New York 1985

By thatsonesickpuppy

i was 24, living in Manhattan and having a lot of fun. It was winter, and i was in a bar in the Village with a small backroom, i’d just come out from the back and sat down, having a beer, having a cigarette and relaxing, looking hot in my first pair of leathers.

He walked in, and i spotted him straight away, and i guess he saw my interest. Unlike everyone else he was wearing a three piece suit, tie and over coat,  just like he’d stepped out of a GQ spread.

About 28, just over 6′, wide shoulders, athletic build, handsome face. He was fucking hot, and he knew it. Turned out he was hung too. He got a drink, walked over and sat down at my table, picked up my cigarettes, took one out, and  looked at me – so i lit it, and he smiled. We talked a little, he explained i was going home with him. He made me kiss his hand over the table in front of everyone, then we got up and left, me following behind of course.

In the cab on the way to his place, he said to me “I’m going to pay for the cab. My apartment is Number xx. By the time I have paid for the cab, you will have run up the stairs, and be stripped naked and kneeling on the mat in front of my door. If you’re not naked and ready by the time I get there, you’ll pay for it inside.”

i ran up those stairs like lightning, cursing the fact i was in my Doc Martens with all those fucking holes and long laces, but somehow i got everything done, naked, kneeling, waiting, panting, scared, outside his door.  There were other doors opening onto the same landing – anyone cold have walked out. i could hear him coming up the stairs, and got more and more nervous and excited. He walked up, pushed me down so i was balled up on the mat, picked up my clothes, opened the door and walked inside, then shut it, leaving me there. After a minute, that felt like an hour, the door opened, and he leaned over me with a collar, put it on me, then attached a lead and pulled me inside.

He was a brutal, handsome sadist. i saw him about twice a month or so for the rest of the time i was there.


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