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Male fetish and bondage porn: Adam gets Slicked

Muscular stud Adam Knox gets tied up, waxed, flogged and fucked by Nick Moretti in Slick It Up gear, in this video from Bound Gods. The title of this video is “Adam gets Slicked!”


Adam Knox is all tied up and waiting for Slicked Nick to appear. Nick Moretti rips off Adam’s clothes. Adam knows resistance is futile and he got slicked from head to toes. Adam gets suspended upside down with metal forceps all over his body. Nick thrust his hard cock into Adam’s spider gagged mouth and pulls the forceps off slowly. After enjoying Adam’s screams, Nick pours wax all over the stud’s muscular body for even louder screams. Nick flogs Adam into submission and gives him a bondage fuck of his life.

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Hey jock slave, drop and give me 25!


Today’s video preview is from Bound Gods, but it was inspired by a local “pushup slave” who would wear a black sleeveless Under Armour shirt to the gym because I told him to. In this video, an innocent baseball jock gets violated. Nasty coach Nick Moretti keeps Blake Daniels after practice to get him into better shape. Blake is made to run the bleachers and do push-ups. After a long workout, Blake takes a well-deserved hot shower. Coach Nick catches him with an erection and Nick cannot help himself. He gropes the stud and gives him a good of fashion OTK ass spanking. He cock-teases the athlete until he practically goes insane. After some rough corporal, Nick fucks him with a baseball bat and then he fucks him even harder with his cock. Blake doesn’t care about the abuse, he is just happy that he finally gets to cum.

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Male BDSM porn: Nomad and Nick Moretti


A real-life BDSM player gets tied up by Nick Moretti and milked on the Sybian machine in this video from Bound Gods

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Nomad is a 24/7 BDSM player, and Nick Moretti can’t wait to get his hands on him. Nomad is suspended by his ankles and the spider gag keeps his mouth wet and ready for his dom’s cock. Nick stabs him in the mouth continuously with his rock hard cock. He beats the suspended prisoner and sends him off into his sub space. Nick covers Nomad in latex and plays with his exposed cock. He edges him many times and torments the hell out of him. Nomad is truly pissed. Finally, Nick slides Nomad’s butthole on to the vibrating buttplug of the Sybian machine. Nomad asks for permission to cum, and he squirts for days. Nick can’t resist the juicy wet hole and fucks him in bondage.


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A Bound Gods subscriber sends an email

… then he gets tied up, abused and fucked by Nick Moretti! This is a vintage shoot from Bound Gods called “A Bound Gods member gets tied up, abused and fucked till he begs for mercy.”


Mike Tanner is a Bound Gods subscriber who sent an email wanting to sub for the site. He’s a construction worker, and this is his first time on video. Nick Moretti takes a liking to Mike but he didn’t go easy on him. Nick tugs on his balls to test the water and then he releases his heavy corporal. Mike’s ripped ivory body turns red in no time. Mike endures a hard fucking in bondage and he gets Nick’s hot load all over his face. Floating in his sub space, he’s practically speechless in the post interview. Mike has a lot of balls to show up for the shoot, and he did one hell of a job!

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Cruising for Sex with Troy

In this video from Bound In Public, a studly cum whore gets gang-banged in a public toilet.


Troy Daniels is a cum whore, and he’s starving for cocks. Nick Moretti takes him into the cruisy men’s room to satisfy his hunger. This cum whore loves to suck cock, but he needs to be put in his place. He gets flogged and made to scrub the floor for cocks. For his reward, Troy services the glory hole and Nick suspends him in the toilet stall for a gang bang. Troy thanks everyone for his face full of cum.

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Impact play with Nick Moretti and Luke Riley

At Daddy’s Bondage Boys — where Metalbond readers get forty percent off their first month — Nick Moretti uses two matched Nerf bats to great effect on Luke Riley’s vulnerable form — tied to a huge sawhorse. Luke thought that those soft Nerf bats wouldn’t do nothing, but quickly it turns into a painful ordeal that leaves Luke wailing!

Title of this shoot: Power Play Part 1

Keywords: leather, BDSM, bondage, domination, ball gag, punishment

Features: Nick Moretti, Luke Riley

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Nick Moretti continues to beat on Luke Riley

At Daddy’s Bondage Boys — a site where Metalbond readers get 40 percent off their first month — Luke Riley’s beating continues as Nick Moretti moves from the bat to giving the captive a good old fashioned spanking — until the sexy Dom finally gets too cocky…

Nick Moretti continues to beat on Luke Riley

Title of this shoot: Powerplay Part 3

Models in this shoot: Nick Moretti, Luke Riley

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