Over the Line – Part 2: Second Down

By ty dehner

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It wasn’t hard to spot him as I came down the jet way. A smile came across his face as he saw me, and we hugged for a long while. He even kissed me briefly as not to startle too many of those conservatives in the terminal. His hand held my neck securely as we walked away from the gate. He certainly did look great. He was in a nice pair of Wranglers that stacked well on his black boots. I was a bit surprised at the size of his belt buckle which he joked would be ripping up my ass some night. He was, of course, in a football jersey, team colors of the Roughriders. His hat, also of the Roughriders, was well worn. We headed out of the terminal, out to his Ford F250 and out of the airport.

As he drove me around the city, showing me the sites, he would reach over and grab my hand. We would hold hands, on occasion squeezing to let each other know we were finally touching again. It was fun seeing this new city, him knowing all the interesting spots. At one point we stopped and went for a walk around Fort Calgary. Many times, I couldn’t take my eyes off my Linebacker Sir. We returned to the truck and while driving past the Saddle Dome, he told me that we will be in town for the Stampede in a few months and that the rodeo is exciting!

Before heading out of town we stopped at Boston Pizza and enjoyed a relaxing lunch. He showed that he was taking control of my life, by doing all the ordering. As we waited for the food, he explained that things were going to be according to his rules from this day on. That all the time we have been apart has taught him that he really needs to control me and that I need the guidance that he is going to share. There would be some tough times ahead, as he had some special training that I needed to experience before settling down in our life together. He was going to be with me all the way, encourage me when I need it and punish me when I fail for lack of trying. If I try and still fail, there would not be as much punishment, but each case will be judged on its merits. In turn, I was to help him achieve more in his life also. He wanted to bulk out more and together we would be working out in the gym. He had some ideas about things he wanted to explore and hoped I would help him explore those in the future. Of course, I wanted nothing but to see him successful in all he did, including owning this pad pig.

Lunch went by quickly, as we talked about a great many things. But the day was getting long, and we had a long drive ahead of us. We loaded in the truck and he stated we had one more stop before hitting the open road. We weren’t too far out of town when Sir pulled off the main highway and down a deserted road. He parked the truck and ordered me to get out and kneel. I did so quickly, knowing that my hands should be behind my back.

He reached behind the seat of the truck and pulled out a dirty jock, in it went in my mouth. It was wet as he stuffed it in. Next some athletic tape wrapped around my head to keep the jock in. He then pulled out a leather hood. Sliding it over my head, there was no eye or mouth holes…only nose holes. Sir laced it tightly and I heard the snap of a lock around the collar. Blinded I was handed some gloves and put them on. My wrists were tapped to my waist and he had me stand.

“Pig, I was torn on how you were gonna make this trip to your new home. I have missed you a great deal and would enjoy talking to you along the way. We have a couple of hours to go until we reach home. But I also know that you need to realize you are owned and start your training. So, you are going to make the ride as a pad pig would, silent and restrained. Sometimes the Linebacker must make a sacrifice for the whole of the team. You need this training to make you understand your place.”

Roughly he worked me into the back part of the extended cab seat. He taped my booted feet together. He worked the seat belts so that I would not slide off the seat. I heard the door slam, and then Sir got in the driver seat and started the engine.

“By the way pig, I want you to get use to tasting my piss, so that jock you’re sucking on is soaked in piss.”

With that, the truck was in gear and he ripped out onto the road and down the highway with the radio playing Country 105.

It was dark by the time we arrived at my new home. Of course, it was dark for me anyway because I was hooded. Sir helped me out of the truck and into the home he had rented. I could feel the chill in the open air as we walked, it was so quiet out. After living in the big city, it was a totally different experience.

Once in the living room, my hood and gag were removed, and Sir planted the deepest, sloppiest kiss I had ever enjoyed. He was holding me, groping me and squeezing his pad pig as I was pushed on the sofa. My hands were still in their bondage, so I couldn’t reach back, but I wrapped my legs around him. Eventually, he ended the kiss and pulled slightly back so that I was in focus.

“Woof,” was all he said, as he pushed me off the sofa and onto the floor and his boots. Licking like no tomorrow, I fell to the floor since I didn’t have my hands to support me. His other booted foot would kick me, work its way under my crotch and press hard into my stone dick. I wasn’t even finished with the first boot, when he ordered me to follow. He walked out of the room and I struggled to get myself up without the help of my hands.

The place wasn’t that bad, somewhat rustic. In looking it over, the furniture was obviously part of the rental. Sir kept it very neat and I knew I would be challenging to keep it to his standards. I finally found him in the bedroom, and what a bedroom it was, a large wooden bed with a skylight over it and windows on one wall. The other wall had rows of closets. Sir came to me, cut loose the tape that held my hands, then walked over to the closet door and opened it. As he did, I could see the uniform I presented to him a Christmas ago. It was his dream to have the real uniform of the Packers and I worked hard to get it for him, head to toe.

He didn’t have to say a word for I knew exactly what to do. Some might think it weird, but this was our ceremony of love between each other. Sir said that no one had ever suited him the way that I did, and that was for sure. As I made sure each piece was ready, he stripped to his firm naked body. He had been working out and when I turned to see him naked for the first time in a long time, I was breathless.   How lucky I was to have a Master like this Man that wanted me to be with him. He could have any guy in the world, but he wanted me. And I was determined to make sure he was suited properly as he deserved to be. No words had to be spoken, no music was needed. There was only the sound of him and me; together, knowing we were here because destiny required it to be.

First was the jock and cup, well used, but it always is first. With a kiss, I slid it up Sir’s legs to nest properly on his crotch, followed by the girdle with all his pads in it. Next there was the knee braces on both legs, then the two-tone green and white socks. Since it was cold out, I put him in a long sleeve Under Amour green shirt with the “G” logo on the collar. This was followed by his gold official pants, tightly laced and belted. As I brought out the pad, I caught him stroking the smooth pants on his strong thighs. Setting the pads down, I put on the cleats with his name and number custom made on them. The cleats were taped, over and over, wrapping around his ankles and leg. Sir bent down and kissed my shaved head as I did so. Next went on the Mr. D lineman pads. These are the biggest set of pads a Man can have, complete with neck roll and rib pads. Buckling them on, Sir banged them against me, roughing me up a little. I would slam my hands on them, before sliding his jersey over, the green home jersey with his name and number sewn on. Completing the pads on his arms and the gloves almost had him ready. There was the eye black under his eyes and then his gold helmet, snapped on after a kiss. At that point I kneel before him, kiss his cleats and look up at this God in gold and green that has allowed me to suit him up. His gloved hand touches my chin and he smiles. Thanking me and a small drop of spit drops from his lips. He tilts my head down and the spit lands on my head and he rubbed it in.

Sir holds his leather palmed glove over my mouth, letting me take it all in. I feel the slick, smooth surface of his pants as he forces my head between his legs. That is when he has me lower my logger jeans and wails on my ass with his linebacker gloved hands. He holds my head tight and I try not to make too much noise but at times I do.

Ordering me to the bed, Sir pulls my jeans down further and it isn’t long before he’s sliding his ass over my face. I work my mouth and tongue around his uniformed ass, smelling him and slightly tasting him. My hands stroke his cleats and socked legs, as his gloved hands hold, kneed and stroke my cock and balls. There are those moments when one doesn’t want time to move forward, this was one of those times. And it didn’t for a while. But when it did, he had me remove my boots, pants, shirt until I was totally naked before him. Laying face down on the bed, he crashed on me with all his power and pads, my air escaping a loud grunt.

Soon he was securing my hands and feet to bolts in the bed. Sir shoved that wet jock in my mouth then start taping it, then taping my head blocking my sight. When he was complete, my head was covered in athletic tape. As I was getting use to my breathing, the first strike of the belt hit my ass. I jumped as it stung. I could feel the weight of the heavy buckle and it hit the next time, but not as hard. Thankfully when he used the buckle, it was lighter than when he used the leather belt. In my mind I could picture my Linebacker in his full uniform show his power of me by his training my ass, as it reddened and welted. His strokes moved from my ass, up my back and down my legs. The pain was growing in intensity and I was nearly in tears, tears of pain, but also tears of joy that I was with my Sir once again.

The beating stopped, and the coolness of Sir’s gloved hands gently slid around my skin. Then I felt the cold of the lube pour down my ass crack. Sir crashed on me again, and then positioned himself behind me. I felt his cock head position at the opening in my ass. Sir and I had never done this part before. We both felt it important to be ready before fucking and knowing that each was truly in love with each other. And in it went, slowly as I could hear Sir moaning as he enjoyed the feeling.

It hurt at first, but I gradually got use to the size of Sir and his pumping. The action increased in tempo as he laid on me with all his weight. At some point the image in my mind was of him on top of me, feeling the smoothness of his pants and jersey as it was cool against my skin, the sharpness of some of the pads and on occasion his cleats roughing up my skin on feet and ankles. He would take his hands and stroke my body; other times smother me with his gloves and then hold my head up and back. This was the moment that we had both wanted since that night we met. It was the perfect time, the perfect place and I knew he had my heart, my mind and my soul.

I don’t know how long he fucked me, but it wasn’t a quickie. Even though I was naked, I was warm and sweaty. The wet jock in my mouth would allow me some trickles of piss to moisten my throat and I moaned for hours, enjoying my lot in life. Then the tempo increased, and he got more violent in his actions. He was stronger and reaching his climax. His gloved hand covered my face and blocked my breathing. With a loud grown the Linebacker shot his football into the pad pig’s end zone and scored the most important touch down of his life. Sir collapsed on me, breathing heavily and releasing my face. He didn’t pull out and soon, I could feel him pissing in my ass. I felt it fill me like nothing before. When he was done, he stood and opened a drawer next to the bed and pulled out a plug to slide in my ass to keep is piss nice and warm.

Sir released me and removed the tape, painfully, from my head. I stood before him in his full gear, he looked magnificent.   He brought forth a cock device that he installed on me that had a short hose attached, then a pair of rubber shorts, followed by a cup. Next, he had me put on a pair of football pants that matched his with the pads in them. Next, he handed me a full rubber dry suit and I pulled it on. The gloves were attached. A gag went in my mouth that had a tube through it, followed by a rubber hood with nose and eye holes and a hole for the tube. He gave me some little footballs to hold in each hand, and then started taping them with duct tape. Then taped my arms to my side and covered my entire body with that tape. Sir helped me walk to another room in the house and then I saw it and I stopped.

“Yes pig, it’s real and you’re going in it.”

I tried pleading but the gag all but silenced me. Before me was a wooden box, one that was meant to hold a pad pig for a long period of time. How did I know? Sir had always told me that he wanted to do this. This was his dream and I was going to experience it. He wanted me to see it, before he added tape over my eyes and I went into the darkness. He pushed me to the box and gently helped me to lay in it. I struggled a bit, but his hard slap told me I better stop. There were straps and locks all over the place and he secured me in. Then a leather hood was slid over my taped head and I heard it lock.   It was all so final.

“Pig, you know you’ve wanted this since I told you about it. I know you just got here and I want you in my bed. But you must be trained properly. And it starts tonight. I fucking own you pig. You are a piece of faggot shit to be molded to my specifications. And it starts now. I am going to keep you in this box for the next week. You’re to report to your new job on Monday and you will be ready. But for now, you must learn what submission to your Linebacker Master means. You have no choices in your life, only to serve, be respectful and love me.

“Feel where you are, totally fucking helpless. Not knowing when the sun rises, what day it is, only to know that your Master holds the control of your breathing, your pissing, your life. If you get scared, yell. I expect to hear you yell, to hear you cry and beg in that gag. But it will do no good, because you gave yourself to me, pig boy. And now you achieve what you’ve always wanted.”

With that I heard the door of the box slam shut and lock. I hear only my breathing in the darkness.

© Copyright 2018 by ty dehner

To be continued …

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