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Agartha – Part 01

By Taurus

Chapter 1 – You’re Paying

“Oh Gage, you’re getting punished today – some millionaire is losing their shit today and you’re paying for it.”

Gage could not question the guard who jeered at him. He may weigh 223 pounds, a fearsome strongman with lush carpets reverently adorning his chin and chest, but man-fur was not the only thing stuck to him; a very powerful shock collar was too. He was completely naked, and his cock – if absent all external reference, looking like a micropenis despite the help of a steel cock ring – dangled between his legs.

He knew better – he had six inches whenever he was permitted to.

Wisely, he stomached the mocking and walked with his head straight and his hands behind his back into the competition hall where his three opponents – identically dressed as him – had been stretching. He joined them.

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The Slave Daycare – Part 03

By Taurus

Note: This is the third and final part of “The Slave Daycare” by Taurus, with Chapters 20 to 31. If you missed the earlier chapters, click for Part 1 (Chapters 1 to 11); and Part 2 (Chapters 12 to 19).

Chapter 20 – Parasite

“I’m tired of you maggots not doing it right!”

Though the words were that of a stern drill sergeant, the mood was as light as can be – Warren spent seemingly the whole day rolling slaves who lost matches back onto their hands and knees, and cursing his supposed “helpers” who spent their day sat to one side instead of teaching with him.

“You beat me fair and square, Warren,” the silver helper said.

“And you gave me the win after I cheated,” the golden one said.

The cursing was thankfully entirely devoid of sincerity – jolly laughs rang out among the grunts and moans of the dojo students.

Warren’s helpers were not entirely useless either; Grey and Magnus took care of the slaves who decided they had wrestled enough, providing water and towels and hugs where requested.

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The Slave Daycare – Part 02

By Taurus

Note: To start at the very beginning of this story, click here.

Chapter 12 – The Operative

The daycare had no scheduled visitors today, but Frank and his slaves still dutifully went to work even if everyone else was allowed to stay home. However, where Frank toiled at his computer, the slaves had quite a lot of leisure time to waste.

“Why are you still here?”

Frank knew the answer to his question that the slaves would elect to answer with silence; his slaves were far too hardworking to allow themselves rest.

And so he would tell them to.

“Go to the common area, play and have fun, or else.”

“Or else?”

“Or else I’ll make you wear clothes.”

A gasp.

“That are one size too small.”

Thoroughly terrified by the thought of clothing, the slaves slinked out of sight as fast as they could manage.

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The Slave Daycare – Part 01

By Taurus

Chapter 1 – The Workhorse

Two men walked alongside each other down a corridor.

“A new arrival today?” The blond man asked matter-of-factly, without even the slightest attention paid to the fact that he was totally exposed, had a leash around his neck, and a cage over his dick.

“Yes – a labour slave called Finn. He’s being put here while his owner’s out of town,” the other man, black-haired and clothed in a flower shirt, replied. “Get his trust and make him comfortable – he’s young.”

“Dammit! You can’t leave a new slave alone for the first few days like this!” The sheer emphaticness of the exclamation stopped the men in their tracks.

“You know this best, Magnus, and that’s why this daycare exists – I’m expecting you to become his teddy bear.”

The pair was silent as they entered a staff-only area (clearly marked as such), where Magnus opened a locker with his name, and his clothed companion watched from the sidelines, sitting on a couch.

“How should I play this?” Magnus asked as he contemplated the myriad bondage implements in front of him.

“My advice: treat him like he’s volatile. Literally take him to dinner if he doesn’t want to eat.”

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It’s Been a Year

By Taurus

NOTE: This single-part work by Taurus is a short sequel to his much longer story One Year.

As James spun around, all he saw was white, with the set of washbasin and toilet flashing grey intermittently.

When he eventually slowed down – he was not quite sure if it was double vision or nausea – there were two sets of personal hygiene stations.

It took James another few breaths to calm down enough that he could confirm once and for all that it was not just him – there were two sinks and two toilets on opposite corners of this cube-shaped cell, which was brilliantly lit on all its sides.

Raising his head, he slowly fell towards the ceiling, until his neck got tired enough to bring the rest of the cell back into view.

Disappointed that he could not fly, James lay down on the one unlit surface in the cell he had been on the whole time; a black leather mattress.

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Pleroma – Part 15

By Taurus

Epilogue 1 – Explanations

“Revolution for prison; recent developments in implant interfacing have triggered significant change in incarceration. Prisoners will only experience their sentences mentally while their physical bodies experience only a small fraction of their sentences.”

Luke returned the tablet after listening to the

“Mr Dominique, are you sure you -“

“Yes. As Subject L, I understand perfectly how this stuff works.”

“No,” the officer stood up, “I’m asking if you need some clothes.”

Luke chuckled. “Officer Dunn, it’s summer. That and I’m gonna be posing for a photo shoot all day, so underwear will be all I need to really wear anyway.”

“Will you be alright? You can use Pleroma under supervision for now, but as it is, some of its…functions have to be removed.

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Pleroma – Part 14

By Taurus

Part 14 – The Speed of Light is Faster than the Speed of Sound by an Approximated Factor of At Least 882,000

Good prisoners suffer.

Get forced to wake, drag bricks one mile, get teleported back into the bed, get fed paste through pipes, run to the cart and drag bricks back the other way, get teleported back into the bed, get fed paste through pipes, and get shocked to sleep.

Good prisoners suffer.

Over and over, over and over.

Over and over, over and over.



“Releasing prisoner.”


“Slave, go outside, just as you are.”

The bodybuilder, with eyes as blank as his broad canvas of a back, marched straight out of the front door and knelt on the sidewalk, chastity cage dangling as seductively as the precum did from the cage.

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Pleroma – Part 13

By Taurus

Part 13 – demo_sequence

“This is a bit of a crazy contraption, but it’s still a prototype – I’ll show you the finalised designs in a couple weeks, maybe.”

Matt led a group of men in black into the simulation room, fully tricked out and utilised; Luke, naked, was strapped into the chair while tubes ran to and from his every opening to facilitate feeding and waste secretion.

There were murmurs between the men in suits. That Matt tried to “reassure” them that Luke was here to test out extended stays in the simulation system did not serve to lessen their shock, as Vantage covertly pointed out to Matt through an earpiece.

“Inspectors are becoming concerned and uneasy. Recommended action: proceed quickly.”

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