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The author POW, who has shared a number of stories here on Metalbond (see VRansomware, VRealWorld and The Bare Minimum Cage) and who has a story site of his own called POW’s Fiction, has written a brand new one, Remote Controlled, which is inspired by The Edge Jail and Dungeon in California.

If you like incarceration, prolonged inescapable bondage, and edgy male BDSM fiction, you’re going to want to read this story. It’s very lengthy, so plan accordingly. It’s also very well written, and POW has given the reader the choice of THREE separate endings!

Please note that there are a number of elements of this story and others on this author’s site that are extreme, so read at your own risk!

Here’s a screen shot that links directly to the story:

male bondage stories

3 thoughts on “New story by POW author”

  1. Incredible story! Chose the “dark stuff” ending – and it was the best. Thanks for the story!

  2. Fantastic story. I would love to visit the Edge and serve some time there. The cell block sounds amazing.

  3. Great story. Having been to the Edge a few times, the author described it quite accurately. Brought back fond memories during this time of no play due to the virus.

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