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Pleroma – Part 08

By Taurus

Part 8 – Zeroth Dangerous Threshold

Matt was, for once, entirely stunned.


As if bewitched, Luke moved past his locker of personal items as if he forgot what clothes were, and sat like a dog next to Matt, who was working hard to record his testing results, until Luke did something unprecedented.

Having folded up his fingers, Luke, with his right hand like a paw, reached past Matt’s armrest and lightly patted his crotch.

Okay, what the fuck should he do now?

As Luke inched closer, the more Matt felt uneasy.

They were working partners and dinner date friends at best – Matt was not quite ready for the full fellatio treatment yet.

That said, there was that look in Luke’s eyes, like a puppy’s all-powerful gaze that can compel anyone to do their bidding and sate their desires.

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Pleroma – Part 07

By Taurus

Part 7 – incarceration-adx_20x

Flanked by boring concrete walls, Luke had to try and find new and interesting ways to keep himself active that was not touching himself – the hologram that now formed the ceiling of the cell bore this very commandment, among other warnings that safewords are not in play, that any attempts to escape or pleasure oneself would result in the swift application of extremely strict and punishing bondage, and that excretion of waste matter would be automatically enforced for him.

Luke was no philosophist, but he was at least aware of the fact that if he wanted to truly escape, he would have to first escape digitally by countering the super-powerful software that knew his every thought, then escape physically by getting his naked body out of whatever shackles that held him.

In short: “difficult” was the word.

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Pleroma – Part 06

By Taurus

Part 6 – incarceration_primer

Having just completed no fewer than twenty phone calls back and forth between his gym and his clients in order to clear his agenda for not just the following week as Matt requested, but for the whole month – Luke felt a sense of exhaustion wash over him.

Matt’s interfacing program was relatively refined, but Luke was used to coordinating bodily movement with the implant, less so the intensive mental work that his testing entailed.

Whatever his reasons were, Luke was already rich. With how hard he was working, he had earned himself a long overdue holiday.

As Luke took off a pair of briefs – the last of his “pajamas” – to prepare for sleep, his robot butler notified Luke of a call he had to take.

The caller was Matt. Figures.

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Pleroma – Part 05

By Taurus

Part 5 – Research notes recorded 0000 00/00/0000 captured at [DATETIME REDACTED]

Reality bleeding observed in bodily reactions upon first exposure of clubslave2_alphav1.0_06/17/20XX to Subject L. Subject L had “lost” their desire to ejaculate and/or experience orgasm after exposure. Narrative simulations may have persuasive effect on portrayed character due to inherent character designs which exhibit a clear dominant/submissive dynamic.

(Note: L had one prior exposure to portrayed characters in the [clubslave] line of scenarios. Narrative exposure time, authenticity, and integrity may be crucial to fully utilise reality bleeding.)

Suggestive power of programmed emotion is strong. Testing in secretum of L’s willingness to accept disadvantageous and humiliating chastity arrangements is notable. This test is significant as L’s preferences regarding BDSM has reversed from disliking to being accepting of submissive roles, including an increased willingness to partake in submissive and humiliating activities physically:

Bondage, chastity, exhibitionism in the vicinity of familiars and strangers, nipple stimulation, sensory deprivation, and sodomy practices.

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Pleroma – Part 04

By Taurus

Part 4 – clubslave2_alpha-v1.0_06/17/20XX

Deciding to drive himself, Luke, with some eagerness, proceeded to Matt’s testing facility. As it was his own car, he could go shirtless, which was a boon, as the weather outside was positively burning.

Maybe the ability to pinch his bare nipples when the traffic was slow was nice as well.

He had been promised that the saga of Bruno would continue, and so he eagerly proceeded into Matt’s hideout.

With some fire in his eyes as he stripped, Luke turned his gaze to Matt – half pleading, half demanding, “Matt. I want to cum. I need to cum.”

Having been reassured by a scheming Matt, Luke proceeded onto the chair.

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Pleroma – Part 03

By Taurus

Part 3 – trainingprogram19_beta-v1.9_28/01/20XX

(Author’s note: As a clarification born from possible misunderstandings arising from the anonymity of the year, please note that the timestamp for trainingprogram19 is before that of streetfair1 and clubslave1.)

Luke, having come home from an after-hours training routine and a Wagyu steak dinner at a top Japanese restaurant, yawned and stretched before summoning his robot butler.

“Good evening, sir. How may Ondine help?”

“Take my clothes.”

Despite being given the decidedly female name Ondine, after the eponymous siren in Bertrand’s Gaspard de la Nuit, Ondine had a male voice.

Apparently, this Ondine was not out to seduce and kill, which was fortunate for Luke. Instead, Ondine, its cybernetic thinking devoid of judgement, assisted Luke in removing his full suit and tie, and before long, Luke could stand completely naked –

Well…naked except for the “you-know-what,” as colloquially known in “right-thinking” circles that speak in circles and formalities.

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Pleroma – Part 02

By Taurus

Part 2 – clubsslave1_var_alpha-v1.3_06/15/20XX

“Changed some stuff according to your comments,” Matt said as he drove Luke, who was deep in contemplation.

Luke met Matt in high school, and Matt was clearly a man of dreams, often big dreams, and too often pipe dreams. Naturally, he did not think he would return for another test.

That said, now that they were both 30, things were very different; Matt knew what he was doing.

Matt operated out of a house in an unstable environment. Situated in an area just between the high and mighty glass and steel skyscrapers and the crime-infested slums, nicknamed “The Twilight Band, the house had once belonged to two prestigious gang members, and most recently an infamously far-gone drug addict and smuggler on the side, who sold the house for cheap in order to sate his endless want for amphetamines and cocaine.

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Pleroma – Part 01

By Taurus

Part 1 – streetfair1_alpha-v1.6_06/06/20XX

It was a beautiful day out; though the tarmac was sunbathed and hot as the many men present were, a gentle breeze blew through the crowds. They were noisy, cheering about something, but there was also a sort of chant-like rhythm to their stomping and their shouting.

A gasp.

He awoke with a start, evidently startled by the inexplicably clear voice which spoke the line among the crowds.

He tried to look around, but it was of no use. He lay in a grey void, paradoxically brighter under the “horizon” infinitely far away, but darker above. The strange voice came from every direction, even on the cot he lay Wait.

He had no body. Also, how did he know the weather if there was no environment?

If the above made no sense to you, that would be because it made no sense to him as well, but before he could panic, the voice from the ether re-emerged.

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