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Paying the Full Price – Part 7

By UKDeviant on Recon

gay chastity storiesAfter sending the proof pic, I popped the lock on the timer padlock, fed the wire rope back out of the eyes on the zips and opened my rucksack. In contrast to my arrival where I stripped in a near panic, I calmly felt about for my pants, pulled them out and slipped them on. The t-shirt was next, then found my car keys. The timer lock I had was re-locked on one of the zips so that was secure. Right now, I had competed, I was sure, my final task. There were no more risk games and I was so very horny. Blowing off ‘Baseball Cap Lad’ had given me such a high too. The drive back home on empty roads was rapid and when I got back home, I was mentally exhausted.

After stripping off down to my steel belt and padlocked chain collar, I crashed out on my bed. Despite being exhausted, I couldn’t get to sleep. Instead, I lay on the mattress and cradles the steel cage. My smaller fingers were able to slip through the gaps in the cage and touch my cock, but could not rub or stimulate it. I contemplated getting a large carrot to insert into a condom but was just too emotionally drained.

Nate had played this brilliantly. Not revealing the full details of the final task until part way through was genius. More likely the outcome of a twisted and evil mind. It meant I would go to the cruising ground and then be at the objective before finding out the rest of the challenge and less likely to back out. I liked that, a lot. I liked the idea of being controlled by an evil and twisted mind. Unpredictability, surprises, new rules. Again, my cock throbbed away in its cage and would hopefully be released in just a few more hours…

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Paying the Full Price – Part 5

By UKDeviant on Recon

After cleaning myself up and pulling on clean trackie pants I went back downstairs and made another coffee. It was nearly the end of May and I had been locked in the cage now for nearly 9 weeks which by far was my longest duration and I was now ready to be released. Also, I truly didn’t know where I was with the points. Nate was, I felt, looking to give me a way out in 48 hours. I was not sure if this meant that he felt the game had run its course and needed to come to an end and he now wanted a way out too so he could do something else or if there could be something after this.

Ping… ‘you only have 15 minutes left to decide or the challenge continues… I bet I know what you will do… X’

He was right. I started to think about the reply while my dick throbbed away in its cage.

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Island Master UK – Part 01

By Wakeysub

My Recon profile made it clear from the outset – inexperienced, overweight and desperate to experience life as the slave I was born to be. The one word which summed it all up was “desperate.” I have lost count of the number of times that I have found myself eyes closed, furiously wanking my pathetic cock while I fantasised about life as a slave. To save my cock from being rubbed raw, I invested in a small nub chastity device and locked my cock firmly away.

The feeling of my cock squeezed tightly in the cage reminded me of my real role. I still lacked the firm, unyielding controlling hand that I so desperately craved. I would start conversations with Tops on Recon but could never find the sort of attitude I needed. I did get offers to meet up, but I could never find the confidence to go through with them. – my logical brain was always holding me back. I was a sad, repressed wannabe slave with no prospect of ever seeing it realised.

Then it all changed, it was a Monday morning, and I was settling down for a typical busy working week when my phone beeped with the familiar tone to say that I had a new message in Recon. I always hope that this will be the one. I opened the app to read it as quickly as possible. It was a short message, but it got me throbbing in my small cage.

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One Year – Part 07

By Taurus

Part 7 – “Checkup”

Day 30, as Russell said, was James’ checkup, the first of many to come in 30-day intervals.

To James’ surprise and joy, it was Russell who stepped into his cell when he awoke. Before carrying on with the regular proceedings, they exchanged smiles.

Once James was cleaned up, he expected the fist mitts to come back on, but they did not. Instead, he was fed a shot glass of water and a small pill before a bed on wheels with side rails was wheeled to the cell door. It was able to tilt up slightly at the halfway point to turn into a recliner. At the moment, however, it was flat like a normal bed.

From a pouch, Russell produced the blindfold and ball gag he was all too familiar with, and James meekly accepted them. He was laid out more or less in a neutral, face up position, with each limb tightly bound to the side rails using institutional restraints. For added pain and immobilisation, each of his nipples had a strangely heavy clamp applied to it, and a rather tautly pulled chain connected it to the corresponding side rail.

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Event Urinal – Part 05

By Nitro

Nitro make bdsmSIR continued to rub the back of my head while he and his friends continued to catch up, laugh and tell stories. They were all sitting around and enjoying an afternoon cocktail and occasionally looking over at the rubber toy that was on its knees beside SIR. SIR snapped his finger and pointed at the ground in front of him so I immediately went over on my hands and knees and flattened my back like a table. SIR lifted his boots and laid them across my back like a footrest. Feeling the weight of his boots pressing me down made me groan into my gag and the position was making the zipper of my suit press the monster plug in even deeper.


“Sounds like he is enjoying his place for sure, SIR,” Tom said from the next seat over. “Too bad we can’t get to that plug – I would definitely like to piss in it later when it comes out. With your permission of course.”

“Oh I promise you will get the chance Tom. He will be well worn out by then I’m sure,” SIR said.

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