Only a Boy Can Hope – Part 03


After the movie was over Sir looked at me and stated, “I guess it’s time for bed, let me help you up.” Sir came over to me and grabbed the straps at the front of the straight jacket and helped me to my feet. Sir then led me to the stair and to the bedroom on the second floor. Sir’s bedroom was an average size, but it had so much stuff it in besides the furniture. There were several shelves with books and a bunch of gear on the floor. The bed was covered with a rubber bed sheet and had straps coming from under the bed. Sir reached to the gear on the floor and picked up a neoprene sleepsack and laid it out on the bed. Sir stated, “you will sleep in this tonight, boy.”

I replied, “Yes Sir, thank you Sir.”

Sir came towards me in the front and reached down at the catheter still in me. Sir took a plug off his dresser and swapped the catheter tube with the plug and removed the leg bad that was attached to my right leg. He left me standing there and went to the bathroom to empty the catheter bag.

I could hear him running the water in the sink and I guess he was rinsing out the catheter bag. Sir came back into the bedroom and started to unbuckle the arm straps of the straight jacket. I could finally stretch my arms and it felt good. They had been crossed in front of me for a few hours. Felt good to have them free. I could then hear Sir unbuckling the straps of the straight jacket. On the last strap Sir came to the front of me and eased the jacket off. The room air felt cold to my body and made me a bit chilly. I was standing there next to Sir in full rubber with my training hood on and a catheter still sticking out of my cock.

Sir stated, “Hop up on the bed boy into the sleepsack.” I did as instructed. Sir helped my legs into the neoprene sleepsack. I was sitting up and Sir stated, “Give me an arm, boy.” Sir guided my left arm into the internal sleeve of the sleepsack followed by my right arm. Sir stated, “Lay back, boy.” As I started to lay back sir made sure that the sleepsack went around my shoulders and was not bunched under my arms. Sir confirmed with me that there was nothing pinching. Sir started to zip the sleepsack at my feet and continued until the zipper came up to my chin. There was a collar on the sleepsack and Sir snapped it shut. There was no way I was going to be able to get out of the sleepsack without Sir’s help. Sir then was moving the zipper pulls of the sleepsack. I had no idea what Sir was doing. Sir asked if I was Ok and I stated, “Yes Sir, thank you Sir.”

Sir had the zipper on top of my cock and then opened the zipper. My cock was exposed and hard. Sir took a small cloth and put it on either side of the zipper so that it would not pinch my exposed cock and balls. Sir left the bedroom again, and when he returned he had a large bag with a tube in his hand. Sir stated, “This is your bed bag, boy. It is much bigger than the bag on your leg so I will not have to empty it in the middle of the night.” Sir placed the bag on a hook on the side of the bed. Sir took the end of the tube and brought it close to my exposed cock. Sir in a quick one motion switched the plug on the catheter with the end of the tube. The urine started to flow again. Sir stated, “That is much better, boy.”

Sir left the room again and came back with some rope in his hand. Sir started to lace the sleepsack starting at my feet. It was being laced like you would a shoe. At different points of the lacing Sir would tug the rope so it would be tight. Once Sir reached my exposed cathed cock he skipped a few of the lacing eyelets and continued up to just under my chin where the end of the zipper was. Sir tied the rope tight. The lacing made the sleepsack tighter and more comfortable. It hugged me like the straight jacket did. It felt amazing. Sir left the room again and came back, but I could not see what he had in his hand. Sir was on the right side of my body and then he rolled me on my right side. Sir stated, “Bend your knees, boy.”

I stated, “Yes Sir.” I then felt Sir unzipping the back of the sleep sack. Then I felt his hand at the zipper of on my rubber suit. There was a butt zipper.

When Sir unzipped the butt zipper to my suit I could feel the cold air on my butt. I then heard Sir put on a glove. The snapping of the rubber clove was familiar to me. I then felt Sir’s hand on my butt crack and then felt a cold liquid substance being applied to my hole. A few moment later Sir stated, “Relax, boy.” I then felt Sir pushing something cold into my ass. I gasped I was not ready for this as Sir did not explain what he was doing. As he advanced the object it my hole it then seated in my hole and I could feel something cold now inside me. Sir zipped up the zipper on my rubber suit followed by the sleepsack zipper. Sir stated, “Straighten your legs, boy.”

I stated, “Yes Sir,” and as I straightened my legs Sir rolled me back on my back. Sir then placed a pillow under my head.

Sir stated, “You did good, boy, this is how you will sleep tonight. How do you feel?”

I thanked Sir for putting me it the sleepsack, and I stated, “I feel fine, Sir.”

Sir climbed into bed next to me. He was on the left side of the bed. Sir stated, “Good night, boy, sleep well.” Sir chuckled a bit. The light went out. Sir was next to me and that made me feel really comfortable. I felt really safe when Sir was by my side. I did not sleep that well at all that night. I think I dozed off a few times but the smell of rubber and the plug inside me did not help with how horny I was next to Sir bound in a sleepsack.

Sir’s alarm went off at 4 AM. I was already awake as I was hot and horny from being in the sleepsack. There was a pool of sweat in my rubber suit and it felt amazing. Sir got out of bed and went into the bathroom to relieve himself. I then heard the water of the sink and the humming of Sir electric toothbrush. It stopped and Sir came back in the bedroom and sat beside me. Sir stated, “How did you sleep boy?”

I stated, “Ok I guess, Sir, thank you Sir.”

Sir then stated, “Time to get you out of that sleepsack.” With that Sir started to unlace the sleepsack from the neck down. As the sleepsack loosened up I could move a bit and felt good to be able to stretch as much as I could. I could feel Sir at my cock where the catheter was. I felt some pressure at the catheter and Sir switched the tube for the catheter plug again. Sir removed the cloth on either side of the zipper and closed the zipper at my cock. He took the extra zipper pulls and zipped them towards my feet. Then came to the head of the bed and unsnapped the collar of the sleeepsack. With one pull he unzipped me from the sleepsack paying special attention to when he was near my cock and balls. Sir assisted me up and removed my right arm followed by my left from the internal sleeves of the sleepack. I could feel the cold air of the room on my rubbery body.

Sir helped me to my feet as I was a bit stiff from the night. As Sir was by me I stretched my body and it felt good to be able to move again. Sir reached down to my ankle cuffs and undid the small locks from each cuff. Sir came up behind me and unzipped my hood and pulled it off my head. The nose tubes come out with ease. My head was all sweaty. Sir placed the sweaty hood on the edge of the bed. Sir then stated, “I want you go to and take a shower boy. Take of your rubber suit and remove the plug from your ass, boy. Was the suit with the Dawn dish soap that is in the bathroom and had the suit on the rod on the shower?”

I stated, “Yes Sir, thank you Sir.” I then left Sir in his bedroom and walked to the bathroom. When I entered the bathroom I looked in the mirror and I all could see what a rubber boy with crazy hair. My septum piecing shined in the bathroom light.

I turned on the shower and got the water nice and warm. I stepped into the shower and allowed the water to drench my rubber body. I pulled the neck of the suit away from my body allowing water to enter the suit. It started to pool at the feet of the suit. I unzipped the shoulder zippers of the suit and started to remove the suit from my body. When I got the suit just below my waist I splashed water all over my body. It felt so good to be in the shower. As I started to push the suit past my crotch I reached in and took my cathed cock out of the suit. My cock got hard as this was the first time I had touched it in what seemed like days. I pushed the rest of the suit off my body and placed the suit on the floor of the bathroom outside the of the shower. I washed my whole body not once but twice. Washed my hair two times as well. I shut the shower off and stepped out onto the bath mat there was a towel on a hook and I dried my body off. I combed my hair and brushed my teeth. I then washed the suit as Sir instructed in the sink and then hung it on the bar in the bathroom. I took another look at my body in the mirror and still can’t believe that I am pierced and there was a catheter sticking out of my cock.

After I left the bathroom I took the left hand turn towards Sir’s bedroom. When I entered Sir was there by the bed and there was a bunch of gear on the bed. Sir stated, “Come to me, boy.” I walked towards Sir. Sir stood up and had a smile on his face and stated, “You have done really well, boy.” Sir reached on the bed and put wrist cuffs on me. He took my wrists and locked them together behind me. Sir stated, “Follow me, boy.” I followed Sir to another bedroom. In that room was another bed and on the edge of the bed was a towel. Sir stated, “Sit on the towel, boy.”

I stated, “Yes Sir” and sat. Sir pulled a chair in front of me. He sat down and in his hand was a small package.

Sir stated, “I think it’s time we took that catheter out of you, boy.” With that Sir opened the package and attached it to one of the ends of the catheter. Sir stated, “This will deflate the balloon that is on the end of the catheter that is in your bladder allowing me to remove it from you. I want you to relax, boy.”

I stated, “Yes Sir.” With that Sir pulled back on the plunger and I could see water entering the chamber of the syringe.

Sir then stated, “I want you to take a big breath boy and then let it out slowly boy, OK?”

I stated, “Yes Sir” and took a really deep breath, and as I started to exhale Sir pulled the catheter out of my cock. I could feel it coming out of me. When I was done exhaling the end of the catheter was out of my cock. I told Sir that I had to pee. Sir stated, “The first time you pee boy it may burn a bit but that is normal I just want you to be read for that. You may go to the bathroom boy.” I stood up and walked towards the bathroom with my hands still locked behind my cock.

As I peed for the first time on my own it did hurt but not in a bad way. My cock was hard the minute I finished urinating. As I was done, I turned around and Sir was there. He flushed the toilet and told me to follow him back into the room I was just in. I did as instructed and Sir stated, “Sit on the bed, boy.” I did as instructed. Sir left the room and came back holding something in his had that I could not tell what it was. He sat on the chair. When he opened his hand I could tell what was in Sir’s hand. It was a chastity cage. Sir stated, “Now that your hands are free you are not allowed to touch yourself, boy. You will be either locked in chastity or have a catheter in place, understood?”

I stated, “Yes Sir.” With that Sir reached down to my cock and placed the base ring to the cage around my cock and balls. My cock got immediately hard. Sir stated, “This may hurt when I put the cage on, boy, as you are so hard.”

I stated, “Yes Sir.” With that Sir placed the cage on the head of my hard cock.

“Take a deep breath, boy.” I took a deep breath and then I exhaled Sir pushed the cage on my cock to the base ring. He reached over grabbed the lock and locked the cage on me. Sir stated, “How does that feel, boy?”

I stated, “It feels OK, Sir, any way you could adjust me a bit please Sir?” Sir reached at my cock and adjusted everything and made sure that my PA was sticking out of the front of the cage. “How is that boy?”

I stated, “Good, Sir, thank you so much, Sir.”

Sir stated, “Come with me, boy.” With that Sir led me back into the bedroom. On the bed was a pile of gear. Sir unlocked my wrist cuffs and I could again stretch my arms. Sir stated, “Time to get dressed for the day, boy.” Sir handed me a rubber suit. This suit was a rubber singlet suit, the rubber smell was amazing. Sir stated, “It’s all lubed up boy, so go ahead and put it on.” I did as instructed. I stepped into the suit and started to pull it up over my body. There was a hole for my cock and balls. I pocked both my cock and balls through the hole. I then realized that the ass part of the suit was open. I continued to pull the suit up over my body. When I got to the arms Sir was there to help them in the straps and make sure that they were not tangled. I was once again in rubber.

Sir handed me a pair of skinny jeans followed by a white tank top. I put them both on. Next came a pair of oxblood 20 eye boots from Gripfast. Sir helped me lace them up as I was still new to the lacing that Sir required. Sir handed me a bomber jacket and a pair of sun glasses and stated, “You are now ready to run errands with me boy, but first let’s get breakfast.” I followed Sir to the garage where his car was. I climbed in and we were off.

Metal would like to thank MaineRBRboy for sharing this story, which he originally posted on FetLife.

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