Paying the Full Price – Part 3

By UKDeviant on Recon

ukdeviant on reconI was gagging heavily on Nate’s hard cock, and my gag reflex was kicking in. My wrists were held high between my shoulder blades in a leather shoulder-wrist combination restraint, which was securely padlocked at every buckle. My ankles were both strapped in leather restraints padlocked to a spreader bar, and I was utterly defenceless. My exposed chest and nipples arched before him and my caged cock and balls were displayed. He was perfectly relaxed, chilling sat on the end of his bed while making me do most of the work.

My head was being thrusted on and off his ramrod penis with the ring gag between my teeth protecting him from bites or scratches. Despite being blindfolded, It was clear he was well hung, of good girth, cut and had a PA ring – exactly as at the club. The leather straps either side of the ring gag were gripped tightly in his fists and being used by his strong arms to pull my head on and off his penis to ruthlessly skull fuck me. Saliva, bile and mucus were coming out of every orifice in my head, I had tears running down my cheeks, and my face was somewhere between red and purple.

I needed to earn release and desperately wanted to please him. This was a new level of use and abuse I had not experienced, and it was frightening, exhilarating, horny. I would do anything, including suffer, for my new Key Holder. I needed more training like this to overcome my gag reflex.

Nate was shouting that he was about to come and with my arms bound behind my back and my ankles secured in the spreader bar I was going nowhere, and would shortly be taking his full load, ready or not. This was the most intense sexual experience I had ever had, and I wanted his cum to be shot into my mouth and feel it dripping down my throat.

My left arm was starting to register pain, and I couldn’t work out why. There were a number of strange noises that didn’t fit with the scene – Meow. Meeeow. I slowly opened my eyes and the cat was there next to me pawing at my left arm. Meow. I blinked my eyes a few times and focused on the cat in the dim light. Meow.

The first rays of Sunrise were just visible through the window, and I was naked, in bed, still locked of course, and my dick throbbing away in the cage self lubricating in my pre-cum. My size 12 feet dangled over the end of the bed with the chain from the ankle cuffs hanging down between them. Even if I weren’t locked, the moment was completely lost. My first dream orgasm ruined, by the cat.

Meow. The wakeup call was to remind me that it was feeding time in an hour. I glared at the cat, who, having made sure I was aware she was there, and awake, curled up and went back to sleep. Just one more minute… Why couldn’t you have given me just one more minute to allow Nate to climax? I wanted to pleasure him, even if in a dream. My dick was still throbbing and twitching away in the cage, but I knew it was pointless, the moment had gone.

Between the cat and the dog, I’m not sure who it is in my household who is top of the tree, but I’m certain it isn’t me. I’m pretty sure, too, that the cat and James both have me in the same position in their hierarchy as their slave to instruct as they wish. The cat based on my daily servitude to her, and James by his control over me.

I pulled the duvet up and drew the now fast asleep cat next to me, cuddling close to her and reflected on the events of the past few days.

It is exciting to know that the keys to the belt were just inches away from me. I just needed now to earn access to the lock box, but just what were these new rules going to be? I had nothing to bargain or counter offer with, having sent Nate the keys to his device. The penalty for contacting him without permission was clear. I have to say that at the club I fancied the pants off of him and if this progressed to something more than a simple (or not so simple) purchase of a chastity belt then that would be a great result. He certainly seemed intent to have some fun and I was very content with that. Right now, though, the instruction to await his further contact or be punished had resulted in utter compliance. I was being trained to obey him, that was clear.

At this point, though, there were no rules or limits in place. The agreement to meet up a week ago had been ruined by Covid, and with the lockbox Nate had the upper hand. He had also had plenty of time to review my RECON profile, so I now expected all of this to be used against me.

Be careful what you wish for. I have read it so many times on websites like Eckie and Metalbond.

Twitch. Normally about now I would be edging myself for a good 30 to 45 minutes and getting endorphins, testosterone and whatever else into my blood stream pumping around me. I was just plain horny and desperate for release. That I couldn’t, and had a keyholder in control, made me even more horny. That was a cool thing – I now had a keyholder. I was owned property. I liked that, a lot.


I just needed now to wait for Nate to contact me and discuss what the new rules were. I didn’t expect there would be much debate as I wasn’t in a great negotiating position. Right now, though, I had to wait for the next step until he was good and ready. My phone pinged the RECON alert. Franticly I opened it.

It was a Recon Sponsored Message for a remote operated plug. Thanks Sandy and the team… Not what I wanted although there is one member of the Recon team I would like a personal message from…

So, I got up and showered. The cat followed me into the bathroom, checking out my progress as I washed and shaved. Back in my bedroom I towelled off and pulled on a pair of second-hand Nike compression shorts and used TN’s from eBay. There is something very horny about only buying used clothing. It’s not only that a sub guy isn’t good enough for new, but more that there is an unknown mystery about the past owner. They would be some hunky testosterone oozing spunk monkey of a super-hero bloke that you would track around the bar or club and never feel worthy of approaching. Military, Chav, Nike, Adidas all do it for me.

I went downstairs and tried to hit the kettle to get this boiling for a coffee before the cat demanded food. I put the phone on the side and while reaching across for the kettle, the screen showed another Recon alert. Thanks, Sandy and the team. Another advert?

I opened it and this one stopped me dead in my tracks again. It was from NateSussex, and the message was ‘List all of your kink equipment now. Do NOT miss anything out. I will find out and if you do there will be severe punishment. You have 5 minutes to acknowledge or there is a penalty. If there is no complete list in 15 minutes there is a second penalty – Go! The time now is 07:25’

Fuck. This arrived while I was in the shower!


Bugger off!

The kettle was hissing as it was low on water.

That can bugger off too!!!

I raced upstairs and shut the door. Eyes bulging, it was well on the way to 08:00!!!

I had been set my first task and was already late! Even thought not in person there was now a protocol that meant I was expected to, and had no option other than to, be fully alert to RECON messages and to make myself permanently available to reply on demand! I was being trained to be available immediately and to make sure I was alert to any demand. I would need to increase the volume on the alerts…


My world had changed. Just three weeks ago I was a key individual in a business where I was the decision maker. People responded to me immediately. Now, furloughed, in a steel belt, the keys not in my control, and even the cat owning me my hierarchy had shifted to the polar opposite of last week. This was nuts…

Something in me was calm though. Being the ‘go to’ person or the individual who solves all of the problems at work is a hell of a mental drain. The last two weeks outside of work with no responsibility, reassessing what was important in life to me and identifying the positives then making the best of them was so very calming. My constant state of arousal was thrilling and my dick throbbed away again.

I was late replying to Nate’s text. There would be punishment it seems and I couldn’t change that. Picking up the phone I messaged back ‘Sir, thank you for the message, and I have just got out of the shower and will list the equipment now, Sir.’

I hoped that the note about the shower might buy me some reasonable acceptance as to the delay and didn’t want to acknowledge being late.

Ping – ‘You are late Slave. Get on with the list now and don’t think about missing anything’

Bollocks. That didn’t work.

Twitch Throb Twitch…

‘Yes, Sir, On it now, Sir’.

The cat was clawing at the door. Sorry, mate you’ll have to wait.

So, the list began…

  • Steel cage 6’6” x 2’ x 1.5’, lockable
  • Steel pillory as made by fetters
  • A ‘My Steel’ Chastity belt
  • 5 point irons – Hiatt style locks
  • Ankle cuffs – 3 different types
  • Hand cuffs – 3 different types
  • Latex rear zip catsuit
  • Latex shorts
  • Bluetooth Masterlock padlock
  • Bluetooth Masterlock Keylock as the one you sent me
  • HT and Steel CB x 3 one of which is urethral
  • 3 plugs – steel, silicone
  • Leather locking wrist, ankle restraints
  • Animal cuff
  • 4 timer padlocks
  • 2 leather hoods
  • For the rest it was easier to do a photograph…

Clicking on ‘Send’ I suddenly felt fully exposed. It was one thing going to a SBN event. Another with a CB locked on. The only thing worse than letting a stranger know your complete list of deviant items would be posting an article listing them on Metalbond or some other site. At the same time, though, there was something very liberating about being open about what I am – and the hope that Nate would progress from eBay seller to Key Holder to something else.

I didn’t feel concerned either, COVID had helped me restructure work priorities and I felt a change of employment was now due. I was delighted with the home improvements that I had made which had been bugging me to date. There were other business opportunities I was following up. I was much happier being me. 2020 was clearly a crap year for a number of people but I had at least the makings of some positive changes and I would be carry…

Ping… My Recon alert went and my wandering thoughts were immediately brought back to my predicament and my controller – … Sir? Master? I didn’t know what to call Nate… I’d stick with ‘Sir’ for now.

I opened the RECON message…

NateSussex – ‘Give me control of your Bluetooth padlock and keylock details now. Currently you have a further 1-week penalty for the late reply. What make are the timer padlocks? What is an animal cuff? You have 3 minutes’

Fuck. Panic!

‘Sir, the animal cuff is a Hiatt key locking device that goes around the balls and locks in place. There is a steel eye welded to it that you can use to lock to a chain to secure a sub / slave – but only works when not in chastity’. – Send. Phew! At least I have something off well within the timescale and I am responding immediately!

‘Sir, please find here a link to the timer padlocks’ – essentially the product is a battery-powered unit with a wire rope and locking pin that releases when you set the timer display. It is irreversible and runs to 99 hours. They cost £15 so that is cost of early release if there is an emergency. I send the link to the last time I purchased one on eBay.

The Bluetooth padlock and Masterlock keylock was harder. I have the app and the locks have a serial number. I knew all I had to do was to get these details over – but all of this within three minutes? I was doomed to failure but I would do the best I could to comply.

After getting the lock ID and authorisation codes from my ‘filing system’ it was 7 minutes.


I was late for both of my owners. Hopefully the dog would understand. But I wasn’t optimistic.

There was no reply or acknowledgement from Nate, and I was clear from the rules that if I initiated a message there would be further punishment, so I kept silent. And hoped.

I fed the cat then the dog and then made my coffee. I had given Nate what he asked for. The cat and dog were happy, and I was sitting in the lounge with my now cold coffee and my steel belt glimmering above my compression shorts and used TN’s.

So, where do I stand with any of them? Clearly that isn’t something important for me to know.


The dog came and stared at me with its sad eyes asking for a walk. I was its slave too.

So, I go upstairs and find a nice hoodie that will hide the chain collar and cover the steel band from the belt. Reflecting in the mirror I like the Nike TNs and compression shorts. I can’t help but strap on a set of leather ankle restraints and secure these with padlocks. The trackies I next put on will cover them. I’m ready for my walk.

Passing through the woodland I again opened Nate’s Recon profile and re-read the details. 70% active, 6’2, average build (he has a better build than that) and the keywords were Master and Slave, Leather, Chastity, Boots, Bondage. The profile pictures were genuine and ‘Safe For Work’ showing the ‘Boy Next Door’ look. The main text was brief and invited messages. Unsurprisingly he had been cruised 90 times in the last 30 days. My caged dick again throbbed away at being controlled by this guy.

Given the reams of text on my profile Nate had the upper hand here too – knowledge is power and there was a lot to be used against me if you had control over me…

Mu phone pinged and I am fully alert to the importance of immediately responding. After all, in the last few days I have already earned at least 3 weeks of penalty, and possibly more. Effective training…

It is Nate. My heart beats faster with excitement and I read the message…

“What are you doing for the next four weeks?”

I reply that I am on Furlough and doing work in the garden and keeping myself busy.

“Do you want to play a new game – If not, I will give you access to the lockbox now, we can settle up on the £40 and that will be ok. If you do wish to then reply saying ‘Yes, Sir’ and I will set out the rules in the next message. Time to decide Slave.”

I had to say yes or no now and did not know what the rules would be. As you read this you will know what my head was thinking and what my throbbing dick was telling me I should do. Sticky pre-cum was dripping down my thigh despite the tight fabric of the compression shorts. I could be free today after 3 weeks locked, or I could be locked for what looked like a further 3 weeks with no clarity on when release might occur.

I typed my reply into the phone and hovered my finger over the send button.

Feeling like a weight had fallen from my shoulders, I looked around for the dog – he had carried on with the walk without me, so I jogged on to catch up. This just ended up with the ring from the cage at the base of my shaft rubbing side and exciting parts of my penis I had not been able to reach, and would not for another 3 weeks.

Ping… Recon message from Nate

“You have accepted the challenge, good Boy. This will last 3 weeks during which period you need to earn release. This will be by carrying out certain tasks or dares to earn points. During this period, you need to earn 10,000 points.

  • Bluetooth padlock and chain collar = 10 points per hour
  • Ankle cuffs locked on with timer locks = 10 points per hour
  • Latex suit with timer lock = 20 points per hour minimum timer 5 hours
  • Plugged = 10 points per hour
  • Time outdoors naked = 50 points per hour
  • Night in the cage = 100 points
  • 5 point irons at night = 100 points

Dares (maximum one per day):

  • Supermarket visit with a gag under the face mask = 500 points
  • Naked in the middle of a field = 500 points
  • You are to propose other dares which I will award points for, up to 1,000 for each one.

Every day there is a ‘management charge’ of 200 points for my time added to your total.

Proof is required – photographs of the timer locks activated will do. Collar and chain will be the Bluetooth masterlock. Keyed items will be controlled in your masterlock keylock. The time durations when I am asked to open and close these devices will be the time awarded. Items that do not lock will be subject to random demands for proof pics.

Failure to provide a proof pic within 15 minutes of demand is a 250 point penalty.

Dares are worth up to 1,000 points but the amount awarded will be based on the risk and the amount of evidence you provide.

I will not be disclosing the number of points you have earned and you are not allowed to ask how many points you have left to earn.

When you think you have enough you will message that you think you have completed the challenge. If you have, I will release the lock box. If you haven’t then you will have a 2-week penalty for failing, then be released. If you do not achieve the task before the end of the three weeks there is a 2-week penalty.

I reserve the right to change the points awarded for items at any time. You may propose activities that earn points too.

This challenge starts NOW and as I am also on furlough I have plenty of time to administer it. You may now contact me when you wish – just make sure it is respectful Slave.”

This was a long message and had been typed out ready to go. I realised I had again come to a stop and needed to find the dog, so jogged on again. He knew the route and would be somewhere ahead.

My dick was throbbing away and the rules were going to take a little figuring out. It was going to be a fun game and on this occasion my dick had made the right call. I started to come to some conclusions about the rules:

I could be free in less than 3 weeks if I earned the right number of points

If I had not earned enough then there was a two week penalty – so my best case was to declare it now and have a 2 week penalty, or run the whole 3 weeks and have a 2 week penalty at the end. With the three weeks I have had so far this would be a maximum lock up of 8 weeks.

I could knock up an excel spreadsheet showing the daily points earned – the ‘Management charge’ over the 21 days was an additional 4,200 points so the sooner I completed, the fewer points I needed to earn.

A chain collar locked on 24/7 was worth 240 points a day – that cleared the ‘management charge…’ Ankle cuffs 24/7 and some time plugged would clear 300 or so points. With a dare at 500 and a few others this was achievable and in less than the three weeks – two would be a good target.

I realised I was wearing a locked collar and also ankle cuffs so quickly took photographs and sent a message – “Thank you Sir for the challenge, I accept and am looking forward to it. Am collared and have ankle cuffs locked on already Sir, proof pic attached”.

I was looking forward to constructing the spreadsheet and working out a plan to try to make a bid for freedom in 2 weeks. Spotting the dog ahead I carried on jogging and knew I would be home in 5 minutes.

Ping… “Collar lock is not Bluetooth, ankle cuffs are not timer locks. 100 point penalty for each. Follow the rules. Nate x”

My dick throbbed away as again I realised that I was being trained to comply to every detail. The last £40 for the keys was going to have a different cost in points – I was going to pay the price now!

UKDeviant on Recon

In part 4 Sam needs to make sure that he gets the easy points but also needs to put forward some dares – this is very much based on real life but are there any dares that you would like to put to Sam?

To be continued …


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  1. Wow – another great part. I love the level of control and hope there is some way it can be extended long term. I hope there was am”human error when the keys went into the lock box and they aren’t the correct ones. I think he needs long term chastity.

    1. Lol, as a I am ‘Sam’ I’m hoping to play the game then get some release, but something longer term with Nate? I’d give up a lot of control for that… but permanent, that’s a big ask… 😀

  2. “Be careful what you wish for” – so difficult when your brain and your cock are shouting opposing things at you. But you’re lucky. I think I trust Nate and you’ll get the ride of your life without too much risk – just don’t forget to feed the animals.

    1. Nate seems pretty honourable so far – but is he reeling Sam in and going to enforce total control? As you say, be careful what you wish for, he might just be planning what is in Sam’s recon profile… 😈

  3. Embarrassed Naked Male is a huuuuge turn on for me, so any time our Hero can be dared to streak or otherwise be naked with a chance of getting seen by others would be awesome. I also have a tickling fetish but have no idea how to incorporate it into this scenario. Do they perhaps make cock cages that vibrate randomly? :)

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