New artwork by Brick

The artist Brick has created some brand new work, in a series of erotic male bondage drawings called “Slave Academy 2022.” Here are two images from the series, which are posted here with the permission of the artist:

erotic male bondage artwork by Brick


Metal would like to thank Brick for reaching out with these new works!

Additional images from this series will appear here on the Metalbond site in the coming days and weeks, so please check back often!

To see even more you can also click on the tag for Brick, directly below. There’s also a nice blog posting about Brick with even more of his works over on the Mitchmen blog (link here).

2 thoughts on “New artwork by Brick”

  1. That is good news. I love what Brick draws.
    Will the series be posted here entirely or is there another site for Brick ?

    1. Yes Nephilim, there are NINE more images in the series and they will appear on the Metalbond site in the coming days and weeks. The artist does not have a website but if you send me an email I will forward to him.

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