Object Permanence – Chapter 01

By BootDeputy


The pull of a zipper against my body wasn’t just sound, it was a sensation. A consistent vibration encompassing my body. A strong thrum in my chest and filling my ears like I was in a tight echoing chamber. Though I guess in a way I was.

The rubber hood was first realized at my ears. Adhering to each curve and contour. And then my eyes that were shrouded in darkness. Thick rubber covering the edges of the eye socket. Then the stretch of my mandible. My jaw attempting to open in remark. And while failing to do so tasting rubber while also failing to close in its resting position. More rubber filling all the negative space in my mouth. My tongue, partially suspended and contained just beneath my soft palate.

I groaned.

I pulled against more rubber in an attempt to look down at my body even in darkness, but my movement was limited to less than an inch. I could feel my arms against my sides with my hands forced into fists, and my legs pressed together. Any other position was not an option.

In a panic I tried to take a deep breath. The rubber in my mouth expanded. My airway was blocked. I desperately dragged air into my nostrils and two small channels allowed restricted passage. The panic started to build.

The first breath was brute and forced but I ultimately focused it in a controlled measure. Inhale for seven seconds, exhale for five. It almost didn’t feel like enough.

“Good, good. Looks like it can adjust quickly. I like my products to be aware, but I can work with what I’m giving.” A relaxed voiced spoke, sounding distant from within the hood.

“Unggghhghuuu—” was the best I could vocalize.

“Try not to strain the throat any. Thirst will build up quick, and the opportunity to address that won’t be for some time. That hood is quality 10mm rubber and will make a bitch out of an object like you.” The voice drifted through the rubber while I was trying to focus on pacing my breathing and mitigate the panic.

“Good, keep at that while you listen: What we talked about last night is now real. Whatever I or we agreed on for a “temporary session” or “first time experience” is now out the window. One of the guys liked what He saw and how you acted and decided that you are now His property. No way out or around it. Having no other obligations than a delivery job made it easy to put you on the market so to speak.”

The panic was rising again, threatening to agitate my respiratory rate. Mucus blocked my left nostril passage during my exhale. I have to clear it effectively without disrupting my rhythm, but Dylan continued speaking.

“Now I’m familiar with your sob story of how your family abandoned you, and your roommate robbed you before he took off with some addict to do God knows what in Vegas, and how you’re fresh out of recovery from alcohol dependency and blah blah blah, but that’s worth chips of shit for what you were trying to do to me. And you think I don’t pay attention to what comes in and out over spans of weeks and months in my books?”

No amount of pressure out of my left nostril was enough to clear it currently. My rhythm was starting to extend past my margin of comfort and efficiency, all the while this asshole was running his mouth off about-

“Don’t you know there are hundreds upon thousands of people in this world that have it worse off than you? And you think you have the right to do something about it instead of surrender to the shit-ball of a life that’s been handed to you. Now that’s privileged if I’ve ever heard it.”

I pulled at the rubber sleeves my arms and legs were encased in. Even my feet were pulled together with tight thick rubber like a fin. I could feel straps against my chest, waist, and ankles. Keeping everything in place.

“Well now I found the perfect position for you. One that you can’t apply for at my company. The Man that owns you now is about a four hour journey from here. You will be traveling just like that to meet Him and His husband to serve them as the object you now are. At first, I was gonna make you work off what you stole as part of the purchase contract but He bought you for the whole amount and then some. The funny part is he didn’t even know! And just offered me what He thought you were worth! HAHA! A measly $27,000! An extra five grand on top of what you tried to take from me. Damn easy money if you ask me!”

My limbs were already starting to feel tired from the strain. My breathing was still shaky. I tried to swallow the pooling saliva, but only after some effort that disrupted by breathing again. I screamed in the gag.

“If you ask me, I’d put your value at a small figure but I won’t complain, ha-ha! Now were gonna get you strapped into the truck bed, and you enjoy your ride to your new life. But not before I add the final piece.”

I felt my head being lifted. The rubber that encased my chin and jaw, that inlayed my eye sockets gained a sort of weight. Strengthened in its presence. And then even more so as they but something else over my face. Straps tightened it into place.

“That gasmask should make your breathing a bit more fun for ya. I know stress can really put you in your proper place. Alright guys get him strapped in the bed.”


Four men lifted a panel the encased body was lying on and placed it into a truck bed feet-first. Each one took a strap and latched it to a D-ring welded into the bed. Then they ratcheted the tension to keep the body in place. Dylan continued as the men started to put the cover on the bed sealing him inside.

“If you have to piss at all, just go. You’ll find out where it goes. Along with some other surprises, it should be a fun ride for you. Good luck!”

Before Dylan closed the tailgate, he put a pair of noise canceling headphones over his ears of the hood, and then he took a 4-foot length of corrugated hose and attached one end to the gasmask and the other into an outlet in the floor of the bed right next to his head.

After putting a custom lock onto the tailgate, Dylan took out his phone and called the buyer.

“Hey, it’s Mr. Hawthorne. Product is enroute arrival in about 6 hours, give or take any stops for gas and what not. I told him that is was gonna be 4.” Dylan held the phone between his cheek and shoulder as he took out four filled envelopes and handed one to each of the men.

“Of course Sir I didn’t mean to-,” then they left the garage they were in and left Dylan alone on the phone, “understood Sir… and, I apologize for any disrespect.” Dylan hung up the phone before any chance of further conversation. And then threw his phone across the room.


He guessed it was about two hours until he couldn’t hold his piss anymore and let it loose inside his cocoon. He didn’t feel the warm liquid spread throughout though and that made him a bit nervous. He gave up trying to collect some measure of passing time as soon as the need to urinate rose. That mixed with the even further restricted breathing was too much for his mind to handle.

He now just tried to focus on keeping it up for the second half of the journey, even though since he pissed it had only been one hour and another five to follow.


The last two hours were starting to stretch into what felt like three. At this point I lost all sense of time, place, and self. The longer I go without seeing or hearing anything lets me easily disassociate. The only stimuli is the feel and taste of rubber, other than the feel of the pavement I’m traveling over to remind me of what’s happening.

And suddenly, a new sensation. A fullness in my bowels. I got scared that I needed to shit suddenly, not knowing how much longer I had to be kept like this. I know real bondage happens when you want to get out, and usually I can cycle through that and enjoying the struggle, but not this time.

I tensed by ass to try to keep a barrier against any muscle impulse to release, and that’s when I first noticed the plug that was there. I relaxed the tension and noticed the full feeling shift inside me, and it was warm. That bastard had funneled my piss in my ass.

On top of everything, I have to deal with that sloshing in my ass for who knows how many hours left. That asshole Dylan was probably lying about how long the actual trip was.

Feeling almost overwhelmed by my predicament and knowing I had no control over it, I finally started to get hard. Or at least tried to. Cause the next thing I noticed is that other than the catheter that was set up, I was also in chastity. Probably the same from last night’s session.

I’m currently being sent to some stranger to service Him and His partner. I don’t have any control over what I will do or will become. The fear was building with my excitement. Honestly abandoning my lifestyle felt so easy as my lust encased me like this rubber did. Dylan was right about that, I didn’t really have much of anything going on in my life. Such reckless abandon probably needs some sort of restraint.

I took a deep inhale through the gasmask and the hood and could smell… tobacco. I was hooked up to the cab somehow and the drivers were having a cigar. I moaned as my cock filled its metal tube.

Images from last night’s session taking smoke and swallowing ash filled my head. I was new to cigar play but learning new things tends to be a strong addiction. Something I learned in recovery. Among many other things, like sometimes surrendering to the things you cannot change is the greatest deliverance one can experience. I’ll have to see what these two Men who now own me have in store. It’s a hot fantasy for a lot of people to be in this situation. Being forced into it even more so. The reality of it though, I’m not sure. Once my hormones die down, I may just be begging for freedom.

I squirmed in the rubber sleepsack getting as comfortable as I can, refusing to let myself think about the passage of time.

Metal would like to thank the author, BootDeputy, for this story and welcome him to the Prison Library!

Note: This story originally appeared under the author name BootBoy27.

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  1. Welcome, BootBoy27! That was a brilliant first chapter! Thank you, and can’t wait for more! (Take your time though)

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