Paying the Full Price – Part 2

By UKDeviant on Recon

UKDeviant chastity storyIt was day 4 of being locked in the steel chastity belt. I slowly woke up and as usual stretched and got ready for my morning slow wank. Then I remembered that I was still securely locked up. My fingers could just about get into a few of the gaps in the belt, but there was no hope for relief. Having been in a Holy Trainer for 4 weeks before for a period of enforced denial, the abstinence was not going to be a problem and I was not ready to panic yet, but I did need to have a plan to get out of my predicament. My dick still unhelpfully twitched and throbbed away inside the cage. Twitch.

It seemed unlikely that I would be able to get to London. Hotels were shut and the Police were turning away non-essential workers from the tube stations. Getting to James on Wednesday evening was just not going to happen, even if he turned up. It would be a long 2-hour drive both ways to find this out. I didn’t bother preparing in my mind an explanation I could give to The Police for my 50-mile car journey if I were stopped and asked where I was going.

There again, being handcuffed while in a steel belt then being searched and having to answer some awkward questions did have an appeal and created the start of another idea to file away for later when I was unlocked and out of this mess… “No, Sir, we don’t need to cuff your hands behind your back, in front will be fine…” I could email the club – but as they did not have my contact details, they would not have his either, so I was not sure they could help. Anonymity and privacy are key parts of the kink scene.

I was not able to contact James through eBay now as the listing that gave me his username had been deleted, along with my message to him in my sent folder. At the moment waiting for a message from James through RECON seemed like the most likely way out – but what if he had also forgotten my username? We had both drunk a fair bit and four days after the event with both of us knowing that the pandemic was preventing us from meeting up as planned would surely have resulted in him making contact to form an alternative plan – maybe he was waiting for me to contact him? He may be wondering why I hadn’t too. He is also in a device that can snap off and be replaced for £30 so I had the greatest urgency.

If there were no message from RECON I was in trouble. At the thought of this my dick hardened, again, at the mess it had gotten me into.

I decided that I could manage with this for a few weeks without a problem and, after all, risk and uncertainty is a big part of the thrill when you give up control. I decided that I had two courses of action I could take – one was to email the club and leave my details for James in case he contacted them asking them to pass on mine. That seemed sensible. The other was to try to track him down through eBay looking for location-based listings and trying desperately to place an advert there that he might find. Knowing his interests in Chastity and that he had some spending money it was worth a go, but it was not a great prospect. It was a pretty crap one to be fair.

Getting up and showering was a quicker routine now without my morning play time, so after towelling off I put on a pair of Adidas trackie pants and a pair of second hand well-worn Nike trainers before going downstairs. I had gotten used to going about the house topless with the steel belt clearly visible above my trackie pants, and it was quite comfortable – mentally and physically. It looked, and felt, good. It is a bloody nice belt.

After making a coffee I sat down at the computer and prepared a short note to the club expressing my sadness they had been forced to close due to the lockdown and hoped they would be able to re-open soon. I explained that I had arranged to meet one of the other visitors there in a few days’ time and asked that if anyone called James asked for me could they please pass on my contact details as it was quite important. Send.

Now onto eBay. I started a listing, but what to put in the title? I decided that the key words were “chastity,” “keys,” “James” and “exchange.” This took me to “Pair of keys to Holy trainer Chastity device belonging to James in exchange for mine – Keys Only.” This was utterly weak and even frantic. Very frantic. I decided it was a stupid idea and moved the mouse to the top right corner of the screen to close the web page.

My email inbox chimed, and there was a preview in the bottom right of the screen showing I had an email from the club. That was quick! Maybe it was good news! Quickly I opened the application and then the email. “Auto Reply. We are sorry to announce that following the lockdown we are closed for the foreseeable future. Our team are on furlough and the inbox is not being monitored. We hope to be back soon and please keep an eye out on the website for updates.” Bollocks. Even if James did turn up to leave a message, no one would be there to take it. Even in this predicament my dick was hardening in the cage and swelling between the bars as my permanent chastity was looking like a possibility now. Twitch. Be careful what you wish for … Throb Twitch Throb…

My eBay advert was the only proactive action I could take now, and any result seemed highly unlikely. After staring blankly at the screen for a minute I had no better idea and resigned myself to completing the listing. I set the condition as ‘used’ and in the description stated that the buyer should only purchase if they were called James and had a set of keys to return in trade. I then had to decide how much to list it for. £40 seemed to be an appropriate value and would send a clear message to the right buyer. Smiling at the irony I clicked on ‘List the advert’ knowing it was a pointless waste of time.

Perhaps twitter could help? No. Twitter would not be a help here. The Twitter community would only endorse my position and tell me that ‘A good boy is a locked boy.’ There was enough wank material out there without me giving some today. It would just result in ridicule and requests for photographs. Again, my dick twitched in its cage.

Perhaps I had managed to get myself where I deserved to be. When I checked the ‘Visitors list’ on my RECON page for the hundredth time to see if James had visited my profile, I reviewed my own text. TPE, Control and Chastity were a very strong theme and some of my main keywords. I was getting what I was stating I wanted, and if I were James I’d be quite unconcerned that I was in this position.

Again, my dick twitched and throbbed in its confinement. I was getting horny and even resorted to a carrot in a condom. It turns out that the ‘wonky veg’ brand is incredible. Once you take it out of the fridge, run it under a hot tap for a while.

The next event was a phone call from work. I was to go on Furlough with immediate effect.

2020 could go fuck itself right now. So could eBay’s policies.

That did however solve the problem of any risk of being discovered with the Chastity Belt locked on at work, which I was stewing over and was a small plus. By offsetting my mortgage, the furlough scheme would pay my bills if I didn’t splash out, so I decided to look for the other positives out of it. I had chores in the house and the garden to carry out as well as now the opportunity for some daily exercise to lose a few pounds. There was a pile of stuff in the garage to sell on line to bring in some cash.

This was a fast-moving situation. COVID was fast affecting everything, and I was just as fast running out of options. The only thing that was looking to be certain was me being locked for some time to come. Twitch, Throb, Throb…

I went to the fridge, took out the wonky carrots and inspected them closely. I found a slightly larger vegetable than yesterday, covered it in a fresh condom acquired from a SoHo club, inserted it where the sun doesn’t shine. Next, I went into the garden to take out my frustration on a boarder with a spade. A few hours digging and sweating with the cock ring constantly tugging at the base of my shaft and a wonky root vegetable massaging my prostrate was going to be the highlight of the day. I needed to learn how to achieve an anal orgasm.

The following Wednesday, day 7, came and went. There was no reply from the club. I had abandoned any hope of getting there by car or public transport and after spending several hours on RECON using a central Shoreditch postcode and searching for members by distance gave up trying to find James online. (The RECON app search by location is fantastic – wish they would incorporate this in the online version!)

The belt was comfortable, and I was spending several hours a day working in the garden and carrying out long overdue DIY tasks. I was buying larger carrots too. My energy levels were improving from daily exercise walking though the local woodland, and the abstinence was focusing my efforts elsewhere. I could deal with this for another week before considering trying to remove the belt. Every physical activity whether DIY or going for a walk resulted in the belt and the cock ring moving and repositioning, which kept me permanently horny.

It was on one of these walks that the eBay alert sounded and seconds later the PayPal ‘you’ve received money’ alert chimed. Pulling the phone out of my pocket having at last got some possible good news, I wondered which if the items I had listed in the last few days to generate some funds had sold. When the app opened, I froze rigidly on the spot.

‘Congratulations, Your item “Pair of keys to Holy trainer Chastity device belonging to James in exchange for mine – Keys Only” has sold.’

This wasn’t expected… Opening the PayPal payment alert I quickly scanned through for the buyers details – Damn. ‘Nathan’ and he was from Sussex. Not James from London. He probably thought he was buying the whole device. I hadn’t thought this through very well at all. Bollocks. What keys do I send him? Do I send the real ones, and then if I do catch up with James have to explain that I sold them on eBay to some random bloke?

Twitch. Damn you Dick. Damn you Covid. Fuck you Furlough and work can go screw itself too. I guess £40 is worth two blowjobs so, sighing, I turned around, headed home and found a pair of keys for an old lock. I had an unused copy HT cage, so I put this into the package too so he would hopefully not feel ripped off. Negative feedback now would be consistent with how the last ten days had gone. I sent them in the post first class to Nathan. I really hadn’t thought this through very well.

Back in the garden I accepted I was now low on options and the enthusiasm for remaining locked up was dwindling fast. Being locked with an undefined duration when someone has the keys and is the sole decision maker is incredibly horny. You need to decide how to please the Key Holder and may end up with some limits being pushed in return for release, or even just the prospect of release at some point in the future. You will start to do anything for that person. But there has to be a person. I was just locked, and the prospects for release needed were not something I would bet on.

I decided to contact Behind Barz for their advice on safe removal hopefully causing minimal damage and how I go about securing replacement parts. When I got their advice, I would get some safe help to free me. Feeling better there was at least a way out, I typed out a message explaining my predicament and clicked on ‘Send.’ Ok, we have a way out here. I then mentally started to compile a list of people that I would trust to help cut it off who were close by and into kink.

‘Ping’ “Thank you for your email – Due to COVID our services are temporarily affected but we are monitoring the email address and will get back to you when we can.” *

Sod it.


Twitch, Throb, Twitch.

The next few days were glorious weather, so working in the garden was great. The belt was sitting comfortably, and I had accepted that it wasn’t going anywhere soon. Looking at the positives, I had at least a month off, my food bills were covered, I was drinking less, was losing a little weight and getting some work done in the garden I had been hoping to tackle year after year. I had no work emails to deal with, and was focusing on improving my home and wellbeing. I had no credible plan for gaining freedom other than risking power tools in the garage, waiting for a reply from the manufacturer or a call to the fire brigade. Hmmm. That last thought was interesting, but I decided that the local fire service didn’t exclusively recruit tall fit guys who could rescue me…

My daily attire outside was army pants, army boots and a hoodie. The boots, loosely laced up, concealed a set of leather locking cuffs, which were padlocked on. The hoodie hid a padlock and chain collar, which had been on for a week now. As a rule, I would be plugged. This was now getting close to another favourite scene as being an owned slave. Controlled, restrained and forced labour. By this time pre-cum was a constant drip, and the permanent state of horniness left me considering trips to cruising areas. I wasn’t ready to break the COVID travel rules yet, but I was getting close. In usual circumstances I would have abandoned the gardening and relieved myself, but as this was not possible my productivity was very high.

At night ankle cuffs would come out and occasionally the 5-point irons. I bought a remote-control vibrating plug and tried to learn how to have an anal orgasm. After another week I was starting to enjoy the scenario of ‘house arrest slavery’ I was in.

On day 11, I had an eBay alert that didn’t surprise me. Nathan wished to return the goods as ‘not as described.’ PayPal had automatically refunded his payment, and the buyer was given a return address postage label at my cost to return the keys and cage. That was the end of that road too.

Maybe twitter could help? No. It couldn’t, and it was a worse idea than eBay. Twitter is very unkind to the locked or anyone in a predicament.

The next morning the postman called first thing while I was having my morning coffee. Not thinking, I opened the door in my trackie pants and trainers with the steel belt shining brightly above the waistband. The steel chain around my neck with the ‘Master’ padlock securing it was in plain sight. “Special Delivery, Mate,” he stuttered, not knowing where to look. Deciding it was way too late to jump out of sight and peer around the door, I just stood there loud and proud and signed his digital pad. He is one of the posties I would take a special delivery from given half a chance, but he was quick to turn around and depart. A real shame. Fit guy with cargo pants and Nikes. That would do. I called out a ‘Thank You!’ as he retreated up the drive before closing the door. Thinking about it, the bin men yesterday would have done too. Time to find a root vegetable slightly larger than a carrot.

Finishing my coffee I padded back into the lounge and tried to work out what was in the package – I hadn’t been buying on eBay but often forgot what I had ordered. Settling down on the sofa, the steel belt again tugging around my balls as it moved, I peeled back the tape wrapping up the package while wondering what the postman will be saying to his colleagues, smiling to myself. Fuckit, they will have seen a lot worse, and tomorrow they will have forgotten about it. Having torn open enough of the packaging I was able to grip the contents and slide it out of the wrapping.

Now, that WAS Interesting. And utterly unexpected. I knew exactly what it was, as I have one upstairs screwed to the wall. I stared at it dumbly for a several seconds working out what was going on.

A Master Lock Bluetooth Controlled Lock Box. Used, no instructions. Hmmm…

Interesting. Very interesting, but WTF?

No note in the package.

I tried the release button on the lockbox and it woke up, flashed a few times and did not open. Clearly it was locked off.


The next discovery was that when I turned it over, something inside it rattled. Hmmm…

‘Ping’ – Fuck off, phone, not now.

Recorded delivery, so the sender’s details need to be on the packaging so it can be returned if not delivered. Piecing together the wrapping I had pulled apart I could see there was an address.


‘Ping’ again – Fuck off, phone, really, not now.

Sliding the torn and stretched pieces of packaging on the coffee table I had a name and postcode.

Sender: Nathan. There was also a Sussex postcode and a house number.


Glancing at the phone I saw I had two new RECON messages from ‘NateSussex.’ I stared dumbly at the phone for a while…

I had definitely stopped breathing. I stared at the lockbox, the phone screen, back to the lockbox and then to the package. They had to both be the same Nathan.

Finally breathing in with anticipation, I swiped the alert to open the messages.

First Message: “Hi Sam, Sorry we could not meet up last Wednesday. I got your eBay message before my listing was deleted and fortunately had saved you in my ‘favourite sellers’ list, so I saw your listing when you posted it. I promised to give you the keys so have sent them to you and I think you have them now.”

The special delivery signature had clearly activated a ‘package delivered’ alert and Nathan had a message ready to send to me. I was about to be free! Oh, fucking awesome! James, Nathan, whoever, you are a star!!!

Second Message: “There is of course the matter of full payment – which has not happened yet – but we can discuss that in a few weeks. I’m not in a hurry to do that yet. I suspect you are happy being locked, but even if you aren’t there isn’t a lot you can do about that right now. I would like to explore the game you outlined about one of us being locked and let’s face it, this starts with you being locked. As you did not send me the right keys, I will also be modifying some of the rules and will let you know about this in due course. In the meantime, please can you send me the Holy Trainer keys. You have my address. Every day they take to arrive from the date I posted the package to you is an additional week you are locked up. This is going to be fun. Nate X.”


Third Message: “PS Wait until I contact you; any message you send until we have clear rules in place will add a week’s lockup time – with the sole exception of an emergency when you message the word ‘Emergency’ and your phone number. Until then you will follow the instructions. No exceptions.”


A million thoughts went through my brain – James wasn’t James (to be fair, no more than I was Sam) Why was he now in Sussex? That’s why the Shoreditch search didn’t help. The package was postmarked yesterday, if I return first class today it would be two days, or two weeks lockup. There is now a way out of this, but it may well be very much longer than cutting the belt open and renewing some parts. What were the new rules? So, a minimum now of two more weeks locked, on top of the nearly three now would break my past record, but I had a way out, even if I didn’t not know what or when it would be. I knew what I had to do. It is what I am.

Half an hour later, standing at the post box, I looked at the jiffy bag with the keys inside. They were the only thing I had to bargain with on negotiating the rules, but somehow, I didn’t think I was going to be able to negotiate much given my situation. I stuffed them into the letterbox to Nate. My dick twitched as the package landed at the bottom of the post box with a thump. I could feel precum drip down the inside of my leg. I was two weeks in and had clearly at least two more weeks to go. This morning I was in a predicament – this afternoon I still was, and was definitely not in control at all.

It was clear, though, that James, or Nate, was very much up for taking this forward and I was totally content with that. If he were my KH and in control there was not much I wouldn’t do…

Shit. Again, I fucked up again – I could have driven the keys to Sussex and dropped them off a day early, reducing my penalty by a week. I really hadn’t thought this through. I wish I had paid in full and got the keys – or did I… Throb Thob Throb. My dick disagreed with me.

To be continued…

UKDeviant on RECON

@UK_Deviant on Twitter

* Apologies may be due to Behind Barz. COVID affected most organisations early in 2020 and I do not know if they were closed during the first stages of the pandemic but have written their product into the story as it is one I admire, hope to acquire and be locked in. I am quite certain their customer service during the Spring period of the pandemic was exemplary as is their reputation and their website is Behind Barz – Male Chastity Belts | BDSM | Bondage

I hope you enjoyed Part 2 and would like help with Part 3…

What might the new rules on release be?

Do I meet up with Nate?

Is it Lockup for the Lockdown?


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8 thoughts on “Paying the Full Price – Part 2”

    1. Thank you 🤗 Covid has been a disaster out test for families, business and awful for social interaction. The emerging lockdown rules conflicting with the unpredictably of TPE gives so much opportunity for twists in the plot :) any lockdown rules that you’d like see in part three? 🤗

  1. Is Nate playing by the rules set out in part 1? If he is then there’s a Bank Holiday coming up soon (ish). I suppose you can hope for that, otherwise it’ll be his rules which you have no control over. I think you’re going to have to work for that lockbox combi. But, remember that Nate is also a bit of a switch which could work to your advantage, he might want more out of the situation than simply waiting or issuing instructions.
    Now get on with the gardening!

    1. Lol – the garden is one of the real parts here, including the trips to London and furlough. As to the rules, I think there is £40 outstanding to get the keys before there is any equity and Nate was sent a set of keys that didn’t open his HT… part three might still be a bumpy ride… 😈

  2. Another excellent installment. I love the idea of being locked where the keyholder decides on the rules for release and he can keep you on the hook for as long as he likes. More installments please

  3. Let’s pray those keys don’t get lost in the post – or that he just claims never to receive them because then he can really up the ante.

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