By Jackson Amacher

I’m not an expert in paintball, but I had played a few times before. My friend Jonas knew that, so he invited me on a game at a famous site in western North Carolina with a couple of his friends, and

I agreed to go along. We drove out there Friday after work, doing about 90 in Jonas’ new Ford Explorer. There was the two of us, plus three other guys Jonas knew.

After a quick reception, the camp directors ran over the rules. No big surprises, except that we weren’t allowed to bring any gear in except what they provided for us. Also, they would pick the teams.

They sent us into the locker rooms. There was a guy who worked for the site there, wearing a bright hunter’s orange uniform.

“Take off all your clothes and put them in a locker, then shut the door. When you’re all done, we’ll bring in your gear,” he told us.

There were a couple of college kids at the end of the locker room near him. One of them asked, “Why, do you guys get a kick out of seeing us naked or something?”

“Security. We don’t want you transferring anything we didn’t give you into your uniform’s pockets. This is a totally controlled game. Strip down.”

Getting undressed in front of other guys doesn’t bother me, but I get worried that when they get undressed in front of me they’ll be able to tell from the way that I look at them that I’m gay. So, I kept my eyes to the wall. I stripped slowly, shirt first, then shoes, then pants, then underwear, folding everything and putting it into my locker. I resisted the urge to glance around at the other guys while I was doing this. But finally, I was naked.

I didn’t shut the locker door, because I knew that once I did there was no going back. I turned around, and saw that I was one of the few guys who were naked. Most of the other guys didn’t strip all the way. A couple guys just took off their shirts. That made me feel kind of weird. A lot of guys were kind of glancing my way, trying not to stare. I wondered if I was the only tool who was going to be following the directions today. I thought of going back and putting my pants back on if the other guys weren’t going to strip yet, but then I realized that would just look stupid.

Only a few of us were naked, but at least none of us had locked our lockers behind us. Jonas was next to me. He glanced at my body really briefly and then bent down to pull down his pants. As he did, his butt knocked my locker door shut. It slammed with a loud metal clang, and you could hear the click of the lock falling in place.

Jonas was now wearing only his briefs. “Whoops, sorry. Hey, looking good, Nate,” he told me, and smiled. While I was trying to figure out what the hell that meant, he shucked off his briefs, tossed them in his locker, and closed the door.

We stood around for a while. It pissed me off that most of the guys were still wearing clothes, and just sitting around talking. I was sure that some of them were staring at me.

The uniformed guy was shouting again. “Look, you’ve got to all strip down. They won’t bring the uniforms in here until everyone’s naked and every locker is shut. Now, move!”

Finally, group by group, the clothes came off, and the guys locked them away. Before long I was in a room of naked men.

“So, where’s our stuff?” one of the college kids, now totally naked, asked. “Is this just a peep show for you freaks?”

“I’ve radioed it in; they’re bringing your stuff.”

Radio or no, it still took them about ten minutes to bring our uniforms in. Maybe they wanted to give us more time to get to know each other.

Finally, they came in with our uniforms. They had them folded into packages, wrapped in brown paper with names written on it. They called out last names, and tossed the packages to you. Problem was, there were only packages for about a third of us.

The guys who got packages opened them. They had white briefs with yellow waistbands and camouflage pants and shirts with yellow checks. They all got dressed.

“There’s still a bit of a delay getting the rest of the clothes to you, but they’ll be in soon,” the guy in the hunter’s orange uniform told us.

Thankfully, most of the college kids were still naked. But some of them were dressed and making trouble. It was pretty immature bullshit. They’d grab a naked kid and put him in a headlock, holding him up so we could all see him full frontal. A couple of guys grabbed one poor kid, held his arms, and gave him a couple spankings.

It was another ten minutes before they brought in the next batch of packages. This time it was white briefs with brown waistbands and camouflage shirt and pants with brown checks. There was no package for me.

Now I was really uncomfortable. I was naked, and I was in the minority. I’d been in lots of locker rooms before, of course, starting with middle school and working my way through high school, college, and then a number of gyms. But there was something in the atmosphere that made me feel weird. A sort of competition. People checking each other out, getting ready to compete. And all those guys in uniforms staring at my naked, helpless body didn’t make me feel like I could beat them.

The yellows and browns started to form off into different parts of the locker room. Those of us who were naked took the parts of the locker room that were left. The only guy I knew on my team was Jeff, who was looking very nervous and very cute. It was kind of cold in the locker room, and his nipples were erect. Like me, he had his hands folded in his lap, hiding his crotch.

Finally, they brought our clothes in. We were green. At the same time, they brought boots in for everyone. We were ready to go, almost.

“Guys, we’re really sorry for the delay,” the attendant in the hunter’s orange uniform said. “Let’s head over into the supply room and get you ready.”

They gave us maps, water, paint guns, and 10 rounds of ammo each.

“The rules are simple,” the attendant told us. “If you get shot radio in and we’ll bring you out. I don’t recommend getting shot,” he added. “It will sting, and when you’re back here you’ll have to just sit on your ass for the rest of the game.

“Each team has a flag. Capture the other two flags and you win. You’ll find more equipment spread around the site.”

They loaded us into three busses and dropped us off in our camps in the field. The game was on.

Part 2

The thing most people don’t realize about paintball is that it hurts like hell when you get shot. Those weapons aren’t too accurate, so they make up for it by having them spit out the paint pellets really fast, so they can hit something vaguely in front of your gun. Skin can break; people can get bruises.

The second thing that people don’t realize is that it’s all about taking prisoners. You don’t have much ammo. The people that run the games never give much out. The stuff is expensive. They don’t want you to make a huge mess by shooting up the entire woods. And it makes the game more fun by making you conserve your ammo.

The Green camp was a couple of tents. We chose Jeff as our leader. He had more experience than the rest of us, and he seemed to know what was going on. He set up patrols and scouts. Jeff put me on what was called advance scout duty. Basically, my job was to cross enemy lines and try to see what they were up to. I was new at this stuff, so Jeff sent two experienced guys with me, Ted and James. Ted was one of the college kids, and pretty hard core. James was in his thirties, and in pretty good shape.

We left camp, headed west towards what we thought was the brown territory. After about twenty minutes of walking, Ted held out his arm, and signaled for us to hit the ground and freeze. We did.

Up ahead were two guys in brown uniforms. From the looks of it, they were posted as lookouts. They were certainly making a hell of a lot of noise. They definitely didn’t see us. Staying close to the ground and off the trail, we crept towards them silently.  The three of us took positions surrounding them, and lied on the ground, waiting for Ted to signal our attack.

“Rick, I’m going to take a piss, be right back,” one of the Browns said. He walked in my direction. I was afraid he would see me, but I guess my camouflage worked. With his back to me, I saw him reach in front of his pants to unzip, and then I thought I could see him spraying a tree.

“Now!” Ted shouted.

I leapt up and rushed towards him, with my paintgun rifle pointed square at his back. A pretty easy catch, really, since there was no chance he could reach for his gun with his dick in his hands. Ted and James covered the other guy, Rick.

“Hands in the air!” James shouted.

Rick dropped his rifle to the ground and raised his hands. “We surrender!,” he shouted.

My guy had his hands up, too. “Turn around,” I told him. He turned around slowly. I glanced at his limp cock hanging in front of his pants.

“Throw your gun down slowly,” I said, and he did.

“Put that thing away, too,” I said, motioning at his dick. He zipped up.

We had Rick and the other Brown stand next to each other while we tried to decide what to do.

“No sense in wasting ammo shooting them,” James said. “But we can’t be weighted down with prisoners this early in the mission.”

“Yeah, and I don’t want to walk these guys back to our camp’s prison so soon,” Ted said. “If they are this close to us already, we need to press on and catch some more.”

“We can’t just leave them here,” I said. “They’ll run off and reveal where we are.”

Then Ted got a big smile on his face. “Let’s pants ’em,” he whispered.

James and I nodded. James went over to Rick, and I went to my catch.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Bill,” he said.

“Bill, take off your shirt.”

Bill glanced over at Rick, his fellow brown, and saw that he was already down to his T-shirt. So, Bill pulled off his camouflage shirt and dropped it to the ground.

“That too,” I said, jabbing his T-shirt. Bill reached down to his waist, grabbed the T-shirt, and pulled it up over his head and let it fall to the forest floor.

“You follow orders real well,” I said. “Strip off the rest, just for fun.”

“Oh come on, this isn’t necessary,” Bill said. “You can take us back to your camp, or let us go there or…”

“Shut up or I’ll plant a wad of paint on your chest. Take it off.”

Bill bent down to remove his boots, then his socks and pants. That left him in his briefs, with their distinctive brown waistband.

“These too?,” he asked sheepishly, tugging on his waistband. I nodded.

He was pretty cute naked. The cool forest fall air was making his nipples stick up, and the humiliation of the experience seemed to make his cock stand up straight.

We marched both of our naked captives about fifty paces from the trail. We had them sit down in front of some tree trunks. James took the laces out of their boots, and tied their hands behind their backs around the trees. For a final measure, we gagged both of them with their own socks.

“Ain’t they cute?” Ted asked. “We should bring some other guys over to see this.”

“Looks like they’re enjoying the experience, too,” James said. He pointed to their cocks, which were both totally erect.

“Hey, I’ve got an idea,” Ted said. He bent down and grabbed Rick’s cock, and started stroking it.

“Awesome,” James said.

I took a cue and went to work on Bill, rubbing his cock up and down and aiming it at Rick. Bill and Rick started squirming, pulling at their binds to try to break free and stop us, but there was no use. I could feel that Bill was getting ready to shoot, so I started tickling his nipples to send him over the edge. He shot his load and it hit Rick square in the chest.

“My guy went first, I win,” I said, smiling.

“Very funny,” Ted said, and increased his speed on Rick’s cock. Twenty seconds later, Rick returned Bill’s favor.

“OK, lovebirds, sit tight,” James said. “We’ll come back for you later.”

We left them there, naked and tied to the trees, with cum drying on their chests.

Part 3

Before we could leave, my radio went off. I answered. It was Jeff, our green leader. He wanted me to break off from the group and head towards a new location.

It was guard duty. I was working with a college kid named George. Our job was to protect a clearing in the forest a couple hundred yards to the west of our camp. It was somewhat boring work, and George was getting fed up. We hung around for a few hours, but no one came by.

“I’ve had enough of this shit,” George said. “Let’s go further out and scout to see what’s out there.”

“That’s a pretty stupid idea, George,” I said. “We’ll get caught, or shot, without the right backup.”

“Look, sissy, I didn’t go on this game to sit on my ass and wait to take orders. Let’s head out,” George said.

“George, I won’t stop you, but I’m going to stay here and guard the post.”

“Cool,” George said. “If I’m not back in fifteen minutes, radio for help, OK?”

George ran off, taking his gun and some supplies with him. I was alone now, so I decided to hide up in a tree, where I could get a better view of people approaching the clearing. About twenty minutes passed. Something must have happened to George. I didn’t radio back to camp, though. I heard some crunching of leaves on the forest floor. I strained to see what it was.

It was George. He was stripped naked. His hands were behind his back, probably bound there, and there was a rope tied around his neck. Holding the other end was Jonas, decked out in his nice Brown Camouflage.

George was leading the way. As he got closer, I could see how thoroughly Jonas had humiliated him. His hands were handcuffed behind his back, and there was a gag in his mouth. His dick looked like it had been painted brown. Finally, his ankles were tied together, with only about two feet of rope between them, making it possible to walk but not to run. It was kind of scary, but it was still a gorgeous sight. He had nice pecks and beautiful abs. His arms had nice, bulging biceps, which stood out nicely against his muscular, rounded shoulders. Those college boys had time to do nothing but work out and make themselves gorgeous. And now Jonas had caught one.

Jonas proceeded carefully. Before entering the clearing, while he was still outside my range, he yanked on George’s leash and George halted. Jonas took the gag out of George’s mouth.

“Sweetie, where’s your boyfriend?”

“I don’t see him. I told him to go back for help if I’m not back in ten minutes. When he gets here with reinforcements, your homo ass is going to be so–”

George cut him off, stuffing the gag back into his mouth. He gave George a quick spank and stroked his nipples. George pulled away, but Jonas kept the leash tight and the gun pointed at him. I suddenly noticed that George’s cock was almost erect. He was getting a kick out of this!

“Let’s go find him. I’d love for him to join our little party. You two could have fun together.”

My dick jumped at that thought. I almost considered letting myself get captured. Jonas pointed the gun at his captive and said, “March.” George walked forward, directly under the branch I was in. Jonas followed.

As soon as Jonas was under me, I jumped down. I came from above; he didn’t know what to expect. I landed on him, knocking his gun out of his hands. I hung onto my gun, and pointed it directly at Jonas.

“George, go grab that gun!,” I shouted. His leash dangling from his neck, George hobbled over to the gun as fast as he could, and tried to bend down and pick it up with his hands behind his back.

I frisked Jonas while he was on the ground, and didn’t feel any other guns. “Stand up, Jonas,” I said. He did.

“No funny stuff. Drop that backpack on the ground, now,” I said. Jonas did as he was told.

“Take off your shirt,” I said, keeping the gun pointed at him. Jonas did nothing, and just smiled.

“Don’t fuck with me, Jonas,” I said. “I’d love to get a kill, but I’d rather save my ammo. And give you, my best buddy, a chance at rescue or escape and one fewer bruise on your skin.”

Jonas took off his shirt and tossed it on the ground. Then he took off his T-shirt with its brown collar and put it on the ground. His chest glistened with sweat. It rose up and down as he breathed heavily.

“Turn around. Hands behind your back,” I said.

One of the supplies we had found at the green camp was a large supply of cable ties. The people that ran the game gave all of us different supplies. From the looks of poor George, the Browns had handcuffs. I pulled a cable tie from my pocket, wrapped it around Jonas’s wrists, and pulled tight. I spun Jonas around and took off his boots and socks. Then I paused, looked at Jonas again, and raised my fingers to tickle and tease his nipples.

“You know what comes next, honey?” I asked. He got a nervous look in his eyes.

I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, pushed them to the ground, and made him step out of them. He looked really cute in his white briefs. They were really one size smaller than they should have been — no loose fabric anywhere, and his dick very clearly bulging against the front. Jonas’s stomach was nice and flat. He looked so damn good in those briefs that I almost let him keep them.

Looking at him directly in the eye, I pulled down his underwear and felt his cock jump out and briefly slap me on the leg. Without looking down, I ran my hands along his butt cheeks, along the crack, and then briefly over his balls and dick. George had stood up by now, and he hobbled over to me. He made muffled sounds through his gag, so I took it out.

“He’s got the keys to my cuffs,” George said. “Unlock them and let me wear his clothes.”

“Oh, are you giving me orders?” I asked. I stroked George’s nipples, too. George looked at me with a scared expression on his face.

“But we’re on the same team,” he said.

“You ran off. Don’t worry, I’ll put you back in one piece. But first, I want to have some fun. Jonas, look at what you did to poor George! Clean his dick off.”

Jonas didn’t seem to know what I meant, so I pushed him to his knees.

“Suck him, Jonas.”

This was George’s chance to object, but he suddenly seemed into this scene. He moved his legs apart and pointed his dick right towards Jonas’s mouth. Jonas bent towards George, stuck out his tongue, and guided George’s cock into his mouth. George closed his eyes in ecstasy and started to groan as Jonas moved his mouth up and down George’s cock. Jonas seemed to be having a lot less fun. Whatever he had put on George’s dick didn’t seem to taste good.

I got a little bit into the action too, running my finger down George’s butt crack and then gently into his asshole. Not too far, but far enough so that he noticed. As George’s moans started to get louder, giving the tell-tale signs of an oncoming climax, I pulled out, grabbed Jonas’s shoulders and pulled him back.

“Let’s see how we’re doing,” I said.

I stared at George’s cock. It was erect, but still as brown as it was before.

“Jesus, Jonas, what kind of paint is that?”

“It wasn’t paint, man,” George said, breathing heavily. “It was some kind of liquid. Really stung when he put it on.”

“It was a dye,” Jonas said. “It’ll wear off. In about a week. Until then, his body is marked as ours.”

“Fuck that! Keep cleaning, man!” George shouted, and pushed his erect cock back towards Jonas’s face.

“Why George, I don’t want you jizzing all over my new toy,” I said.

“We’ll just have him clean other parts of you. Jonas, clean him with your tongue.”

Jonas didn’t have to be asked twice. He stood up and started licking George’s chest, then worked his way down to his stomach. I made him skip the dick this time, though it was tough because it was sticking out there so far. I made Jonas lick the dirt and crud off George’s feet and legs, and then even let him lick the cheeks on George’s butt.

“Wasn’t that nice of him, George? Why don’t you pay him back by fucking him up the ass?” I said, motioning for Jonas to stand up and turn around.

“Are you nuts? Do him yourself. Take these cuffs off me,” George said.

“Look, cutie, you want to be on my good side, here. I’m giving the orders. Do it. Do it standing up.”

I made Jonas raise his hands to the middle of his back, clearing the way for George to jam his erect cock between Jonas’s seemingly welcoming cheeks. George started to pump in and out, getting into the grind more and more. I stood in front of Jonas, and enjoyed the look on his face. He seemed to want to thank me. I reached over and teased his dick a little bit, and stroked his flank.

Watching all this action made me feel hot, and I really wanted to take better advantage of my two captives. It was a great combo: a guy in his 20s and an older one, both nicely in shape, both naked, and both totally helpless.. But I knew that I was the only one with a paint gun, and if I occupied myself with more pleasant things I’d be a sitting duck if any of Jonas’s Brown friends came by. I ordered George to stop just before I thought he was ready to cum. Hey, I didn’t want him to have too much fun.

“This has been a lot of fun, guys, but it’s time that we get along,” I said. “Let’s head back to camp.”

“Nate!” George pleaded with me, panting. “I’m not fucking going to go back there like this. At least let me wear his pants.”

“I don’t have a knife to cut that rope between your ankles off, George,” I said, lying. “Besides, our border guards will shoot on sight anyone wearing a brown uniform. If I let you wear Jonas’s uniform, you’d be meat.”

“Then, you two lovebirds go along,” George said. “Unlock these cuffs with his key. I’ll stay around here and hide in the bushes. Come back for me with new clothes from the camp.”

“Look, idiot,” I said. “I wasn’t the one that told you to go off and get captured. More Browns are coming. I don’t have time to stand here and rummage through pockets looking for a key. And I’m sure as hell not going to leave you here buck naked, waiting to be captured by the Browns and brought back to their camp to get your dick tortured by sadists like this,” I said, spanking Jonas. “Be thankful I rescued your ass. You’re just going to have to show it off a little bit, now.”

“Fuck that! I’m not going back into camp naked. If I’m caught, I won’t talk; I promise,” George said.

I came up with an idea. “Hey, Jonas,” I said, sticking the barrel of my gun right up his ass. That got his attention.

“Yes?” he yelped.

“Tell me where the keys to those cuffs are in three seconds or I pull the trigger.”

“Back right pants pocket.”

I opened that pocket in Jonas’s pants. I didn’t see a key in there, just a couple of Polaroid photos.

“What the hell are these?,” I asked, pulling them out.

They were photos of George. A full-frontal shot of him naked, with his hands clasped behind his head so you could see everything. Another shot from behind. A butt shot of him, with him bending over. A close-up of his dick, before Jonas dyed it. And another shot, just perfect, taken from the side, showing George giving someone else a blowjob. I was pretty sure it was Jonas, but there was no face attached to that dick in the photo. Perfect for blackmail.

“Hey George,” I said, holding up the photos. “You’ve really got a pretty hot bod. Maybe we should keep you this way in the camp, and turn you into our little entertainment boy.”

George’s face was red. He just stared down at the forest floor. I had new appreciation for Jonas. At least now Jonas would get a taste of his own medicine. I found the key to the cuffs in that pocket, too.

“OK, George, here’s the deal,” I said. “I let you stay out here. I’ll even risk my ass to come back out here and bring you some clothes, so you can walk back into the camp without giving a bunch of guys a bunch of ideas. But once I bring you back into camp, you’re my boy. You do what you’re told, when you’re told. Do it well and I won’t show these photos to anyone else. Agreed?”

George nodded.

“OK, then. Come over here.”

The gag that Jonas had been using on George wasn’t just a rag. The browns apparently had access to high-quality jobs, like you saw in Bruce Willis’ mouth in Pulp Fiction. This one had a clasp on the back with two locking rings in it, so that you could put a padlock in it and make it impossible to take off without a key.

I stuck the gag in George’s helpless mouth. I unlocked the cuffs, but then I took one cuff and locked it through the rings at the back of George’s gag.

“Now, you’re not talking to anyone unless I let you. Let’s go,” I said.

I led George and Jonas away from the clearing and into the woods. I found a limb that was sticking out from a tree horizontally, pretty much parallel to the ground. I locked the other cuff around it. George started to complain through the gag, but I just gave him a spank.

“Now you’re not going anywhere unless I let you,” I said. “Hey, stick ’em up.”

George looked at me, confused.

“I’m not going to admit to doing this to you,” I said. “It has to look like the Browns left you here. Give me your hands.”

I took two lengths of rope out of Jonas’s backpack and tied both of George’s wrists to the tree limb, really tight. Jonas and I admired my work. There he was, the cute, well-developed, impudent college boy, totally naked and helpless and completely exposed from both front and back. I gave him a spank, rubbed his nipples again, and then had a little fun batting around his brown cock. Then, for good measure, I tickled his exposed armpits, just to watch him jump around. His dick became more and more erect.

“The camera is in my backpack,” Jonas said.

“So it is!” I said, searching through.

George really started to squirm then, straining to pull his hands free from the tree. But there was no chance. I took out the Polaroid, and took a shot of George from the front. Then I took a few of Jonas for good measure, making him take the same poses he had put George in. Admiring my photo collection, I sighed. “That’s my boys,” I said.

Waving goodbye, we just left George there, looking more scared than pissed. I could see him trying to move his hands closer together, attempting to escape, but there was no hope. He was there as long as I wanted him to be. I tied a leash to Jonas like he had tied to George, and led him away.  When we were away from George, Jonas said, “I don’t suppose I can convince you to give me my pants back before all those guys see me.”

I spanked him, then laid my hand on his butt and ran my finger down the crack while we were still walking.

“Now, why would you want that?” I asked.

“I just don’t like being naked in public,” he said.

“Oh. You’d better get used to it, then,” I told him. I started to stick my finger deeper into his anus as he was walking. I loved this game.

Part 4

I guess I could have let Jonas use his boots to walk to our prison, but I loved seeing him walk around naked and at my beck and call.  As we approached the camp, the border guards leapt out, pointing guns at us. Then they saw what was coming at them, and laughed hysterically.

“Nate, that’s awesome! What team was he from?”

“Browns,” I said. “Do we have a prison set up, yet?”

“Aren’t you something else?” one of the guards said to Jonas, and reached over to tease his dick and balls. From behind, I saw Jonas react by clenching his butt cheeks.

“Kind of. We didn’t expect so many captured this soon. Just take him over there,” the other guard said, motioning behind him.

We walked into the Green camp. In my absence, they had gotten things a bit more organized, pitching a few more tents and creating a command center, complete with maps and radios. Towards the center of the camp, there was a square enclosure surrounded by a barbed wire fence that the guys had put up pretty quickly. Two greens guarded the only exit. I saw two captured players inside, both of them yellow. They were stripped to the waist.

Jonas attracted a lot of attention as we walked through the camp. A lot of guys stopped what they were doing to give a mock wolf-whistle. Jonas looked absolutely mortified.

“In you go, Jonas,” I said. I untied his leash, but left his hands bound behind him with the cable tie. He walked into the prison enclosure, glanced around a little bit, and then kind of squatted down, so you couldn’t see his dick or butt. Such modesty.

“Hey man, that’s my spot,” one of the Yellows said to him.

“Sorry,” Jonas said, and got up and moved somewhere else.

“That’s my spot,” the other Yellow said.

“Where the fuck do you want me to sit?” Jonas asked.

“We’ll think about that later, honey,” the first Yellow said. “Stand up straight; let the folks look at you.”

Jonas stood upright, and I got another good look at him. His arms were huge, with biceps almost as thick as his neck. His chest was broad and thick with lots of muscle, and the faintest hint of some abs at the stomach. One of the yellows reached over to touch Jonas’s chest. He reacted strongly, jerking back and stepping away.

“Hey, look, muscle-boy, we’ve got four untied fists and two pairs of pants. You aren’t wearing anything but a cable tie. Now stand the fuck still and let us do what we want or we’ll demonstrate to you just how helpless you are,” the second Yellow said.

Jonas stood upright and stared straight forward. One the yellows started to stroke his chest again, then felt his bicep, and gave him a little tickle under the armpit. The other licked his nipple and ran his hands through Jonas’s hair, then went down and stroked Jonas’s ass. The two green guards just watched all the action, grinning.

“Look at how hard that dick is,” the first Yellow said. “Let’s see how much he really enjoys this.”

He started stroking Jonas’s helpless cock, delicately tickling his balls and moving his other hand around the cock’s head. The guys kind of threatened Jonas, but you could see he was secretly enjoying this very much. He stood there, as still as he could, but started moving his pelvis back and forth.

By now a fairly large crowd was outside the fence, staring at our new captive and watching the other prisoners torment him.

“Look how much he’s getting into this,” the second Yellow said. He started helping Jonas along, stroking one nipple and slowing inching another hand’s finger into Jonas’s ass.

Jonas grunted faintly, then louder, and then closed his eyes as his dick exploded, jizzing all over the prison floor.

“Hey, look at the mess you made in our home!” the second yellow said. “We’ve gotta live here. Get on the ground and lick that stuff up.”

They pushed Jonas down on his knees and forced him to bend over and lick some of it up. It was a tough balancing act, and Jonas almost fell flat on his face in his own cum.

“That’s enough,” a loud voice said behind me. It was Jeff, the Green leader.

Gratefully, Jonas sat back up.

“Martin and Will, it’s your mess, so you clean it up,” Jeff said.

Grumbling, Martin and Will bent down at Jonas’s feet and began brushing dirt and dust over the cum puddles, starting to cover it up.

“No, guys,” Jeff said. “Clean it up. Like Jonas was doing.”

All it took was the guard to point his gun at them again to make them bend down further, stick out their tongues, and lick the cum off the ground. There wasn’t much, so it couldn’t have been too horrible for them, but it had to have been humiliating for them.

“So, looks like you caught us a juicy prize,” Jeff said to me.

“Yeah, and that’s the best way to keep them from running off. Keeps them obedient and friendly,” I said.

“I’ll bet it does,” Jeff said. “You’ve got a great idea here. Doesn’t he, guys?,” Jeff asked, turning to the guards.

The guards smiled. One of them walked into the prison enclosure, and nonchalantly began pulling off one of the Yellow’s pants. The guy almost began to resist, but then realized where he was. When the guard was done stripping the first one, he went on to the second, and finally walked out of the enclosure carrying two sets of clothes. Jeff and I left that scene and started to walk towards the command tent.

“You three must have had fun out there. Where is George?”

“Lost his clothes and insisted on staying behind,” I said. “I told him I’d go back with a new uniform.”

“His old one fell into enemy hands?” Jeff asked.

“Yeah,” I said.

Jeff shook his head. “Well, at least we got one of theirs. Look, take a pair of pants out to him so he can walk back here wearing at least something. But I don’t want to risk sending you out there with a spare uniform for the Browns to capture.”

“Agreed. I’ll just take some underwear for him. He’ll understand,” I said, smiling.

“You dog, Nate,” Jeff said. “I ought to promote you. Take Jed and Tyler with you to retrieve George. We don’t want to leave him out there too long, do we?”

I was in no hurry, though. I kind of liked to think about George, naked and humiliated in the woods, patiently waiting for me to give him a small shred of dignity back. About an hour later, I was headed back out to the woods with Jed and Tyler. Jed wasn’t a college kid, but he still didn’t look too old.

Tyler was in his early 30s, and had a neat head of brown hair and big eyebrows.

Both Jed and Tyler were pros. The three of us walked in single file, alert to any sound of an approaching enemy. I led them to the general area of where I had left George buck naked, handcuffed and tied to a tree. I didn’t tell them that I had left him like that, of course; only that he was trapped out here, bare ass naked.

When we found George, I could tell that the Browns had found him first. He was still gagged, and the handcuffs that locked his gag shut and kept him from moving his head away from the tree were there. But I had left him with his hands raised up to the tree limb, and tied there. Now, his hands were handcuffed to the tree limb. I didn’t have the key. When George saw us, he started making a lot of noise in the gag. He moved his head as much as he could, motioning downward. We looked at his dick. It wasn’t erect anymore. His dick and balls had some sort of gel smeared over them.

“Christ, that’s Ben Gay on his balls,” Jed said. “Must sting like hell!”

We could tell that George was pleading with us to wipe the stuff off his balls and let him go.

“Can that do serious damage to him?” I asked.

“No, he’ll be OK, once we take it off,” Jed said.

“The Browns must have been planning to come back to interrogate him,” Tyler said. “We won’t be able to hacksaw through all those cuffs in time. Better wait and see if we can ambush the guys that show up.”

George made louder noises and kept jerking his head downwards, pleading with us.

“George, if we wipe it off, it will tip them off that we’re here and they’ll catch us too,” I said, tenderly. “Just hang on a little while longer.”

We took strategic positions about ten feet away, using our camouflage to conceal ourselves but keeping a clear field of view of George and his tight, helpless ass. I got a sick pleasure out of watching him squirm as he tried to rub that stuff off on his legs without losing his balance. It took about ten minutes, but finally we saw the brush ahead fall apart and a Brown came out. Followed by three others. Four Browns: we were outnumbered.

“Did you miss us?,” the first one said, pulling a towel out of his pocket and wiping off George’s dick and balls. “We brought a bolt cutter to cut your gag off so that you can tell us how grateful you’ll be that we set you free.”

Something was up. The other Brown moved behind George, set his gun down, and unzipped his pants. We could tell what was about to happen.

“But first, it’s been a long day, and we do want to have some fun,” the third Brown said. He kept his paint gun squared levelly at George.

“We’re taking turns, right guys?” the fourth Brown said. The others nodded. I could hear George squeal in protest.

The three of us in the bushes could only watch on as the Brown started to go to work on George’s tight ass. The other three kept their guns aimed at George, and watched all the action. Finally, the guy behind George cried out as he shot his load.

“That’s enough out of you, Freddie,” another Brown said. “Take a break.”

Freddie collapsed back on the ground, without even bothering to pull his pants back up. The next Brown moved into position, dropped his own pants, and started to take his turn.

“That’s two of them unarmed,” I whispered to Jed and Tyler. “We can take them.”

“I don’t think so,” Tyler whispered.

We argued briefly over whether we should save George. The other guys thought that the two guards were still too alert, and they didn’t want to risk getting shot to save George’s butt. Our decision was made for us when the second Brown came into George’s asshole and collapsed on the ground next to Freddie. He and Freddie began to admire each other’s exposed members. The third Brown stripped naked entirely, and leisurely walked behind George.

“Now!” Tyler whispered.

We rushed out. I put the one Brown still holding a gun in my gunsights and shouted, “Freeze! Drop it!”

Tyler and Jed ran to where the three naked and half- naked Browns had let their guns fall, collected them, and then covered them all.

“Hands behind your heads!” I shouted, and the four Browns obeyed. I kept the one clothed Brown covered while Tyler went over to the other three and pulled off what remained of their pants and shirts. Then he whipped out cable ties and bound their wrists together behind their heads.

I pointed my paint gun straight at the fourth Brown’s chest. “Strip naked,” I told him.

He realized I meant business. I watched as he exposed his body stage by stage, first shirt then pants, until he was as naked as the other three. Jed took a cable tie and bound his wrists. Then he made the four captured Browns stand close together, where he could cover all four. We searched through the pile of discarded clothes, and found a ring of handcuff keys along with the bolt-cutters they had talked about. I used the keys to unlock the cuffs that were holding up George’s hands. As soon as his hands were free, he bashfully lowered them to cover up his groin. Such a cutie. The keys to the cuffs that fastened George’s gag tight were in my back pocket, but since I didn’t want to reveal that I used the bolt cutters to cut the gag off George.

Finally free to talk, George’s first word to me was, “Thanks.” He gave a genuine smile.

“Where are we going?,” Freddie, the naked Brown who hadn’t had a chance with George, demanded. “What are you going to do with us?”

“Shut the fuck up,” Jed said, and gave Freddie a swift kick in the bare ass. “We own you now.”

“Leave them here,” George said. “Leave them tied up and fucking helpless for anyone to use however he wants.”

“Hey, George, calm down,” I said. “Jed, Tyler, you guys OK taking them back? George and I will catch up once I make sure he’s OK.”

“You got it,” Jed said. “Move, assholes.” Jed and Tyler pushed the four bound guys, getting them to walk in front of them back towards our camp like I had made Jonas walk just a few hours before.

“George, are you OK, really?” I asked.

“They didn’t really hurt me,” George said. “It was just really humiliating. Do you have clothes for me? Where’s my uniform?”

“George, remember our deal? I risk my ass to save you so that you don’t have to walk back into camp naked, and then you’re my boy?”

“And you keep those photos of me hidden,” George added. “Yeah, I remember. Nate, please give me my clothes. I’ll be your slave for the rest of the game. I swear it.”

“Kneel down and repeat that.” George did.

“Beg for your clothes,” I said.

He raised his hands and pleaded with me. I stared at him for a while, drinking in the sensation of total power. Finally, I pulled out the pair of briefs Jeff had let me take for George. I waved them over George’s head. He reached out to grab them, but I jerked them away.

“Not so fast. My every command, obeyed immediately?” I asked.

“Yes, sir,” George said.

“Don’t fucking call me ‘sir,'” I said. “This isn’t a game. We are not role-playing. This isn’t for thrills. I’m not pretending. You’re my fucking slave. You have no idea what I will do to you if you back out of this,” I said.

“I won’t,” George said.

“Good,” I said. “Take my dick out of my pants without using your hands.”

George strained upwards to unzip my pants with his teeth. He stuck his tongue into my fly, and probed around the front of my underwear, trying to find the penis hole. My dick was becoming so erect that it was already forcing its way out. George pushed the flap to the side with his tongue, and my dick stuck out of my pants.

“You know what to do next,” I said.

It was wonderful. He was totally responsive, taking cues from me without me saying anything. I tried to draw it out as long as it could go, ordering him to slow down, but in no time I came in his mouth. I told him to swallow it, and he did. I figured he had been through enough that night, so I held out the briefs again.

“These are all you get, George. Be thankful Jeff didn’t make you march home stark naked, like he should have.”

I dropped the briefs and George caught them. He put them on. I gave him a pat on the butt, and we headed back for camp.

Part 5

The border guards only smiled as I marched George into camp in his underwear. To give the guy a break, I didn’t make him walk in front of too many guys. I guided him into a tent and gave him the rest of his uniform there. By the second day, our prison had eleven captives. Jeff had taken my suggestion and stripped all of them. (He called it “confiscating uniforms.”) Most of them were tied up, too. Our camp had a video camera, and we took a few minutes’ footage of each of the guys, earnestly promising to return the tape once the week’s game was over.

Then, Jeff called a meeting of the command staff and told us his plan for the day. He was worried that we had encountered so few Yellows. They might be waiting for the Browns and Greens to pick each other off, he said.

“I want to send a team of spies to check out the Yellow camp and see what’s going on,” Jeff said. “We only have two Yellow prisoners, so we only have uniforms for two spies. Volunteers?”

I raised my hand. So did Steve, a pretty young but hard- core guy.

“Good,” Jeff said. “You’ll need some sort of cover to get in, though. Any ideas?”

“We could bring a prisoner with us,” I said. “They’d be so happy to see us bringing in someone that they wouldn’t look hard to see if they recognized us.”

“Good plan. Go for it,” Jeff said. “But who will be the prisoner?”

I turned my head, stared at George, and smiled. He drew back, but knew he had no choice. He was mine. Before Steve and I could suit up, the Green camp was paid a visit by one of the site’s officials, wearing a solid, hunter’s orange suit. He checked out our prison camp full of naked men.

“You guys have got to play by the rules,” he said. “You can confiscate uniforms, but you’ve got to let them keep their underwear.”

“I don’t hear them complaining,” Steve said.

“That’s because they’re mostly gagged,” the camp official said. He had us there.

“Some of those guys came here that way,” Jeff said coolly.

“That’s their problem. But the other guys, you can’t keep them naked. Unless they marched in here stripped, they’re entitled to a bit of dignity.”

We told him we’d comply. Satisfied, he hiked off towards the Brown camp.

“You’ll have to wear your Green underwear under the Yellow uniforms,” Jeff said. “That shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Just don’t get too friendly with the enemy this time, Nate,” he said, and winked at me.

I took the Yellow uniform back to my barracks to change. George was in there, along with two other Greens. I stripped down to my underwear, and put the Yellow uniform on. It fit pretty well.

“Hey, don’t you look like something decked out in that outfit!” George shouted. His two friends laughed.

“Hey George,” I said. “Strip naked.”

George looked at me, kind of startled, but realized I meant what I said. I could tell that everything in him wanted to tell me to go to hell, but he knew I had the upper hand. Without saying anything, he pulled off his shirt, T- shirt, boots, socks, pants, and underwear, and stood in front of us while his friends whistled. George had lowered his hands over his crotch.

“Put your hands behind your head,” I ordered.

George raised his hands slowly, revealing his dick. It was still a noticeable shade of brown, left over from Jonas’ dye yesterday. I knew how much George hated for other guys to see him naked, so I made him stand there for a while. I thought about making him blow me right there, in front of his friends, and them placing him at their mercy for an encore. I thought about marching his naked ass in front of the whole camp. George’s friends started making fun of his discolored penis. They reached over and whacked it, watching it flop back and forth. They poked and grabbed at his body, tickling him under the armpits and spanking his butt.

“George, I want to take some cable ties along on this trip. Go over to the supply tent and bring me back a handful.”

George reached down to put his clothes back on. I let him put on his briefs.

“That’s enough, George. Get moving.”

I had never seen George move so fast. This was a kid who really didn’t like people to see him with his clothes off. If I had made him do it naked, he probably would have flipped out right there.

I met Steve near the command tent. We were totally decked out in Yellow equipment and clothing, except for our underwear with its green elastic band.

“Are you sure George is OK with being the prisoner?” Steve asked.

“We may not be able to get him out of there.”

“He’ll do it, and he’ll do OK,” I said.

George came out of the tent, dressed again. We gave him a radio and a map, but no ammo or gun. Then the three of us headed towards the north. We knew from interrogating the Yellow prisoners, and taking their maps, approximately where their camp was. We avoided the obvious routes and major trails, working our way through the brush. It was tough work, with a lot of branches to push away or crouch underneath. After about an hour, we saw a single Yellow up in a tree in a very good defensive position. My first instinct was to shoot him before he saw me, but then I remembered that I was wearing a Yellow uniform.

“Show time, guys,” I whispered.

“Hey down there,” the guard said.

“Hey,” I said. “We caught a Green.” I grabbed George and threw him down on the ground.

“Jesus Christ, it’s a wonder he hasn’t escaped already and brought back the entire Green army with him,” the guard said. “You guys know Chris’ orders about prisoners. Secure him properly.”

So, Chris had become the head of the Yellow camp. He was one of the guys who had been ogling me in the locker room. I could only guess what his orders about prisoners were.

“We had to wait until we got through the brush,” I said. “He wasn’t going anywhere.”

I pointed my gun at George and ordered him to strip. I still wasn’t tired of watching George take it off and expose his delicious bod. I don’t know why he was so shy about public nudity with a butt like that. But the three of us could see the humiliation in his face as he worked his way down, until finally he was wearing only his underwear. George stripped to his briefs, and then paused, his hands on the waistband. I think he was waiting for me to say that was enough.

“Prisoner, if you don’t pull those things down in five seconds Chris will have every Yellow cock on the site sample your puny glory hole,” the guard said.

Closing his eyes, George pulled off his briefs. I walked behind him, pulled his wrists behind his butt, and handcuffed him. Then I gave his ass a little pat, just for old times’ sake.

“Shit, this guy escaped from the Browns,” the guard said, staring at George’s dyed dick. “He’s either a genius, or an idiot for getting caught and stripped twice.”

“He told us the Greens staged a prison break,” I said. I didn’t want to give the boy too much credit.

“Gotcha. Carry on,” the guard said.

We marched George up the trail a few hundred yards, naked and handcuffed. When we were a distance away from the guard, he spoke.

“Guys, let me put my pants back on, OK?”

“I think we should keep him gagged for maximum effect,” Steve said to me, ignoring George.

“Roger that,” I said. I took George’s sweaty briefs and balled them up, sticking them in his mouth. I think his mouth was wide open enough that he couldn’t just push them out with his tongue, but we tied a rope around his head to hold them in just to be sure.

Part 6

We got to the Yellow camp about three minutes later. The entrance had a big fence, with barbed wire and camouflage fabric to make it impossible to see inside. Very impressive; better than what we had.  The border guards immediately went for George. They tickled his nipples and stoked his stomach. When they saw how his dick reacted to that, they yukked it up and started giving George a hand job. They stopped before he could cum, but they left him with a huge hardon. We made him march into the camp that way. George’s face and stomach were beet red with humiliation.

The Yellows didn’t have a prison camp. They had about ten prisoners total, each of them buck naked, gagged, and blindfolded. Each one was tied spread-eagle between two wooden posts, unable to move his hands or legs. Each of their dicks was dyed bright yellow. They were spaced evenly around the camp. No two of them were close to each other, but wherever you were, you could see most of them, and you were always close to one. Most of them were Greens, but some were probably Browns. Seeing us, a team of two yellows trotted over to us, carrying some thick rope.

“Good catch, guys, this boy is a cutie. And ready to go, I see!” one of them said, slapping George’s erect dick and watching it flop back and forth. “We’ll set him up for you. Which one of you gets first crack at him?”

I glanced at Steve.

“Uh, he does,” Steve said.

“Great! Give us five minutes.”

We walked around the camp for a bit. It felt weird to be surrounded by the enemy, pretending to be Yellow when underneath we were Green. We avoided conversation, afraid that we would say the wrong thing and get our asses kicked.

Steve grabbed my arm and pointed. “Look,” he whispered.

There were Browns. Talking with Yellows. Not prisoners, either. They were talking like old friends, like teammates.

“An alliance,” Steve whispered.

Before I could answer, I heard a scream behind us. We turned, and saw a naked green being tortured. They had clothespins clamped down on both nipples, and were turning them slowly. I looked at his anguished face, and saw that it was Tyler, the guy who had helped me save George.

“How many entrances to the Green camp?” his tormentors asked. “Where are they?”

Tyler told them to go to hell. They twisted the clamps some more, and even put one on his dick, but he gave no answer. So, they untied his feet, and put some green underwear on him. You could tell they weren’t his: they were about one or two sizes too small.

“Holy shit,” Steven whispered.

They brought a bucket out, and seemed to be picking things up out of it, pulling Tyler’s waistband forward, and dropping stuff in. He started shouting for them to stop, and shouted, “Take it out! Take it out!”

We inched closer. The bucket was filled with nightcrawlers and earthworms. They also had a jar holding a huge spider with some kind of colored marking on its back, and another jar holding a bunch of black beetles, each an inch long or more.

“We’d be glad to strip you again,” one of the enemy tormentors said to Tyler. “Just answer our questions.”

Tyler just swore at them, and desperately swung his hips around, trying to shake the worms out of his underwear. But the underwear was too small, and the leg bands were too tight. He was helpless.

“I think he’s hungry,” the other tormentor said. “Maybe after some food, he’ll talk.”

He unscrewed the beetle jar, and pulled one of the big ones out. His friend forced Tyler’s mouth open, and they threw the beetle inside and then held Tyler’s mouth shut.

“Chew and swallow,” they said. We could see Tyler’s jaw move, and then saw him grimace as his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down.

I wanted to do something to help Tyler out, but there was nothing I could do without blowing my cover.

“Yo!” a Yellow called out to us. He was standing next to George. I was expecting George to be tied spread-eagle like the other guys, but instead they had his neck and wrists locked into a yoke, like in Colonial Massachusetts.

“Game time!” he shouted. A bunch of Yellows gathered in a circle around George and me.

“Here’s your equipment,” he told us, motioning to George. “You’re tonight’s player?” he asked me.

“Yeah,” I said. I wondered what the hell was going on.

Steve leaned over and whispered to me. “It’s a sick game they have. We learned about it from the Yellows we captured. Whoever can humiliate a prisoner the most gets to skip his next patrol shift.”

“On your mark, get set, go!” the Yellow shouted, and stepped back.

George looked at me with terror. I just smiled back.

Part 7

I started out by walking over to George and running my finger under his chin, lifting his head up to look at me. Without saying anything, I unzipped my pants, took out my dick, and pointed at it. George bent down, trying not to hit me with the yoke. He took my dick into his mouth, and began giving me a blowjob. Not quite as well as he had done before, though.

“You’re no good at this, I said.” I turned around, unbuttoned my pants, and pushed them down about a foot, presenting my ass to George. I was careful to hide the green band on my underwear.

“Try it there,” I said.

George really wasn’t too bright. He started by just licking my ass cheeks.

“No, George. Go inside,” I said.

The Yellows standing around us really whooped it up at that. I guess no one had thought of that one before. I felt George’s tongue enter my anus. I had to order him to stick it in deeper. It felt incredible as he moved his tongue in and out. I keep myself pretty clean there, but I guess he didn’t enjoy it too much. I reached around and slapped the top of his head, and he started to go faster. I was coming close to orgasm and my dick was completely erect by now, but I didn’t want to end it yet. I pulled away from George, and he collapsed to the ground. I told him to stay like that.

I grabbed his legs, and put them on my shoulders, spreading them pretty wide apart. George looked confused; he seriously didn’t see what was coming next. I rammed into him, face to face, with his legs bent up and back in that V position. That position kept his ass pretty tight, and let me look at him in the eye while I fucked him. Finally, I couldn’t hold it off anymore, so I withdrew quickly and came on the ground. George did the same.

To top it all off, I rubbed my foot in the pools of semen, mixing it with the dirt, and then held my boot up to George’s face and made him lick it off. George retched a few more times, but finished it off. I had to hand it to him; the whole time, he didn’t complain. It was like he enjoyed it.

I pulled my pants back up. The guys around us were cheering and patting me on the back. I guess no one even wanted to try to top it off.

A yellow guy came up to Steve and I. “The name’s Jack,” he said.

“This one’s too cute for the stockades. Mind if I borrow him for a night as our barracks boy?”

What kind of operation did these Yellows have? I was on the wrong team. “Sure,” I said.

“Thanks,” Jack said. “Feel free to come by.”

Jack grabbed George by the shoulders and forced him to march towards into one of the tents. Steven and I watched George go. We knew no one would hurt him, but we felt bad about letting them use him as a sex slave like that. Still, there was nothing we could do.  Trying not to be noticed, we walked around the camp a bit to see what was going on. We saw that, unlike our camp, the yellows had a secret weapon: a big bowie knife. They had a guy busily working away at a big pile of tree branches, whittling the tips down to a sharp point to make a pretty savage looking spear. He had a big pile of spears already done. I noticed something else. The official that had come into the Green camp yesterday and told us we had to let the prisoners keep their underwear was in the camp here. Only he was wearing a yellow uniform. They had stolen an orange official’s uniform! I looked at the naked prisoners in the stockades, and recognized one of them. These bastards had actually captured an official, stripped him naked, and put him on display. We were dead.

Part 8

Steve and I learned that the Yellows, allied with the Browns, were planning a full-scale attack on the Green camp tomorrow. We debated running back to give them warning, but there was no way to get there in time. Because of our disguise, we didn’t have Green radios, either. Plus, we didn’t want to abandon George to spend the rest of the game as a kept slave boy in a barracks full of hungry soldiers.  We walked into the barracks that night to check up on George. When we walked in, the place had about five Yellows in it. Most had taken off their shirts, and two were down to their underwear, but none of them were naked. George was standing in the middle of the barracks, totally naked, with his hands at his sides. Another kid was standing near him, pointing a sharpened spear at his back. At first I thought the other kid was naked, too, but then I saw that he was wearing a really tiny green loincloth, probably made from a torn pair of briefs. It only barely covered his dick. I recognized the kid from the Green camp. He was named John; we knew he got captured early on. George was slowing bringing his hands together, covering up his crotch.

“None of that, pretty boy,” John said. “Hands behind your head.”

George didn’t move at first. But then John poked him in the back with the spear, and George’s hands shot up.

“Hey guys,” one of the Yellows said as we walked in, “thanks for the loan. We’re just about to get started. You want another shot at him?”

I shook my head, but Steve, to my surprise, said yes.

“He’s all yours,” the Yellow said.

Steve walked around George once or twice, looking at his naked body up and down. Without saying anything, Steve unzipped his pants, took out his fully erect cock, and jammed it into George’s ass. The Yellows started to cheer him on as he thrust in and out. If George was used to this thing at all, he definitely wasn’t used to taking it standing up like that with his arms locked behind his head. He came close to losing his balance once or twice. Steve took his sweet time with George, pounding away at him for quite a while. None of us could take our eyes off the scene. George clearly wasn’t enjoying it at first, but eventually we saw his dick perk up and a bright expression came up on his face. Finally, Steve shouted out in orgasm. He pulled his dick out of George, but immediately grabbed his head to prevent himself from coming.

“Turn around and kneel,” Steve ordered. George obeyed.

“Open wide,” Steve said. George closed his eyes and opened his mouth. Steve put the head of his cock in George’s mouth and let go, shooting his cum down George’s throat.

“Swallow that, and lick me clean,” Steve ordered.

George closed his mouth around Steve, and we could see him obediently licking Steve’s cock clean. Steve pulled his dick out of George’s mouth and patted him on his head.

“Good job, boy,” Steve said, like he was talking to a dog.

The Yellows took George and laid him face down on a lower bunk, and then tied him spread eagle to the four posts. One of them took out a tube of lube, squeezed out a glob, and spread it over George’s helpless anus.

“Okay, guys,” the Yellow said. “Should the urge grab you, he’s ready to go.”

None of them fucked George right away. A few walked by and gave him a spank or tossed his hair, but most stripped down to their underwear and just went to bed. Steve and I did the same, picking beds that weren’t too far from George. Steve was able to go to sleep right away, but I couldn’t. Every hour or so, some horny guy would wake up, walk over to George, and start fucking his ass. Finally, about the time it was dawn, they stopped.

Part 9

The next morning, Steve and I had a quick private talk. We had found out more than enough information about the Yellow camp, and we were worried that sooner or later we’d be found out. We decided our best course would be to get ourselves assigned to a patrol, and then just split. We’d take George with us if we could, but if we couldn’t, so be it.

But before I went, I wanted to take advantage of one last benefit the Yellows enjoyed. During a paintball game you don’t shower every day, of course, but it had been a couple days for me, and after yesterday’s action I was literally itching to get myself cleaned up. All three camps had showers, of course, but the ones we had in the Green camp were always being used.

The Yellow camp had a shower cabin off to the south side of the camp. It was a nice setup, with a small locker room and a big tiled common shower room with eight shower heads. I walked over to the shower cabin, nodded at the guard posted outside, and walked in. Picking a locker, I stripped down and put my clothes inside, taking care to make sure no one noticed my green underwear band.

There were seven other guys taking showers, so I took the last shower head. The other guys were really impressive looking. They all had great biceps and chests, and some of them had really nice abs. The guys across the room from me were facing away from me, so I had a great view of their V- tapered backs and nice tight asses. I squeezed some soap from the dispenser in the wall and began to lather up.

Suddenly, I heard a loud popping noise. It came from outside the shower cabin. The eight of us froze: it was the sound of a paint gun firing. There was shouting, and we heard boots stomping.

“Shit!” one of the guys shouted, and turned off his shower. He started to run towards the lockers, but he was too late.

About ten greens, fully uniformed and armed with paint rifles, marched into the shower room and blocked our escape. There was a lot of panic and confusion. I saw a flurry of naked butts running away from me and flopping penises and balls running towards me as my “fellow” Yellows tried to escape, but it was too late.

“Showers off! Turn the fucking water off!,” one of the Greens shouted. I couldn’t remember his name, but I knew he was some sort of commander. Green soldiers trotted over to the faucets to turn off the few showers that were still on.

“All right you naked shriveled pricks, get on the floor now, face down, before we plant paint balls in your rectums for fun!” the commander shouted.

Quickly, I looked around to see if I knew any of the Greens so that I could tell them that I was really one of them. To my relief, I saw three: Ted, Jed, and James. I had been on missions with all three. James was closest, so I took a walk towards him.

“Guys, it’s me, Nate–” I began, but before I could finish James pushed me down onto the hard tile floor.

“On the floor, Yellow cocksucker!,” he shouted.

Someone grabbed my arms and tied my wrists together. I glanced up and saw that Green soldiers were doing the same to the other seven “yellows.”

A couple of the other guys started shouting for help. The Greens didn’t take kindly to that at all. Within seconds, soldiers produced wadded-up Yellow briefs from our locker room and jammed them into their mouths. In the madness of it all, I realized that my Green underwear could prove that I was one of them. But when James came to me holding my Green briefs, he paused for a second, stuck them into his pocket, and jammed some socks into my mouth instead.  That bastard, I thought. He knew I was a Green, but he was going to take me as a naked prisoner anyway,

Bound, gagged, and completely helpless, they forced us to stand.

“Now guys, I know how this looks,” the commander said. “And let me assure you, there’s nothing perverted like this. If you all cooperate and do what we tell you, we won’t lay a hand on you and you’ll all get your pants back as soon as we’re out of your camp.” I didn’t believe a fucking word he was saying, but I kept listening.

“Sprint for the woods,” the commander said. “The border is only twenty yards away, and we’ve taken care of the guards. If you run fast and don’t try anything funny, no one will see you naked. Now, move!”

The guards gave us a quick spank on the butt to get us moving. Like sheep, we obediently sprinted for the border. I watched as those tight ass cheeks clenched and unclenched with each pace, and the dicks and balls around me bounced unrestrained. I was terrified, but also highly turned on. We got into the woods, and it didn’t look like anyone had seen us or was going to rescue us.

“Keep running,” a Green soldier instructed us, motioning down the trail. We sprinted about thirty more yards, and came to a small cabin with windows. The Yellows used these as border guard stations.

The Green soldier opened the door to the cabin and held out his arm, pointing at the eight of us.

“Get in,” he said.

We looked into the cabin. It wasn’t more than five feet by five feet. But the first thing we noticed was that there was a Yellow guard there, stripped naked and tied to the light fixture hanging from the ceiling. He was even more helpless than we were.

“What the fuck are you waiting for? Get your scrawny naked bodies in there,” the Green guard shouted at us.

Four of them went in. The fifth one had some trouble, because there was so little room. Then I went in. Rubbing against these guys was inevitable; you had to squeeze past their muscular frames just to stand. The other three guys squeezed in.

“Sit tight and don’t make a sound,” the Green guard said. “We’ll collect all of you for the trip home once we regroup from our attack.”

Then, he paused, as if he just remembered something.  “Oh, by the way,” he said. “We could never have caught you if your border guard hadn’t screwed up.” Then the Green guard shut the door, locked it, and trotted away.

It was crowded as hell in there, but we could still see the border guard hanging in the center of the cabin. He was gagged too, like the eight of us, and had this desperate look in his eyes like he was denying that it was his fault that our asses were in Green hands. That alone was enough to completely piss us off.  The guy standing in front of him turned around so that his hands could reach the border guard’s nads. He grabbed his balls and gave them a squeeze. The border guard jumped in pain, and knocked the guy standing behind him backwards. That guy fell towards me, and his hands and butt brushed my own nearly-erect dick. He caught himself, and took a step towards the border guard. From where I was standing, I couldn’t be sure, but it seemed like he started to rub his dick against the guy’s ass. The border guard started shouting into his gag, so I guess probably something more was going on.

They left us like that for a long time. We were all still wet from the showers. If you tried to move, you immediately brushed up against some other guy’s slippery dick or ass–it was that crowded. That many naked male bodies together generated a lot of heat, and the cabin’s windows were fogged in. The smell of the sweat, the wood cabin, and the ropes binding our hands was in combination very sexy.

We heard footsteps coming towards the door, and it flew open. The Greens shouted at us to get out of the cabin, and we did. Pointing guns and spears at us, they forced us to trot away from the Yellow camp. In the confusion, I didn’t get to look around much.  After a few minutes of running, all of us came to a halt. There was no way the Yellows would be able to come rescue us now.

“Prisoners, stand at attention!” the Green commander shouted.

We all stood straight, chests out. They made us line up, hip to hip, so that they could take us all in with one glance. It was really uncomfortable and humiliating to have them leering at our naked bodies like that. For the hundredth time that day, I tested the strength of the ropes that kept my hands behind my back. For the first time I got a look at the Greens. That gave me a shock. There was the original ten that had raided our shower cabin, plus two other guys. Both were naked. One was George, my former slave.

This Green raid had been more than a mission to take us prisoner; it was a jail break, too.

James reached into his pocket, took out my green briefs, and handed them to George. George thanked him, and quickly put them on. Bastard, I thought! My last chance at proving I was a Green until I got back to camp was now clinging to George’s tight ass. The Greens gave George some Yellow pants and a T-shirt, both turned inside out to hide the colored checks. Wearing clothes for the first time in a day or two, George walked over to us.

Part 10

George walked down the line of prisoners like a general inspecting his troops. He’d touch everyone. He tickled some nipples, played with a few dicks, and spanked a couple of people. No one was enjoying it, but there was nothing we could do about it. Finally, George got around to me. He looked up and down at my body, then reached down and started to stroke my cock. To my embarrassment, it became erect almost immediately. I couldn’t help it; the humiliation combined with that scene in the cabin made it more excited than ever.

George pulled me forward out of the line and turned my body so that everyone could see my erection. “Check it out!” George shouted. “He’s really enjoying this!” The other guys stared at me and laughed.

“This was the guy who made me strip,” George told the Green commander. “Could I keep him to myself for a while?”

“Sure,” the commander said. “After what you’ve been through, consider all nine of them yours.”

George flashed a big smile. “Anybody got a camera?,” he asked. Just my luck, someone had a Polaroid. George took one or two shots of the nine of us standing there naked, but then turned all of his attention to me. He got a full frontal and a full rear shot. Then he reached up to me to remove my gag.

“Say one fucking word and I’ll shoot you up the ass with a paint gun,” George whispered into my ear. “It’s payback time.”

George grabbed my shoulders, moved me in front of one of the prisoners, and pushed me down so that I was on my knees.

“Suck him off,” George ordered. “Just make him hard. Don’t let him come.”

Obediently, I went to work. I reached out with my tongue and caught the guy’s penis, then brought it into my mouth and quickly moved my tongue back and forth over the head. As I started to pull him deeper into my mouth, George crouched down and snapped another photo of me-a clear shot of me with some guy’s dick in my mouth. Finally I could feel that the guy was hard, so I withdrew. His dick was seven inches long hard, and stuck straight out from his body.

“Lie down,” George ordered me. I laid on the ground, face up, my bound hands behind my back. Then he called over two of the prisoners. He ordered each one to grab one of my legs and pull it back over my head, so that my legs formed a big V with my asshole up there waiting for service. This was a really painful position, with my hands locked behind my back and my shoulder blades pressed into the ground.

George pointed to the guy I had just sucked off and ordered him to come over to me. “Fuck him until I tell you to stop,” he ordered. The guy gave me an “I’m sorry” look, then bent down and started to jam his erect cock into my helpless asshole. I didn’t resist; I relaxed my muscles and took him in as much as I could.

George stepped back and took another photo, again clearly showing my face. Then he set down the camera and stood towering over me, his feet almost touching my head. George unbuttoned his inside-out pants, let them fall, and then took his dick out of his briefs. It was still discolored from the dye that Jonas had put on it. He bent down and pushed it into my mouth. “You know what to do!” he shouted.

I started to go to work on George’s cock. Honestly, I’d wanted to do this ever since I’d seen his nice naked body that first day I met him. It was almost impossible to do right, though, seeing as how his dick was upside down and I was worried that his pelvis was going to crush my face. Still, I pressed on, trying to give him as much pleasure as possible as quickly as possible. He came fairly quickly. I was sure that he got off on humiliating me like this.  George pulled out, and now I only had to worry about the guy that was doing my ass. It may have been his first time, I wasn’t sure. George walked behind him and started fingering his ass. That made the guy stop for a second, but George ordered him to keep at it. George started criticizing the guy’s technique, barking orders at the poor guy. For my part, all I could do was try to enjoy it.

Finally, George ordered the guy to pull out. He hadn’t come yet.  “I don’t have time for incompetent people,” George said. “You!” he shouted, pointing to another prisoner in the line. “Get over here.”

This guy was bigger and stockier than the other one. He had a pretty narrow waist, which spread up to very broad shoulders and pecs, with pretty big biceps. He also had a really cute face: well defined cheekbones, nice thick eyebrows. In other circumstances, I’d be happy to have this guy interested in me. But here I felt nervous as he walked up to me, his dick already erect just from watching the scene. This guy didn’t need any orders to go at me.

He knelt down on the ground and pushed himself into my asshole.  From my position I could see his face, and the big smile he had while he pounded away on my helpless body. To my surprise, he managed to bend forward and lick my right nipple while he was fucking me. This was too much to take. My pelvis jerked forward, and I shot my load. A lot of it hit my stomach and his chin, but some of it must have hit the legs of the guys who were holding me down.

“Not bad, guys, not bad at all,” George said. “Think I have a career ahead of me as a photographer?”  George bent down to show me another Polaroid he’d taken, clearly showing my naked body getting fucked up the ass.

“Fun’s fun, but let’s get a move on,” the Commander said. George replaced the gag in my mouth, stood me up, and gave my naked butt a quick spank.

Part 11

They tied blindfolds over all our eyes, and then tied leashes to our necks to lead us around the forest. It must have been a pretty sight, the nine of us naked, bound, gagged, blindfolded, and led around like animals. But the walk definitely wasn’t fun. Those bastards didn’t give us anything for our feet, so every fucking stone, bristle plant, and stick hurt like hell. We were blindfolded, so we just walked forward until someone tugged on our leashes off to the side to tell us to turn. If we got too far off course, we’d get spanked our pushed. I know I got felt up quite a lot, too. People would grab my dick or balls, or tease me by stroking my nipple.  Breathing through the gag was tough, so it had to all be through the nose.  I was in excellent shape, but the difficulty of breathing combined with the ache of my feet made the trip hell. Worst of all was that it was a hot summer day, and I had no water to drink. I couldn’t even open my mouth to ask for any. Before long, I was worried that I was going to faint from the exhaustion. Finally, we stopped walking. I could hear guys sitting down and making light conversation. I thought I could also hear water splashing. I just stood there, feeling the wind on my dick.

Someone took off my blindfold. I immediately recognized where we were. We were near Boulder Pond, a puddle of dirty algae-infested water barely worth its name. If I remembered the map right, we were about five minutes from the Green camp.

Our Green captors were drinking water from their flasks, and some of them were splashing water from the pond onto their faces and necks.  George finished drinking his water, and walked over to me. Everyone else got quiet, and people stared at us.

George held up his flask of water. “Want some of this?” he asked me.

I nodded fervently. I really, really, wanted some of that water. I was ready to collapse if I didn’t get some water, soon.

“Well, how about that,” George said. “Water’s precious, you know. What will you give me for a drink?”

I couldn’t answer, of course, because I still had the gag in my mouth. I desperately looked at George, my former slave, in the eye, pleading with him to let me have some water.

“A slacker like you has to do work in order to earn your water,” George said. “Look at your buddies, here,” George said. He grabbed my shoulders and turned me around to face the other eight naked prisoners. They all looked sweaty and exhausted, like me. Their blindfolds, at least, had been taken off.

“See how tired they look?” George said. “Do what you can to make them feel better. It’s up to you. If I think you do a good job, I’ll let you have a drink. Here, I’ll let you have your mouth and hands,” he said. He removed my gag and then untied my hands from behind my back.

I paused for a second, glad to be able to finally relax my shoulders and take a deep breath through my mouth. I was tired and disoriented, and not at all sure what I was supposed to be doing.

“Get to work, dumbfuck! Make your fellow prisoners happy! The clock’s ticking,” George shouted.

I decided that what I would want most was some cool water on my skin. So, I walked over to the prisoner who was closest to the water, led him to the pond, and splashed some water on his face and shoulders. Then I cupped some water in my hands and let it fall down on his back, massaging it a bit. I moved on to the next guy. I splashed some water on his face too, and put some water on his back. But just as I was about to stand up and move on, he gets up first and puts his dick in front of my mouth.

“Uh oh, looks like he wants something more.”

I looked up at the guy’s face. The sadistic fuck couldn’t grin with a gag in his mouth, but I could see in his eyes that he was happy with the situation. There was nothing I could do about it. George had turned me into less than a prisoner; I was a prisoner’s slave.

I opened wide and took his dick in, using my best technique to make him cum as quickly as I could. Luckily, he was pretty randy, and came quickly.  I went over to the next guy. He didn’t even want to waste time with pond water. He just nodded towards his dick. I kneeled down in front of it, but just as I was about to service him he turned around and presented his ass to me.

“Guess he needs a different part of his body cleaned,” George said. “Do what he wants, cutie.”

I couldn’t believe this. I had never rimmed a guy in my life. I enjoyed it when it was done to me, but the idea of doing it to someone else, especially like this with people watching, was disgusting and humiliating. I closed my eyes and stuck my tongue forward, working it in and out and up and down, trying to do my best not to gag. I didn’t know what I was doing, or what I was supposed to do to make him feel good. After a few minutes of this, he just pulled forward to end it.

The next guy wanted more of the same. Only instead of standing up, he got down on the ground and laid face down. At first I thought he wanted a standard fuck up the ass, but when I got into position to do that he grunted through his gag and angrily nodded towards the guy I had just serviced. I got the message. Taking a deep breath, I got on all fours between his legs and bent down to repeat the disgusting act I had just performed. Before I even got started, another prisoner got behind me and clumsily started trying to fuck me. He couldn’t use his hands to guide his dick, so I had to help him with a free hand. I think that if I had been less tired and less humiliated, I would have enjoyed this three- way, but all I really wanted was for it to end.  Finally, the guy jizzed over my back, and the Greens applauded.

“Well done, well done,” George said. “Here, you’ve earned it,” he said, handing me his flask. I took a long drink. “Go get washed up,” George said, pointing to the pond. I waded in and washed some of the sweat off my body.

“There’s one more thing before we get going again,” George said as I walked out of the pond. George had a small plastic bottle with him. He handed it to me.

“Rub that all over your body,” he ordered. I opened the bottle and recognized the smell: baby oil. Oh, Jesus Christ.

Without saying a word, I rubbed the oil all over my skin, starting with the chest, then arms, then legs. I was going to stop there, but George glared at me, so I rubbed the oil over my dick, balls, and ass. I looked down at my chest and saw how the oil made my skin shiny. It was as if they were preparing to put me on display, making my body look as attractive as it could be. I was scared to death.

“OK, enough fun,” the Commander shouted. “Get them ready for transport, and let’s go!”

They put my gag back in and retied my hands behind my back. They left the blindfolds off, though. Leashes in place, they led us towards the Green camp.

Part 12

It had only been a day or so since I’d been in the Green camp, but there had been a lot of changes.  The border had moved outward slightly, and it looked like there were a few more tents than before. I saw a bunch of guys, all of them stripped to their underwear or just plain naked, working to build another tent. Looked like slave labor was part of Jeff’s strategy now.  The Green soldiers marched the nine of us, naked, tied up, and gagged, into the camp. George made me take the lead. We heard lots of cheers and cat-calls as they marched us in towards the prison in the center of the camp.

We didn’t take a direct route.  They kind of marched us around the border of the camp, and then spiraled in towards the prison at the center of the camp.  They made sure to parade our naked, bound bodies in front of everyone in the camp.  We were popular sights.  Even the other prisoners stopped what they were doing and leered at us. In all, there must have been close to a hundred people in that camp staring at my naked body. I had never been naked in front of so many people before. Being tied up, humiliated, and even greased up like a sex slave made it even worse.

I tried to make eye contact with whoever I could, so that they would recognize me as a fellow Green and realize that I shouldn’t be treated like a prisoner. But whenever I caught someone’s eyes, all I got back was this hungry, can’t- wait-to-try-that look. Guess no one recognized me with my clothes off-or no one wanted to. If they did recognize me, I wondered if anyone would care enough to do anything about it. Why would they? I was a hell of a lot more appealing to them in this state. I regretted going on that stupid undercover mission more than anything else.

They led us into the prison enclosure. I noticed something new: a bunch of wooden posts sticking up out of the ground, stopping at about hip level. The Greens led me over to stand between two of the posts. They cut off the rope that was binding my hands, grabbed my wrists, and strapped each one to a post. When they were done, I couldn’t move my arms.

I looked around and saw that I was the only one that they had tied to the posts. They had the other eight naked prisoners in a corner of the camp. They picked one and led him off to the command center tent. After a few minutes, we started to hear shouting and screaming. That was when I remembered what that tent was for: interrogation.

A big Green with a smile on his face walked up to me. He closed his eyes and took a big sniff, smelling the aroma of the baby oil they’d made me rub on my skin. He reached over and started to feel the contours of my muscles on my arms and chest, then felt my butt and my abs.

“You’ll do nicely,” he said to me. “I’m Tom, the prison director. And your name is now `Reward.'”

I didn’t get it at first. Then Tom walked away, towards the prisoners outside the enclosure who were working on building the tent. Tom blew a whistle, and they all stopped what they were doing and came to attention. There were twelve of them, nine wearing briefs and three totally naked. I thought about how nice it would be to have those boys at my beck and call. Then, I realized that I recognized one of them: it was Jonas, the guy who’d brought me to this crazy paintball game to begin with.

Tom said something to the guys that made them happy. They gave out a cheer and a few claps. Then, they all trotted away from the work site and towards me, in the enclosure. Tom followed them. The prisoners surrounded me. I had never felt so many people touching me at once. Every part of my naked body was invaded by hands, arms, even a tongue or two. It was horrible being that helpless, served up like a piece of meat.

“One at a time, boys. You first, corporal,” Tom said.

Jonas walked in front of me. He was still naked, just the way I’d left him, except now he had a little white armband on his right bicep. Corporal? Jesus. This guy was in charge of me, now?

Jonas looked me directly in the eye and smiled. He definitely knew who I was. He reached out, grabbed my balls, and squeezed. I pulled back at the pain, but my wrists were bound so tightly that I could barely move. Delighting in my helplessness, Jonas reached out and tickled me under the armpits. Then he wasted no time. Jonas walked behind me. I didn’t turn my head to watch him. I just braced myself. I guess I deserved this. He jammed into me very hard, and started pumping back and forth.  I have to admit that despite the situation I was in, I enjoyed it.  Jonas took his time and made sure that both of us would get something out of the experience.

Two guys had at me after Jonas.  Both of them were pretty quick.  When they were done, the group walked away, and Tom stuck a gag in my mouth.

“Rest up a bit,” he said.  “There’s more coming.”

Tom walked away, and left me there tied to the posts. I tried to look as dignified as I could, but I was still pretty mortified to be on display like this.  I kept looking around the camp to see if someone would recognize me and help me out.  Then I saw Jeff walk out of the command tent.  He passed by the prison, and stopped briefly to admire some of the boys that were on display there.  Then he did a double- take when he saw me.  Jeff walked over to Tom, and seemed to be bitching him out.  Then Jeff walked into the prison, came over to me and took out my gag.

“Nate, I’m sorry about this, looks like George and the guys decided to play a trick on you,” Jeff said.  “Tom’s bringing you a new uniform.”

Jeff reached over to my wrist and loosened the knot enough for me to pull my hand out.

“Thanks,” I said, letting my hand fall to my side.

Just then we heard shouting around the northern wall. I saw a bunch of Green soldiers pick up their weapons and run towards the northern checkpoint.

A lookout guard came up to Jeff.  “The Yellows are attacking the northern wall!,” he shouted.

Jeff turned away from me, ran out of the prison, and started to give orders to prepare for the defense of the camp.  He left me with a free hand, so I could easily untie my other wrist.  But I didn’t do it just then for some reason.

There was a lot of commotion at the northern wall.  I heard a couple of guys shout with pain as they got hit with paint pellets.  The Yellows seemed to be attacking with a large force.  Jeff moved most of the guards up to that wall. This was a mistake. There was a charge to the west.  A large group of Yellows, mixed with a few Browns, rushed through the under- defended gate.  Some of them had paint guns, but most carried long poles that had been sharpened with a knife. Then ran around the camp with incredible efficiency, threatening to shoot or stab anyone who didn’t surrender.  The Greens at the northern border were helpless; they couldn’t defend their fronts and rears at the same time. Within ten minutes, the entire Green camp had been routed.

And there I was, naked and tied between two poles. Jeff had freed my left hand, but suddenly I realized I need it tied up.  I put my wrist back in the knot and tightened.

Part 13

The Yellows and Browns made their captives drop their weapons, place their hands over their heads, and kneel to the ground.  That way, one soldier could effectively watch over four or five prisoners each.

This freed up the rest of the soldiers to secure the camp.

The prison was their first stop.  They took a moment to admire all the naked guys, but quickly set about the task of untying everyone and getting people something to wear.

I tried not to look at any of them in the face, because I was worried that they would recognize that I was really a Green.  But just then Steve, the other guy who had gone on the undercover mission with me, walked up to me in full Yellow regalia.

“Don’t worry, man,” he said, putting a hand on my shoulder and looking into my eyes.  “We’ll have you wearing Yellow colors again in no time.”  He untied me and gave me a pair of Yellow briefs to wear. All of the prisoners were given briefs, if they didn’t have them already.  They told us that a second wave was on its way, and it would have more clothes for the rest of us.

A group of Yellow soldiers entered the Green command tent.  We heard some shouting in there, and then a few seconds later one of the soldiers came out, waving the Green flag over his head.  All of the

Yellows cheered.  Right behind him was two other soldiers, who were holding Jeff by his arms.  Jeff looked really scared, as if he didn’t know what the hell was about to happen to him.  They led Jeff to the center of the camp, in front of the prison.  The two guys who had his arms let go.  Another Yellow walked up to him, pointing a sharpened spear directly at his chest.

“Strip naked, slow and easy,” he said.

The camp was entirely quiet, except for the sound of birds in the trees.  The entire Green camp was staring at Jeff, the captured leader.  He pulled off his shirt and lifted up his legs to rip off his boots.

“I said slowly, dumbfuck,” the Yellow solider said, smiling.

Jeff slowed down.  He bent his naked torso down and untied each boot, one by one, and then pulled them off. Then he pulled of each sock.  Then he stood up, unzipped his pants, and pulled them down.

He paused for a second.  I could tell he was really embarrassed to be in that situation.  On top of everything else, he really didn’t have the best body.  He didn’t really have pecs to speak of; his entire torso was just kind of fat and flappy.  Particularly with some of the well-built college boy prisoners standing around, he just looked kind of pathetic standing there in his underwear.

The Yellow solider with the gun just smiled and nodded towards Jeff’s last remaining scrap of clothing.  Jeff hooked his thumbs under the waistband and pulled down, revealing a flabby butt and a fairly small cock.

Immediately, one of the Yellows produced a camera and started taking pictures of Jeff’s naked body.  Jeff dropped his hands down to cover his cock, but they forced him to put them up behind his head.  He walked all around Jeff, getting shots from the front, rear, and sides. All eyes were on Jeff, fascinated by his humiliation and wondering what would happen next.

“So, here’s the thing, Jeff,” the Yellow soldier said. “We’ve got your nice flag here.  And, to tell you the truth, we’ve also got the Brown flag back at our camp. Impressed?”

Jeff said nothing.

“But, you know, there’s still two days before the game ends.  If we take your flag back to our camp, we’ll have won and the game will have to finish early.  And who wants that?”

Suddenly I got a huge smile on my face.  I knew what was coming.

“So, here’s what’s going to happen.  All we’re going to ask of you is to hang on to this flag for us for a few more days, OK?” the Yellow guard asked, as if Jeff really had a say in the matter.

Just then some more Yellows arrived.  They had clothes for all of us prisoners.  They gave me a uniform and gun like everyone else.

Four of the yellows took mallets and stakes from one of the tent construction sites and pounded four stakes into the ground in a rectangle, about five feet apart from each other, sticking out of the ground at angles.  They grabbed Jeff and forced him to lie down between the stakes.  Then they took handcuffs, and chained each of his arms and legs to a stake.  Finally, they took the green flag, and stuck its staff up Jeff’s butt.  It was only a few feet long, so it jutted straight up from between Jeff’s buttcheeks.

“What do you know?,” the Yellow said to his soldiers. “We take their camp, but they still have possession of their flag. OK, boys, get to it.”

The Yellows fanned out across the camp.  I joined a group of them. We had a few paint guns, but mostly we carried spears. Each group of Yellows rounded up three or four Greens. Our Greens were two college kids and two older guys.  We herded them towards the edge of the camp.

“Take off your shirts,” I said.

“Screw this!” the college kid said.  “Game’s over. You guys won. Excuse me while I head back to the parking lot, OK?”

“You aren’t going anywhere,” one of my partners said, pointing a paint gun at him.

“Yeah, that’s a great threat right at the end of the game,” the college kid.  “Please, be my guest, shoot me!” he said, holding his arms out.

The three of us took our spears and pointed them right at him.  One of my partners got behind him, so he couldn’t run.

“If you shirt isn’t hanging on my spear within thirty seconds, you’ll be going to the first aid station, not the parking lot.  Now, play along,” I said.

The guy looked down at the ground.  He waited for a few seconds, then reached to his waist and pulled his shirt off and tossed it onto my spear.

“Rest of you, too,” one of my partners said.

Everyone stripped to the waist.  They were some nice looking guys, pretty well cut and well-defined.

We made them take off their shoes and boots, too. Within seconds, we had all their hands tied behind their backs, and we marched them towards the center of the camp. By now, most of the other Greens had been placed in the same situation.

“Hey, Nate,” one of the Yellow commanders said to me. “These people fucked you over good.  You want to be in charge of them?”

This was incredible; was my cover this good?

“Sure,” I said.  “Where do you want them?”

“Clear them out of here for now,” he said.

I scanned through the crowd until I spotted the face I was looking for.  I walked up to him, and admired his chest one more time.

“Hi, George,” I said.

George kind of had a smile on his face. I grabbed George by a nipple and pulled him in front of the crowd.  I went behind him and untied his hands.  A couple of Yellow guards stood at attention with spears pointing at him.

“Clothes,” I said, holding out my hand.

George closed his eyes and pulled his pants down, then picked them off the ground and handed them to me.  He was clearly blushing.  But he had learned something.  Without pausing, he pulled off his briefs and handed them to me.  It felt good to be in control again. I pointed at the two posts I had been tied to just minutes before, and George obediently walked over to them. I nodded at two guards, who tied George spread-eagle between the posts.

“All right, company march!” I shouted.  We forced the Greens, all shirtless, to march towards the northern wall of the camp.

“You’ve got fifty minutes to take this wall down. Stack the boards over there,” I said, pointing to a clearing. The Greens just stood around and looked at me like I was an idiot.

“These boards are nailed together — we need tools,” one of them said.

I walked over to the guy and stood extremely close to him, almost crushing his bare feet with my boots. I reached down to his fly and unzipped it, and with two quick motions pushed his pants and underwear to the ground. Then I slapped the side of his face, knocking him down.

“You guys look healthy enough to me,” I said. “Put those muscles to use. Slack off and you lose clothes. Work hard, and you get a reward, like George over there, or this guy,” I said, pointing at the ground.

The Greens started to go to work. At first one or two of them tried to remove the support posts from the ground, but it was obviously not something that even one man could do alone. So they formed entire groups of people to pry the boards apart. It was grueling work, and a lot of fun to watch. The wood was mostly untreated pine, so it did come apart, but not that easily. Four of five guys would stand really close to each other, grab onto boards, and pull away from each other. They were all stripped to the waist, so you could see the muscles straining.  They had no tools, and some of them got splinters and scratches. It was a hot day, and before long they were covered with sweat. You could see their stomachs (and on some of them, their abs) move up and down while they breathed heavily.

A couple of them were slacking off, though. Whenever they did, Yellow guards swooped in and took their pants off, then made them get back to work. It was even sexier to watch frightened guys wearing nothing but their briefs sweat and work to tear apart their own camp. A few of these guys still refused to work, so we took their underwear, too.

After two hours, a large section of the wall was gone and there was a stack of boards on the ground. I grabbed a crew of five hard-working Greens and gave them the job of hauling the boards further out into the woods. I had something in mind for what to do with all that wood. I didn’t want to trust prisoners with a hammer or nails, so I recruited a group of yellows to take the wood from the fence and build a bunch of A-frames. They’d take three long boards or studs and nail them together to make a triangle, which we could then lean against a tree in the forest. As the Greens brought more and more wood into the forest, they started to see our handiwork, but I’m not sure if they could tell what we had in store.

In another hour, the Greens had finished taking apart the northern wall. They looked exhausted. Most of them had been stripped down to their underwear at this point, and several were naked. I walked in front of the group.

“Naked, lazy Greens over here,” I said, motioning to the side.  The naked Greens did as they were told.

I had them all cross their wrists behind their necks. A group of Yellow guards went around with cable ties, tying their wrist together.

“Well, it’s reward time. Anyone with pants, pick one of them,” I said.

The other Greens took a while to catch my meaning, but then they caught on. A couple of the guys who still had their pants strolled over, and started examining each of the naked prisoners one by one.

When they found one they liked, they pulled him aside and either butt-fucked him or made him suck them off.  A lot of the guys with pants stayed behind, though.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to insist, guys,” I said. “Come over here.”

I led all of them over to where George was tied up. George was spread-eagle, but his hands were tied at waist level, so I was able to force him to kneel on the ground. I had the guys form a line. I brought the first guy in line in front of George, and I unzipped the guy’s pants and pulled out his dick and made George suck it. George went to work, though it was obvious he wasn’t enjoying it. I let it go on for a few minutes until I thought the guy was going to come, and then I made him pull out. I brought him behind George, and had him go to work on George’s ass. While he was at work there, I had the next guy in line come receive a blowjob from George. One by one, I made George suck off each of them while he was getting buttfucked by another. I made sure each guy got at least five minutes of treatment on both ends. George couldn’t make all of the guys come, but he did give all of them erections so that they were ready to work on his ass. There must have been fifteen or twenty guys total. I had a camera set up to take a photo of George and the two men he was working on each time the line rotated. By the end of it, George looked exhausted.

Part 14

The sun was beginning to go down. It was the last night of the game.

We broke off the merriment in the camp. We left the naked Greens in the camp, tied up. We marched the rest of them into the forest. There was enough A-frames for everyone. We tied their hands together, then tied their hands to the top of the A-frame. This kept their bodies stretched out, secure, and totally accessible from the front and back. Once we had all of them tied up, we went around one by one and started stripping them naked. The Greens gave out surprised cries as we pulled off their pants and underwear. I guess they felt like they had earned them. But all they had been doing was helping us. It was a beautiful sight: row after row of naked male bodies, helpless, bound, and humiliated. I thought about how close I had come to being in their position.

A few of the Yellows decided to take advantage of the situation. They walked behind a nice body, unzipped, and went to work. There were a few outraged shouts, but no one outright complained.

I walked back to the Green camp. Most of the Yellow officers were gathered around Jeff. We still had him naked, with all four limbs staked to the ground and his own Green flag staff sticking out of his ass.

Chris, the head of the Yellows, was there.

“Hey, you’re just in time. We’re trying to get Jeff to formally surrender,” he said.

Surrender? There was no need; we’d basically won the game. But fun is fun.

Chris was sticking twigs into the ground about three inches away from Jeff’s flesh. He was working his way around Jeff’s body, making an outline of where Jeff was. I tried to figure out what Chris was up to, but couldn’t see it.

Chris took a match and lit a candle. He dripped a few drops of hot wax on Jeff’s back to watch Jeff squirm. Jeff gave out a quick cry of pain, but didn’t say anything. Chris took the candle and started setting the twigs on fire one by one. It was fascinating to watch. The twigs burned around Chris, like birthday candles. They weren’t close enough to his skin to burn it, but Chris didn’t seem to realize that. He started screaming, begging us to put the twigs out. He started to squirm to get away from the fire, but any movement only brought him painfully close to another burning twig. The cute part was that as he squirmed, you could see the green flag sticking out of his butt wave back and forth. I was a little worried that it would catch fire on the twigs, but it didn’t. Eventually Jeff realized he should stop squirming if he didn’t want to get burned. That left him with nothing to do but try to stay completely still and beg for mercy.

“Jesus Christ, put them out! Please!” Jeff kept shouting, over and over.

“What will you give me to put them out, Jeff?,” Chris asked. “What do you have to offer?”

Jeff didn’t have an intelligent answer. He just kept on begging.

“Here’s the deal, Jeff,” Chris said. “I put them out, and you’re my slave after the game for a week.”

Jeff didn’t say anything. Chris took another twig, lit it on fire, and planted it directly in front of Jeff’s face. That did it. Jeff started screaming and crying, and finally shouted out, “I’ll do it!

Please! Just stop!”

Chris had a pail of cold water ready. He splashed it around Jeff, getting him quite wet in the process.

Chris inspired me. I walked over to George. He was still tied to the posts. A few Yellows had fucked him since I’d left, but now he was alone.

“Hey George, how’s it going?” I asked, like we were best buddies now. George didn’t answer.

“George, I was just admiring your photo collection,” I said, and showed George a stack of Polaroids the Yellows had taken from George’s barracks. They were the pictures George had taken of me. “Think I could keep these, George?”

George gave out a soft moan. Those pictures were his equalizer. Now they were gone.

“Hey George, I guess by now you must have a taste for being naked in public, huh?,” I asked, patting George on the rear.

“Not really, no,” George said.

“Are you sure? I’ll bet when you get back to college, you’ll jump at chances to show off your body.”

“I don’t think I ever want to be naked again,” George said.

“That’s too bad. I was hoping I could share all the photos of you that I have with my friends.”

George lifted his head and looked at me.

“No — please don’t –,” George started.

“Of course it would be easier if I just put them on the Internet. Sound good to you? I’d give you credit of course. Real name and everything. Thousands of guys could see you daily.”

“I’ll do anything,” George said. “Just let me have those pictures.”

“I think I’m going to hang on to them, George,” I said. “Only tell you what. You be my slave for the next month, and I’ll keep them private.”

George thought for a while, and then nodded.

Part 15

The next morning, we unchained Jeff. The four yellows who had led the attack on the Green camp each grabbed an arm or a leg, and we carried him, flag still sticking up out of his butt, into the Yellow camp. As soon as the flag entered the Yellow camp, we let up a cheer. We had won the game! We radioed the news in to the game’s administrators. They drove into the game grounds in a group of jeeps, verifying that the Yellows had won the game.  When the administrators found our field full of naked, bound men, to my surprise they took out cameras and began photographing the guys!

“For our brochures,” an administrator told me.

We cut the prisoners down, and shook hands. We didn’t give them clothes back, though. The administrators collected all the discarded clothes up in their jeeps and drove back to the base camp. All of us — Browns, Yellows, and Greens – – walked back to the base camp together, making our last admiring glances at the prisoners’ naked bodies. George, shy to the end, walked with his hands covering his privates. Poor guy.

It was kind of weird being back in the locker room, putting clothes back on again. This was the place where the game had first divided us, but now we were together again. Jonas had been naked since the time I caught him, and he seemed glad to get dressed again.

The five of us who had driven out to the camp originally — Jonas, Me, Jeff, Chris, and Ted — walked to Jonas’ SUV in the parking lot. Jeff wasn’t very talkative, perhaps realizing that he had just given his body away to Chris for a week. I caught George out of the corner of my eye.

“Hey Jonas, do we have an extra seat in that thing?” I asked.

“Sure,” Jonas said.

I called out to George. He left the group of college guys he was with and came over. I nodded at Jonas’ SUV.

“Get in,” I said. George got in.

Before the SUV had even left the parking lot, Chris had ordered Jeff to strip naked, and I did the same to George. We didn’t have sex there — we were all pretty tired, to tell you the truth — but it was nice to have something good to look at for the trip back.


The End


Note: This story has appeared on various other gay bondage stories site on the net, and it is posted here without permission of the original author. If you are the author, or if you know how to reach him, please contact me.





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