His day




Have loved keeping up with this. I really wish I had the opportunity to trade places with him!



wow … really hot … it must be very tired this position but also it must be really hot … lucky boi …


The Warden

Do be careful for that, that you wish for!

So pleased you have enjoyed following the inmate during his incarceration.

I feel the Governor has also enjoyed the experience and as such may well instruct me to upload further inmates predicaments during there stay here at his Institution.

I expect it will be dependent on comments just like yours and if there is a wish for it to continue.



Sure … u have to continue upload pics … i’m waiting them every day.



The term governor and warden reminds me of the old web page about the Institution – loved the pictures on that site – any relationship?

Keep the pictures coming they are awesome – might consider changing places sometime with the victim.


The Warden

As I have written to some one else on the matter your comment of any relationship is quite correct.

One thought on “His day”

  1. This has been an awesome series, so real, one can identify with the prisoner – wondering: How would I handle that?
    Went through Interrogation Week when “institution” was Delta Force in the forest preserves of Atlanta – awesomely realistic.

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