeded to help me into this heavy industrial black rubber suit with attached boots, thick gloves and hood. My feet filled the boots comfortably and he help me pull the heavy rubber up my legs. This suit had a zipper that ran down the back of the hood all the way through the crotch. The suit was a snug fit and I had to struggle a bit getting my arms through the sleeves and my hands into the thick industrial gloves, next I had to work my head into the hood which fitted the contours of my face, the eye openings covered with plastic, two soft rubber tubes fit up into my nostrils, the mouth opening a thicker rubber which covered over my lips and front teeth. He then pulled the zipper closed down my back tightening the hood and suit to my body.

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My Fantasy Finally Came True

By submissivekink79


I had the greatest experience I have ever had last night. I had a dream to come true. I was dominated by a forceful man, and I loved every minute of it.

I met him on the net, and he lived close to me, and we worked out a time for me to come play. Then I got up the nerve to ask him if he would dominate me. I had a particular fantasy, and I shared it with him. He agreed, and I was so excited I was shaking all day Thursday.

Well Friday night came. I drove to the address he gave me. Knocked on the door, and he answered, and invited me in and I was told to strip, and he will meet me in the bedroom on the left of the hallway.

I was to strip, and walk into the bedroom and stand before him, and hand him the key to the locks, and then lock the chain around my neck, and hand him the end of the chain. I did exactly that.

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