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Tied to a pickup truck

Jeremiah (Tyler Saint), Duke (Nick Moretti) and Tober Brandt are hanging out when discussion turns to their freakish experiences out in the wild. Musclebound Jeremiah is the first to share, explaining the time he was tied up and stripped naked by a mysterious assailant who stretched his nuts and wailed on his muscled body out in the sun. Will he ever discover who or why?

gay porn Tober Brandt, Nick Moretti & Tyler Saint

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Title: Tober Brandt, Nick Moretti & Tyler Saint

Tober Brandt, Nick Moretti & Tyler Saint male bdsm

Male bondage camping trip

Using and Abusing a Camp Whore, Bound-In-Public style:


Josh West blindfolds and ties DJ to a tree in the woods. To make things more interesting, he puts an electric butt plug in DJ’s ass and plays with him using a remote control. Hikers find DJ naked and tied up, and they use the prisoner. They drag DJ into camp and turn him into a service slave. He is made to crawl around the campfire serving drinks and sucking cocks. The crowd tosses the camp whore into the hot tub, gang fuck him and spray his face and mouth with their hot cum. Satisfied, they make him crawl back into the woods where he belongs.

This one also features Spencer Reed, Cole Brooks, Brenn Wyson, Alex Summers and Nick Moretti.

13123_p_02 13123_p_04 13123_p_15

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A young private endures a brutal Army physical


A private endures a brutal Army physical including mummification, E-Stim to cock and ass, whipping while in rope bondage — and a brutal suspension fuck. Click any of these pictures to go directly to the video:

12727_p_06 12727_p_08 12727_p_11 12727_p_16

Fresh out of basic training, private Jeof Pierson reports for his Army physical from Dr. Nick Moretti. Nick tests the young recruit thoroughly to see how tough he really is. With Jeof mummified, the doctor attaches some medical forceps to his nipples and then pleases himself by sucking Jeof’s huge cock, swallowing it to the base, before giving the private a brutal face fucking. He then inserts an electrified catheter into the private’s rock hard cock and gets off to watching as it pulses and jumps with each wave of electricity that passes through it. Next, Jeof’s ass is put to the test with an electro butt plug. Finally, Jeof is bound with rope and made to endure a hard whipping from Nick’s belt before his final test: a brutal suspension fuck

12727_p_20 12727_p_21 12727_p_23 12727_p_27

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Nick Moretti gay porn

Male BDSM porn: Nick Moretti in Kink University

Here are some pictures from a vintage bondage porn shoot featuring Nick Moretti. Click any of the pictures to go directly to the video:

6703_p_02 6703_p_03 6703_p_06 6703_p_11 6703_p_12 6703_p_16 6703_p_17 6703_p_20

Zane Jacobs is a lousy student at Kink University. His parents harass Nick Moretti for giving him poor grades. Fed up, Nick keeps Zane after class to teach him a real lesson. Nick ties him up and flogs him for being lazy. Nick also introduces Zane to the Zapper, the cane, breath play and more. Nick rewards Zane at the end of the day with tough love in bondage.

b6703_p_00 b6703_p_01

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Male fetish and bondage porn: Adam gets Slicked

Muscular stud Adam Knox gets tied up, waxed, flogged and fucked by Nick Moretti in Slick It Up gear, in this video from Bound Gods. The title of this video is “Adam gets Slicked!”


Adam Knox is all tied up and waiting for Slicked Nick to appear. Nick Moretti rips off Adam’s clothes. Adam knows resistance is futile and he got slicked from head to toes. Adam gets suspended upside down with metal forceps all over his body. Nick thrust his hard cock into Adam’s spider gagged mouth and pulls the forceps off slowly. After enjoying Adam’s screams, Nick pours wax all over the stud’s muscular body for even louder screams. Nick flogs Adam into submission and gives him a bondage fuck of his life.

MetalbondNYC.com_02 MetalbondNYC.com_03 MetalbondNYC.com_04

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Hey jock slave, drop and give me 25!


Today’s video preview is from Bound Gods, but it was inspired by a local “pushup slave” who would wear a black sleeveless Under Armour shirt to the gym because I told him to. In this video, an innocent baseball jock gets violated. Nasty coach Nick Moretti keeps Blake Daniels after practice to get him into better shape. Blake is made to run the bleachers and do push-ups. After a long workout, Blake takes a well-deserved hot shower. Coach Nick catches him with an erection and Nick cannot help himself. He gropes the stud and gives him a good of fashion OTK ass spanking. He cock-teases the athlete until he practically goes insane. After some rough corporal, Nick fucks him with a baseball bat and then he fucks him even harder with his cock. Blake doesn’t care about the abuse, he is just happy that he finally gets to cum.

MetalbondNYC_dot_com_BG_02 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_BG_03 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_BG_04 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_BG_05

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Male BDSM porn: Nomad and Nick Moretti


A real-life BDSM player gets tied up by Nick Moretti and milked on the Sybian machine in this video from Bound Gods

MetalbondNYC_dot_com_03_10455_p_10 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_04_10455_p_06 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_05_10455_p_16 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_06_10455_p_18 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_07_10455_p_21 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_08_10455_p_14 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_09_10455_p_20 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_10_10455_p_19

Nomad is a 24/7 BDSM player, and Nick Moretti can’t wait to get his hands on him. Nomad is suspended by his ankles and the spider gag keeps his mouth wet and ready for his dom’s cock. Nick stabs him in the mouth continuously with his rock hard cock. He beats the suspended prisoner and sends him off into his sub space. Nick covers Nomad in latex and plays with his exposed cock. He edges him many times and torments the hell out of him. Nomad is truly pissed. Finally, Nick slides Nomad’s butthole on to the vibrating buttplug of the Sybian machine. Nomad asks for permission to cum, and he squirts for days. Nick can’t resist the juicy wet hole and fucks him in bondage.


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