New Year’s Party

By Mister-X/Spartan

Normally at work on New Year’s Eve we are let out early.  But this time I had work that needed to get done that day.  Naturally we had chosen that day to go to a party, and I needed to get home to get dressed for it.  The party was one in which my partner, Dan, was to be dressed as a police officer and I was to be dressed as an escaped criminal that he was returning to prison after capturing me.  He would be putting me in an authentic prison uniform, one that we purchased on e-Bay, covered with a lot of chains.

Dan had a friend who worked in the state prison about 100 miles away, and he had gotten an authentic prison uniform and badge, as well as an authentic prisoner metal collar with the identification of a real-live prisoner on it, one that was in prison for life.  We hoped to win the party’s contest for best dressed.  Dan’s friend told him to make sure that these are not revealed to any law enforcement personnel, or he would get into trouble!

When I finally got home, Dan was in a hurry to get me dressed, since the party would soon start.  I quickly got into the prison garb, and Dan started locking me in all the chains.  We had modified those.  The standard chains connecting my cuffs and ankles were instead a chain with one cuff that was put tightly around each upper leg, these chains going down each leg to connect to the ankle cuffs that had a short connecting chain for walking, as well as having rings facing each opposite ankle so a lock could be inserted to prevent the wearer from walking.

In addition, there were chains that wrapped around my body, connecting the wrist cuffs to each other, both in the front and the back.  The prisoners were kept in chastity, and the front chain attached to that.  Dan added a metal buttplug to my ass and had the back chain tightly pushing that into my ass.  The metal collar, which turned out to be for someone who was much smaller and was an inch thick, had a chain connecting the front which went down to connect to the chastity device.  And since it was designed for a smaller person, I had to bend my neck down when it was locked in place.

Dan strapped our leather penis gag into my mouth and brought the straps around to the back, putting them through the ring at the back of the metal collar before buckling them closed and locking them.  He covered the penis gag with wrap after wrap of duct tape.  He also put a blindfold over my eyes.  I’d only had a brief chance to see him dressed in his prison guard’s uniform, but I was impressed.  It wasn’t completely authentic, though, since he didn’t have a clip-on necktie, so just wore a normal necktie.

Dan decided to leave all the keys to the locks at home.  He led me out to the car, and once I was seated in the passenger seat, he locked my ankles together before getting in to drive.  He kept my blindfold on.

I hadn’t had a chance to have dinner, since we were in such a hurry to get going, and with the gag in I wouldn’t be fed.  But I smelled that Dan had dinner, probably some leftover spaghetti with wine.

On the way to the party was when we got a big surprise.  Being New Year’s, the local police had set up a traffic stop to try to catch drunk drivers.  We didn’t see it in time to find a side route around it.  Dan was wondering what to do and decided that since he had an authentic uniform and I was a somewhat authentic-looking prisoner, that he would act like we were really a guard returning an escaped prisoner to the prison.  After all, the freeway onramp was just ahead.

When it was our turn, the officer looked at us and asked, “What gives?”

“Just returning an escaped prisoner to prison, officer.”

“Why are you in an unmarked car, then?”

That’s when Dan paused before answering.  He finally said, “I was off duty when the call came in.”

The officer thought about that and finally pulled out his pad and pen and asked, “Your name and the name of the prisoner?”

Dan almost gave his name but caught himself in time.  At least he remembered who he was supposed to be and gave the officer that name.  Then he gave him the name of who I was supposed to be.

After the officer had written everything down, he said, “Wait here, I’m going to call this in.”

The officer was away for some time, and another officer was waving other cars into a separate lane to be checked.  When the officer finally returned, he asked, “How come we weren’t notified that there was an escaped prisoner in our city?”

“The prison knew that I lived here, and when they found out where he was visiting they notified me to pick him up.  There was no need to notify you.”

“That’s not standard procedure.  This whole thing looks suspicious, especially considering the way your ‘prisoner’ is dressed.  Also, there is alcohol on your breath.  I need to have your breath tested to see if you’re above the legal limit.”  He handed a breathalyzer contraption to Dan to breathe into.

After the officer checked the reading, he said, “You’re over the limit.  Get out of the car and spread your arms and legs against the car.”

The officer patted Dan down and pulled out his wallet.  He looked at his driver’s license and said, “Who are you really?  Your badge name doesn’t match with your driver’s license.”

Dan started to explain that we were actually going to a party that had a theme of arresting officer and prisoner and were hoping to win the prize as most authentic, and he decided to try it out with this traffic stop.  The officer just replied, “Save the explanation for when you are booked.  I’m taking you in, and I guess I’m going to have to take your ‘prisoner’ in as well.  You’ll be facing other charges of impersonating an officer” and, turning to me, he said, “I need to find out if you are the prisoner you appear to be.”  Turning back to Dan, he said, “Your car will be towed to the company compound.  You’ll have to see about getting that out on Monday when you’re released from jail.”

The officer escorted Dan to his police car and put him in the back seat.  He came over for me and found that my ankles were locked together.  He had to get assistance from another officer, and between the two of them, they dragged me over to the police car and put me in the back seat of another police car, which followed the one Dan was in.

Both Dan and I realized that we’d lost the opportunity to compete in the party’s contest, but we also realized that it looked like we could be facing more serious charges.  While Dan was being booked, I was placed in a prisoner transport chair, strapped in tightly and wheeled into the jail.  I was weighed and my height was measured.  Of course, I couldn’t stand up straight with the chain pulling my head down, but they just took my height that way.  Then I was strapped back into the prisoner transport chair.

It was another hour or two wait when someone came up to me.  He said, “The measurements we sent correspond to those of your record at the prison.  Someone will be coming here from the prison to take you there to see if you are the genuine prisoner the number on your collar says you are.  You’ll be kept in a cell here until they get here.”

It was at least a two-hour wait locked in the cell, still strapped in the transport chair, before someone came up to my cell.  The door was unlocked, and I was wheeled out to a van that was labeled ‘Ardmore State Prison.’  I was finally unstrapped and lifted out of the chair and into the van, placed inside a cage onto a seat, with straps attaching me to the seat, as well as a few cuffs.  My ankles were now double cuffed, but with my arms at the sides they couldn’t attach those to the chair.  There was a discussion about how to deal with that.  Finally someone went to Dan to ask where the keys were to my restraints, and that person returned to say that they were at his home.  Not wanting to start rummaging around Dan’s home to try to find them, they decided that the seat belt was enough, since I was well secured otherwise.

I noticed that there was another guard who was seated near me, as well as the driver of the van.  The other guard was armed.  They weren’t taking any chances with me.

It was a long drive.  The van stopped for the two guards to get some coffee, one remaining in the van while the other got coffee, then the reverse.  Finally we arrived at the prison.  I was having difficulty by then, sitting all these hours in these chains, particularly that heavy super tight collar I was wearing.  And I couldn’t straighten up due to being forced to bend over.

I had to admit that I was having trepidation about coming into that prison.  I was thinking that surely that couldn’t mistake me for someone who was much shorter.  Besides which, that guy was supposed to still be a prisoner there.  When I got there, I was once again strapped tightly in a prisoner transport chair.  By then it was the middle of the night, and there was no one who had the authority to check to see if I was an escaped prisoner or not.  I was admitted temporarily and taken to a cell.  I was wheeled down and through various metal doors that had to be opened, then closed behind me, until I came to an empty cell, which was opened for me to be wheeled into.  As before, I was kept strapped to that chair, the cell door locked behind me, as well as the other doors I’d been through.  I obviously was treated as if I were an escaped prisoner.

I didn’t get much sleep.  I was certainly heavily restrained.  All I could do was wait for someone to realize I was not the escaped prisoner I was supposed to be.  It was a few hours before I heard the sound of someone coming down the hall.  It turned out to be feeding time.  I hadn’t eaten for more than a day, going without food because I knew I wouldn’t be able to at that party.  And being gagged securely, there was no way I could eat anything.  When the guard came to my cell, he saw that there was someone there, and he checked his paperwork.  He added something to it, then looked at me.  He opened my cell door and came up to me, noticing the gag that was locked on.  He just shook his head back and forth, left my cell, locked the door, and went to the next occupied cell.

I had more waiting to do.  I wanted to take a leak but couldn’t.  Finally someone came to my cell.  He had some paperwork with him. He took a look at me and left.  He wasn’t gone too long.  He was back with another guard, who unlocked the cell door.  I was again being wheeled down the hall, back out to where I’d originally come from.  I was wheeled into a room, where a guy was sitting who was not dressed in the prison guard’s uniform.

He took a look at me and asked the guard if he could remove my gag so I could talk.  The guard pointed to the lock at the back of my gag and said he didn’t have the key to it.  The guy responded, “Then get a skeleton key and try that.  If that doesn’t work, then cut it off.”

It didn’t take long for the gag to finally be out of my mouth.  When it was out and I could talk, the guy said, “I’m the warden of this prison.  What the hell are you doing?”

After I explained about the party we were going to and our hopes of winning the prize for most authentic guard and prisoner, he started understanding.  Then he said, “How did you get one of our metal prisoner collars?”

I replied that my partner was friends with one of the guards here who got it for us from a prisoner that was in here for life.  I expected the next question, and when he asked who the guard was, I honestly told him that I didn’t know.

Then the warden surprised me.  He said, “I like some of the ways your partner has restrained you.  It’s given me ideas.  I’m going to have my subordinates come in to take a look at you.  That will take an hour for them to get here.  In the meantime, is there anything you’ll need?”

“I was hoping you would ask.  First off, I need to take a leak.  Second, I haven’t had anything to eat for more than a day.”

“I’ll have one of my guards see to both of those needs.”  He left, and soon a guard came in.  After both of those needs were taken care of, I was feeling much better, though still having difficulties from being heavily restrained.

When the subordinates arrived, a group of six men came in for the warden to show my restraints to them.  I had to explain several parts of how I was set up, and they finally left to discuss any suggestions about how to possibly change their procedures.  A couple of times one of them came back to ask me questions to clarify something.  Finally they were finished, though I wasn’t told what the conclusion, if any, was.  But the guard came back, and I was wheeled out to the van again.  I told them that the gag belonged to us, and they brought it along as well.  After we had started back to the jail, that other guard picked up the gag and brought it over to me.  He ordered, “Open wide!”  He also had a roll of duct tape, and I was soon gagged tightly again.

The guard sat down next to me and pulled out a pair of nipple clamps.  He started pinching and pulling out my nipples, and soon they were clamped.  I could see his face, and he was smiling when he did that.  Next he pulled out a clothespin and pinched my nostrils shut with that thing.  That was my only way to get air, and I was starting to run out of air.  When I was just about out, I was shaking my head back and forth to dislodge the clothes pin, when he removed it.  After I’d gotten air into my lungs, it was back.  This kept up for almost the entire trip to the jail.  By the time we arrived, the nipple clamps were gone, as well as the clothespin.  I was exhausted.

I was back, strapped in that prisoner transport chair, and wheeled into the jail.  They had a full jail after all the DUIs they picked up, so there was no vacant cell to put me into.  I was put into a room that looked like it was an interrogation room.  While I was there, I heard the door open, and to my surprise, Dan was brought in, hands cuffed behind his back.  The officer with him started speaking to him.

“Your ‘prisoner’ had been taken to the prison that his collar identified him as coming from, but they verified that it was not him.  However, they want to know how you got that authentic prison collar.  Your ‘prisoner’ said that one of your friends is a guard there, and you had him get it for you.  They’d like to know who that is.”

Dan replied, “I’m sure they would, but I’m not going to say.”

“So you refuse to answer that?”

“Yes, I do.  I want to remain friends with him.”

“You have a prison badge that says that you are Frank Warren.  Is that your friend’s name?”


“Did he get that badge for you, too?”


“Okay, that’s out of the way.  Now, I’m sure your ‘prisoner’ would like to get out of the restraints you put him in.  You told one of the officers here that the keys to them are at your home.  We can take you two to your home to have you tell us where they are, as well as which key goes to which lock.  Would you consent to have us do that?  You’ll be kept cuffed the whole time, of course.”


That answer surprised me.  I looked up at him.  The officer was also surprised.  “Why not?”

“He is supposed to be restrained like that for the weekend.  Just because we weren’t able to make it to the party doesn’t mean that he is to be released from those restraints.”

“I see.  Well, that takes care of that one.  Now for the third one.  We’re full up here and can’t keep your ‘prisoner’ here for the weekend.  Where should we take him?”

“To the party.  That was where he was supposed to be.”

“And where is that?”

“I think it would be better if I came with you for that.  The reservation is in my name, and since he’s gagged I’ll have to tell them who we are.”

“Are you sure you want me to go there?  If the objective of the party is to have guard and prisoner be as authentic as possible, I might arrest others who are there.”

“I’ll have to take that chance.  But I suggest you tell them that I’ve been arrested for impersonating a prison guard.  We still might win that prize.”

The officer thought about that and finally said, “You’re something else.  You really want to win that prize, don’t you?”

“Yes, officer, I do.”

I was finding out something about my partner’s priorities.  Soon we were packed into the police car’s back seat and the officer was driving us to where the party was being held.  At least Dan told them which pocket the key to the lock connecting my ankles together was in, so that I could walk.  But he told them to lock my ankles back together for the ride.  Periodically Dan would give directions.

When the officer drove up I noticed a lot of cars parked outside.  Ankles unlocked again, he escorted both Dan and me to the front door.  When the doorbell was answered, Dan told the man who he was and who I was, and that he had been arrested for impersonating a prison guard.  He also said “at least there’s no crime for impersonating a prisoner, though they had the prison pick him up and take him to that prison to verify that he wasn’t an escaped prisoner.  But even though we were late, I should be able to at least partake of the party, though he was still being held at the local jail.”

The man asked the officer if this was true, and the officer said that it was.

After the officer took Dan back out to the police car and drove away, I was taken inside.  The man who answered the door loudly said he had an announcement to make.  After he had everyone’s attention, he said, “We have a winner for the most authentic guard and prisoner.  The guard has been arrested for impersonating a prison guard, and the prisoner had been transported to the prison overnight to make sure that he wasn’t an escaped prisoner.  You can’t get more authentic than that.  So they win the prize.”

There was applause.  I was thinking that Dan got what was most important to him, but he certainly was paying a price for it.  In the meantime, I was wondering how I would be able to get transportation home as well as have my basic needs taken care of.  Then I remembered that my gag was not locked in.

One of the others who was there as a prison guard took me under his care and took care of my needs.  I started having at least a little fun at the party.  Periodically my gag would be removed so I could have some food, but it was always put back in afterwards and covered with duct tape.  Finally, when the party finished, Dan hadn’t shown up yet, so that guy found out where I lived and took me and our prize back to our home.  I still didn’t know where Dan had kept the keys to my locks, and my new-found guard friend looked through Dan’s belongings and finally found the keys.  Without knowing which key fit which lock, it took some time, but I was finally out of all the restraints.

I thanked the newfound guard friend profusely and went to get cleaned up.  I needed to go to work the next morning, so I needed a good night’s sleep.  Dan still wasn’t back yet.

When I had a chance at work, I called the jail to inquire about Dan.  It turned out that he hadn’t been able to arrange bail.  I took care of that, and I also found out where his car was kept and took care of that payment as well.  When I got home that night Dan was mad at me for not bailing him out as soon as I was out of the restraints.  I, of course, told him that I didn’t know that he needed that done, plus the fact that it was quite late and I needed to get a decent night’s sleep, something I hadn’t gotten for several nights, so I could function at work the next day.

At least Dan was pleased to find out that we won the prize he was aiming for.  He never thanked me for taking care of the bail and for paying for his car to be freed for him to use.

When I had a chance, I called the newfound guard friend from the party.  We went to a local eatery and had a very nice visit.  I found out that he didn’t have any partner at that time.  I made my decision, told him, and went home to tell Dan.  I had decided to switch partners, changing to the new one who had an interest in me, something that Dan proved he didn’t have.

When I told Dan of my decision, he couldn’t understand my thinking.  He kept saying that we won the prize, and the other guy didn’t.  I kept telling him that the other guy was more interested in me than the prize, and Dan couldn’t understand that.  I finally told Dan that he needed to understand what his priorities were.  We parted.

I’m now much happier with my new partner.  He is surprisingly more intense in his play than Dan was, which appeals to me.  I also had gotten an inquiry from that guard who rode with me back from the prison.  He wants to have me come by sometime.  My new partner does some traveling with his job, which was why his previous partner left him.  So I now have someone to replace him when he’s away.  When we get together, I’ll ask him if the warden had made any changes based on how Dan had restrained me.  I’ve been wondering about that.

My life has gotten better.  It certainly didn’t start out that way, but that New Year’s party worked out for the best for me in the end.

Metal would like to thank Mister-X/Spartan for this story— and welcome him back to the Prison Library!

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