One Year – Part 20

By Taurus

Part 20 – “The Nature of Pleasure”

James dealt with each passing day in the same way; entirely devoted to his handler – now master – without hesitation. To call it worship is fitting for how respectful – borderline reverent – he acted towards his master: as if he were a god.

Indeed, he would do anything for his most beloved master, and he would have anything he wished for bestowed upon him by this most benevolent and loving god.

As James woke up on day 254 expecting to be taken to the outdoors track for his morning workout, he was surprised to find out that this was not the intended routine for the day. Soon, he discovered why.

“Congratulations my slave, it’s day 254, you get a pleasure session.”

James was no longer the slave who jumped at pleasure sessions. To him, the daily handler sessions were far more important.

Do understand however, the pleasure sessions were still important, though not for the physical release, but for the affirmation from his Master, telling him that he was a good boy. With that, he realised how his mindset had transformed.

He was now a true slave to someone he cherished.

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.”

Per transportation protocol, he was blindfolded and gagged, and brought to the dungeon playspace where the restraints stayed on as he was tied to a bench, face up, legs spread, hands overhead. The collar and leash was rotated so the leash was on the front of his neck, keeping him comfortable.

James expected to be unlocked, but the cage stayed on. He thought up the many ways in which he could be used as the sounds of fabric flapped away a few feet from his ears.

Suddenly, James’ lips, forced apart by the ball in his mouth, met with those of a bearded man, who kissed him all over and paid the tangling beards no mind. After being gagged for so long, his lips were a little dried, and the man licked them to get them moist again. A hand travelled over the blindfold and started caressing his hair, and another fondled his balls.

This was Russell, James knew, and he gave in.

Eventually, the hands disappeared, and the sounds of liquids being squirted out of a bottle were heard.

Then there were rubbing palms.

The hands reappeared, moistened, and they lathered a warm, scented oil all over James’ body. The muscles were given special attention and were massaged.

As James had learnt, there were many veins of pleasure, and only one of them involved cumming – sex. This was not sex, and was in fact simply comfort. His heavily worked muscles were gradually relaxed, like dough being kneaded, and the mind relaxed with it, forgetting the frustration with his pitifully cramped chastity he had been trapped in for months and months.

Pleasure then, he learnt, simply meant a process that is enjoyable in some way.

It had been 254 days, and not a single orgasm. Any distraction is a blessing, and this he knew.

The massage came to an end, and the sound of liquids came back. James felt his hole getting wet –

Hold up! He was getting fucked!

Russell put lube on his cock and in James’ hole, and quickly brought the two parts together to the tune of James’ excited moans.

Say what you will about changed mindsets. We are all still animals that crave sexual pleasure, and especially so if denied this pleasure for a long time.

Russell wanted to fuck him. He wanted it since the day he became handler, but he controlled himself; he had an announcement to make before he did.

“I’m your master and you’re my slave. I’ll make sure you remember who owns you now.”

As best as one could through a gag, James shouted at the top of his lungs “yes, Master, please fuck me”.

And so Russell complied. He grabbed the leash dangling from James’ neck and pulled on it as he thrusted in and out with reckless abandon, like he did a little while ago with James’ head.

Memories of each other flashed in their minds as master and slave fucked. It had been but eight months and a bit – even less, in truth – but they shared a bond not even the wiliest of manipulators and the cruelest of tormentors could break.

James loved Russell; his lover, his master, his god. And Russell loved James; his confidant, his treasure, his slave.

Before long, James begged for permission to cum, despite being locked in his miniscule cage. Unfortunately for him, it was not given. Russell stopped and started his assault on his slave’s ass, taking great care not to allow release.

Eventually, Russell blew his load into James. Keeping his cock inserted, he bent over and kissed James on the lips, still to this moment forced agape with a silicone ball.

As far as they were concerned, the dungeon was all that was left of the world, and the only people in it were each other. This moment could last forever if their useless corporeal bodies could withstand unrelenting time.

To be continued …

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