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Pictures and video: Severe electrical torture with a car battery

[Note from Metal: The scenario depicted here is a SIMULATED FANTASY — which means watch and beat off — but do not attempt this in real life!]

Scroll down for a free video preview from the sadistic fucks over at Dream Boy Bondage. In this update, an athlete is bound naked on his back, and he is repeatedly shocked with jumper cables attached to a car battery!

tortured with car battery hooked up to the testicles

Johnny’s naked body looks beautiful stretched out on a torture table. He is asleep after hours of torture, his stomach sucked in tight, his sculpted legs, arms and chest perfectly displayed. Then Felix Frost enters the dungeon, ready to awaken his captive with the most painful alarm clock in the world – two electrodes soaked in salt water and hooked to a car battery. Felix touches the electrified sponges to Johnny’s side. Every muscle in the prisoner’s body tenses as a thousand volts flow through the water-based tissues of his body. Johnny gasps and moans as his torso is shocked over and over; his smooth skin is the perfect conductor. He’s never looked better, abs fluttering, lungs filling and emptying, limbs thrashing, the perfect captive in total agony. After placing the electrodes all over Johnny’s body – on his balls, in each armpit – Felix shoves one under a wrist, the other under an ankle and lets the current flow.

Here is a free video preview:


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severe electrical torture

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