Over the Line – Part 5: Touchdown

By ty dehner

ropedweb written by ty dehner

I wake slowly, out of the darkness I feel someone spit on my face. It doesn’t roll down, it just stays there, and as I focus I see the blue eyes of my Linebacker. My throat is raw as I try to reach for him but find my hands are still bound behind me. My Sir’s face is bloodied. I try to speak but can’t for I’m still gagged.

“Pig,” he gently smiles and then stands, and I see a booted foot swing over me as Sir kicks the oncoming cowboy. Struggling my body around I see more of the barn, two of the cowboys are out cold, the noose I still around my neck but the rope has been undone and strings from the ceiling loosely. As Sir fights the last cowboy, I try to stand, hoping to give any assistance I can. The cracking of some bones can be heard as Sir slams the cowboy into a post. Breathing heavily Sir steps back and the cowboy falls into a pile of horse shit, face first. Bent over and out of breath, Linebacker Sir looks at what he has accomplished and sits on a bale of hay.

Getting to my knees, then my feet, I walk to my strong Master. I look at him, as he looks up at me. Awkwardly kneeling, I lay my head in his lap. Still gagged and my hands bound, it is all I can do to let him know how much he means to me. His hand gently strokes my head.

“Pig, I don’t know how this happened. But you know, no one touches my pad pig.” he reaches down, bringing his lips to my gagged mouth. Then he holds my head to his chest and I take in his sweat and the solidness of his chest. Slowly his hand works down to his zipper and he pulls out his hard dick. I am surprised he is hard.

“You know how fucking hot you look right now, cowboy pig. Those chaps fit you like a pro. And that gag makes me want to fuck you right now.”

As Sir starts to stand, he moans a bit as in pain. He goes to one of the unconscious cowboys and works off his chaps, then puts them on himself. Looking down at himself as he tightens the buckle, “Damn, perfect fit.”

He finds a pair of gloves on the work bench, sliding them on his hands. Then he stands before me and I look in awe of this cowboy Linebacker before me. How fucking hot he is.

“Fuck, I am so horny faggot; I gotta fuck you here and now!”

With that, Sir grabs me and roughly moves me to another stack of hay that he lays me on my chest on. Still gagged and hands bound there ain’t much I can do to fight back. Sir takes some rope and binds my ankles around the bale, so I can’t move, then cuts a hole in my new Wranglers exposing his pad pig’s ass.

“Fuck, no lube.” Sir looks around, he finds some motor oil on the work bench and pours it on his dick. I start to panic and mumble in my gag for Sir not to fuck me with that. But he doesn’t listen and roughly he enters my ass. The oil makes it slide in, after the initial pain. Sir grabs my waist and puts himself down deep. He grunts loudly as he starts riding his cowboy pig. The smell of the barn, the leather, hay and more fills my nose, I can’t see, but I picture this strong solid cowboy Master having his powerful way with me. Over and over he pumps me, harder and harder. Not able to move a muscle, I clamp my ass on his rock-hard shaft. He loves that and commends me as the best faggot he could ever own.

Slowly one of the cowboys wakes to see Sir fucking me. He doesn’t move much, still too much in pain to ever try to get up. Sir notices that I see the cowboy, and without missing a motion, turns around to see the cowboy.

“This is how you ride a cowboy, shit head!” Sir laughs then really slams his rod into my ass deeper than ever before. The cowboy passes out again and Sir works to his climax. I heard the slapping of his legs strike my Wrangler ass. He reaches forward, laying his chest on my bound hands and back. His dirty gloved hand comes over my mouth and nose and begins to close off my air. Madly I struggle with my bondage and submission, taking in the leather smell as I can breath less and less. This only makes Sir harder and he nears his top. Cutting off my air completes, I scream into my gag as Sir shoots his load in to my ass. It is a great deal as it fills me. Then Sir collapses on me, exhausted by the efforts of the night. Able to breathe again, I can only take in the smells of the barn.

Slowly Sir stands and pulls out of me. He grabs one of the cowboy’s bandanas, wiping his dick clean and zipping up. He drops the bandana on one of the cowboys, releases the ropes around my ankles. Grabbing me by the neck of my shirt, he drags me out of the barn to our truck. Opening the back, he shoves me in. I look back at him, wondering why he doesn’t release me. The tale gate slams shut, followed by Sir’s door. The engine starts, and we are out of the barn yard.

The warm shower feels wonderful on my naked skin. I let is soak into my stiff muscles, having been bound for hours with my hands behind my back. The water washes away the left-over oil from my face, as I relax and let my piss flow out into the shower and down the drain. As I relax, I feel a gentle hand stroke up my ass and across my back. Sir has entered the shower. Slowly I turn to see his magnificent naked body before me, bruised, with bloody patches. Picking up the soap and wash cloth, I gently start to clean this crusty blood off this firm hunk that owns me. As I clean, his hands gently lather up my body also, but I am not as dirty or bloody as he. Washing around his chest, I feel show strong they are and how well defined his tits point that I just want to suck on them. Gently I take them in my mouth as I continue to clean my Linebacker. The warm water sneaks in my mouth as I tenderly chew and pull on his tits.

Occasionally he lets out a hiss or moan, but his hands never leave me. I open my eyes briefly to find him pissing down my crotch and leg, as his dick gets harder and expands out of his hairy bush. He pulls me closer; our eyes meet and they never move, deep in his blue eyes I see the passion that I feel everyday. Briefly he turns away to let the water wash away the soap and blood and soon his face is clean again. Sir’s stare returns to me and it makes my dick grow instantly. His face is the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen, so distinct and strong. Feeling his hand make its way up my neck, Sir exerts a slight pressure to being me to his lips. Ever so slightly they touch as the water cascades over them, my eyes close feeling the wonderfulness of his lips. He toys with me, as I drop the washcloth and take his tits in my hands. Tenderly I roll them between my finger and thumb, as he brings our lips closer together.

There is a moment between two men that time stands still, and nothing matters. This is one of those times. The warmth of the water, the warmth of our bodies, the warmth of his lips on mine, there is no pain, no fear, just two men that love each other.

The kiss becomes deeper and I squeeze a little harder. Sir bites my lower lip as if retaliation for my squeezing of his tits, but I know he wants that. Letting go of my lip, he sucks my tongue into his mouth, pushing me under the nozzle to drown me with the water. It pours over us, as we pull each other into our bodies, making the bond between us unbreakable.

The alarm breaks the deep sleep that I was in. Gawd, it is too early in the morning! And after the night we both had, why should we be getting up this early?! Slamming my hand to silence the damn buzzer, I roll over on my back and open my eyes to find the bright sun streaking through the window into our bedroom. Rolling over further to face my Master Linebacker, he opens his eyes and quietly gives me my morning “Woof”. Kissing him, I wrap my arms around him and feel his jersey and pants that he wears to bed at night.

“How do you feel this morning, Sir?”

Stretching some and wincing a little, “This is going to be a good day. I can’t wait to hit the field and show them what I can do.”

“You’ve worked hard for this; I know you’ll make the team.”

“We’ve worked hard pig. I am so fucking proud of the progress you’ve made.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

Sir rubs his face and stretches again. I know he must have some aches from the night before. It all comes back as I see the chaps from those cowboys lying on the dresser.

“Sir, I want to thank you for last night also.”

“Pig, no one will ever hurt you. I was very scared of what might have happened to you, especially finding your smashed camera on the floor. Luckily, someone saw those guys with you and I was able to put things together. But who knows what might have happened if I was a few minutes late.”

“Sir, I was so scared, but all I could think of is your tryout today. How you asked me to be with you.”

Sir kisses me and holds me closer. “You’re very important to my success, you better know that.”

“Yes Sir.”

“It wasn’t totally a bad thing, look at the nice chaps we got out of it!”

“Fuck Sir, you looked so fucking awesome in those!”

“Thanks pig, so did you.”

Sir sits up, pulling the covers off me, slapping my ass.

“Now we gotta get busy. It is a long drive to Red Deer.”

I hop out of bed, still wearing my uniform that Sir requires me to sleep in. Full football pants, jersey, socks, practice pads and gloves. Our morning goes by quickly as I make a hearty breakfast from the future linebacker for the Buccaneers. The drive is a good one, with the weather being warm and sunny. Sir and I always have great conversations and debates when we go on the long drives. He has told me many times, he loves talking to a man with a brain, one that can give him a good debate.

Arriving at the stadium, we find lots of guys lined up ready to try out. None look better than my Linebacker, dressed in his Adidas sweats. I notice several of the guys check him out as he goes to the table to submit his paperwork and pay his fee. After we head to the stands and wait for his name to be called. As we watch the various guys go through their paces, Sir points out one with a beefy look, nearly no neck. He tells me that he wants both of us to look like that in time. I must be careful because I can feel my dick growing, but I’m not wearing a cup today and it could make my workout pants start to tent!

After several hours, Sir’s name is called, and we head down to the field. With much pride, I watch him go through the try out. A couple of times I notice the coaches making marks on their clip boards and talking between themselves. You know those times when you just know someone is impressed with a guy that is what I was seeing. Sir ran the dash in a flash, conquered the obstacle course without a problem. He pushed the sled with the loudest roar of any man. Every test he had, he was doing it perfectly. When he finished, the coaches talked with him briefly. As he came to me, I could see his smile turn into a grin. It was if I was watching a little boy coming from school with the thrill of his first piece of art work getting rave reviews. Sir was so excited, and I could see it and feel it. He grabbed me and hugged me, whispering in my ear, “When you get home, you’re gonna get to sniff and clean my sweaty shirt.”

Pulling me away, he looked me straight in the eye and winked. I had never seen my Linebacker so happy and pumped. We headed back to the stands to watch some more. As we sat, I heard my name called. I turned looking at Sir in puzzlement.

“Pig, you’re in good shape and I want you on this team also. Now get your ass down there and do your fucking best!”

I didn’t know what to say and if I wasn’t so fucking scared, I am sure I would be hard as a rock. Sir pushed me, and I started down to the field.

My hands were shaking, I hadn’t been this nervous since high school. All this time I had been helping Sir with his workout and it was me trying out now. As I lined up for the dash, I saw that Sir was on the field. I could tell he was pulling for me. The starter pistol fired, and I ran as hard as I ever had. My heart was pumping, and I dashed through the obstacle course in nothing flat. The sled was heavier than I ever thought, but I pushed it down the distance. Over and over, challenge after challenge, faced them and conquered them. Never had I ever done such things, even dreamed of such things. But the more I did them the more I wanted to be on this team. I wanted it for me and I wanted it because the Linebacker that I loved and served wanted it also.

When I was done with my try out, I felt so young, so silly and excited. I ran to Sir and hugged him as he did me, “Sir, you can clean my shirt tonight also.” He laughed and much to my surprise gave me a brief peck on the lips. Looking around, no one noticed.

The drive home made me realize the waiting had just started. Would Sir or I make the team? I know they had to be impressed with the skills of my Linebacker and I wanted so badly for him to make the starting team. I knew there was lots of work and practice ahead if he made it, but it would be worth it. After the tryout, Sir stopped at McDonalds and both feasted on burgers and fries. Then another stop at Dairy Queen where we enjoyed ice cream. That night we soaked in the hot tub for a long time, for we both realized that we weren’t in our 20’s any longer and our bodies were not going to let us forget it.

There is this feeling of anticipation that is like no other, the smells that only a locker room has. It is a sight that I never thought I’d see and now it was before me. I was suiting up my Linebacker in the locker room of a semi-pro football team. And I was doing it because I was also on the team! Surrounded by strong, big men, we were putting on our full professional level pads, pants, uniform. Little did these guys know that I had been taping Sir’s cleats on for several years. I knew that Sir was hard as a rock in that cup that he wore under his game pants. Finally, he was going to take the field in his uniform and dirty them playing football! Sir was on the starting defensive team!

I also made the team but was back up. I still got to suit up and be on the field, but I was pretty sure my uniform would stay clean. Sir and I laughed when we made the team, for we didn’t realize how bad a team we were joining. Over time we found out that the Buccaneers hadn’t won a game in two years! Though Sir liked this idea, for he thought he’d be getting dirty a lot for having to work so hard to stop the other team.

Before the coach gave his pep talk, I completed suiting up my real Linebacker! He helped me complete my uniform then picked up my helmet, snapping it on. Grabbing the face mask, Sir looked me right in the eyes, “Pig, this helmet stays on for the entire game. I will remove it when we are done. Got it?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Pig, you look so fucking hot right now. I love you pig.”

“I love you, Linebacker Sir!”

Sir slams his hands on my pads and I yell back at him! The other guys laugh a little at our enthusiasm.   The coach enters and gives his talk. I have never felt so inspired and excited. Within minutes we are going down the hall out to the field our cleats clicking on the concrete, down the hall and out the tunnel onto the field. It was fucking exciting! My view consisted of my Linebacker’s ass in his tight pants, not a bad view at all!

The game started and was exciting. Our team seems to have a new spirit and was answering every score with a score. Several times, when Sir wasn’t on the field, he’d come to me and tell me how he felt. He was so excited. The field was soft because of the rains a few days earlier. My Linebacker looked fucking hot in his muddy uniform. But before he could go on much, he’d had to take to the field.

At halftime, the locker room was buzzing. We were ahead for a change and had a chance at winning! Sir still hadn’t allowed me to remove my helmet and I felt submissive in my shiny clean uniform, compared to his dirty, sweaty uniform. I know Sir was thinking of ways he’d be able to get the uniform home that night.

The last half past by quickly and as the minutes of the game ticked down, we were tied. To come this close and loose would be shattering to all involved. The fans in the stands were going nuts trying to encourage the team. Our offense was working the clock and the field to get us closer for at least a field goal. With seconds left, it happened. The sound from the crowd was deafening, as an interception was thrown, and we lost possession. Our coach was mad as a wet hornet, yelling every profanity in the book and then some! As Sir and the defense went on the field, everyone felt like once more we were going to lose. We couldn’t catch a break this one time, we were so close.   The quarterback walked past me, slamming his helmet into the bench. I made my way closer to the field, so I could watch the action and my Linebacker; I looked at the clock to see it ticking down. Their first play didn’t go well, and they gained only 3 yards. They were a long way from any scoring, but they had the lead and only had to burn down the clock. Their second play again was a small gain. Then our coach called a time out with 3 seconds on the board. The player took the play out to the huddle of our defense.

Then I heard something I dreaded, my name was being yelled by the defensive coach. I turned to him and he was pointing to me to get on the field. I couldn’t breath; there was no way I ever figured to ever play! Oh shit, I stepped onto the field and trotted out to the huddle. The tackle coming out slapped my ass as he passed by. Into the huddle, I looked around to see my Linebacker’s blue eyes staring at me through his eye shield. He smiled, I saw his gloved hand point at me as if to tell me I better to my best. Everyone was listening to the Quarterback call the play. Well, I have to say they listened. All I could hear was my heart. The claps and huddle break brought me back to my reality.

Approaching the line, there before me was the biggest piece of beef I’d ever seen. His breath just steamed out of his mouth, as he looked like one of those bulls at the rodeo. It was a blur as the play started and the ball hiked to the opposing quarterback. Crashing into this mouth breathing side of beef, I struggled with his arms and to push him back. But in a flash, the quarterback released the ball and it soared out of the air. The beef stops me and we both watch the ball fly. As the receiver jumps in the air to catch it, he is blocked in view by…fuck….my Linebacker. He makes the leap and catches the ball. Fuck! I yell out for him to run. Landing on his cleats, Sir races towards the end zone. Never have I seen him move so sleekly, as he avoids two tackles and has a clear path. The crowd is louder than ever!

Then I see him, that fucking side of beef. He has moved down field and is on a collision course to stop my Linebacker. I take off and run faster than I’ve ever run. I feel the slosh of the turf under my cleats as I rip it apart chasing down this beef! As the beef bends to drive himself into my Linebacker, I take one final spurt and drive my head into the beef’s midsection. Deflected away from Sir, our pads crash, and the impact drives him away from Sir. I fall to the ground and slid across the turf, with my face mask filling with mud and grass.

I hear the crowd getting louder, so I lift myself just in time to watch my Sir cross the goal line and see the ref shoot his hands into the air! The buzzer sounds, and the game is over. Getting up I rush to my Linebacker! My fucking Linebacker!! He sees me, and we crash into each other, yelling and screaming!! He laughs seeing all the turf hanging from my face mask. Banging my pads, he yells at me.

“You are so fucking awesome pig. Thank you! I love you so damn much!”

I can’t help it and tear up some, just as the team arrives. Lifting my Sir, he holds the ball in the air and his finger straight up. Number one!

The End

© Copyright 2018 ty dehner

Metal would like to thank ty dehner for sharing this story!

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