Paying the Full Price – Part 7

By UKDeviant on Recon

gay chastity storiesAfter sending the proof pic, I popped the lock on the timer padlock, fed the wire rope back out of the eyes on the zips and opened my rucksack. In contrast to my arrival where I stripped in a near panic, I calmly felt about for my pants, pulled them out and slipped them on. The t-shirt was next, then found my car keys. The timer lock I had was re-locked on one of the zips so that was secure. Right now, I had competed, I was sure, my final task. There were no more risk games and I was so very horny. Blowing off ‘Baseball Cap Lad’ had given me such a high too. The drive back home on empty roads was rapid and when I got back home, I was mentally exhausted.

After stripping off down to my steel belt and padlocked chain collar, I crashed out on my bed. Despite being exhausted, I couldn’t get to sleep. Instead, I lay on the mattress and cradles the steel cage. My smaller fingers were able to slip through the gaps in the cage and touch my cock, but could not rub or stimulate it. I contemplated getting a large carrot to insert into a condom but was just too emotionally drained.

Nate had played this brilliantly. Not revealing the full details of the final task until part way through was genius. More likely the outcome of a twisted and evil mind. It meant I would go to the cruising ground and then be at the objective before finding out the rest of the challenge and less likely to back out. I liked that, a lot. I liked the idea of being controlled by an evil and twisted mind. Unpredictability, surprises, new rules. Again, my cock throbbed away in its cage and would hopefully be released in just a few more hours…

Next, then started to think of baseball cap lad and what he would look like in British Army MTP (Multi Terrain Pattern) camouflage uniform with lovingly cared for clean and polished boots nicely laced up and a smart beret. What rank was he? Definitely not an officer from his remark “Don’t call me Sir, I work for a living…”. I liked that. As a very sub guy, blowing off a private would be a worthy duty. I thought about those boots and me being made to clean them daily for him and his mates so they all passed inspection in the morning – with any punishment being magnified and passed on. Precum was drizzling now in a steady stream.

I wondered how many horny guys he was billeted with who were all missing their girlfriends and needed a guy to ‘help them out’. I starting to visualise a semi-derelict barracks hut at the end of the compound where I was chained up with a steel collar and forced to provide a vital service to our armed forces personnel. Unable to relieve myself, but keeping a steady stream of fit, testosterone filled, straight Army lads who were missing their girlfriend satisfied whenever they needed a hand while also making sure their boots passed inspection.

Throb Throb Twitch Throb…

The next morning, I woke up and stretched in my bed. Like a computer booting up I took 10 or 15 seconds to re-establish my predicament. I was certain that I had completed the task and had provided the proof for this. On this basis I would get access to the Masterlock Lock Box that Nate had sent me. TEN weeks on and I would be able to unlock the steel belt and spend an hour or more in bed slowly edging myself until I came. And then I would lie back and do it again. And again. And again.

I thought about where I had tidied my ‘wank rags’ and decided that I’d just change the bedding instead. I was very happy to have a dirty, sticky mess for a day. The double skin construction of the Behind Barz belt meant that I had not been able to even tease myself. This needed to change and I was looking forward to midday when I expected to be free. Eventually I drifted off to sleep.

06:00 came and went, as did 07:00. It was 07:30 before I was starting to arise and by then Nate had long since been sent the proof he required. All I knew was that if he was satisfied, I would receive access to the lockbox some time today. I thought about sending him a message to check he had received the final proof pic but could see from the messaging app that the proof picture had been delivered but not opened. I would have to wait.

I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. This would be the last day for a while I had to sit down to piss which would be nice. The routine of having a glass of water by the toilet to flush out the cage after urinating would be good (an added complication in life that Don guys may not appreciate). Next was to shower. I was longing to give my cock and balls a gentle massage and clean in the shower. Flushing the cage out with water wasn’t the same at all. While shaving I decided that my cock and balls after 10 weeks would also need a trim and shave and made a mental note to check the trimmers were charged up.

The chain collar was also getting heavy. The Bluetooth Masterlock padlock was about 60mm wide and easily half a pound in weight on its own. Due to the diameter of the hasp, the chain links were large. I liked wearing a chain and padlock collar day to day, but prior to this and Covid it was normally a much smaller sixe link and padlock. Tomorrow my routine would hopefully be very different.

I got out of the shower and while towelling dry noticed that the screen on my phone was illuminated. I had received a Recon alert. Instantly, my dick hardened in its steel cage and throbbed away. This better not be another recon sponsored advert… please, not today… I dried my hands then swiped the app open. YES! A message from Nate. I tapped on the link and the message opened.

“Well done – proof pic accepted! At 12:00 noon you will strip naked and kneel by the lockbox. You are to have a pair of ankle cuffs and handcuffs ready. There will be a message at 12:00 noon exactly which you will reply to immediately to confirm you are in position as ordered. If you don’t then there will be no follow up message”.

Ok, just over 4 hours to go and if Nate wanted me restrained with some cuffs when I was released, I could live with that. I had plenty of cuff keys so even if one was locked back into the lockbox, I could get out quickly with another. “Ordered” – I liked that and wanted to comply. I was torn. While I desperately wanted this to end, I also desperately didn’t.

The rest of the morning went slowly. Anticipating some imminent relief, I turned to porn which was a bad idea. Baseball Cap Lad came to mind a few times and a trip to the cruising ground (fully clothed) to see what was going on occurred to me, but wasn’t going to help my position. I faffed about with laundry and some housekeeping chores for a bit and at every opportunity got the belt to tug at my balls and the root of my penis keeping me horny. Again, wearing just trackie pants and Nikes the steel belt glinted away above my waistband which was a look I had gotten very used to about the house. I noticed that in the last weeks the belt had gotten a little looser, another benefit of covid and at some point, would need adjusting before I allowed it to go back on again!

Eventually it was 11:50. Time to get ready so I kicked off my TN’s at the base of the stairs and padded up the staircase to my bedroom. 11:53. I selected a pair of ankle cuffs and handcuffs from my drawer. Both were typical ratchet police issue. Not very comfortable but I didn’t see this being a very long scenario. The handcuffs were a chain type, not ‘speed cuff’ or hinged – I rarely use these for self-bondage due to the risk of them going on the wrong way around so you can’t get to the key. Also, the UK Police speed-cuff key was slightly different to a standard key – worth filing away in the back of your mind so you don’t get caught out there.

11:57. Final check. The dog was downstairs asleep ignorant of my sordidity. The cat was outside somewhere terrorising small rodents, my bedroom door unlocked. I was alone in the house. Aside from the car on the drive no one was in. The time had come. This was it. I slid my trackie pants down my legs and stepped out of them, kicking them to the side.

11:59. I checked the masterlock app would open and still pair with the lockbox – Silly, I should have done this in the morning when there was time to reconnect it if technology failed.

12:00. Ping – My phone gave the alert that a new message had been received. OMG! This was it, and my dick was throbbing away in its cage. I opened the message – “Are you in position Boy?” – I immediately replied “Yes, Sir” and hit send. “Good. Put the ankle cuffs on and cuff your hands in front of you. Do it NOW” – 10 seconds later “Done, Sir”. Then nothing for a minute, then another minute. Pre-cum was oozing out of the base of my cage in a steady stream to the floor. I was desperate for release. I would do anything. ANYTHING. I could see my confirmation had been sent, and received. My heart was pounding away in time with my cocks throbbing. Please reply…

12:06. Ping – I” have given you access to the lockbox and will take access away in 15 seconds time. You are free to open the box”.

OMG! This was it! Awesome! I closed the Recon app and opened the Masterlock. 4 seconds gone…. My phone identified the lockbox… 8 seconds… spinning wheel on the screen… What if my internet connection failed? OMG – don’t go there… I had no access yet to the Bluetooth padlock that secured the steel chain collar around my neck, that hadn’t been discussed but that could wait until later. LOG IN!!… 12 seconds… Suddenly, the screen refreshed and went green – I had full access to the lockbox, Nate had been good to his word!

Excitedly, I pressed the unlock button on the lockbox. Nothing – but time now in my mind was not being measured normally. After about half second, the lock box whirred and clicked. 14 seconds… The securing bolts had been withdrawn and I pulled the front panel open!

A wave of euphoria rushed through me. After 10 weeks, TEN WEEKS, I was now free! Nervously, I opened the lock box lid. There was a plastic bag inside with some keys and what looked like a slip of paper. This was it!

I took out the plastic bag, tore it open and slid the contents into the palm of my hand and immediately felt sick to my core. No. Oh, no, this isn’t the deal! How could Nate do it to me? I crumpled to the floor which made the cuffs around my ankles painfully dig in.

The keys for the chastity belt should be a tubular style lock. These were two very different keys. Nothing like the key that would free me. I sighed deeply and turned my attention to the piece of paper. It was plain paper and folded a few times. Still cuffed, my manual dexterity slightly reduced, I dumped the lockbox and useless keys on the floor so I could focus on the slip of paper.

“So, we have clearly agreed some terms for your freedom and two items remain to be addressed before you can be set free. The first is that you did not send me the right keys for my device, so do not feel bad that I have done the same to you. The second is that you still owe me the balance of the full price. Await further instructions XXX”.

Nate was right on both counts, but this latest twist in the game was a severe blow. It also occurred to me that the lockbox was sent to me nearly two months ago so Nate had clearly been planning a significantly more complicated game for some time than I had thought!

Twitch Throb Twitch Throb…

Ping – “Have you opened the box yet, Boy?”

“Yes, Sir – followed by a frowney face”

Ping – “What do you have to say, Boy?”

What could I say? After a moment I typed “Sir, I apologise for sending the wrong keys but you had the right ones straight away – and please, Sir, if you can pass me your PayPal details, I will transfer the funds now”.

Clearly I was going to remain locked for a while longer and probably a day or two while the right keys were posted to me.

Downstairs, the front door knocker sounded heavily. Bloody postman, you’ll have to re-deliver tomorrow. Hang on, the postman? How could he organise that?

Ping – “You have 10 seconds to open the front door. In 11 seconds, I am getting back in my car and leaving. If you are not naked and cuffed as ordered then there will be a month penalty on getting the keys”.

I stared at the screen of the phone for a second or two then the full significance hit me! I tossed my phone onto my bed and hobbled along the corridor – Bugger! My door keys – I did an abrupt halt and U-Turn! hopping quickly back to my bedroom I grabbed them from my chest of drawers and spun back around to bunny hop along the hallway to my staircase and then down to the front hall. There was no vision panel in the door, or security eye. With both wrists cuffed together, I fumbled with the key and unlocked the door. Despite a clear expectation that Nate was on the other side, I eased the door open a few inches, just in case and peered through the gap.

It was Nate. He stood there, grinning at me and twirling a set of keys on a keyring around his first finger. “Hey, Boy. You better be naked and cuffed as ordered or these get locked away for a month. Open up!”

I opened the door and stepped back. Nate looked me up and down. “Good boy. Kneel down right now and raise your cuffs”. I complied. Nate unlocked the cuff on my left wrist. Securely holding the cuff on my right wrist, he twisted this behind my back using the sharp biting edge of the cuff to persuade me to comply. “Left hand behind your back now”. After a slight twist of the right cuff, I complied and the open cuff was again locked around my wrist. So much for having plenty of handcuff keys and being able to free myself quickly.

“Stay”. I was being given instructions like a dog now. Throb, Twitch, Throb.

Nate explored the doors from the hallway and on the second try found the downstairs toilet door. My front door was still wide open. I could hear a bladder being relieved. A pretty full one. I was feeling very vulnerable but my cock was still twitching and throbbing away in its cage. Nate came out of the bathroom, brushed past me as if I wasn’t there and then found the kitchen door. I could hear the kettle being filled and several cupboard doors being opened and closed. Drawers were being slid open. Nate, I guessed, had found a mug, coffee and the cutlery. He was making a hot drink.

I was being told that he didn’t need my input. I was an object and was to follow instructions. I was being trained. Again, my dick got the better of me so my immediate retort was to shout out that “The milk is in the built-in fridge below the sink and mine is White with no sugar”. Nate came out of the kitchen and stood in front of me, arms folded and stared down at me. “Any more from you and the next coffee you have will be the one I’m making for myself now when I’m ready to piss it out”.

I decided to shut up. For now.

Nate went back into the kitchen and as the kettle boiled, I heard the teaspoon clink in the cup, the fridge open and close and eventually all of the noises to confirm he had his hot drink.

He wandered past me giving my cheek a gentle slap on my arse cheek as he passed by and disappeared into the lounge. I heard him settle back into the sofa.

“In here, now, Boy. Stay on your knees”. I hobbled into my lounge naked and cuffed to find Nate sat in my armchair. As I drew closer, he clicked his fingers and pointed to the floor between his wide spread legs. Without complaint, I carried on hobbling over and kneeled between his knees, back straight and head bowed down staring at his crotch. My dick wasn’t telling any lies as it pulsated away in its with the drizzle of pre-cum leaking down the cage and along my thigh.

Nate was wearing Nike trackie pants, Adidas trainers and a nice fitting white T-Shirt. I was so turned on and at this point would agree to anything. I waited until he was ready to speak.

“So, Boy, have you enjoyed the last few months?” “Yes, Sir, very much, but I am glad to see those keys, Sir” Nate Smiled, reached into a pocket and pulled out the keys he had shown me earlier. “What, these keys?” “Yes, Sir, please can you unlock me, Sir?” He smiled and put the keys back into his pocket. “Ok, Lets discuss that then. What are you looking for? The keys, a period of time trying out the game you set out where one of us was locked at any time, or something else?” I wanted all three. Definitely the keys, but more so the game where there could be a relationship. The ‘Something Else’ intrigued me and this would, presumably, be on his rules and I was excited by the risk that might entail! My dick was just throbbing away and for once, my brain was able to make a sensible contribution. “Please, Sir, the game where I am in a relationship with someone where one of us is locked at any time and there are certain rules on changing this over would be great – maybe some time in the future if this works out a set of rules that you set down could be applied instead?”

Nate smiled and said “I hoped you might be up for that. Like you, I’m furloughed and the new rules allow two households to combine. Now, stand up.” I stood up, fumbling a bit, always awkward when your ankles are cuffed together and your hands are restrained behind your back.

Nate stood and pulled me towards him. He wrapped his arms around my back, pulled me towards him. We hugged and then kissed. It was magic, Nate could do anything to me, and I would comply.

“Ok, Sam, I’m going to unlock your cuffs now and I will work to your rules on the game as you set it out. The steel belt stays on until we both agree to swop over. We can discuss this over dinner. In the meantime, I have this for you.” He pulled out a length of stainless-steel chain which was significantly lighter than the one I was wearing and a shiny new padlock. There was nothing I could do to stop him from placing the new chain around my neck, feeding the padlock through the two ends and snapping it shut. Next, he pulled his phone from his pocket and tapped the screen a few times. The Bluetooth lock around my neck lit up and he pressed the button on the lock releasing the hasp. Seconds later the lock and heavy chain were gone. I was still locked, but with a very much lighter chain that, again, only Nate could release. I had the feeling that this would be a long-term item, regardless of who was wearing the chastity belt, but if he were the key holder that was fine with me. Throb, Throb, Twitch, Twitch.

Right now, the CMNM (Clothed Male Naked Male) scenario was also a massive turn-on. I didn’t know what Nate had planned next. “Follow me” he said and he headed off to the staircase. I hobbled on behind. When I got to the top of the stairs, he asked which room was mine. I nodded my head in the direction of my bedroom door. “Stay”. He turned around and went ahead, closing the door to my bedroom behind him. For the next 10 minutes I stood in the corridor listening to cupboards, drawers and storage boxes being opened and rifled through.

Eventually, Nate came out of my bedroom with just a towel on. “Where is the shower?” I was being trained to accept that my time was not important, but obedience was… There was nothing I could do to stop this. I nodded to the bathroom door. “Thanks mate” and seconds later he was in the bathroom with the door shut. Again, my dick betrayed me and throbbed away in its cage.

After about 5 minutes, Nate was out of the shower, and, without speaking, walked past me into my bedroom, closing the door behind him. I could again hear drawers opening and closing. A few minutes later, Nate re-appeared and stood in my doorway. He was wearing a pair of my Adidas trackies, a polo top and my favourite Nike TN’s. “What do you think?” I thought he looked horny as fuck – but he always had. “Nice, Sir, I like it a lot”. “Good”. Nate walked over to me, took my arm and spun me around. He kneeled behind me and unlocked both ankle cuffs followed by my hand cuffs. “Go get dressed, your clothes are on the bed”. I’ll see you downstairs.

In my bedroom I found a pair of Adidas trackies and my battered old Nike’s, another second hand eBay acquisition, but nothing else. I guessed we were going for the steel belt visible above the pants thing. I was quite happy with that, quickly dressed and went downstairs.

At this point, we were talking like mates, equals (except one of us had been locked in a chastity device for about ten weeks). Cars – holidays and work after furlough. We were both in construction so in the same boat for job security here. Eventually, we got onto the main topic, the chastity belt and when it would swop over. What happened next was unexpected.

“If you give me the best blow job I have ever had, I will swop places with you later tonight after dinner. There are some rules – You’ll be well secured and when I’m locked up, we can clean you up, cut back your pubes and I’ll edge you for a while before I allow you to cum?”.

Ok, this was it! I was totally up for that! I could be free tonight after all! “I’m 100% up for it, when do you want it?”

Nate sprawled back into the sofa, clicked his fingers and pointed at the floor between his knees. This being trained to carry out orders without a verbal command was definitely a thing with him. I was happy to obey, so I positioned myself between his legs. Leaning forward, I pulled at the waistband of his (my) trackie pants. He raised himself off the sofa by a few inches so they could slip down.

His cock sprung out and bounced about. Leaning forward I ran the tip of my tongue gently over his piss-slit. If only he were restrained right now. Maybe I could get him restrained in the future…. With my right hand, I cupped his balls and gently massaged them. My left hand grasped the root of his penis and gently squeezed it. He got harder and harder. Nate was definitely better hung than me – but my cock was made to be locked up most of the time. His foreskin was soft and easily stretched out of the way to reveal a large shining head. I started sucking the top inch or two of his cock and gently bobbed away up and down. He immediately started groaning with pleasure. I couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted the brutal fantasy face fucking from Nate that I had dreamed about some weeks ago, or a repeat of Baseball Cap Lad. As it turned out, Nate just laid back and let me do all of the work until he erupted with several spams sending hot jets of his spunk deep into my throat which I greedily swallowed.. He had set out the requirement for me to deliver “the best blowjob he had had” and I not only needed to, but hopefully I had delivered this.

“That was fucking awesome Sam, Thanks Mate”. He looked visibly drained. I, on the other hand, was buzzing and ready to follow this up with any other sexual act. “Let’s have dinner and a few drinks, then I’ll unlock the cage from you, lock it on me, clean you up, shave you and edge you for a while.

This was it! – THIS WAS IT! – after ten weeks I was going to be able to touch my own cock and have a wank! – better still I had a mate – too early maybe to say ‘boyfriend’ – to have locked up instead?! Dinner went quickly. I can’t remember what we ate. The subject was kink, mutual interests, limits and future games. Nate was definitely about 70% Dom, I was about 70% Sub. Key words we shared were Adidas, Army, Arrest, Boots, Bondage, Cages, Chained, Cell, Chastity, CMNM, Collar, Control, Dungeon, Edging, Enslavement, Hard Labour, Humiliation, Interrogation, Irons, Long term, Military, Nike, Outdoor, Permanent Nudity, Pillory, Prison, Scally, Shackles, Sir! Yes, Sir!, Sports kit, Steel Restraints, Straight Jackets, Subhuman, Trainers & Sneakers, TPE, Welded Shackles, 24-7-365. Fuck. This could be it!

The food, wine, company and intimacy were exactly what I was looking for.

After dinner we abandoned the plates and cutlery to go upstairs. At one end of my bedroom, I had four eyebolts secured to the wall in a rectangular pattern. They were about 5 foot apart and 7 foot high. Nate had clearly spotted these earlier. He came up to me, smiled, and said “strip” – so I obeyed. “Stand against the wall there” – he clicked his fingers and pointed at the space between the eyebolts. I complied, my cock twitching away. Nate went to my ‘kinky shit’ chest of drawers and opened the one containing mainly leather stuff. Wrist and ankle restraints were pulled out along with quick release carabiner clips. “Hold out your hands” – again, I complied and the leather cuffs were wrapped around my wrists, the straps were fed through the buckles which were then secured tightly onto the locking posts with padlocks snapped shut to prevent any removal.

The carabiner clips were then used to hold my wrists high above my head at 10 O’clock and 2 O’clock and clipped to the top two eyebolts. The same process followed with my ankles. I was spread eagle and not going anywhere, but I didn’t mind as I was now just minutes away from release. My dick was throbbing away and again, pre-cum was oozing out of the bottom of the cage.

Nate rummaged in his pocket for the keys to my belt and pulled them out. He had them hanging off a finger on his right hand through a key ring with a long narrow chain dangling down while his left hand caressed the side of my torso. Leaning forward, he hugged me tight and held his head tight to mine. I was tingling. My dick was throbbing away. Nate was in total control but I was shortly going to have the upper hand! “Are you ready?”

Nate knelt down and examined the steel belt. He slipped his fingers between the belt and my waist and tugged gently at the waistband. Smiling up at me he said “You’ve lost a little weight since I locked it onto you. It’ll need a bit of adjustment before it goes back on” He placed the key into the first of the two locks and gently turned it until it engaged with the tumblers. After applying a little pressure on the key to rotate it anticlockwise, the lock freed off and then spun freely with just light pressure. The second lock followed, as did the securing nut that held the belts parts together.

Seconds later the outer cage, cock cage and cock ring plates were all removed. The belt was now free at the front and, after the two ends were unclipped, Nate slipped off my waist. For the first time in ten weeks, I could see my cock and I was desperate to grasp it and relieve myself, but he had different plans – this was going to be a slow event and I was going to have some teasing. In the meantime, it slowly rose to attention, slippery with spunk.

“Ok, Boyfriend, I’m going to wash the belt and then lock it onto me before we go on – Don’t go anywhere…” I felt faint. Nate had called me ‘Boyfriend’. Suddenly, I became weak at the knees. The significance of this phrase was overwhelming and I wanted to hear it again. I was now hanging by my wrists and could see a line of precum oozing from the tip of my now free penis to the floor.

After about five minutes, Nate, my new Boyfriend, returned with the chastity belt bundled in a towel. He had spent a little time in the bathroom cleaning the parts. He then slowly and deliberately dried each part off and placed them neatly on the bed lined up. He turned to me, smiled and said “My turn, I guess. I’ll follow your rules”. He crossed his arms and grabbed the sides of his (my) polo top and lifted it up and over his head to reveal a smooth well-built upper body. I don’t do Muscle Mary’s or over toned guys but ‘boy next door’ and ‘rugby player’ do it for me. Nate kicked off my Nikes to the corner of the room and stuck his thumbs into the waistband of my trackies then slid them down over his hips. They, too, were kicked off in the general direction of the trainers.

We were both naked. Nate, now apparently my boyfriend, standing free before me. Me secured to four secure restraints against the wall with a steel collar locked on.

Nate went to the bed and examined the now dry chastity belt pieces. He picked up the steel belt and wrapped it around his waist. At the front, he aligned the locking pins and clipped It in place. “A snug fit – perhaps it’ll look better on me than you?” I was hoping so, at least for the next two months! He smiled and fitted the cock ring plate followed by the cock cage, then finally the outer cage. The locking nut followed and then the two barrel-locks. He nipped the locks tight with the key and came over to me, hung the chain the keys were on around my neck and kissed me. “You control these now”. Next he said “So, now I’m locked, it’s time to clean you up, shave you and then take care of your needs”

I just wanted to be freed of my restraints so I could relieve myself but I was really excited about the direction this was going in so didn’t object. Nate, naked apart from the steel belt, disappeared into the bathroom. I could hear cupboards being opened and closed. Taps running. The clink of metal objects. Shortly afterwards, he returned with a bowl, towel over his shoulder, my clippers and a handful of other items.

I could see where this was going and couldn’t do anything to stop it, not that I wanted to. I was about to be groomed without being asked if I wanted to be. First, Nate gave me a general clean up with a hot towel. This was so very sensual, and he took rather longer than was needed to. All of my nooks and crannies were explored gently and lovingly, not always with the towel. Staring down at Nate, he smiled back up at me and right then I would agree to anything to make this a permanent relationship. Nothing else mattered

Next, the clippers were switched on. Quite unnecessarily, the vibrating body of the clippers was rubbed along the length of my penis shaft. Like any other vibrating toy, the nerve endings spasmed and sent shock waves through me. I was DESPERATE to cum and at this point would agree to ANYTHING, but he wasn’t finished yet.

The two months locked had resulted in a reasonable bush. After he had had his fun with the clippers, he cleared away my treasure trail. The fluffy hairs around my waistband were next. Then, after a few minutes of tugging and pulling at my balls and penis my pubes were gone except for soft stubble. Even though the work with the clippers was finished, he gently rubbed them along the shaft of my penis as they vibrated away, again, driving me wild. My knees buckled and I was left hanging by my wrists for the second time.

Finally, the shaving cream and razor came out. Nate made a big deal of gently massaging the gel everywhere until it was a sticky foam, and for rather longer than was necessary. I didn’t care. My climax had to be minutes away. My god, I would have done anything to anything with anything for release there and then! Nate gently shaved my cock, balls and my torso below my naval. After checking that nowhere had been missed, he wiped me down with a hot damp towel and I truly felt good as new, clean and ready for anything!

Nate stood up. He looked at me eye to eye, and said, “Sam, I have really enjoyed the last months. We have so much in common and I’m excited about the lockup game you have set out”. My dick throbbed away. “Are you sure you want a kinky boyfriend? if so, I will stick to the rules on being locked up, mutual agreement to change over, change over on fixed dates like bank holidays and birthdays as you set out and all of the other rues you explained?”

OMG! Of Course, Yes!

“Yes, please, Sir” If only I could hold him in my arms right now!

“Then, Sam, I accept your rules and am looking forward to the, our future. I think we will be great together, boyfriend.” He leant forward and we kissed. His strong arms were wrapped around my middle torso, pulling me close to him. I was utterly overcome in a wave of excitement and euphoria. The next weeks or months with Nate locked up instead of me were going to be exciting! With the cage, pillory and other toys, Covid could go get stuffed. We would have an utterly sordid relationship.

Downstairs, a clock started chiming away. Nate stepped back and looked at his phone – “Bloody Hell, its seconds away from midnight! – we have been at this for nearly 5 hours!” “I don’t care, just let me out now so I can have a wank” was my reply. Downstairs, the clock slowly chined away 4, 5, 6 times. Nate came back up to me and held me tight and made eye contact. His dark hazel eyes focused onto mine. 7, 8, 9 times. “Your Rules, remember” he said and I nodded. 10, 11, 12 times. “It’s midnight,”

That’s nice. I thought,

Nate drew me closer and held me tight. “And a Bank Holiday Monday”.

Nate cuddled me and gently rubbed my back while this sank in.

One of the rules, my rules, was that the belt would change over every bank holiday. That was one of my rules. Fuck.

My knees, again, became weak and I buckled to the point I was hanging by my wrists. In doing so, I slid through Nate’s arms. Today was May Day Bank Holiday – The next was in August which was three months away!

My face dropped and I whimpered. “Please, no” – I need to be released!

Nate looked at me and said “Sorry, but I’m only following your rules. You set them, not me”. He stepped back 12 inches and reached out for the keys to the chastity belt. He lifted them up and fed the chain back over my head. Stepping back another pace or two, he inserted the key into the first lock on the belt he was wearing and carefully unscrewed it, followed by the second. Moments later, the lock nut was freed and he had fully removed the assembly at the front and the belt.

I was whimpering and moaning about the unfairness and that I just wanted to be allowed to cum. “Sam, these are your rules and I’m just following them. We might agree tomorrow or a few days later to swop over, but the good news is that the next Bank Holiday is only 3 months away so this is your worst case!”

My thought processes were totally screwed now. The endorphins in my blood stream had made me so horny. My dick was just enjoying the restraints, regardless of the dire outlook of abstinence. All I could do was utter incoherent complaints about the injustice and that I needed to bust my nuts.

Nate said “Sorry, Mate, just following your rules. Please be quiet or I will gag you”.

To my horror, my dick started twitching away again.

Nate picked up the belt for the chastity device. He had found a screwdriver and started to make adjustments to the belt size to reduce it by about an inch and a half. When he was satisfied that the fittings were secure, he wrapped it around my waist and clipped the two ends together. “Hmmm, nice snug fit.” – He was right, the belt felt good on me. While briefly unlocked, I had felt that something was missing. The belt was warm too from when Nate was wearing it. I liked that a lot. Next, he fed my balls then cock through the base ring for the belt and clipped this onto the securing mechanism at the front. The cock cage followed and my dick was eased into the steel cage, bent down and then the locking plate also clipped into place. Finally, the front cage preventing any meaningful access was also secured into place.

Nate spun the locknut into position, then, using the keys he had taken away from me, he fitted the barrel locks. Smiling, he tugged at the belt, and satisfied that it was secure, stood up and looked me in the eyes.

So, Sam. With your rules you are now locked until the next bank holiday which is three months away.

I whimpered. He raised his hand and firmly covered my mouth.

“I’ll work to your rules, but will offer you an alternative.”

Again, I whimpered.

“Right now, you are locked for three months and I’d like to suggest a new game.”

I asked “Please, Sir, will that let me cum?”

Nate smiled, stepped close to me, wrapped his arms around me and held me close. “Maybe” he replied. “Do you want to know the details about this new game or do you stay locked for the next three months?”

My dick was throbbing away in its cage. My brain was confounded. My heart was pounding away. My muscles were aching. None of my body organs were in charge. I was fucked.

“Yes, Please, Sir” I replied. “I would like to know what you propose”

“Ok, Sam, it is simple. The new game is called ‘I Make All Decisions’ – what do you think?”

The price I was going to pay was going to be very high, whatever I chose.

The End

Again, thank you for the comments and feedback. Much of this is based on true experiences, especially the challenges. The fiction is Nate – who I am looking for, but I could be Nate to the right Sam. Hopefully over the next months (Early March 2021 at the time of writing) COVID will be something that the world can manage away as a problem and we can start meeting again. So, 1) keep safe, 2) leave feedback on Metalbond or UKDeviant on Recon and 3) get in touch if you are Sam or Nate. 4) If a story along the lines of ‘I Decide Everything’ would be of interest, message or comment with ideas.

— UKDeviant


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19 thoughts on “Paying the Full Price – Part 7”

  1. Excellent story and very well written. The fact that one could relate to it, i.e. it wasn’t full of fantasy or “over the top” ideas, made it all the more believable.

    I am locked in chastity myself just now, my mate, (and KH), having told me via FaceTime on 21st January to lock up and send him the keys that day. I hadn’t expected that as I thought there would be no play until, at the earliest, the Covid lockdown was eased. He lives only a few miles away, but for now we only “meet” on FaceTime or WhatsApp. Our lack of physical meeting hasn’t prevented him from demonstrating all too clearly who is in control of my manhood for the time being.

    I shan’t mention this story to him for now for fear it might give his already devious mind some further ideas!

    1. Many thanks for the very kind feedback! and I think you should give your KH a link to the story – for ‘remote’ control I’d be pleased if he took some of the ideas on! :)

  2. Oh. My. Freaking. GOSH.

    This has been one of my favorite stories on here for a while, leaving me eager for more with each chapter you’ve released, and this last one has somehow blown the others out of the water!! Locked and plugged, I sit here feeling so needy, so pleased, so horny, so satisfied…

    WELL DONE!!!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing this fantastic story with us. I *certainly* hope you’ll continue with a new one that tells us more about all the trouble these two kinky boyfriends get into!!!

    Last thought: I especially identified with his sentiment when he observed, “While briefly unlocked, I had felt that something was missing.”

    1. Awesome feedback – thank you! I’m so chuffed with the feedback and I’m pretty sure there will be a follow up chapter at some point – any ideas welcome and I suspect that poor Sam is a long way from his hoped for 70 – 30 relationship…

      Likewise when not locked, I feel something is missing here too… so the steel belt is currently on :)

    1. Thank you Kurt for the feedback and if there is a follow up, what would you like to be written into the plot?

  3. Frustratingly sexy, devious, loving, caring, inventive, everything I can see the author is :). Of course we want more, perhaps showing more of the 30% sub that Nate is, to turn the tables a bit and let Sam’s imagination have rein. This chapter was one of those you have to skim over because you soooo want to find out what happens, then go back and read it properly.

    1. WOW! great feedback, thank you! Wonderful you read it twice! :)

      At the moment Sam is guaranteed release on the August bank holiday, but that is a long wait away. I’m afraid for him that he wont have learned about which organ to think with and will get further into trouble… Perhaps he might overpower Nate some time… :p

    1. Thank you Gerry for the feedback! I’m pretty sure we will hear an update from Sam – possibly Nate – at some point…

  4. Brilliant story – it is one where I have sat down and read it all from the beginning now that the final part is published. Love the twist.

    1. :) Its a long story from start to end now… about 50 pages on Word, I think… thank you for the regular feedback all the way through and glad you liked it! :)

  5. please go on with this story, I will lock my cock up everytime he does and the time during, i love this story, make me so hard in the cage now .

    1. Hi Marc, I think there is a very good chance you will hear again from Sam – or maybe Nate. His perspective might be quite interesting… Glad to hear you’re locked, I hope you have your Nate :)

  6. Fantastic story with a terrific ending. I appreciated that you chose the Behindbarz belt for the story. I think it is one of the hottest devices on the market. Thoughts on a continuation or sequel. How about giving Sam a kinky friend who comes to stay for a few days and brings some fun presents to take Sam’s training further. Such as a new outer cage with back rod to dial up Sam’s security. The rod also allows Nate to treat removing the rod as a reward for Sam. Another toy Sam’s friend could bring is Fancy Steel’s Advanced Chastity Trainer. This would allow both the friend and Nate to take Sam’s training and submission even further.

    1. It’s a good job you’re not Nate… but the more secure the device, the better! I have the rod that locks at the rear. It’s nice and snug. The more kinky guys Sam has to serve while locked, the better! 😀

  7. Hot story,
    Constantly keeping the sub on his toes and on the edge. Nice/ nasty planning. Excellently planning what part of the assignments the sub is told beforehand or on the spot.

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