Paying the Full Price – Part 6

By UKDeviant on Recon

UKDeviant on ReconI was mentally exhausted. The evening had been risky and dramatic. I still couldn’t help but smile at the extent to which Nate could control me. My dick remained hard as a rock inside the steel chastity belt, and the flow of precum was endless. I was so turned on.

After sleeping most of the afternoon, I couldn’t get back to sleep so soon, so I lay in bed thinking about the last nine or so weeks. There was no end in sight to furlough, and I was quite happy with that for the time being. A bond had formed with Nate, and I would do anything for that to remain the case. Well, nearly anything. I was also desperate to lay in my bed naked without any restraint and slowly edge myself for a long time before knocking one off. Then another. My balls were full, and the design of the cage meant that I had been unable even to tug them around and get some mild stimulation there.

The physical activity over furlough meant that I had lost an inch or so around my waist, so the belt, which had been tightly secured, now had a little play, but not enough to pass over my hips – not that I would be able to pull my cock and balls out of the captive ring and cage assembly. I could gyrate the cage, which resulted in the cock ring massaging the base of my penis, and this just made me feel hornier and hornier and hornier… Twitch, Throb…

Just one more task and I would be free. The trouble was, I had no idea what Nate had in mind. I fully expected that, as it was the last final task, he would push me as close to my limits as I dared to go. Maybe a bit beyond. I trusted him, though, that whatever it was, it would be achievable, and that I would soon be able to free myself of the belt.

I started to think about how to create a scenario where the game could continue after my release. There had been no discussion about release for a period of time then being locked again – it was just release, and the trouble was I knew that while I wanted to be unlocked for a while, I would quickly crave for the need to hand over control again after my temporary freedom, ideally with my part-time scenario where two guys in a relationship shared the same belt and the wearer changed by mutual consent, on birthdays and bank holidays, and I wanted this to be with Nate.

I had no instructions for cuffing or caging myself overnight to earn points. It was really a case that the next challenge was ‘shit or bust’ for immediate freedom versus a two-week penalty, so I stretched out on the bed and eventually dosed off.

The alarm clock beeped away at 07:00 and after sleeping for much of the previous afternoon I was ready to get up. I was optimistic that the following morning I could keep hitting the ‘snooze’ button while laying back and edging myself away. It occurred to me that, while locked, I was getting perhaps 90 minutes more useful productivity out of my day than when free. In a relationship with someone, that 90 minutes could be put to good use at their instruction to keep me focused on their needs. Helpfully my dick throbbed and twitched away at this thought…

Nate was clear. I was not to contact him, and I would receive my instructions at 16:00. Nine hours away. I needed a mental distraction. I anticipated that there was a high probability that I would need to carry out this final unknown task in the evening or late at night. The comment about a longer task worried me, but I had no idea what this would be.

Right, time to get up. Shower and dress. Adidas Trackies, my second-hand Nikes and downstairs for a coffee with my steel belt glinting away above my waistband. Kettle on, cat and dog fed. I know I had to find a task to distract my attention and keep me occupied for the bulk of the day before getting some sleep so I would be ready later for the task. I decided that it was time to jet wash the drive. This was a filthy task. The drive was block paved and the gaps between the blocks filled with moss and dirt. Wherever the jet was blasted it was going to re-bound back at me so I would have to change clothes. I finished my coffee and went back upstairs where I stripped, put on a pair of well worn army coveralls and a pair of leather British Army boots with a timer padlock feed through the top eyelets of the boots, each set for 4 hours. Leather wrist and ankle cuffs were buckled then padlocked on and I stood in front of the mirror. A normal looking bloke stared back at me wearing some army surplus kit. The cage, collar and cuffs were invisible. Smiling, I decided that my grand finale (before tonight’s challenge) would be the vibrating plug. The timer locks would ensure that I (like any slave) didn’t shirk from the task and whatever effect the vibrating plug would have on me, after 4 hours of manual labour I would be a sodden sticky mess anyway.

This is pretty much what happened, especially after I switched the plug on which vibrated away for 90 minutes. The jet wash powered into the gaps between the block paving, displacing the moss and staining. Dirt and water rebounded back at me, soaking the coveralls and running into the boots. It was a messy task and while locked I had no option to stop and take a break.

Some time later, and more than the 4 hours, I had completed my chore and packed away the equipment. I entered the garage and removed the leather cuffs then unlocked the timer locks. Next, the boots came off and I unzipped my coveralls, letting them slip to the floor. Everything was a sodden mess including the boots, which were soaking wet and sweaty inside. Naked, apart from my collar and steel chastity belt, I wandered upstairs to the shower to clean up. It was nearly midday and I needed to get some sleep ready for 4pm.

15:55… I hadn’t gotten much sleep. Maybe I occasionally dozed, but that was it. Five minutes before the text I was expecting from Nate. Time to dress and get ready for this.

15:57… Downstairs, fill and switch on the kettle. A watched pot never boils and I wasn’t sure what might go off first – the kettle or the phone.

15:59… The kettle won. I poured hot water into my coffee cup, added coffee and some milk.

16:00… Nothing…

16:01… My dick was twitching away in its secure cage at the anticipation…

Ping… Recon Alert… My heard was pounding and I quickly opened the app, then messages. Yes, a message from Nate. This was it. “You will take a rucksack and timer padlock on a trip to a local cruising ground. On arrival you will text me and receive further instructions. This is a time-related activity – Between now and 10pm the task will be will be 30 minutes, 10pm to 1am will be 1 hour and after 1am will be 2 hours. You are not to reply until you are there and I will tell you what the task is. It must be complete by 04:00. Nate X”

I wasn’t sure what the actual challenge was, but the location was clear and it looked like the duration would grow the later it got, and the quieter the location would be. Cruising grounds weren’t really my thing, but I did know of some nearby. One was near the waterfront and the other on a hill overlooking the city. With the limited information provided, I was looking to select the quieter of the two and at a time that it would most likely be deserted. Another 2am job then. It couldn’t be later than 2am as Nate was clear it must be complete by 4am. The pubs were still closed so, while it was a Saturday night, there would not be a late evening rush. Something called ‘Household Bubbles’ were being brought in over the next day which allowed people in households to mix, but this, too would not result in any additional risk. Ok. 10 hours to go to do whatever the task was.

When you are locked, there is no point visiting Metalbond or Eckie to read horny stories. Similarly, twitter and other sites with a stream of porn just don’t help. I desperately wanted to spend an hour or so messaging Nate to chat to him, but his instruction was not to do this – and I was again complying in full. I was getting to be well trained. It would have to be Saturday night TV, which was rubbish.

Sunday 01:30. It was time to head out. I smiled that this time, Nate was awaiting a message from me any time between 4pm and 2am – for once he needed to be constantly attentive to his phone or laptop instead of me. I was into the ‘2 Hour’ bracket for whatever this task would be and had opted for the hill-top site. This was, I thought, quieter and had multiple car parks so there would be a quiet area.

01:45 I parked up. What the fuck was I doing?

01:46 “Sir, I have arrived at a local cruising ground and await further instructions.” Send.

01:49 – nothing

01:54 – still nothing. My dick was rock hard though.

01:57 – nothing from Nate and I was getting annoyed and time was running out if the task had to be completed by 4:00am.

Ping – “Well done, slave. Get your rucksack and timer lock. Lock the car and head into the cruising area. Text me when you have complied”

I was getting an uneasy feeling about this… after locking up the car I carried out a final check for any other sign of activity. This car park was empty and I decided to walk through the site to establish if I was alone, and the second car park at the opposite end also clear of cars. Five minutes later I was happy that I was alone. And incredibly horny.

02:02 – “Am in the middle of the cruising ground, Sir” – Send.

Ping – “Good boy. You do not have to complete this task and can instead opt for a 2-week penalty, then automatic freedom. Your task is to strip naked, lock your clothes in the rucksack. Then, using the timer lock, set the timer for 2 hours. Position the phone so that it can record you strip, fill the rucksack with your clothes, zip it up, feed the lock through the zips, lock it, start the timer and show the timer display to the camera. A video clip as proof is required and when the task is complete this will result in you having access to the lock box I sent you some time tomorrow. There is no debate or negotiation.”

Oh, Fucking Hell… Strip naked in a cruising ground? For two hours?!

Despite it all, my dick was throbbing away in its confinement. I was desperate to be released. I wondered if I would have driven here from home if I knew what the task was. Probably not, but now I was here I started thinking about how I could minimise the risk. In the last days of May the sky was never pitch black, and there was a permanent twilight in the sky. I could set the phone up and take some video without the need for the phone’s torch LED. There were plenty of bushes about where I could hide out of sight for the two hours. If I were lucky, no one would come through…

Fuckit, my dick made an impulse decision – while pulsing and twitching away tightly locked inside its cage. There was no one about. I walked back toward the car park I had stopped in – it made sense to be close to the car in case I had to leave quickly. I could rip the zips apart and find the keys if this went pear-shaped. 10m away from the carpark and there was a little more light from the street lights to be able to get the proof video – not too grainy but not too lit up either.

I set the phone to record and sat it on the ground propped against a fence post. Stepping back, I checked the framing of the image on the screen, opened the rucksack, dropped my keys into it and popped open the timer lock which I then set to 2 hours. I glanced around nervously, one final check that no one was about. All clear. Quickly, I slipped my top off and stuffed it into the bag. My trainers were kicked off next – they would be going back on for the next 2 hours regardless. I wasn’t risking stepping in something unpleasant or getting a cut and if I had to leg it for any reason, I wasn’t doing that bare foot. This, and the late start after he didn’t reply quickly, I could argue with Nate later if needed. He had always been reasonable. I stuffed my thumbs into the waistband of my trackies and slid them down my legs and they, too, were stuffed into the rucksack. After slipping my trainers back on and glancing about anxiously I zipped the rucksack up by feel. Glancing down to find the eyes on the zips I fed the wire rope of the timer padlock through the eyes in the zips. I still had to press the button that started the timer, so confidently pushed the locking pin into the body of the lock and heard it click. All I had to do now was to press ‘start’ and show the timer lock screen to the camera phone but I could still change my mind for now.

Bizarre, I thought. I had rushed to strip in just a few seconds and would then be committed to remaining naked for 2 hours. I don’t know why I hurried, because as soon as I committed to ‘Start’ there was a risk anyone coming by in the following two hours would see me so the few seconds I saved were meaningless. I closed my eyes and pressed the button on the timer lock.

Beep, Beep, Beep Beeeeeeeeep. The unlock function was now disabled. I opened my eyes and looked at the LCD display. The dimly lit background display showed 1hr 59m 56s and counting down. That was it, the point of no return had gone and my dick throbbed away. I took the rucksack to the phone and held the display close to the camera lens making sure that the screen image showed the time. Done. The next job was to pick up the phone and check the recording was ok – if it wasn’t then I was in deep trouble. With great relief, the recording, albeit a little shadowy, was clear enough to show I had followed the instructions. The steel belt glinted in the light and the recording of the timer display a bright alien green when shown on the phones display, but the timer was clearly counting down. After glancing both ways along the path again, I edited the clip down to ‘top and tail’ it so it showed full compliance with the instructions, then sent it to Nate, and I waited. And waited. And waited.

Ok, I reasoned, the video clip was about 15 seconds long and will have taken some time to upload and send. I put the phone on the rucksack and slipped my trainers back on. I wanted to know that the message had been received. The stakes were high and I was desperate to know Nate was happy with the evidence. It was probably time to head into the middle of the cruising ground and identify some safe shrubbery to hide in.

Ping… – “Well done boy. I’m proud of you. Enjoy the next two hours. I require a proof pic of the timer with less than 5 minutes on the display to be satisfied that you have not broken the lock open. I am tired and off to bed now so send the pic when you are done. Tomorrow, at 12:00 noon, if I am happy you have completed this task, I will give you access to the lock box. Nate X.”

Ok, so I wasn’t going to be able to cheat here by breaking the lock open and going now, but I didn’t mind – it was a warm evening and no one was about. I was enjoying exhibitionism, which was something Nate had pushed me into and was comfortable with the belt on outdoors in the dark. I decided to silence the phone, zipped it safely it in the side pocket of my rucksack and hid it in the bushes near where I had stripped. Next, feeling confident, I decided to walk along the path to the second car park – if I kept an eye on them both then I would not be surprised. Hopefully.

My senses were alert to any noise and as I walked along the twisting path there was the risk of meeting someone coming the other way. My heart was pounding, but, again, I was thinking with my dick which just wanted to be free and I would do anything for that. I couldn’t go back now and was confident I was assured of freedom – it was just a matter of time and one more proof pic now. The game was going to be over and normal life would probably resume. Whatever ‘Normal’ was now. I had never stripped outdoors like this before, especially in a cruising ground and it felt exciting to walk along the path. I was Naked, except for the steel chastity belt locked on, unable to change that for 2 hours and it was somehow liberating.

Occasionally, a car would pass along the main road. My night vision adapted to the twilight and I could make out the path, grass, shrubbery and even litter. It was completely still and I was calm. Another car passed the front of the cruising area and – HOLY CRAP, it slowed and indicated to turn into the car park just 20m in front of me! Seconds later, headlights were washing over the carpark and the bushes around me. Light flickered over the path I was on as the cars headlights shone through the bushes surrounding the parking area. I knew where I was going to hide if anyone turned up, but that was 100m away! The last thing I could do now would be to move as this would attract attention. Seconds later the car turned left into a packing bay and the path I was on plunged into darkness. My night vision was shot and I turned and legged back to the bench and my hiding spot. A car door slammed shut behind me and an immobiliser chirped signifying that a car was locked. The stem of my penis gyrated wildly in the ring to the steel belt driving me wild.

After 90 seconds I decided I was well out of sight, but still a few minutes away from my hiding point. It was a good few minutes since I was there last and I didn’t know if anyone had parked up in the far car park while I was gone, so needed to approach quietly and look for alternative cover if somewhere suitable cropped up. The last thing I needed was to run into someone coming from the opposite direction. I was about mid-way and at a view point with a bench. Just in front of the bench there was a patch of shrubbery about 5 foot tall. That would do. I slipped into the bushes and crouched down. I was breathing hard and worried I might be heard so took in slow, deep breaths to slow my heart rate.

After 30 seconds, my breathing was getting under control. Everything was still and I could see about 20m each way along the path. I was squatting down which was putting a strain on my ankles and the steel belt was riding up my waist adding pressure on the cock ring at the base of the device. I shifted position to kneel down below the shrubbery. A twig snapped a short distance to my right, then nothing. I held my breath for five, ten, fifteen seconds, before a shadowy figure started to appear to my right.

He was casually walking along the path. Not in any hurry. My night vision was improving and about 30m away I could make out a figure. He looked fairly tall. Baseball cap on backwards. Very chav. Fuck, this could get very difficult very quickly. A few seconds later, he was in front of the bench and came to a stop. My eyes were still regaining their night vision and I could see that he was looking up and down the path. I was pretty sure his hand was down the front of his pants. I had to keep still – This guy could be passing through and I wasn’t in a position to make a quick getaway.

Baseball Cap Lad definitely had a hand down his pants and he was playing with his cock, not in a hurry to go anywhere. This wasn’t a straight lad. My dick started throbbing away in its cage. He wandered over to the bench and put his right foot on the seat. Nike’s with trackie pants tucked into his socks. He turned around and sat down on the bench, legs splayed apart and leant back. He was rubbing his crotch and looking both ways up and down the path. In the dim light I could make out a short haircut, possibly military. Nice. My dick was throbbing away and getting control over my thought processes now. I coughed gently as if to attract attention and immediately my mind exploded! What the FUCK had I just done?! Oh My GOD!!! How did my cock again get that level of control of my decision making?! Baseball cap lad stopped massaging himself, not sure if he had heard anything. With immense relief, after pausing his self-pleasure and taking a careful look around, he carried on taking care of himself again.

“Cough.” I couldn’t help myself. My sex drive was off the scale. I was desperate for any form of release and this tall bloke, after nine weeks of chastity, could be it. Let’s face it, he wasn’t walking the dog or out shopping with his girlfriend.

He got up and wandered over to the bushes. In the moonlight, as he came closer, I could make out a reasonable physique. Not slim or fat, but either ‘average’ or ‘muscular.’ Nice. His hand right was still down his trackie pants gently massaging his cock. Short haircut under the cap. Fit. Confident poise. Quite possibly military. Fuck. My wildest dreams. My dick twitched away in its cage and I could feel precum dripping down my leg.

I had to decide what to do – remain silent and hope he goes away, or take a gamble and with a third cough make it clear I was here and interested. If I were silent, he might decide that the noise he thought he heard was his imagination and he would go away. In about 90 minutes I could get my proof picture, open the padlock and fuck off home to await freedom.

I decided to remain silent.


OMG! Why did I do that?!

Baseball cap lad looked in my direction and said “Hey, mate? What are you after?”

I was busted. My own cock had somehow gained total control over my thought process, again.

“Whatever you like mate,” I replied.

He stepped forwards and glanced down at me – “Nice jockstrap – what the fuck is that?”

I hadn’t had to answer that before – “It’s a steel belt that stops me playing with my cock and keeps me focused on looking after other guys instead…”

A pause while he tried to work that out. “Ok. Mine needs taking care of – I don’t do other guys, I’m straight, but you can take care of this.” He turned and headed back to the bench and sat back, legs splayed with his hand still down his pants. I followed him and kneeled in front of him. Reaching out, I firmly massaged his cock through his trackies with my right hand and with the left pulled the waistband of his pants. He raised himself up with his arms on the back of the bench so the joggers could slip down enough. No underwear. Tight T-Shirt. A thick bush of pubic hair appeared – he might be straight after all. Another tug at the trackies and a firm 8-inch dick sprung up and waved about in front of me.

This was the first time I had seen or touched anything for nine weeks or so and I was desperate for contact with someone else. This was a fucking awesome result. I wrapped my hand around the top half of his cock and started massaging it up and down. He was uncut and the foreskin travelled over the head of his penis and back again. With my thumb I rubbed his piss slit where his precum lubricated the skin. My left hand slid into his pants and cupped his balls, gently rubbing them. Leaning forward I got my nose inches away from his groin and took a slow, deep breath. He smelt fantastic. His scent was of hard work and masculinity and it turned me on immediately. I spent a minute massaging his balls and gently wanking him off while he laid back on the bench breathing deeply, arms laid on the back of the bench. He was completely relaxed and staring into the sky.

Next step. I leant forward, took his hard penis in my mouth and started bobbing up and down the top 5 inches of his cock while working my tongue along his shaft and into the slit on the head of his penis. The precum was salty and sticky. He groaned with pleasure and his cock was throbbing away. My left hand explored his waist under his t-shirt and slid up toward his chest. Firm abs and a hairy treasure trail. Lean, smooth. I got to a nipple and started massaging it. On the way to the other nipple, I felt a lightweight chain hanging around his neck with some metal discs. Dog tags. Military. Nice. My wet dream. The lad probably was straight with a girlfriend back home, but if he needed someone to be his bitch for some relief then I was good with that and very happy to do my part to support our armed forces.

Groaning with pleasure, he moved my hand away from his tits – “Just the cock, I’m straight, don’t forget that.” Ok mate, no problem. I concentrated my effort on his cock and balls with my mouth, tongue and both hands. He started to tense and breathe faster. After another minute, his back arched and his balls spasmed, ejecting a big load of hot, salty spunk down my throat. I carried on sucking and licking until the spasms slowed and ended. He laid back, exhausted, while I cleaned up the last drips from his penis as he slowly exhaled a deep breath.

After a few seconds, he looked down at me and with his foot gently tapped the steel cage. “So, that’s locked on then and you can’t wank off?”

“Yes, Sir,” I replied.

He laughed. “Don’t call me Sir, I work for a living… Who has the key?”

“A mate of mine, and it’s been locked on since the start of the lockdown.”

“Fuck, you haven’t knocked one off for 2 months?”

“No, I’m fucking desperate to though…”

“So, I guess you’d do anything you were asked to by now?”

“Yes, Sir, I would…”

He got up and pulled his trackies back up. “Fucking good blow job; the best I have ever had. My girlfriend doesn’t even come close. See you about, mate.”

Baseball cap lad turned and wandered back down the path he had come up. I remained kneeling on the ground watching until he disappeared into the dark.

After he had gone, I leant forward on the bench and pushed myself up before swivelling around and sitting down. My knees were weak and I lay back, splayed out, tingling all over having reached an incredible high. Nothing was going to beat this. It took a good few minutes before I was ready to get up and I knew I needed to check the car parks for other visitors. What just happened was a colossal risk, and I wasn’t going to take another one.

I went back in the direction of my arrival car park and located my bag in the bushes. Still just over an hour left, and I decided to make myself comfortable somewhere out of sight. As it happened, no one else passed through and why would they at 3am? I wondered how often Baseball Cap Lad had been here, and how many times it was this late and deserted. For the rest of the two-hour period, my dick twitched and throbbed away in its cage until, with just 4 minutes left on the timer, I could take and send the final proof pic. Click, open the messenger app, insert a photo. “Sir, please find attached the proof picture as ordered” – Send.

I hoped my price for freedom had now been paid.

To be continued …


Thank you for reading the story, and I have had a large number of messages on Recon and comments on Metalbond as each chapter has been posted. Thank you for the great feedback and questions about what parts are real and suggestions for the next chapters, it has been awesome to share ideas with other kinksters which has resulted in some friendships too. The next chapter will be the last, and Sam has suffered a number of twists and turns in the plot. I have had ideas for a happy ending. Maybe Sam will get his LTR with someone sharing the chastity lifestyle. Perhaps as some work activities return to normal post Covid, the day-to-day routine for Sam and Nate will return to normal and they return to their past separate paths. In a week or so the final chapter will be written and we will find out. For me, though, furlough happened. The chastity points game took place with the Bluetooth padlock and lock box and the risks and dares were true – with the exception of Baseball Cap Lad, whom I would have liked to help out. I am the Sam in this storyline who is looking for his Nate. I hope you enjoy Part 7 and find what you are looking for too.

—UKDeviant on Recon


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6 thoughts on “Paying the Full Price – Part 6”

  1. Great story. Sorry to see it ending. Maybe you can do a sequel where it’s Nate’s turn to wear the belt and be under your controlf or a while. :)

    1. Hey, thank you for the feedback and I’ve enjoyed sharing what is 80% real and 20% what I’d hope for… small spoiler, Nate gets in the belt in the next chapter….

    2. Awesome! Great feedback and delighted you’re enjoying it that much! It is 80% fact and the 20% what I am missing in my life! Hope you like the final chapter which is coming soon. Sam has a few more surprises coming his way…

  2. Each chapter has me reading faster and faster – just as Sam gets into a bit of a panic – then I have to go back and read again to make sure I didn’t miss anything. The fine detail makes it so realistic. You can readily believe this has actually happened, love it.

    1. Awesome! Great feedback and delighted you’re enjoying it that much! It is 80% fact and the 20% what I am missing in my life! Hope you like the final chapter which is coming soon. Sam has a few more surprises coming his way…

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