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Kritofer Weston cigar daddy

Watch cigar smoking Kristofer Weston fuck well-trained slut Tyler Rush at Nasty Daddy! The two showed up in a garage, and Kristofer immediately lit up his favorite cigar wearing his leather gear, and instructed Tyler to start licking his boots. Tyler is a well-trained toy and obeys Kristofer. He goes to work on Kristofer’s hard cock, opening his throat to take it balls deep. Kristofer enjoys teasing his toy with his cigar before he shoves his raw dick into Tyler’s hole. These two then fuck, suck and go ass to mouth until they can’t hold back and Tyler shoots his load while still getting pounded by Kristofer. Tyler gobbles up his own cum before he gets on his knees and works on Kristofer’s still-throbbing hard dick till he finishes into his mouth making him clean up that cum covered raw daddy dick.

cigar smoking Kristofer Weston

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Title of this shoot: Smell It Boy

gay bonage cigar smoking Kristofer Weston

The Fall of a Master – Part 04

By Rubrpig

Master Walther nodded and indicated that the slave should clean its master’s boots and the slave crawled over and began cleaning Master Gunter’s boots.  The two leather officers sat quietly watching as the slave obeyed and cleaned the tall riding boots worn by its new Master and owner…

Master Walther watched as the slave crawled around his tall riding boots and then when it was finished it moved over and started on Master Gunther’s boots.  Finally, both pairs were cleaned to the satisfaction of both men.  The Master stood up and started to remove their tunics, then the rest of their until they were naked and their cock swinging gently as they moved around as they walked over to where the slaves lay.  Master Walther had picked up a pair of leather fist mitts and he quickly put them on the slave and locked them.  He then padlocked the slave’s wrists together.

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Weekend at Garrett’s – Part 04

© 2023 Bostonleatherman

…You are on your own…

You’re glad to have the cigar and start hauling on it a few times to get your nicotine level back up. It’d been a while since you last had a smoke, and this was welcome even if it wasn’t the Red you hoped Garrett would retrieve when he went into your backpack. You can back off on inhaling the cigar for now; you feel the nicotine is starting to relax you a bit and that is what you needed after falling prey to a few of Garrett’s bait and switch ploys. You have to admit, he is a good one when it comes to keeping you on your toes. Always expect the unexpected with him. Your current situation is a perfect example of that. In your mind’s eye you saw things differently. Quite differently – you’d arrive, get settled, get caught up a bit, relax with a drink while you discussed the coming weekend, review the contract you prepared, both sign it, and then the fun begins. Far fucking from it! Fuck you, Garrett.

The closet is getting very smoky. You can’t see it, really, with the light off. But when you take a puff or drag, the burning end glows bright enough for you to see the haze around you. And it’s also getting warm in here. Sweat is starting to run down your temples, around the edge of your jaw and work its way under the thick collar of your straightjacket.

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Officer Swift – Part 3

By straitjacketkwf2

Part Three — This One Gets the Full Treatment

The two orderlies who “escorted” me to the treatment room did not speak as we moved through the corridors and down the elevator. These were large men, not overweight, mind you, but they had tremendous muscle bulk and, based on how easily they forced me along, were quite strong.

As the elevator descended to the basement level, I looked at the name tags of the “goons” who held me prisoner. On my right was Mr. Johnson, who was about six feet tall, had the build of a prize-winning body builder, with his white shirt stretched across his massive, chiseled chest. The white pants had a loose fit, but his thigh muscles were clearly visible through the fabric. His short cut blond hair and piercing blue eyes gave credence to my belief that many blond men had “attitude” problems. To my left was Mr. Nelson, almost a twin of Johnson, but with dark brown hair and brown eyes.

The elevator doors opened in front of the door labeled “Hydrotherapy Level Five,” which opened into a large room with cinderblock walls that had been painted institutional green with steel doors along the right and left walls. I was dragged from the elevator to the counter window of the nurses’ station in the middle of the room. Johnson handed a folder, my “medical chart,” to the male nurse inside the work area. The nurse looked familiar; it was Nurse Reynolds from the clinic. He looked at the chart, entered some information into his computer terminal and then looked at Mr. Johnson.

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