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A handsome and muscular young man gets tied up

Out for a walk on the first warm day of spring, a handsome and muscular young man with piercing blue eyes catches the attention of an old pervert. The next thing he knows, he is bound and gagged, at the mercy of a masked man who starts to rip the clothes from his body. He struggles and moans helplessly as the man gropes and strips him, revealing a smooth, muscular body.

A handsome and muscular young man gets tied up


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Spring Stroll – Part 1

Styraight Men in Trouble

Island Master UK – Part 03

By Wakeysub

For the next month, all I could think about was my trip to the Island. My day to day work became secondary – I lived for my now nightly extended chats with IslandMasterUK. The more we chatted, the more comfortable I felt, the more open I was about my fantasies. By this stage, I think he knew more about what made me horny than I did. He took great delight in getting me as excited as possible every night as he encouraged me to explain in intricate details what I would expect from life as a slave. My cock was now constantly leaking pre-cum.

The days slowly ticked by and then I got the email with the train ticket attached, only the outbound leg was attached. I pulled up the map and found the station. It was a small isolated station on the mainline from London to the south coast. I couldn’t imagine that it was going to be very busy. It was a through ticket, so it covered the complete journey from my local station, the underground, and the train to the south coast. Everything was covered. The email also detailed what I was to wear for the journey – a jockstrap, jogging bottoms, a plain white t-shirt, white trainer socks, and trainers. The only possession I was allowed to travel with was my house key. That was it – no money, no wallet, no phone, nothing. My train journey would be close to 5 hours.

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