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Only a Boy Can Hope – Part 03


After the movie was over Sir looked at me and stated, “I guess it’s time for bed, let me help you up.” Sir came over to me and grabbed the straps at the front of the straight jacket and helped me to my feet. Sir then led me to the stair and to the bedroom on the second floor. Sir’s bedroom was an average size, but it had so much stuff it in besides the furniture. There were several shelves with books and a bunch of gear on the floor. The bed was covered with a rubber bed sheet and had straps coming from under the bed. Sir reached to the gear on the floor and picked up a neoprene sleepsack and laid it out on the bed. Sir stated, “you will sleep in this tonight, boy.”

I replied, “Yes Sir, thank you Sir.”

Sir came towards me in the front and reached down at the catheter still in me. Sir took a plug off his dresser and swapped the catheter tube with the plug and removed the leg bad that was attached to my right leg. He left me standing there and went to the bathroom to empty the catheter bag.

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Only a Boy Can Hope – Part 02


Sir led me to his living room which was located on the first floor of his house. The living room was small and cluttered with books, DVDs, and other personal items. There was a huge easy chair in the corner and a futon style couch next to it. The blinds were at an angle so no one could see into Sir’s house. I was standing there still hooded, gagged, plugged and cathed. My new piercings glittered in the daylight. Sir had placed a towel on the futon and stated, “Sit, boy.” But before I was to sit down Sir came behind me and removed my gag that had been in place for several hours. I could now stretch my jaw and speak for the first time. I said, “Thank you Sir.”

Sir went into the kitchen and got me some water to drink along with a small snack. I was extremely thirsty and hungry from the training I had received earlier. Sir sat next to me in the easy chair, and we talked for what seemed like a few minuets but was actually a few hours. It was nice to talk with Sir freely. It was about time for dinner, and we were both hungry.

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Only a Boy Can Hope – Part 01


I have been talking with a Master online for what has been at least six months. Our schedules finally allow us to have our first in person meeting. During the past six months of talking both online and by phone I have been following any orders he has instructed me to do. This would include chastity, sleeping with wrist and ankle cuffs on and various other tasks as he saw fit.

The time was getting closer for me to travel to him and I was getting excited to finally meet the Master I have been wanting for quite some time. I have been locked in chastity for almost a month at this time and have not had any release. I got an email from Sir the day before I was to leave with a detailed list of things to bring with me. This was to include my rubber and electro gear to name some. I was so excited to spend with week with my Sir.

That night I did not sleep at all, my cock was rock hard in its cage. That morning I had a small breakfast and Sir instructed me to wear my skinny jeans and 14 eye boots for the drive to his house. I was also instructed to be wearing a jock. For the last six months Sir only had me wearing jocks as underwear. My heart was racing as I packed my truck for the drive. All ready to go I locked my house and started the several hour drive to Sir’s house.

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