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Prison Loaf

I baked prison loaf! Which is also known as nutraloaf or special management meal. It’s what is fed to incarcerated prisoners as punishment, but its use is controversial and has been challenged in court. There are various recipes, some with meat and others without. I used a recipe I found online, without meat. I used real cheese because I could not find imitation, and I substituted olive oil for vegetable oil. The recipe yielded two loaves, but I only ate one slice. It was not as horrible as you might think, however I did not want to have more than the one slice. I guess I might have felt differently about the food had I been locked in a jail cell for a couple days with nothing to eat.

Metalbond bakes prison loaf

4 thoughts on “Prison Loaf”

  1. i once knew a dom who fed his live-in slave animal fodder .. but not the traditional dog chow out of an tin .. he argued that this stuff is not well suited to the human metabolism when used long term.

    Instead he fed him pig fodder (his argument was the that the pig is usually the standard medical model used for medical testing of gastro-intestinal illnesses / medcines / procedures) and his long tem use of this on his slave had shown no medical problems (the ocassional vitamin trace element pill surely helped)

    The slave hated that food – mostly becasue it was so montone – licking master’s plate clean after dinner was considered a major and rare treat for good behaviour.

    Alas i lost contact with them when they moved to a different country ..

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