4 thoughts on “New site: Guys In Lockup”

  1. Focused on arrest and booking procedures with a short (mainly masturbation) sex scene at the end… very realistic if you love to see hot guys being stripped down and cavity searched by a real police officer… then they are dressed out in an orange prison uniform and then taken to a real jail cell for lockup to do their thing… GuysInLockup is a new site with a very genuine real life arrest and lockup appearance! (I have talked to the owner and he wants our ideas on what else we want to see as he builds the site bigger every week)

    1. Regular updates, hands cuffed behind back properly, rarely are shackles used in the field, Amex as accepted payment.

  2. The latest dude on GuysInLockup is a young 24 year old guy (Jason Martin) who suffers from affluenza and expects daddy to bail him out of trouble once again! Lol! Not gonna happen as Officer Denali brings him back into reality with a cavity search and an anal probing with his finger while the prisoner is handcuffed to the counter top in the booking area! Hot for sure!!!

  3. Inmate Steven Hall got cuffed and shackled to the cell with duck tape on his mouth! The officer almost got to crush his balls! That was fucking hot!!!!!! Go Guys In Lockup, you are doing it right!

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