Object Permanence – Chapter 04

By BootDeputy


The night continued; I recycled piss like it was the only thing I’m good for.

(What it’s good for) echoed in my mind.

After the fifth load I had calmed down a bit. I had no idea what to think of about the sleepsacks in the tree, but for my mental sake I just focused on my own situation.

I had no sense of who was around me. I was only ever approached as a utility and only realized it was happening when it flooded into my mouth. Sometimes coarse chunks were guzzled down in the process. It seemed to be ash.

Every so often, one of the men would adjust my chair from kneeling to sitting and back again with the next one before draining into the gag. A benefit of that was that I could rest my knees on the chair. I think they were adjusting me more for height convenience than my comfort.

Someone pulled my caged cock out of my catsuit at one point, and it wasn’t until then that I also realized that my bladder was full. I instantly started to drain through the urethral tube.

Some excited comments stirred into conversations from Men around me.

(You’re not a part of this group. You’re just a part of the setting.)

It’s not common that I talk to myself in moments like this. Unsure of how to respond to it at all, my first instinct of ignoring it was the only option I had.

(You don’t have any options.)

It wasn’t going well.

A long enough period of time passed while in the sitting position that I passed out at some point, because I woke up to my mouth being filled with water. I started to swallow incorrectly and ended up coughing hard. The water stopped and I felt hands around my head, removing the funnel.

With my mouth clear I was able to clear the coughing fit. I noticed at this point that the straps that kept me in the chair were also removed.

“Whoa there. Take it slow.” My Owner spoke from right next to me.

(Owner… MASTER)

I focused on Him, nodding my head while I caught my breath. The stench of piss bellowing out of my mouth. His hand rubbed my ass through the gap in the seat of the chair. “Alright time for a change, pig.” He spoke right into my ear now. The change of label was abrupt, making the past few hours as a urinal seem like a month ago already.

“We are gonna remove the gear but keep on the hood and boots. We got another urinal to step in. And introduce it to my… associate’s properly.” As HE spoke, the straitjackets straps were being released. My arms fell freely to the sides but then pulled forward as the jacket was pulled off me with some good effort.

Then the blindfold was removed and through the perforation I saw that I was surrounded by about five other Men that I could see. There was a lot of leather being worn between them. two seemed to have full leather uniforms, one was in full black tactical gear with a S10 gasmask covering the face. I saw a pair of tall waders, but the wearer was just outside my field of view. The last one I could see sported riding chaps over jeans that gripped his crotch, and black boots with metal edging.

“Strip,” my OWNER commanded from behind me. I removed the rubber catsuit while the Men watched me. I felt like a spectacle. While trying to make efficient work at removing everything, I glanced over by the tree and saw the three sleepsacks still hanging there. Two more men sat on a tailgate of a truck pulled up to the tree, chatting while supervising them.

The image of them hanging there was still unsettling, but not as much as before. They must belong to the others here. My cock grew in its cage a bit as I slipped the boots back on after having removed the suit. My Master, my Owner, and Uncle Bull each grabbed one of my hands and stuffed them into mitts. Then attached the chain leash to the steel rings on the wrists of both mitts. I kept my gaze down feeling many eyes on me.

“I’m glad that you all were able to make it here tonight. Our get-togethers haven’t been as frequent in the past year but always appreciate any opportunity to see all You wonderful Men. Other than casual conversation, and not-so-casual activities, I also wanted to introduce some new livestock we got recently that will be in the rounds soon. Gonna be clay grade material at least in the mental department.” Colorful laughter followed that comment. He spoke to the group in an excited, almost proud tone. HE was right in front of ,me but I only saw His back. I couldn’t see HIS face.

“And now, it will be moved to the storage shed for the rest of the night, and You men enjoy the rest of it yourselves.” HE gestured up toward a concrete building a short way away from the pit.

HE turned toward the building, pulling me along behind HIM. I looked back down at the ground in front of me as we walked up to an old concrete structure. My OWNER pulled open the stained metal door.

The creaks echoed inside the building. It was about the size of a five-car garage with steel support columns scattered around. It was a bit cold inside. In the center were wooden stocks. Holes for a neck and wrists were cut out of the dark stained wood. A panel extended out on one side supported by two legs like a table.

My OWNER positioned me right up against that panel and said, “bend over it.” I rested my torso on the panel just behind the stockade boards. HE tied each boot to one of the legs, spreading them apart.

Coming around to my side, HE raised the top board and guided my mitted hands and hooded head through their respective slots. When HE lowered the board, my vision was directed down. I was looking at HIS boots again as HE locked me in place.

I tested the stocks, but I wasn’t moving from this position at all. “I love the struggle, I really do. Even though the pig knows it is just an object, watching pig fight against that makes MASTER’S cock grow.” He pressed HIS crotch up into my face, rubbing it in. I shivered from HIS touch more than the cool air. HE stepped back, and I watched HIS boots as They walked to my back side.

A gloved hand explored my ass, teasing the hole. When HE pulled the hand away leaving me untouched, I reconsidered just how vulnerable I was in this position. Then I felt a lubed finger enter my hole slowly.

The first stretch sent a wave of pain I was trying to ride out. HE worked it in and out, adding another finger and another, keeping that stretch as constant as possible. I was breathing heavily through the process. Trying to keep relaxed when my body wants to bear down.

“We’ll get the whole thing in there soon,” I heard HIM say.

HIS fingers slid out. The idea of fisting was something that I was more nervous than curious about. I felt a buzz of anxiety in my stomach that disrupted my headspace. Suddenly I really wanted out of this situation. And I was just fueling a delusion with hormones.

A soft, dense material poked at my hole. I tensed instinctually from the foreign body.

“I like to use this one to help prepare a hole for my cock. Just enough so that I can shove it in without damage.” MASTER slid a dildo along the crack of my ass before filling my hole with it. I could feel every millimeter it crawled inside me. I breathed out harshly, focusing on relaxing to make this as tolerable as possible for me. As soon as I was able to, MASTER pushed it the rest of the way in, closing around the neck at the base.

While trying to adjust existing with that thing stuck inside me, I was spanked sharply. Then again on the other side of my ass. “Damn good, pig.” HE went back and forth between them for a while. I was starting to feel the heat of it rising behind the sting. By the end of it I was making audible responses that only seemed to encourage HIM.

Then I was left untouched again. I anticipated another impact, bracing myself for it, but none came. I let myself relax and at that exact moment I was struck across the back. Spots of tingling blossomed across it. It startled me greatly enough that I lost my breath. HE struck again, and again, each hit of the flogger compounded by the previous.

I’ve always had a weaker tolerance to pain. Experiences with impact play in the past were usually short sessions, not really every pushing my boundaries on it. But tonight a few of those boundaries have been approached already.

As the stinging started to turn into something sharper and my yelling growing louder, the impacts started to de-escalate to a point where the strands of his flogger fell naturally on my back. Then dragged the tails across the impact site sending shivers down my back.

Before a moment of rest from that I then felt pressure being applied to the plug in my ass. I moaned as I could feel it rotate inside me. HE pulled on it and manipulated it, so my hole stretched out to the circumference. In and out HE gently fucked me. The amount of stimulation was almost overwhelming. My head was swimming.

Then HE pulled the plug out completely leaving my hole empty. Once I was able to focus my vision again, I noticed that another pair of boots were standing right in front of me. They were a pair of patrol boots. Tall, shining black leather, wrapping around uniform leather pants with blue strips up along the sides.

It was one of the uniformed Men from by the fire. He took another step closer toward me. His leathers were thick and produced a loud creak. I could see some details of a duty belt but couldn’t see any higher.

“OFFICER, it is good to see you again. Here, have this cleaned off for me.”

More creaking leather was followed by the dildo that was in my ass pressing against my mouth held by a gloved hand. I opened my mouth and the Man named OFFICER guided it inside. The taste of textured silicone and warm lube from my ass filled my mouth. He maneuvered it in and out, guiding my head with His other hand to suck it clean with passion. My cock started to fill the cage again. Being used for such an act of degradation felt powerful. Like I was taking in energy from life. I poured all my passion into cleaning off that dildo.

From behind I felt something else sliding along my hole. Something bigger. “Having both holes filled is a pretty high privilege. Fucking grateful little hole.” MASTER’s words were coated in a dark satisfaction. HE was pressing HIS Cock against my ass.

“It definitely helps keep it quiet. You have this one as missing or a runaway?” The Man asked with high interest in His tone, but the question made me uneasy.

“I’ll tell you later. Rather leave this one in the dark as much as I can. How’s work? Putting that uniform to some good use?” MASTER’s response was conversational. He started to push the head of HIS dick against my hole.

“The usual. I just wanted this uniform for tonight while the station gave me the whole week off, paid. And it’s truly a pleasure to get paid to do this.” He pressed the dildo in my mouth deeper inviting a gag reflex.

This Man was an actual cop?! And I’m just splayed out like a pig roast. Waves of self-consciousness rose within me.

“You got this one for yourself?” OFFICER asked MASTER.

“Strongly considering, but for now I’ll make what I can off it. Over time it will be many things to many people and will act as such, but its core identity as an object will be the only constant in its life.” MASTER responded slowly until I felt the head of HIS COCK push itself inside my hole. I moaned into the dildo that I was cleaning off still. “Hell, you can take it to your station as your service dog. Need a K-9 candidate?” MASTER offered me to this Man so effortlessly, I almost felt like I wasn’t in the room being filled at both ends.

“I’m sure there are a few officers that would take advantage of that. Though they are more a sadistic crowd. Dabble in some darker areas. Don’t want to damage it at all.” OFFICER firmly gripped my head as he pushed the shaft deep in my throat. HIS reply was teasing but not at all false. This Man’s authority had a heavy potent atmosphere, and as it mixed with my MASTER’s I felt like I could drown in that authority, lose myself completely in it.

“Nothing that won’t build some character. If You want we can sort out the details for You and Your group if you’re all up for it down the road.” MASTER’s reply was genuine and filled with interest.

“Sure, if that’s what You want, I can sort something out for a week or so. Have some travel and calendar clutter to get through before anything more than that.” OFFICER pulled out the dildo and replaced it with HIS gloved hand. I moaned as I worked on his leathered fingers, more so to express a nervousness than pleasure. OFFICER laughed at that softly and said, “Don’t want to just keep this one in the Barn for all eternity?”

“Haven’t gotten bored with it yet. No, I do plan for extended use. Here put this in if You’re done with that end.”

MASTER pushed HIS cock in me further. The first dildo suddenly didn’t feel like it helped much at all. My mouth was then filled with a sheet of rubber attached to a gag that OFFICER strapped in place around the head. My tongue maneuvered the rubber sheet up against my teeth and lips to keep the mouth open, but as I was trying to do that it started to expand. A rubber balloon filled both checks and soon I was speechless.

With all the head gear on, I couldn’t make out much else from the conversation as THEY continued. Just shifting rubber and my own breathing echoing inside of the hood again while I try to accommodate MASTER’S Cock in my ass.

(Not ‘yours’ anymore. This MAN owns that ass as much as the rest of you. A tool to be used and walked away from.)

I don’t have the focus to argue with this inner bullshit. MASTER’S Cock is claiming my hole as its territory. Sliding in until I could feel HIS large balls pressing into mine.

(Those balls belong to HIM as well. All of it, even the mind inside. You already address HIM as MASTER.)

Fuck HIS cock was starting to feel amazing. I truly don’t know what this MAN is capable of. I never agreed to any of this.

A sudden stream of liquid was being poured on my head from in front of me. OFFICER was pissing on me.

I couldn’t argue. Not just because my inner self was right, but I really couldn’t focus any more of this internal exchange. I tried just to focus on breathing and relaxing the hole as to be able to endure HIS cock better.

Then there was another impact on my back. This one sharper like a strap. Startled, I jumped in the stocks.

“Good, pig keeps its hole tight. Remember to focus on MY pleasure now.” HE fucked me in a rhythm that was slower than the one HE hit with. The stinging from before was reviving exponentially again, forcing me to tense my ass as MASTER milked HIS COCK on it. The balloon in my mouth expanded again, choking out my moans now.

The awareness of how an eternity can fit inside of a minute was pressed upon me again. When MASTER finally stopped the impacts and slowed his fucking to a snail’s pace, I was recovering from overstimulation. The gag was big enough to make breathing a bit of chore, but I managed.

Things were still and quiet, other than my breathing which was still echoing into my ears. MASTER’S COCK started to soften inside me a bit. After a brief sigh HE started to piss inside me. The warm liquid flowing deep in me. Some of it spilling out when HE pulled out. HE arched the stream, so it fell and splattered across my ass.

“That’s better. Now to socialize more before turning in for the night,” MASTER spoke, walking around toward my front.

“Oh yeah? Early day tomorrow?” OFFICER’S reply sounded distant.

“Yeah, probably gonna have one of them set it…” MASTER’S voice faded in the distance as well, and suddenly I realized I was alone.

HE left me here. I was both frustrated and nervous. This mixture made my cock hard again. It bulged in its cage, and I moaned loudly for some attention, but none came. All these contradictions and mental struggles have been a roller coaster, leaving me unsure of where to stand in my own mind. Which seems to have taken its own stance.

(This is what you are.)

I moaned louder again, feeling an urge to cry. Frustrated, panicked, loose, and dripping with piss, I struggled in the stocks. Seconds were already starting to stretch into lengthy minutes. But I remained in position without any choice in the manner, and I cried out into the gag.

The End

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