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At least one of these guys is wearing a mask

With his cock exposed and still sporting his morning wood, Brad is helpless as he moans while the masked man starts to stroke his cock. He struggles to hold back the arousal building inside of him, writhing and moaning as he tries to resist, but the masked man is relentless and slowly milks a load from his helpless victim’s cock.

Scott at Straight Men in Trouble

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Title of this update: Invasion – Part 2

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Humiliating punishment for Royce

male bdsm spanking

At Straight Men In Trouble, Royce is tied to a stool with his hot, muscular ass in the air, ready to be spanked by hand, belt and crop while being lectured on common courtesy and respect. His sexy, muscular legs shift and kick behind him as he pathetically tries to answer questions and defend himself through the ballgag in his mouth. His high-pitched whimpers and moans fill the room.

male bondage and ballgags

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Title of this shoot: Model Taught a Lesson – Part 4

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Corporate Takeover – Chapter 02

By lthr_jock

At that point the buzzer sounded, indicating there was a customer at the door. To Brian’s surprise, Dave didn’t release him, instead going over to the counter, checking the CCTV and then buzzing the customers in. Brian flushed red with embarrassment as three men came in. He tried to look inconspicuous, but they spotted him and pointed at him with a chuckle. Dave headed over. “Don’t mind them. Let’s just get you somewhere more discrete.” Dave grabbed the leash again and led Brian back into the rear room.

He took him right to the back of the room where there were several heavy and cumbersome items of dungeon furniture. He swung the door of a steel cage open. “Get in.” Brian looked at him in shock. “I have to deal with the customers, so you need to be stored. Get in.” The cage was a dog cage, so Brian had to get onto his knees and shuffle in. Dave grinned and locked the door behind him, then threw a sheet of soft leather over the cage. “Stay.” Brian then heard the sound of his steps as he walked away.

Brian tried to get comfortable, but with his hands locked behind him there was a constant stress on his arms and chest. The gag was making him drool and a constant stream was now dripping onto the floor. But the thing that did surprise him was the way that his cock remained rockhard. He could feel it trapped between the leather and the skin of his leg. He found that if he rocked to and fro, he could get more traction on it and he soon found himself very close to cumming. He was stopped as the leather sheet was removed and Dave grinned down at him.

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Over the Line – Part 2: Second Down

By ty dehner

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It wasn’t hard to spot him as I came down the jet way. A smile came across his face as he saw me, and we hugged for a long while. He even kissed me briefly as not to startle too many of those conservatives in the terminal. His hand held my neck securely as we walked away from the gate. He certainly did look great. He was in a nice pair of Wranglers that stacked well on his black boots. I was a bit surprised at the size of his belt buckle which he joked would be ripping up my ass some night. He was, of course, in a football jersey, team colors of the Roughriders. His hat, also of the Roughriders, was well worn. We headed out of the terminal, out to his Ford F250 and out of the airport.

As he drove me around the city, showing me the sites, he would reach over and grab my hand. We would hold hands, on occasion squeezing to let each other know we were finally touching again. It was fun seeing this new city, him knowing all the interesting spots. At one point we stopped and went for a walk around Fort Calgary. Many times, I couldn’t take my eyes off my Linebacker Sir. We returned to the truck and while driving past the Saddle Dome, he told me that we will be in town for the Stampede in a few months and that the rodeo is exciting!

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The Roommate – Part 4

By RbbrStorage

This story originally appeared on the RubberZone. It is re-posted here with permission.


Seconds later, Matt heard a heavy door close and a lock bolted into place. He reached up to the hood, then paused, remembering to count to ten. He had only been awake less than an hour and had spent that entire hour flat on his back, still tightly encased in the double sleepsacks, servicing his roommate’s ass, drinking his piss and swallowing his cum. Apparently that qualified as breakfast in this new world order.

Matt reached “ten” and frantically tugged at the hood until he figured out the combination of straps and zippers that had to be released before it could come off. The relief he felt was immense as fresh air hit his face and scalp for the first time in nearly twenty-four hours. Matt just stared at the hood for a few moments, as if trying to figure out how something so inanimate could have such an effect on him.

Then Matt looked around at his laundry room. Something was different. Several things were different. The first thing Matt noticed was the door into the kitchen. It had been switched with the door to the garage. The kitchen door used to be a light, interior door with no locks, while the door to the garage had been a heavy, exterior-type door with two deadbolts. Now they’d been reversed, and those were clearly two new deadbolts on the door that now closed off the kitchen – closed off the rest of the house to Matt.

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The Cock Tease – Part 01

By New York Cheech

He was standing in a front of a pet store, looking at the puppies in the window. He took my breath away. Half squatting to get a good look at a Dalmatian puppy, his Adidas warm-up pants were hugging his muscular legs and beefy ass. But his upper body was even more impressive. He was bulging out of his tight white t-shirt. Awesome shoulders, bulging pecs, and an impressive v-shaped back that tapered down to a narrow waist. He was a fantasy come to life. His arms were muscular, and I could see a hint of a tattoo peeking out beneath his tight sleeve (were those handcuffs inked into his shoulder?). He had thick wrists and sinewy forearms. His hands were large, tanned and with a little hair on each knuckle.

His face was just as intimidating as his body. Short cropped hair, a chiseled jawline covered with a five o’clock shadow. His full lips turned up at the corners as he smiled at the pup. He was wearing mirrored shades, which added just a hint of mystery to this fine-looking man.

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Montana – Part 04

By ty dehner

I look at Austin in disbelief. He builds an evil grin on his face.

“I don’t have any money, Ty has my wallet back in his barn.”

This pisses Austin off. He grabs my crotch and slowly pushes me in the dark corner of the bar. Two of his posse follow and the other goes gets some beers. I am slammed against the wall and Austin pushes his tongue in my mouth and gives me the kiss he started in the corral at the ranch. As he does he works my hands behind my back and soon I am cuffed, and he knees my balls making me moan into his lips.

He pulls back slightly his eyes looking into my mine.

“Oh, fuck boy, we’re going to show you your own private rodeo.”, he knees me again in the balls and I start to yell in pain he covers my mouth with his gloved hand and laughs. I struggle some and he smiles even more.

“Struggle cowboy, struggle. I fucking love me a cowboy that struggles and when I have you roped like a calf I am going to shoot my load all over you!”

The cowboy returns from the bar with three beers setting them on the table next to us, they sit down, and Austin has me sit in the chair next to him. Under the table he reaches over and starts kneading my cock and ball in the Wranglers causing me some pain.

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