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My ‘Gay for Pay’ Best Friend’s Proposition

By SockgaggedJason

Sockgaggedjason gay bondageQuick description: Jake learns his childhood best friend, Kenneth, is now a “gay for pay” porn star. He receives a shocking invitation to co-star with the hot, straight friend for a raunchy fetish shoot. Themes: Anal sex, blowjobs, bondage, gags, BDSM, pig play, straight guys, smells, uniforms, sports hazing.

Note: The character Kenneth is based on a real person who resembles the porn star Christian Wilde, pictured in the story. All featured photos are only loose interpretations of moments in this fictional story.


Kenneth was in town and wanted to come over. He had something interesting to propose that he said, “trust me, you would love.”

He was my childhood best friend who wrestled in high school. We used to tie each other up. Well, mostly he did the tying. I had the biggest crush on him and loved little things like how he smelled. He knew I had a foot fetish and gagged me with his smelly socks whenever I was tied down.

Now we were both 22, and it had been years since we saw each other. He joined the Marines, deployed to Afghanistan, and relocated to San Diego. I recently finished college and lived in Sacramento.

When Kenneth arrived at my apartment, I was weak in the knees. He blossomed into an outright, gorgeous stud. Like All-American porn star hot! He still had his playful smile, golden blond hair, and baby blue eyes. When we hugged, I was delighted to smell the familiar, sweet scent of his body.

We went to a local bar and drank some beers to catch up. I quizzed Kenneth about his “big life” I followed on his Instagram. In addition to cheesy straight guy pics of him groping big breasted stripper looking girls, he posted photos of his expensive muscle car, his exotic beach vacations, and adventure trips. How did he have the money to do that living on a soldier’s income?

male bdsm

That was what he wanted to tell me about, flashing his trademark playful grin. He left the Marines and was approached with a job opportunity that paid a small fortune. When I was surprised, he had a curious expression and said, “So you really don’t know, Jake?”

“Know what?” I laughed.

“I’m an adult film actor,” Kenneth laid on me!

I guess I unknowingly called that one when he came in the door.

Not only that, he was primarily a GAY porn star! He did some straight shoots but the money was ridiculously better in male porn. According to his agent, he was already the highest paid “gay for pay” model in the business which was why it surprised him I didn’t see him online.

I tried to be chill, but inside I was pissed off and hurt. All those times we played around in our innocent bondage games when I had a boner, he knew I was attracted to him. Kenneth never got sexual with me except indulging some of my fetishes like letting me wear his singlet or sniff his shoes.

He picked up on my disappointment and said it was nothing personal, he only did this for money and isn’t attracted to guys. And he said it made sense I wasn’t familiar with him because his porn work was otherwise pretty vanilla.

Kenneth pointed out, though, how fit and attractive I was. He noticed from my pictures online. That made me feel better. He acknowledged I wasn’t the skinny, nerdish kid anymore.

“So, what did you mean about proposing something I would love?” I asked.

A studio, known for kinky BDSM titles, hired him to do an upcoming porn shoot. It had the standard scenes like anal sex and sucking cock, but was heavy on fetishes, particularly in the foreplay. The “plot” centered around a locker room hazing scene that he knew pushed all the right buttons for me. Bondage. Check! Wrestling uniforms. Check! Raunchy stuff like forced smells and humiliations. Check! Check!!

“And I sent them your Instagram. You’re approved,” he added.

He skipped a step in his excitement so I still wasn’t processing this. “What are you saying?”

“I want you to co-star with me in that video,” Kenneth smiled.

WTF! There were more details to this and conflicting thoughts that ran through my mind, but two reasons made it irresistible. One, my fantasy of being tied up and sexually dominated by my best friend was part of this video. Two, I was getting paid for it! Fuck what my family would think or my random notions of running for public office, lol!

At the end of this meeting, I found myself saying yes! Since the production was a month from now, there were times when I thought of backing out, but Kenneth told the studio I was committed. I worked out like a dog and ate like a bird for the next month.


The day of the infamous fetish shoot…

I was a nervous wreck though everything was surreally “normal” at first.

The “set” was an actual, small MMA boxing gym they rented out for the day. The practice room was a windowless, sparse “sweat box” covered with rubber mats and punching bags. It reeked of faint body odor and mildew.

The crew of four were professional, low-key guys and not “pervy” seeming. Two guys, in their late twenties, were the camera operators. Another guy, also late twenties, did various things like lights and sound, but most notably assisted with the bondage work. He was pretty cute too. He was known as the “rope wrangler.” The fourth was the director, a man in his late thirties, who had a comforting demeanor.

male bondage

Kenneth greeted me with a big hug and smile. He had to get changed into costume with the other model who played his “teammate.” They would be the “tops” that dominate me in the form of cocky wrestlers. I played the part of a nerdish dude who gets caught spying on them and turned into their “bottom” sub.

Kenneth and I signed our paperwork, listing our names for the credits. Kenneth went by “Nick Trevors,” even on set they addressed him by that name except me of course. I gave the name “Cody Steele” for my credit as it happened to be a porn name I made up one night with friends. Now it was official!

male wrestlingKenneth went off to join the other model in a dressing area. I hoped the other dude was cute. My street clothes were fine for my character.

Meanwhile, the director explained the basic setups, plotline, and encouraged us to dive in with improv as long as it looked and sounded as authentic as possible. Cameras would follow us with interruption for each scene.

The practice room was the first location. The locker room, the last shooting location, had a conspicuously out of place tall piece of equipment. It was a stainless steel bondage frame with connecting points for straps or rope all throughout. The heavy-duty contraption was where I’d be bound and gagged, standing spread-eagle while getting fucked by the “jocks.”

Upon returning, Kenneth and the other model, introduced as “Chris” were fully suited up in wrestling singlets and looking hot! Their ridiculously stretchy, tight uniforms showed off every curve of their muscle-toned bodies. Kenneth’s singlet was especially arousing and so sheer you could see the outlines of his underwear.

male bdsm

Chris to my delightful surprise was another hot guy, probably our age. He was a tall, solid framed Latino mixed bro type with light caramel skin and completely smooth except for a hint of hair growth over his top lip.

They had just popped two Viagra pills each while they casually banter, scratching their nuts. They had worked together before apparently. Two straight “gay for pay” bros just clocking in for another day at work, lol. Chris was pretty cool, though. He apologized to me in advance because in character they were going to be “rough” and make me do “humiliating” things like lick their sweaty armpits. “Just warning you, bro. But I’m freshly showered!” he chuckled.

Kenneth laughed back and said, “Trust me, I know this one. He won’t mind!”

My old best friend was indeed correct. Too bad the smell torture was “simulated,” but this was still going to be a blast…


The scene begins and we are now playing our characters as the cameramen follow us…

I walked into the small gym and sit at a chair in the corner. Kenneth and Chris, in full wrestling costume, are sparring with each other on the rubber mat floor. They’ve been sprayed down with a water bottle to simulate heavy sweating as if they’ve been going at it for a while.

I have my cellphone in my hands pretending to be reading while I wait but “secretly” tilt it up and snap pictures of them. My character is nerdy pervert, obsessed with wrestlers.

My buddy Kenneth and the other hot dude are genuinely going at one another like the competitive alpha males they are. The cameras shoot them for a good 30 minutes as they wrestle. They’re starting to show real sweat soaking their sheer, Lycra uniforms.

bondage wrestling

My character continues to watch the young athletic studs in those thin, shiny singlets, wrestling each other including butt drags and homoerotic predicaments where their faces get buried in the other guy’s nuts. I’m snapping more photos.

Kenneth and Chris eventually catch sight of me, noticing I’m up to something inappropriate with the phone. They stand up and yell my way, demanding I come over to them.

As I stand in front of them, they’re cocky and confrontational jocks asking why I’m there. They’re arms are folded staring at me with authority. I say nervously I’m interested in joining the gym. They say I’m lying and Kenneth grabs my phone. “Unlock it!” they insist. I refuse. Chris grabs me from behind and locks his big, sweaty arms around me. Kenneth holds the phone up to my face and unlocks it with facial recognition. “Gotta love technology!” he chuckles.

The cameramen are close up on us, catching the drama…

Kenneth browses through the photo app and sees the pictures of them, calling me a “little queer” and teasing me.

I start to fight back and tell them, “I’m sorry, just let me go!” Chris tightens his grip. I genuinely can’t break free, I try!

I get hazed as my friend Kenneth, playing his character, slaps me around the face a few times and squeezes my cheeks. “YOU wanna wrestle or really you just wanna be wrestled around? Huh pervert?”

“Come on, man… come on,” I beg. “Let me go!”

Then something wonderful happens! My straight best friend, who I’ve had kink fantasies about for years, gropes me! He grabs my crotch and squeezes my balls. Even through my jeans it’s such a turn on. I already had a slight boner, so he mocks me for it and squeezes more.

“Yo, Chris… we gotta see this! Let’s strip him!” Kenneth laughs.

As the cameras step away a bit to give us space, Chris throws me down on the padded wrestling mat.

The sweaty wrestlers jumped me and easily held me down. They started grabbing at my clothes, aggressively removing them. My t-shirt is ripped apart and tossed. My jeans are unbuttoned and yanked from my legs along with my sneakers.

“Hold his arms back!” Kenneth tells his “teammate” Chris.

Kenneth sits his butt on my knees while Chris pins my arms behind my head at the wrists. I’m squirming on the rubber practice mat now only in my boxer briefs exposing an ever increasing boner.

“For a little pervy queer, he’s in pretty good shape,” Chris grins looking down at me with a sneer.

My hot best friend and his co-star, fully embracing their character, begin to sexually taunt and ridicule me. Kenneth grabs the shaft of my dick through the underwear and yanks it. “Like this?! Huh?”

Then he scoots up towards my head and sits at the top of my chest with his sweaty crotch near my face. The bulge of his dick and his nuts underneath his singlet.

The blond young jock grabs my hair and pulls up my head, burying my face into the musty, moist bulge between his legs. “This is what you really want, don’t you!” he said.

I sit there pitifully frozen. Would my character smell his groin, I know I would, but I don’t know… Kenneth makes it easier, lol.

“Go ahead, sniff it!!” he commands as he closes his legs tightly like a head vice so I can’t escape.

One cameraman kneels down for a closeup of this, barely two feet away from us. Well, here goes nothing. I take deep breaths and inhale Kenneth’s crotch. Man, he smells so great. Meanwhile he reaches back with his hand yanks on my dick some more through my underwear.

“Lick my balls!” he orders next.

I licked my tongue against the bulge in the Lycra fabric. I can taste the salty, swampy scent of his ball sack!

“You love that, huh? Bet you want our dicks too?” Kenneth says slapping me around.

“Yes, yes,” I mutter.

Kenneth leaps off and grabs a nearby jump rope. “Tie his hands!” he instructs, throwing it at Chris as he pounces back on my chest. The camera comes in for a close-up of my wrists as Chris crosses them and binds the cloth jump rope nice and snug. The “rope wrangler” seems to approve with a nod.

I am pulled to my feet, both of them huddling around me. They were so closely pressed into me, their heat seeped through the sheer fabric of their singlets and the sweat got on me.

“Before you suck our cocks, you have to clean us up!” Chris said, his face just in front of mine. “Start here!” he ordered, raising his right arm and pointing at the armpit.

The cameras came in tight on us… to get good coverage of his armpits and my face.

I dug my head into Chris’ sweaty armpit and licked it with my tongue. He had nice puffs of armpit hair that tickled. Like he said earlier, he was pretty clean, though, so the smell of body odor was pretty faint. Still I am happily licking his armpits, both right and left.

male armpit worship“Take care of my teammate!” Chris yelled, as he spit into my face! He was really committed to his bully character.

I pulled away, standing submissively, my hands tied together in front of me with the jump rope. Kenneth was next to him and to my right, presenting an intimidating face but unable to hide a curious, playful smirk on his face.

When we were younger, Kenneth figured out I liked raunchy armpits given the random, brief close encounters I had with his when he visited my house after practice. For this shoot however, I didn’t expect much because models were expected to be clean, though smell tortures were simulated. He raised his arms to reveal his beautiful pits, deeply contoured and lightly covered with a nest of dark blond hair.

Right away I noticed something after he exposed his underarms. They had a pungent smell carrying in the air. They weren’t clean at all! I plowed my face into his right armpit. As I sniffed, I inhaled the wonderful strong aroma. They stank in the best of ways. A sharp, strong odor that coated my tongue as I licked his pits. WOOF!

As I was spending extra time servicing my best friend’s armpits, he discreetly broke character for a moment and whispered in my ear with a normal voice, “Surprise. I didn’t shower, just for you. You’re welcome, Jake.”

“Good boy! You think you’ve earned our dicks yet?” Kenneth said, back in a macho character voice.

“Mmm yes! Mm hmm!” I nodded still nose deep in his stinky pits.

“Should we put him through the sit-ups?” Chris laughed.

“Good idea,” Kenneth agreed, high fiving Chris.

The director yelled “Cut!” and the cameramen stopped shooting.

It was explained the next scene took a little setup time. It was also the oral scene! I would be giving them a blowjob. Truth be told, I was terrified because I had very little experience here and found giving head uncomfortable. However, the opportunity to suck Kenneth’s dick was appealing, and this was the job!


The broey, beautiful jocks – Chris and Kenneth – were seated side by side on a long metal bench near a wall of the gym. They had slipped out of their singlets with their underwear and wrestling shoes still on. Thanks to several minutes of jerking themselves off to prepare, their cocks were rock hard and popping in the underwear. Both of them had godlike chests and tight abs and thick thighs on prominent display as their legs were slightly spread apart.

I was on the floor just in front of them, doing pushups in my underwear, while they watched and yelled at me for more. It was pretty difficult and messy since my hands were still tied so I couldn’t spread my arms.

“Give us some sit ups now! Start here!” Chris barked, pointing between his legs. “Put your hands behind your head!”

male bdsm

I sat just in front and began the reps. As I reached the top, my face was positioned to stop right in front of his sweaty crotch.

A camera came in close on Chris’ midsection to get detail of his briefs since underwear fetish was a thing. He wore light grey, seamless boxer briefs nicely conformed to his best parts. It was a hot look. I preferred basic underwear over jockstraps.

Chris pulled down the center of his underwear and stretched the waistband below his testicles. His hard dick and hairy balls popped out. I was ordered to suck his dick for a few seconds every time I rose up during a rep. It was unpleasant at first, but I relaxed my gag reflex and enjoyed it. This exercise and cock sucking was a lot of work, regardless.

I shifted over to Kenneth for my sit-ups as I sucked his dick. He couldn’t help but look down at me and laugh once more out of character, quietly chuckling, “Crazy, huh?”

Again, the cameras fixated on Kenneth’s underwear. I had a big underwear fetish as well and preferred it over nudity most of the time. He was wearing blue authentic wrestling briefs, the Lycra compression kind he wore as a real wrestler in high school. Fuck it looks great on him! He pulled them halfway down to his thighs, enough to still spread his legs.

I got more creative and sensual with his genitals. I started by sniffing his hairy nuts and a brief lick for the beginning reps. Enjoying his musty smell. And sucking the balls, tickled by his pubic hair. Then teasing his dick. Then I went into sucking his dick. Wow! I was now giving my best friend a blowjob.

Kenneth seemed to enjoy the attention I gave since he didn’t notice I pretty much abandoned the sit ups exercise to spend more time servicing his dick. In fact, I went back and forth between going down on his rod or sucking his scrotum, as he said things like, “Good boy” while holding my head.

The director said “cut” and informed we were a little behind on schedule for the next scene, the “foot fetish” beat. It had to be truncated. He informed me as if I would be happy about it. Instead of worshipping both the doms’ feet, it would just be Chris. Are you kidding me?!

“And don’t sweat it, dude. I cleaned my feet and the socks and shoes are new. All good!” Chris “assured” me.

“Just pretend like you hate this, for your character,” the director added.

Kenneth and I exchanged a glance with each other. Knowing I was disappointed it was only “simulated,” he shrugged his shoulders a little.

Damn, oh well!


Chris stood over me while I was finishing my sit-ups and sucking off Kenneth. He leered down and ordered that I remove his shoes so I could clean his feet. I turned over and faced his wresting shoes. I started to unlace them, not really thrilled but still better than nothing.

“Wait!” Kenneth interrupted.

“I want him on MY feet! They need it most!” Kenneth told Chris. He looked at me and said, “Get your ass over here!”

Chris and the crew didn’t seem to mind the improv.

I shuffled back to my best friend still seated on the bench. I looked up at his blond haired, blue eyed, All-American sexy face. He had a huge grin on his face.

“Take ‘em off!” Kenneth taunted.

With my hands still tied, I reached for his footwear.

I noticed that his soft-soled wrestling shoes weren’t new. In fact, they were quite used and beat up. In fact, I think they might have been the old shoes from his high school team! I was hoping what this meant was true…

I unlaced the shoes and slowly slipped them off. As I did, a warm heavy odor escaped. He was also wearing a pair of sweaty ankle socks, once white but so filthy and spent they were a dingy light brown. They stunk!

Even the model, Chris, and the crew several feet away got a whiff of the funky smell.

The director was about to stop shooting and put an end to this, for my sake he probably thought, but Kenneth shook his head. “Look!” he laughed, directing their attention back on me.

I was in heaven. I planted my face in his foul, warm shoes and inhaled. I had the most extreme erection trying to burst out of my underwear now. Pre-cum seeping through the fabric.

“Get on with it! Service my sweaty feet, pig!” Kenneth said.

I pressed my nose against the soles of his disgusting socked feet and moaned. As I licked the sock bottoms, the taste was like candy for me. I slipped off his sweaty socks and went to work servicing his bare, stinky feet. Licks, whiffs, nose between the toes, sucking toe jam. Massaging them as he sat above satisfied. Repeating all this over and over.

jock foot fantasy

It such a turn on I forgot my character was supposed to be “repulsed,” but it was obvious the director and crew didn’t mind and got closer with the camera. Not just on me, but on Kenneth. He was slowly masturbating and tilting back his head, aroused! It was sensual and mutually enjoyable.

I could have been there for hours, licking and sucking up his naked feet but we had to move one.

Back in character, Kenneth barked, “Enough, fag!” He pushed me to the floor with one of his moist, bare feet holding down my face.

“I think we should take him into the locker room and fuck him!” Kenneth said with a wide grin. “All this has made me horny as shit!”

He and Chris high-fived like the cocky dudes they portrayed and stared down at me with a laugh.

“Cut!” the director excitedly yelled.

Incidentally, after this scene, Kenneth told me after I committed to the shoot, he wore that same pair of ankle socks and his old wrestling shoes every day for workouts or jogs and never washed them. That was his “little gift” for me.


We’re in the locker room, our final location. The stale air is tinged with sweat and mildew like the gym, but also the faint smell of smoke. The camera guys were standing just outside the backdoor having a cigarette. They’re on break. Kenneth and Chris were relaxing as well, casually beating their meat to stay aroused, while they talked with the director about the scene.

They’re all waiting on two of us…

I was getting elaborately tied up by the cute “rope wrangler” as I stood inside the imposing tall metal bondage tower. He’s trained in “kinbaku” or “shibari” and he’s applying a moderate version of it on me.

White, cotton ropes are fashioned all around my body almost looking like a spider’s web that restrain me spread-eagle.

Rope binds my wrists and ankles tightly to the corners of the metal frame, forcing out my arms and legs. More rope wrapped around my arms, just above the elbows, are fastened to the steel structure. Leg ropes tied at the knees and thighs are strapped tied and knotted to the equipment.

male bondage

I’ve been virtually immobilized and slightly suspended, with my feet partially off the ground, forced to stand on my tip toes. The “rope wrangler” takes great care and time, however, to do it right so pressure points are evenly distributed. IT FELT SO GREAT!

bound gods male bdsm

He confirms that I “douched” and I amusingly nodded. In other words, I did a cleansing enema inside my ass and got everything in back nice and squeaky-clean. I even washed my crotch, lol, knowing it would make it easier for the straight guys to get into their part if they were performing oral. Let’s hope!

Rope wrangler asks if I’m ready to be ball gagged, and I nod again. The director, standing with Kenneth and Chris, yells back not to worry about that. There’s a slight change in the script. That was followed by a chuckle from Kenneth and Chris.

They were ready for the big locker room gangbang! As much as I loved the feeling of being tied up like I was, I’m not sure if I was ready to be fucked by my best friend and the other model. This is what I was most nervous about.

“Action,” the director says.

Kenneth and Chris, sporting hard-ons, enter the locker room. They’re still in sexy underwear. The jock assholes flank me, the helpless nerd boy, ready to haze me more.

They start in on some casual humiliations and torments, such as pinching my nipples hard, tickling my sides, groping my nuts, etc. Then they are pushing their fingers teasingly into my butthole through my underwear.

“We’re gonna fuck you silly!” they announce, bragging.

My character is supposed to be resistant at this point and upset.

“No! No way! You’ve had your fun! Leave me alone! Just let me go!” I yell continuously.

“I think we need to gag him!” Chris smiled at Kenneth. “What do you think?”

“I have just the thing,” Kenneth grinned.

Christian Wilde male bdsm

“No! Please!” I kept protesting in character.

Kenneth revealed his nasty ankle socks and shoved them in my mouth.

“Mphhhhhh! Mphhhhhh!” I grunted into the gag pretending to protest, but truthfully loving it.

Kenneth wrapped my face with athletic tape while Chris held my head still from behind. After layer upon layer, the smelly socks shoved in my mouth weren’t going anywhere. He made sure a small portion of one sock stuck out top from the tape and rested perfectly under my nostrils. Every breath I took I would inhale Kenneth’s sweet foot odor!

male bdsm

Kenneth’s smelly sock gag wasn’t “simulated,” it was the real deal and I loved it.

“Look! He really likes it!” Chris laughed referring to my throbbing hard dick. Kenneth and Chris pulled my underwear down to my thighs and gently stroked my cock.

“Like it, huh?” they asked.

Kenneth learned earlier in the shoot how turned on I was by nipple play, so he reached up and squeezed my nipples while they gently teased me with their stroking hands on my dick. I was moaning loudly in no time.

male bondage Christian Wilde

The straight studs bent down and put their faces into my crotch. Fuck! Even Kenneth. They toyed with my nuts licking it with the tips of their tongue. They partially put their mouths over my dick! Their hearts weren’t in it though as this was brief and contact was light.

The young, broey jocks dropped out of their underwear, finally nude. Their dicks were standing out, ready. They made their way toward my backside to examine my ass, where the real action would take place.

With my underwear pulled down, they caressed my naked butt. Then they navigated their big hands into my ass. I felt their fingers start to probe my hole! Even Kenneth!

I gasped and twisted in my restraints as I felt my first moments of penetration.

My feet would leave the ground and my spread-eagled body would flail about, briefly suspended. The assortment of ropes were well distributed around my body, so it wasn’t painful. It was erotic. The “rope wrangler” dude knew what he was doing.

One of them, I think Chris, knelt down and spread my butt cheeks. He inserted his tongue and gave me a brief rim job! WOOF! Then I heard him spitting several times followed by the sensation of his mucous running down my butthole. He inserted one, then two fingers into my ass, then three.

“Bro, this boy is TIGHT!” Chris laughed.

“Good thing he’s gagged!” Kenneth responded. He reached around and rubbed my nipples some more with his fingers. “You ready for us?”

“Mmphh!” I miffed, bowing my head with, I don’t know what the fuck. OK.

“Good boy,” Kenneth said, patting me on the rear.

Chris started first. I heard him spit some more then lubricating his dick with it. He stepped forward. His chest pressed to my back and I felt the tip of his penis at the entrance to my hole. Then he slowly worked it through the sphincter muscle. He was solid and confident in his stance. When I felt him penetrating me, I tensed up my body and moaned in pain. It hurt.

Kenneth came around to the front and faced me. I was whimpering and breathing heavy through my nostrils.

“Relax, boy. Take it easy,” Kenneth said as he rubbed my nipples. “Can you breathe OK?” he asked in his normal voice.

I didn’t want to disappoint my friend, looking at me with his handsome, squared jawed face and dreamy blue eyes. I sort of nodded with a touch of shaking my head and a shrug. I was trying to be a good sport.

Meanwhile, Chris was back there going deeper and opening my ass up.

“No, you’re not. Can’t have our slave boy passing out,” Kenneth said.

Kenneth unwrapped the cloth tape. He let me spit out the socks. As wonderful as they tasted and smelled, I was thankful to breathe through my mouth again. He smiled at me softly, totally out of character. I wanted to kiss him right there but refrained.

Suddenly, Chris had gotten all the way inside me with a good push. “Fuck!” I yelled.

“Shhh, relax your ass,” Kenneth told me.

I did my best, which helped a little, and Chris was now pumping and plowing his dick into my ass. It finally started to feel good. I moaned and gasped, dangling off the ground in the rope suspension. Enjoying the feeling of being completely helpless and “abused.”

A few minutes later, Chris was yelling “I’m gonna shoot… man…”

He pulled out his dick and nutted all over my ass.

Now it was my best friend’s turn. He smiled and patted me on the cheek, then going behind me. Cameras were getting closer and more intimate in prep for this one…

Kenneth knelt down, spread my cheeks, and spat onto my butthole. He stood back up and spit on his dick to lubricate it. I felt my best friend starting to stick his dick up my ass! It was happening!

It was uncomfortable at first but not near as painful now that I had been “loosened up” by Chris. He moved a little faster than Chris, though, and was a little bigger. It started to hurt more. He began thrusting his hips and going deeper until I felt the full size of his cock ramming inside me. His balls were slapping against my cheeks.

“Ohhhhhh!” I yelled. “Fuck!!”

tied up and fucked

“This is what you want, right pig?!” Kenneth said in character, getting all verbal and cocky.

My best friend was plowing me harder and faster, while one of his hands grasped my shoulder and the other curled around my hip. I could feel drops of his sweat landing on my back.

“Yea, yea!” I moaned with more pleasure, overcoming the pain and loving the sensation.

Chris was close by, casually assisting with the erotic tortures like fondling my balls or tickling my armpits. Honestly, however, I was in a zone with Kenneth. I had even tuned out the crew, who were only feet from us and were moving about getting shots.

Kenneth was slapping my ass. “Take it, bitch!” he hee-hawed.

“Yes, yes, Sir!” I found myself crying out in a cliché.

I felt the pressure areas of the rope restraining my body, pinching at my flesh as Kenneth’s constant pounding made me jerk and quiver. I dealt with this new pain, enjoying the contrast between suffering and exhilaration. I moaned even more.

Kenneth asked Chris for his pair of blue wrestling briefs on the floor.

My best friend cupped his sweaty underwear over my face, telling me to, “Sniff that! You like it, right bitch!?”

As he continued fucking my ass I nodded, further aroused by his musty ball sweat over my nose. He spanked my ass with his other hand.

When it was time for him to cum, he was shouting out, “I’m gonna nut! Oh.. I’m gonna nut!”

The cameras came in close…

Kenneth moaned louder in a low pitched, drawn out wail. “Ohhhhhh!”

He pulled out his dick, and seconds later I felt his hot semen spraying everywhere on my back and ass. “Fuuucck!” he roared.

Chris and Kenneth high fived. They wiped cum and sweat off with towels. Then they snapped me in the nuts with them. They laughed at the sight of me dangling helplessly spread eagle and frustrated. Blue balled.

The jock bullies left me tied up. Denied release. My raging hard dick, ignored.

When their exit was made, the cameras focused on my character, whimpering. Slumped over in the suspension bondage.

“And… cut!” the director said satisfied.

The porn shoot was wrapped.

Kenneth and Chris, no longer in character, walk back in wrapped with towels. The director and crew had nothing but praises for the three of us. The “rope wrangler” was starting to untie me. Kenneth came over and stopped him.

“Give me a few minutes,” he told him, now standing directly in front of me.

Kenneth, speaking as himself, not the jock asshole, smiled, “Figured you’d rather not wait to be untied to jerk yourself off.”

He grabbed my hard cock and began stroking it! Not in character playing for the cameras or at director’s request.

I moaned and rolled my head around with delirious pleasure. I leaned my face closer to his, opening my mouth and rounding my lips instinctively wanting to kiss him. He grinned and gave me a light peck on the lips, noting more. He moved his head, however, on my left side and brushed his face with mine. Continuing to jerk me off.

“Ohh…” I moaned more. “I’m close!”

He brought this baby in with some sensory overload. Using his other hand, he gently pinched one of my nipples. Then he lightly rubbed my earlobe with his nose, followed by licking the inside of the ear. Both very sensual.

A wave of ecstasy electrified my body.

I was yelling out, “I’m gonna shoot!”


Kenneth moved out of the way before my load hit him, but still stroking my cock. I busted a nut like never in my life. Cum landed all over the concrete floor of the locker room.

I slumped in the suspension bondage, this time happily exhausted.

Kenneth put his manly hands around my head and pressed his forehead against mine and said, “I’ve always loved you, bro. I’m glad I made you happy.”

I knew he meant it platonically but I melted.

Kenneth ended the heavy moment by giving me a playful slap on the genitals. Ouch, lol.

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Metal would like to thank SockgaggedJason for sharing this story and pictures, which are from Bound Gods, Jock Foot Fantasy, Men on Edge and other sites! He says the story is a complete fantasy — but he said that with a wink and grin so who knows?

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