The Tank – Part 01

By Rubrig

Author’s Note: Rubrpig, which is a fully trained Leather Dog, writes wearing 18-inch Wesco Big Boss boots, nipple clamps, a locked buttplug harness over its chastity belt holding its dog tail in its asshole. it also wears a locked posture collar and now it also wears a red and black neoprene dog hood. As it has been chastised, it has been locked in a Carrara 2.0 extreme belt for over two years. its keyholder has only allowed it to cum three times during that time.

Nick got home from a long day at work.  As a nurse in a large ER, he had a stress-filled life, so he just liked to decompress when he walked into his condo.  After changing out of his sweaty scrubs, he had a long hot shower.  He walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist as he wandered through his condo.  He grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat down on the couch and grabbed his laptop.

He logged into a rubber and bondage website and looked at the list of users signed in.  He saw that a guy he had chatted with a couple of times was on, so he sent Dive Master a message.  The alert about an incoming message chimed and he got into a chat.  He was intrigued by Dive Master whose profile showed that he was a Bondage Top who was into heavy commercial dive gear.  Nick had a huge fetish for commercial dive gear and always got hard when he came across images of commercial divers in their heavy rubber drysuits and dive helmets.

The chat went on for several hours and by the time it was finally over, Nick had pumped out several loads into the towel he had ended up sitting on while stroking himself.  He logged off the site and went to the kitchen and made some dinner and then headed for bed.

The next morning, he woke up and checked his phone and noticed that he had an email from Dive Master.  He opened the message and read it and got rock hard.  Dive Master was suggesting that they meet and spend some time playing.  Nick replied and after several emails, they agreed to meet.  Fortunately, Nick had booked several weeks off but his original plans had fallen through but he had decided to keep the time booked off.  He confirmed that the two weeks were good with Dive Master and booked his flight.

After a five-hour flight he walked into the arrivals area with his carry-on and headed for the meeting area designated by Dive Master.  He spotted him standing by the baggage area and walked up to him.  Nick smiled as Dive Master looked so much better in person.  Dive Master was about 6’2”, bearded with a gray crew cut.  His body was well muscled, and the arms of his t-shirt strained to contain his biceps.  Nick, who had been a competitive swimmer in college, had retained his slim build.  Nick grabbed his suitcase from the baggage carousel and the two men left the airport terminal and walked to Dive Master’s truck which was parked in the short-term parking area.

Dive Master smiled after they got to the truck and told Nick that he was to call him Boss as that was what he was called at work.  He told Nick that he owned and ran a commercial diving company and training school.  Nick nodded and told his new Boss that he understood.  Boss told Nick that they would head back to his place so they could relax and get to know each other better.  Nick nodded and asked Boss if they could go out that night and was there a leather or fetish bar in the town.  Boss nodded and said that they would hit the bar, but Nick was not going to be allowed to drink as he needed to be sober for what was planned for him.

After a great steak barbeque, the two men decided to just stay home and relax.  Both men had changed into latex catsuits and were enjoying relaxing on the deck of the Boss’s house which overlooked the ocean.  The men finally headed for bed as Nick was nodding off as he was a little jetlagged.

The next morning, Nick and the Boss headed to the Diving facility that the Boss owned.  As it was Saturday, the facility was closed for the weekend.  They could be there for a couple of days and enjoy the facility and gear without interruption.  Once they got there, they walked into the main building, the Boss led Nick to the locker room and opened the gear lockers.  He handed Nick a heavy fleece under suit.  He told Nick to strip and Nick quickly stripped off his jeans and T-shirt along with his sock and runners.

The Boss walked up and grabbed Nick and bent him over the edge of the table and greased up an electro plug and worked it into Nick’s hole.  He then wrapped a couple of electro loops over Nicks’s cock and then applied a couple of electrodes to Nick’s balls.  He then connected the leads to a control box.  He then had Nick put on the heavy fleece suit and before the suit was zipped up, he put the control unit on a random setting and put it in the pocket of the suit.  He then put an external catheter on Mark and connected the catheter to a piss bag which he strapped to Nick’s left thigh.

He then walked over and grabbed a heavy black viking drysuit which had the neck ring of the dive helmet built in and headed back over to Nick.  Nick was soon in the suit and the heavy zipper sealed.  The boss worked heavy rubber gloves onto Nick’s hands and sealed them to the cuff rings of the suit.  He led Nick over to a wooden bench and Nick sat down.  The Boss put on the heavy lead weighted dive boots over the boots of Nick’s drysuit and strapped them on.  He then had Nick stand up and put on the diving harness.

Soon, Nick was standing hooked to several hooks holding upright waiting for the heavy dive helmet.  The Boss walked over carrying the yellow Superlite helmet, dragging the umbilical lines with him.  He put the padded blue helmet liner on Nick’s head and did up the chin strap to hold it in place while the heavy helmet was put on.  He picked up the heavy yellow Superlite helmet and worked it onto Nick’s head.  He then worked the neck ring on the suit into the ring of the helmet and then swung up the lock rings and locked the helmet.

Nick struggled for air as the air supply had not been turned on and the faceplate of the helmet fogged up.  Suddenly, the air supply was on and Nick was sucking in deep breaths of air.  The Boss did the final adjustments of the web harness and tightened the crotch and leg straps and made sure the umbilicals were strapped tight to the harness.

The fog slowly cleared on the faceplate and then the communication system came on and Nick heard the Boss’s voice in the earphones of the helmet.  The Boss unhooked him from the support hooks and walked him over to a dive platform.  Just as Nick stepped onto the platform, his heavy boots thudding as he walked, the electro unit started, and it hit Nick with a strong blast causing him to groan and double over as the pain from his ass, cock and balls hit him hard.  The charge ended and he slowly straightened up.  He stood on the platform and suddenly it lifted and swung over the large dark tank of water.  The Boss told him to watch his drysuit as he was lowered into the tank.  He was to bleed off the air in the suit through the valve on his left bicep to keep from floating.  Nick nodded his helmeted head and told the Boss he understood.  The platform began lowering into the dark water.

As he submerged, he bled the air out of his drysuit and it was soon pressed like he was vacuumed sealed into the suit.  The platform kept lowering and soon he was in pitch black water.  Suddenly, the platform thudded onto the floor of the tank and stopped.  The Boss told Nick to reach up and feel the two heavy dive lamps on his helmet and he would find the switches.  He did as he was ordered, and the two lights came on illuminating the tank.

The Boss told him to step off the platform and move to the side of the tank.  Nick did as instructed, finding it was easier to move in the water than he thought.  He got to the side of the tank and told the Boss that he was in place as instructed.  He turned and watched the dive platform rising quickly into the dark water above his helmeted head.

The Boss told him that he was in a 40-foot-deep tank of water and would remain there till he decided when to pull him up out of the tank.  Nick told the Boss he understood and stood there deep underwater and knowing that he was effectively imprisoned in a water filled prison cell totally dependent on the equipment supplying him with air and water.  He walked around the tank and found that there was a wide bench on the opposite side of the tank and he moved over and slowly sank down onto the bench, leaning back against the side of the tank.

He stayed there on the bench as the electro cycled from a erotic buzz to flat out pain.  His cock was rock hard, and he rubbed it through the heavy rubber of the suit.  He tried to make sure that he did not rub the catheter sleeve off his cock.  He sat waiting, hearing nothing but the hiss and click of the respirator of the helmet.  He had heard a click in his earphones, and he assumed that the Boss had turned off the comm system, so he was isolated.  Suddenly, the lights on his helmet turned off.  He reached for the switches and clicked them, but the lights stayed off.  He was in total darkness now.

He waited in the darkness feeling the weight of the water pressing down on him.  For what seemed like an eternity, his helmet lights came on and at the same time the comm system came live.  He heard the Boss tell him to move to the side of the tank out of the way of the dive platform.  Soon, he saw the platform come down and hit the floor of the tank.  He quickly walked over to it and climbed on.  The platform began to rise and soon he broke the surface of the water.  The platform stopped and swung away from the tank and lowered to the floor.  He stepped off the platform and clumped over to where the Boss was standing waiting.

The Boss unlocked the heavy helmet and lifted it off Nick’s head and then removed the sweat-soaked padded cap.  Nick was exhausted and the Boss helped him over to the work bench and hooked him back up to the support hooks to hold him upright in the rest of his gear.  He put the heavy helmet in Nick’s lap.  Nick grasped the helmet.  The Boss nodded and told Nick that he had been down for almost six hours.  Nick sat stunned and totally surprised by how long he had been imprisoned underwater.  He smiled and thanked the Boss for the experience.

The Boss told him that it was time to get him out of his dive gear and that he needed rest.  Soon Nick was out of the gear and standing in the prep room naked.  The Boss told him to follow him, and they left the dive area and walked into a bunk room.  He pointed to a bunk and told Nick to get some rest.  Nick stumbled over to the bunk and crawled onto it.  He fell asleep as soon as he laid down.

The Boss walked over and took a set of leather restraints and buckled them onto Nick’s wrists and ankles and then chained him down to the bunk.  He had removed the electro unit but had left the buttplug in Nick’s hole.  He left the room and went to his office and caught up on some work.  He had the camera on in the bunk room so he could monitor Nick’s while he slept.  After several hours, Nick woke and tried to get up, but he was chained down to the bed.  He struggled against the chains and looked up as the Boss entered.  Smiling, the Boss looked down at Nick and asked if he was hungry.  Nick told him that he was starving.  The Boss told him he would go get some pizza and would be back soon.  He left, leaving Nick chained to the bunk.

The Boss came back and unlocked Nick’s wrists so he could sit up and eat.  After finishing the pizza, The Boss told Nick to lay back down and he was chained down again.  The Boss covered him with a blanket and then he walked over to another bunk and stripped.  He then turned off the lights and told Nick he would see him in the morning.  He was going to be played hard with, so he had better get some rest.  Nick laid there on the bunk and wondered what was going to happen the next day.  He soon fell asleep, his rock-hard cock tenting the light blanket covering him.

Metal would like to thank Rubrig for this story!

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  1. Trapped in a dive suit deep underwater in the dark for six hours, listening to himself breathing in and out, would be a good place to introduce a hypnosis audio recording through the helmets earphones, just to help him relax and deepen his enjoyment of his predicament. He would hardly know he was in the suit for almost six hours or why he was so willing and obedient to do what the Boss wanted. He would even fall asleep and wouldn’t notice the Boss put him in restraints and chain to the bed.

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