Male BDSM porn: Nomad and Nick Moretti


A real-life BDSM player gets tied up by Nick Moretti and milked on the Sybian machine in this video from Bound Gods

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Nomad is a 24/7 BDSM player, and Nick Moretti can’t wait to get his hands on him. Nomad is suspended by his ankles and the spider gag keeps his mouth wet and ready for his dom’s cock. Nick stabs him in the mouth continuously with his rock hard cock. He beats the suspended prisoner and sends him off into his sub space. Nick covers Nomad in latex and plays with his exposed cock. He edges him many times and torments the hell out of him. Nomad is truly pissed. Finally, Nick slides Nomad’s butthole on to the vibrating buttplug of the Sybian machine. Nomad asks for permission to cum, and he squirts for days. Nick can’t resist the juicy wet hole and fucks him in bondage.


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