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One Year – Part 30

By Taurus

Part 30 – “Let’s Go Home”

“James, I -”

“I know, Master. If you’re looking for a place to live, come with me. I have a mansion I live alone in. It’s kind of sad, really.”

“What about after that? I can’t just rely on you.”

“I’ll think of something back at the company. Just wait for my good news.”

“I’m in your debt, my boy.”

“No. This is for everything you’ve given me. Now let’s go home, Master.”

The talk barely took a minute. James had everything planned from the moment Russell entered the door to the director’s office.

As they exited, Director Daniel was waiting.

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One Year – Part 29

By Taurus

Part 29 – “Debrief”

James awoke with a start, opening his eyes to see nothing. 

Today was his last day here at this facility. Despite the fact that he had been stripped of his humanity, he wanted to stay.

So this was Stockholm syndrome. Maybe this was not the right term to use; his captors never really caused him much harm at all, if discounting Arnold that is. Though Russell in particular, he gave him the time of his life, and showed him what perfect love could feel like.

Speaking of Russell, where was he? 

The night prior, Russell had slept in the cell with James again, upholding his promise to stay by his slave’s side for the rest of yesterday. This morning, he seemed to have gone.

The lights were all off, but James felt a distinct absence. Gingerly, he shuffled around, and found no one by his side. After confirming no one was on the mattress, he splayed himself out as he usually did, but knocked into a certain something with his right shoulder.

Inspecting it further, he felt leather, chain and an unlocked padlock.

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One Year – Part 27

By Taurus

Part 27 – “Pay Back”

Day 365 was the last day of James’ imprisonment in this crazy, crazy facility.

Hopefully, he thought, this would be a simple, no-frills, all round calm day.

It was none of that.

As he awoke, and the cell door opened, he heard the familiar rhythms and tones of Russell’s footsteps.

His master was back, with a small bag of toys.

James scrambled onto all fours and crawled over excitedly to greet his master, but was stopped.

“Stand up.”

As James slowly stood up, confused about the meaning of everything that was going on, Russell knelt.

In anticipation of James’ bewilderment, Russell shouted, “Stay still! Don’t move!”

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One Year – Part 26

By Taurus

Part 26 – “In the Real World”

It was day 345 out of 365, and Russell had just announced to James that he would be trained to pick up another set of skills.

“When you get back to the real world, you’ll have to deal with different things than you are now. That’s why I’m going to train you to behave well in public.”

And indeed Russell was right. He had to adapt to new people, new environments, new dynamics.

In any case, James spent 15 days (day 345 to 360) in the same routine. He would not have blindfolds or gags applied to him other than during submissive training, and he followed Russell everywhere he went, even if he now had no collar, and no leash.

All day, he would remain completely naked and silent (other than if asked questions), and forced to display his body proudly to other members of staff, who groped him all over. Whenever he came to a standstill, he was to kneel on the spot, eyes straight ahead, not looking at anything or anyone.

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One Year – Part 25

By Taurus

Part 25 – “The End”

James woke up as per normal, to the sounds of a blaring alarm and the instantaneous snap from complete darkness to blinding brightness. What was strange, however, was the person who came to check on him.

It was a stranger’s face.

Feeling confused, he inquired, “Sir, where is my handler?”

“He’s preparing some stuff for you.”

“Why sir? What day is it?”

“Day 344. You have a pleasure session today, now drink up.”

James went about drinking his protein shake, changing the fist mitts and brushing his teeth, thoroughly confused, with a conflicted mind that could not quite decide if he was awake or dreaming.

Usually his master would notify him if he had any special days coming up, like checkup days, grooming days, and especially pleasure sessions.

He was marched off to the dungeon regardless.

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One Year – Part 24

By Taurus

Part 24 – “The Many Facets of Pleasure”

It was day 314, and James was due for a pleasure session, having skipped the one due on day 284 because of Russell’s work with the director. What this session entailed, he did not know, apart from the fact that it will most definitely not involve any sort of sexual release.

The pleasure sessions have never involved him cumming, and the two times he was close, he was explicitly denied by his master.

There was no reason to believe today was any different, then. Spiritual pleasure, as opposed to physical pleasure it was.

Russell started off the day very standardly, helping James out of his fist mitts, allowing him to brush his teeth and lather on sunscreen for what would be a morning workout after a drink of a protein shake and more water. However, where normally his mitts would not come back on until after lunch, new ones came back on before he even left the cell in his typical attire of a blindfold, bit gag, collar and leash.

James was led to the sand track on all fours, to the place where he had walked laps pulling a rickshaw for most of the past year. There, his blindfold and gag were removed in the infield – as opposed to in the shade per the normal routine, and his hypersensitive eyes were assaulted by the desert sun.

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One Year – Part 23

By Taurus

Part 23 – “A Pet”

“Come here, boy!” Russell said in a higher pitch, as he clapped his hands twice.

He had no clue if it actually worked; he just heard somewhere that speaking in English and with a higher register was more effective for training a dog. It was sensible enough, since dogs could hear only sounds in a higher frequency, but does it work, really?

If this was the human equivalent to feeling a bass pulse while listening to music, then it was absurd that it would be possible to assign meaning to it. In the case of a dog though, it should have thought processes and concepts different from ours, so it might actually work.

If he wished to find out the validity of this myth, then he was in precisely the right place with precisely the wrong test subject, for the one who bounded towards him on all fours was none other than James, his ostensibly human slave who had just recently asked to wear a collar and leash permanently.

He acted like a dog, but he was, well, still human.

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