No Limits

boyryan54By boyryan54

Meant as fantasy.

It could feel the dampness of its tears against the leather blindfold. It was trying to catch its breath from the long whipping and flogging. It only had itself to blame for the duration. It could have stopped it sooner, but it was trying to hold out … hold out that this was just a dream.

It was supposed to be a quick Friday night session. But while locked in a cage, his now Master told it that by the end of the weekend, it would agree to be a slave. The slave thought that wouldn’t be real or possible, but as the past hour had taught it, his Master was right.

It was weak and tired. It was now Sunday afternoon, but it hadn’t slept or eaten anything. It needed to yield. It jumped as it felt the Master lightly touch the back of its neck. The Master chuckled.

“Time to officially make you mine, slave.” It flinched at those biting words. “Ready for your tattoos and piercings?”

It didn’t answer. The Master cracked the whip in the air, and it jumped. It nodded.

“Now slave … I want you to recite what mods you will be accepting as my property?”

It cleared its weakened throat. “Yes Sir. Septum, nipples, ladder on dick, and PA, Sir. Tattoos of a Barcode on right pec, and the word slave above the dick, Sir.”

“Good slave! Did you get that Ralph?” A voice responded and confirmed. The Master ripped off the blindfold to reveal the leathered Master holding up a phone and FaceTime call with a strange man on the other end with face tattoos.

The man named Ralph responded, “perfect! I’ll be over within an hour with my gear, Sir!”

“See you shortly, Ralph!” Master replied.

“Now, slave, while we wait, let me show you what your future will be like!” Master said as he walked over to a closet. He opened the door and pulled out a shiny rubber suit with attached feet and gloves, a thick isolation hood, and heavy steel collar.

“Once your mods are healed, this is what you will be kept in. Expect to be in bondage and isolation most of the time, blind, deaf and gagged. I am not very sexual, but get off on control. I have sacks, boxes, chains and chains to keep you totally immobilized most of the time. You will in time learn to crave what little attention I will give you. You exist for me. That is all.”

It started to open its mouth, but in a quick movement, the Master secured a thick gag in its mouth.

“No no. No need to respond! Now or ever!” The slave started to tremble.

“Now now, it will be okay.”

The Master started to rub the slave’s body to help comfort. Either from the touch, or from the fear, the slave started to get hard.

“Hehe. Good slave. Give into the fear. Give into your desire. Take comfort that I will not lock you up in chastity. I want your dick exposed for my torment, edgings, and constant denial. You might get a release a year from now on our anniversary. Maybe … but for now, I must fix some drinks for our guest, so I must leave you. So you won’t be too bored, I will put on a video sent to me from my past slave’s new Master. You can see how the rubber object is nothing more than a rubber toy, serving as a urinal and ashtray at the local club. Make sure to pay attention to the gag permanently attached to his head, the chastity belt welded on, and the heavy metal electro plug that goes off when it’s time to swallow.”

The slave looked at the Master with pleading eyes, who just stared coldly back for a few seconds. Then the Master walked away, opened another cabinet to display at TV, and pressed play on the remote.

He walked over to the slave, kissed its gagged mouth, and started up the stairs to the main floor.

The slave just trembled while watching what might be its future if the Master gets bored. It should have known better that to say “no limits” on its profile…

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