True Potential – Part 01

By BootDeputy

Logan parked his beat-up car in a slot at the end of the lot of the apartment building. Sixteen stories of glass and balconies towering over him. He pulled out his phone and checked the messages describing his instructions.

Logan put one hand underneath his shirt and pulled the rubber layer away from his arm pit to adjust its fit. It was only his second time wearing it, and still getting used to it. Though it gripped his body nicely and he liked how it looked over his developing muscles. He had to switch to XL shirts two months ago. After he had met Officer Rick.

Officer Rick was an older, well-built Man that Logan met at an auto shop. Logan was trying to find parts for his water pump that needed to be replaced, and after about 20 minutes staring at the same shelf, Rick walked over to him and helped him out. He was getting cleaning supplies for his motorcycle Rick told Logan.

But after a casual goodbye, he was out of Logan’s mind. It wasn’t until the next time he went online to a fetish site that he joined that he received a message from a guy named ‘OFFICERRICK’ that said: “Nice to see you today boy. Hope you get that pump replaced.” Followed by a thumbs up.

Logan smiled and saw that the Man only had about 6 pictures. Only two of them showed His face, partially covered by a pair of sunglasses and a ballcap in one, and the other by the brim of a leather cover. Logan stared at that photo for a few minutes. Officer Rick was wearing a leather vest that draped over his bulging shoulders and chest. Two thick leather belts wrapped around his biceps, and a large cigar clenched in his maw.

Logan felt lust blooming in his stomach. He instantly responded with a thank you for the help and the conversation flowed naturally from there. The change from casual conversation to a more exploratory D/s dynamic was just as natural.

Officer Rick never demanded anything instantly, just asked questions and pushed some buttons in the process: “What elements of submission resonate with you? How long have you been into worshipping boots? What encouraged you to explore piss and impact play? What about objectification appeals to you?

All questions he asked were regarding Logans profile. Officer Ricks was direct though not as descript. He was a Dom Top looking to be able to explore and expand His desires/interests with other men, Dom and sub alike. Good enough for Logan. The Man spoke in an intelligent manner and didn’t dance around any of Logan’s questions. During their last conversation, Logan answered one of Officer Rick’s questions in a very passionate manner. Describing the appeal of being used by a group of Men as a tool for utility and entertainment. To not be seen as a human being to the point that Logan wouldn’t see himself as one. And once Logan got his head out of the clouds he added: “in a safe manner of course.”

Officer Rick was very interested in being able to ‘melt a sub’s mind’ as He put it, and offered Logan an opportunity for it.

So now here Logan was entering the building of a Man he had only met in person once, in a rubber catsuit that He funded for Logan to get himself for this event. That already made Logan feel a weird mixture of privilege and submission. Like a selfish honor.

Logan sent Officer Rick a message saying he made it inside the building and told him to come up to the fourteenth floor and knock on the door to his left as he stepped out. The elevator moved slow, and Logan took the chance to snap off the codpiece of the rubber suit for a moment and adjust the metal chastity cage underneath. It was totally enclosed except at the tip where it bird-caged. A urethral tube screwed into place.

Logan adjusted the cage then zipped up the pants he wore over them by the time he reached the fourteenth floor. He stepped out and looked to his left. There was only one door on this side, and he walked over to it.

Nervous/exited energy vibrated in him as he raised his fist to knock and after he did, it seemed to want to burst out of him. Officer Rick opened the door in full uniform. French blue officer’s shirt with a black tie and black leather pants tucked into knee-high Wesco boots. They were oil-tanned but had a nice shine from toe to vamp. The strap across the instep also had a noticeable shine to it.

Officer Rick reached out one large arm with a gloved hand and said, “Nice to finally and properly meet you boy.” Logan shook His hand looking at the welcoming and piercing eyes. An even shave of facial hair framed his mouth and jaw in clean lines. He then stepped away from the threshold and gestured Logan in.

Logan walked past Him and into a large living area with two sectional couches and armchairs arranged into an open square. The wall opposite him was entirely glass windows. The kitchen had a long center island and bar stools along its length.

“Very nice place.” Logan offered trying not to put too much effort into small talk.

Officer Rick walked toward the living area and then turned right down a hallway, again gesturing Logan to follow. They walked past a few closed doors and entered a bedroom at the end. The bed had a few items laid out across towels. A lot of it was rubber gear. Officer Rick sat on a bench at the end of the bed and Logan sat next to Him.

“So how are you feeling? Any nerves, concerns, or troubled thoughts?” He asked with engaging body language, that let Logan drop his guard a little. He took a deep breath.

“Just the ‘first-time-nerves’ is all.”

Officer Rick studied Logan for a minute, “Are you sure? I know you said that you sometimes have trouble getting a clear mindset since the accident… Know that expectations are minimal for the first time. You won’t be doing any surgery on anyone. You need any food or water? Aspirin, antacid, lidocaine?” Officer Rick placed a hand on Logans thigh and squeezed softly.

Logan smiled at this and felt the nervous energy start to settle, “No thank You Sir. I do appreciate that though. I really feel like this opportunity is what I need to be able to get back into my own life. Since I lost everything in the earthquake, I just been isolating myself and need to… rediscover my true potential and identity. And I want to thank You for helping with that by doing this.”

Officer Rick smiled back, the eyes still piercing with care, “Happy to do so boy. No one is coming for another two or three hours, so I feel like we take that time to get more comfortable with each other before we set you up for service. How does that sound?” He pulled His hand back and leaned back in the bench, stretching out His legs, heels of the boots digging into the carpet.

“I’d enjoy that a lot, Sir.” Logan’s reply was direct, and he sat up with improved posture, already digging into his own identity.

“Stand up and strip to the rubber, boy.” Officer Ricks tone shifted softly into something more expectant. Logan did as he was ordered, folding his clothes into a neat pile on the side of the bench.

Officer Rick centered His left boot in front of Him and said, “Kneel in front of My Boot tread. Keep your eyes on it and remove the codpiece.”

Logan followed His instructions placing his caged cock right up against the heel. Officer Rick started to flex his foot, pressing the boot into the cage. Logan watched the curves and lines of the boot press into him. God, he wanted to show that boot respect so bad.

“Get to work on it with your tongue. Start at the tread and end at the uppers boy.” Logan went to work, savoring every moment of it. It had been almost three years since he had a chance to do this, and he missed it a lot.

Once the tread on the first one was cleaned, Logan positioned himself perpendicular to Officer Rick and started working on the edge and stitching. He worked from the heel to the toe when Officer Rick placed His right boot up on Logans lower back, heel digging again.

As he got to the top of the boot, Logan could hear leather sliding across leather. He didn’t dare stop what he was doing to see what it was, until he finished and started on the right boots tread. Officer Rick’s hand was inside His shirt rubbing His thick chest, probably playing with His nipple.

Logan’s cock filled the tube of his cage, as he focused on the feel of the tread on his tongue and the thought of Rick’s gloved hand on His nipple. Again, Logan positioned himself perpendicular and the left boot fell on his lower back. When Logan got to the shaft, he felt a small area of leather between his ass and chastity. Did Officer Rick have a crop tucked in the first boot? Logan couldn’t recall.

By the time Logan reached the top of the right boot, he had been at work worshipping them for about an hour. Officer Rick sat up-right and said, “Alright boy, on your knees again right in front of me.”

Logan followed his command, eyes still staring down and not at him, “Good boy. From this point on, you will lose your rights as a human being as I turn you into an object for tonight. The first thing is to not look me in the eye unless I allow it. Understood?” He asked for clarity, one of His hands rubbing at His crotch.

“Yes, Officer Rick.” Logan replied, watching as the Officer’s bulge become more pronounced under the leather pants.

“That’s good. I’m gonna guide your head now. Don’t try to lead or resist, just surrender to my movements.” Officer Rick put His other hand behind Logan’s head and pulled it down to His crotch, “Nuzzle up against that now.”

Logan pressed his face into the mound of cock under leather. He breathed in the scent deeply as he heard the zippers being pulled. The urge to look was strong but Logan didn’t want to fuck anything up by acting on impulses. He focused on the leather. A strong wave of musk appeared and Officer Rick’s hand pushing his head away this time.

Keep his eyes downward, he could see the Officer’s balls at the top of his peripheral. They were big and bunched together by a cock ring.

“Open your mouth, again only move as I allow you to.” Logan opened his mouth and was guided back to the crotch, “a little wider now.” Officer Risk ordered and proceeded to stuff his balls in Logans mouth. Logan couldn’t have fit a third in and was happy that two was the traditional design when Officer Rick told him to “Suck.”

Logan missed that smooth salty taste of a man’s skin. The Officer stroked His cock as Logan stayed as still as he could while sucking on the man’s balls. The Officer pulled on them a bit as He stroked, relishing every feeling. Logan felt good about making this Man happy.

This act only lasted a few more minutes before Logan was told to release them and rise to his feet. He stood there looking down as he watched the Officer’s boots move around the room. He went to the bed and grabbed some of the gear on it and then moved to the door of the room.

“Follow me slave.” Logan turned and followed Him back down the hall and to one of the closed doors. It opened into a large bathroom. The counter was like the kitchen island, with the sink only taking up a small part of the space, and Officer Rick laid out the gear he took from the bed. Across from the counter was a standing shower that had some D-rings installed between the tiles. The wall in front of Logan, were two small tables among some chairs. In the middle was a harness suspended by some sort of manual winch.

“Alright now slave, we are going to start your transformation. You’re going to make sure that you are cleaned out and your chastity is well adjusted before putting on the rest of your gear. That door behind the tables is a private stall you can use to do so. Call out to me from by the door once you have done so.” Officer Rick walked out of the room.

Even though he cleaned out before arriving, the first rinse came out brown and he spent twenty minutes carefully making sure he ran clear. Once he called for Officer Rick, He came back in and instructed Logan to put on his gear one piece at a time. First the catsuit was put back on. The codpiece was removed leaving his cage exposed. Next were socks and a pair of skinhead boots. The laces were yellow.

A rubber hood was next. A simple one with an open mouth and eyes. Officer Rick then picked up a rubber straitjacket and told Logan to hold out his arms. After some push and pull, the Officer was able to bring the back flaps together and zipped it up. It was thick; the idea of trying to pull out of the sleeves seemed impossible to Logan. His cage started to get tight again.

“I bet that feel good, slave. Ever thought you would find yourself in one of these?” He tightened the belts around Logan’s legs and back.

“Never thought I’d have a chance to. Thank You Sir.”

Logan heard a soft laugh from the Officer and smiled himself, “No worries slave. I’ll help you find your true potential in this world.”

Officer Rick then turned Logan around and said, “slave, look at Officer.” Logan lifted his head up and met His eyes. There was no more welcoming tone to them, just piercing excitement. Logan felt excited himself.

“I’m going to put you up in that harness now. You can be stored and out of the way while I prepare for My guests. Understood?”

Logan waited for a moment for some more exposition but responded, “Yes Sir.” before letting the silence stretch.

Officer Rick smiled again and said, “Good. I’ll guide you into it, slave.”

As He strapped him in, Logan found himself amused that he wanted to know more, perhaps everything that was going to happen to him in that moment, while at the same time reveling in the fact that he had no idea at all. He didn’t need to know as an object. Didn’t need to know anything other than to serve.

The Officer tightened the shoulder straps. He slipped Logan’s leg into loops so they were bent and connected Logan to the attachment rings. Then He hit a switch on the wall and Logan was lifted into the air. He stepped around the table and faced Logan.

“Alright object. It’s true purpose tonight is existence and utility. To help it focus on that, I will leave it in a blacked-out gasmask. Object may feel some resistance while breathing but that is just because the air is being pulled through a bottle of My piss. Remember breathing exercises if panic rises too much. I know object likes to feel a bit of panic but still need My property to function, right? Open wide now.” Officer ordered, and Logan opened his mouth a flat piece of rubber filled his mouth and snapped to his hood. Officer Rick put a hand pump up to the mouth and inflated the gag, filling Logans mouth.

“That will keep it quite for a bit. Now get ready for darkness.” The Officer warned and then lifted a Russian gasmask to Logans chin and fitted a seal around his head.

Logan was in darkness at this point, adjusting to the vacuum created by the mask. After the third exhale, the inhale was met with resistance. No air coming in. Panic creeped around the edges of his lungs. Still no air, Logan started to move his arms in the jacket left and right trying to distract his body a little.

“Yeah, I like to see some struggle. Come on now, if object wants air, it must deserve it. What does it say?” Officer Rick asked with passion.

With a gagged mouth, Logan did his best to reply, “FFANK OU, -ERR!”

“That’s a good object.” The Officer pulled His hand away and Logun drowned himself in rubbered air. As he regulated his respiratory rate, Officer Rick fondled Logan’s balls. The cage was suffocating the cock inside.

Disassociating from his physical environment, Logan focused on his balls, amplifying, and exaggerating the sensation in his own mind. He moaned into the gag. When the Officer stopped, and no feeling or noises other than his own breathing were to be experienced, Logan felt an untethered feeling for what seemed like the first time in his life. A mixture of floating in space, an urgency like when you’re late for something, a need for interaction, pleasure from the lack of it. It was a hypnotic cocktail interrupted by Officer Rick attaching the piss bottle to the mask.

“Here’s the piss I promised object. In case it misses Me.”

The suction of the mask hardened with each breath. The scent of sour salt with rubber was an intoxicating mixture of its own. Logan heard a noise a distance away. He couldn’t hear anything else beyond his own breathing.

Did Officer Rick leave the room already? When was His guests suppose to arrive? What time was it when I last looked at a clock?  

These questions entered his mind and revolved around each other for a bit as he hung there, knowing that an object doesn’t need to know these things.

To be continued …

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