Rented Out

By Bikermike

Tony guessed that there was something different as he rode his Fireblade onto Ray’s drive. His host (but strictly speaking his Master) would normally be waiting on the doorstep upon hearing the powerful motorbike slow and then stop only a few metres away from his front door. As he wheeled the bike into Ray’s garage his cock lengthened somewhat; at least as far as his chastity device would allow.

This was quite an uncomfortable sensation: every Sunday evening as he got ready to leave Ray’s house after a heavy BDSM session, Ray would give his sub a brutal masturbation then refit the chastity device over the now flaccid penis. This would remain in place until the following Saturday morning when the next weekend of sadomasochism would commence.Tony would always wince as Ray inserted the hollow urethral plug some two centimetres into the now imprisoned cock.

Tony rang the doorbell. ‘Come in boy!’ barked Ray from somewhere in the house. Tony entered finding Ray dressed in his normal clothes, not the usual tight leather jeans nor torso hugging T shirt that would normally greet his sub. ‘For a change, I am renting you out to a mate of mine while I entertain another lad, or should I say while he entertains me? Whatever; my mate James will collect you in his van within the next hour. I should warn you, he is really perverted! If you think I am a strict master, just wait until you have to serve him!’ Ray went on, ‘Just another warning: only ever look downwards, unless he tells you otherwise and do not speak unles spoken to and do everything he commands. If you break these rules he will whip you severely. He will then report back to me regarding your disobedience when I will give you another thrashing. Understand, boy?’

‘I do Sir!’ Tony replied.

Tony acknowledged that his main function was to please and give sexual satisfaction to Ray; any sexual gratification would be totally incidental or at best supplementary to his service to his Master.

‘Strip your bike gear off, everything; I will get you the leather shorts that I love to see you wearing while I flog your back.’ said Ray as he rubbed his crotch. ‘James has said that you are to remain in the chastity device, which he may or may not remove, depending upon how he feels at the time. Ah! I think he is here now!’ Tony quickly removed all of his clothes and stood naked, waiting for Ray to produce the leather shorts.

He could hear a vehicle reversing up the drive and hurried to pull the delightfully soft but tight leather shorts up over his buttocks.

Ray went to the front door and out onto the drive. Tony could hear muffled voices but picked out Ray: ‘He’s ready. I’ll call for him later this evening, say six? Okay.’

Tony looked at himself in a mirror in Ray’s hall: not bad, he narcissistically remarked to himself. At thirty two, well muscled, tanned; with a week’s facial hair growth he knew that he was much sought after when he and Ray visited leather and fetish bars. Sometimes ray would allow him to be groped, snogged and sometimes even beaten or fucked by his sub’s admirers, provided Ray was there to join in. The sight of himself wearing nothing except those deliciously tight soft leather shorts caused his penis to harden painfully, straining as it was against the steel chastity device; its outline so prominently defined by the tight leather garment.

Ray ushered James into the hall. he was well built with a rugger player’s physique, shaven headed, sporting a full beard, wearing faded jeans and a lumber jack shirt. Tony guessed hs age as about fiftyish. Without a word James secured a leather collar and leash around Tony’s neck. With a nod to Ray, he brutally dragged Tony out through the front door, onto the drive and opened the rear doors of his Transit van. ‘Get in slave!’ he barked. ‘hands behind your back and kneel!’ Tony obeyed and James secured his wrists in handcuffs. A stout chain hung from the roof of the van, which James fastened Tony’s handcuffs with a padlock to almost the top link, forcing him into the strappado position. he shut the doors with a bang and climbed into the driver’s seat. With a jerk, forcing the captive off balance, he set off.

Tony had to endure the journey for about an hour, being jostled around, prevented from falling over by the painful position in which his arms had been secured. The last bit of the journey was along an unmade potholed track, leading to an isolated house surrounded by fields and a few trees. The Transit pulled up, James got out and opened the rear doors. ‘So!’ he said, ‘I have got you until tomorrow evening! at the end of it you will wish that you had never been born, boy!’ He then opened the door to the house, disappeared inside and returned holding a riding crop.

Secretly, since Tony knew better (at this stage, anyhow) not to speak, he was becoming excited, his cock straining at its cage. James undid the padlock securing his wrists causing him to fall to the van’s floor. A sharp tug on the dog leash forced Tony to struggle out of the back of the van and into the house. off to the left a flight of stone steps descended to what he imagined was a cellar, no doubt fitted out as a dungeon. His cock was becoming quite painful in anticipation of what no doubt was to come. ‘This will be your total world until tomorrow night!’ laughed James as they descended the steps.

Tony gasped as they entered the subterranean room. It was equipped with hanging shackles, chains with one end embedded into the concrete floor with ankle manacles at the ends; a wooden pillory, a Saint Andrew’s cross affixed to the wall and two metal girders set vertically in the floor with various hooks and eyes welded along their lengths. In the corner was a WC pan and a shower cubicle, the latter equipped with towels. ‘Stand to attention!’ shouted James. ‘I will give you an inspection. Thrust your chest out!’ Tony did as he was commanded.

James then tweaked his slave’s nipples, starting gently then harder and harder causing his victim to writhe and gasp. Harder and harder James worked causing Tony to thrash around in agony. ‘Ach! cannot have this boy thrashing about,’ said James, ‘You need to be secured. Do you want strappado again boy or would you prefer the St Andrews cross? Eh boy?’

‘The cross Sir!’ replied Tony through gritted teeth.

James released Tony’s sore nipples and dragged him by the dog leash over to the Cross attached to the wall. He released Tony’s wrists and fastened them to the diagonal ends of the cross with heavy, tight manacles with the insides of the shackles studded with metal spikes. ‘Ha! This will stop you wriggling boy!’ laughed James as he continued with torturing his captive’s nipples. Tony gasped and moaned in pleasure/pain. He then stopped the torment and fetched a pair of clamps, tightly clipping them onto Tony’s excruciatingly sore nipples. He has undergone similar torture in the hands of Ray but somehow this was more enjoyable, no doubt exaggerated by the thought of unknown and exciting endurances to come. Tony winced and yelled as the clamps bit.

Suddenly James launched his fist into Tony’s abdomen. he yelled and buckled forward, but was prevented from falling by the spiked restraints imprisoning his wrists. again and again James punched him. Tony hung there, totally winded.

‘Your Master tells me that you are an expert cocksucker, boy’ said James, ‘We will see if I agree. In the meantime, I think you need a good flogging. You will receive twenty lashes across your back then I will remove your nice shorts and bend you over in the pillory where you will receive twenty more with the dragon cane across your buttocks. I will then give you ten cuts on the insides of each thigh with the quirt. Needless to say you will count each stroke. If you mis-count, we will begin the set again. Understand?’

‘Yes Master!’ gasped Tony. ‘Are you going to remove my tit clamps?’ He asked mischeviously, knowing full well that to speak out of turn would elicit severe punishment.

‘Fuck! What?’ exclaimed James, ‘You twat! You spoke when you shouldn’t have done! You will now get thirty lashes across your back!’

Tony loved the whip. He had been introduced to its painful but delicious lashes when he was fifteen and stripped naked, delivered at the hands of a gang of lads. They had kidnapped him and had tortured him all one weekend in a disused barn. He was also loving the pain his cock was suffering, enclosed as it was inside the chastity cage. James then released his captive’s wrists, sore from struggling against the shackles’ spikes, allowing him to fall to the floor. He then dragged him by the dog lead over to one of the vertical metal girders and said ‘Face the whipping post boy, and raise your arms up! C’mon, on tiptoe!’ Tony did as he was ordered and James, climbing onto a small stool, secured his wrists to the topmost set of manacles. He then disconnected the dog lead from Tony’s collar, twisting the collar viciously around his already sore and chafed neck.

Tony felt that he was on the point of orgasm from the sheer thought of what was about to happen to him. However, this feeling of lust was severely trammelled by his imprisoned cock’s inability to become erect. James fetched a vicious looking single tailed whip and cracked it a few times in the air.

The first blow generated a yelp from Tony as the tail of the whip mde contact with the sensitive flesh of his right flank, just below his armpit. It felt as though he had been branded with a white hot iron. ‘Aaagh! One Sir!’ he gasped. the second lash cut his flank a little lower; the tail of the whip striking his right nipple’s clamp causing him to scream. ‘T-two sir!’ he stammered.

James altered his position a little and swung the whip, connecting with Tony’s shoulders. ‘Three, Sir!’ he grunted through clenched teeth.

Tony’s beating contnued until all thirty lashes had been delivered with him not mis-counting once. Many of the whip cuts had crossed previously damaged skin causing it to break leaving trickles of blood running down his body. ‘Thank you for my punishment Sir!’ he gasped.

‘Now for the pillory, slave!’ said James as he released Tony’s wrists from the whipping post’s shackles. James then removed the tight leather shorts that had fitted Tony’s buttocks like a second skin. Grabbing his collar, James dragged his prisoner to the wooden contraption situated at the end of a wooden bench, removed his leather dog collar and secured his neck and wrists at crotch height, with his body lying over the bench. He then secured the prisoner’s ankles to the legs of the bench, fixing his legs at right angles to each other. Hmm!’ muttered James, roughly fondling each buttock cheek. ‘I will give you some quite nice stripes, boy! Are you looking forward to it?’

‘I am Sir! I deserve nothing better Sir!’

‘Good boy!’

James selected the dragon cane but hesitated. ‘Have you ever been birched boy? You know, like you would have received in Borstal? No? Well it so happens that I have a few birch rods that have been soaking in brine for quite a few days that I had forgotten about. I had prepared them especially for this weekend. Daft of me really!’

‘Yes Master, it was!’ replied Tony.

‘Ha! I know your game, slave,’ said James, ‘You spoke out of turn so you would receive more strokes but no! I have something much better lined up. Just wait and see!’ he disappeared up the stairs for a minute then entered the cellar carrying dripping birch rods, about a metre in length bound at one end to form a handle. He licked his lips in lust and at once thrashed Tony’s bare buttocks with a “thwipp”.

‘Ach! One Sir!’ yelled Tony, wriggling in his bonds. He arched himself backwards, making his buttocks even more of a target.

By the fifteenth stroke, Tony was barely conscious but was able to vocalise every count, riding as he was on the endorphin rush as James mercilessly smote his reddened and bleeding buttocks. The thrashing continued until Tony, gasping for breath uttered ‘Twenty Sir! Thank you Sir!’

‘Now for the quirt!’ said James, as he left the cellar, turning the light out, no doubt to place the birch rods back into their brine solution.

Still tit clamped, Tony took stock of the situation as he waited in the dark for his Master to return for another torture session. The pain in his nipples had subsided to what he could describe as a deliciously sexy spicy painful sensation. Was James any more vicious than Ray? In many ways he was worse: Ray would pace his torments out one at a time; maybe torturing his nipples for ten minutes or so, then resting before thinking what torment to employ next. James, was full on with no breaks in between tortures, no time for his victim to recover mentally. That said, even with zero chance of sexual release he was enjoying the experience immensely.

After what seemed like an hour James returned maybe a little unsteady on his feet, brandishing a short stiff leather braided quirt, tapping it gently in his hand. Tony could smell alcohol on his breath. This meant that he would likely experience an even more vicoius beating – as would usually happen if Ray had partaken in alcoholic refreshment midway through a BDSM session. He braced himself, ready for the first lash across the inside of his thighs.

Crack! Tony screamed as whip smote the inside of his left thigh. ‘One Sir!’ he gasped. James was careful to aim each of the following nine strokes at a different part of Tony’s sensitive flesh, creating a zebra like striped effect. He stood back to admire his handiwork.

‘Now for your right thigh, boy! I am right handed so your right thigh will be somewhat less coloured. Are you enjoying yourself?’

‘I am so long as I am giving you pleasure Sir!’ said Tony, not insincerely, feeling himself on the verge of a crescendo of sexual lust, his constricted cock pressing painfully against its restraints.

James delivered ten strokes on Tony’s other thigh but as he had said, these were not as severe.

Dropping the quirt James pulled his shirt, exposing his huge tattooed upper arms, magnificent muscled hairy upper chest with prominent pectorals, crowned with large pierced nipples. A line of black wirewool hair extended down from his sternum via the vertical cleft between his abdominal muscles to below the belt of his jeans. ‘You like what you see, boy?’ he enquired.

‘Sir, I do. I humbly beg you to please give me permission to take your penis in my mouth so you can see if I am any good at cocksucking as my Master proclaimed.’

‘Ha! That’s one of the reasons I rented you, boy. You had better be fucking good at it! you need to swallow every drop of my spunk and not to let my cock leave your mouth. If you do you will get a kick in the bollocks once the chastity cage comes off!’

At this news, Tony at once felt a thrill and a sense of relief. Was he to be allowed to orgasm? There was no guarantee this would be permitted. In any case his wrists would be likely secured behind his back preventing any masturbation. In addition, he had experienced ball bashing before. Once during a threesome with Ray and one of his mates, they took it in turns to slap his balls with a steel ruler while they had been secured in a humbler. At the time Tony had hated the sensation but looking back had craved a repitition, which for some reason Ray had not granted.

James then removed his jeans and jockstrap and boots, standing completely naked with his massive cock pointing directly at Tony’s mouth. Whipping his erection repeatedly across his face he said ‘You’re my fucking cock-slave you fucking worthless boy cunt! suck the fucker! suck it good!’ with that he thrust his hips forward, almost choking tony as the cockhead touched the back of his throat.

In and out, in and out James worked his hips as Tony tried his best to engage his tongue around James’ glans, while at the same time avoiding choking when the cock touched the back of his throat. ‘You want more cock boy?’ Tony grunted; ‘Cock slave! Suck my big fucking cock!’ James said, thrusting his hips on and out.

After about twenty minutes James stopped but was careful not to let his cock slip out of Tony’s mouth. This gave him the opportunity to concentrate his tongue on James’ piss slit and round the base of his glans. He moaned in pleasure. ‘Keep this up boy!’ was all he said.

Minutes passed with Tony rimming James’ glans round and round; his tongue occasionally straying down the long cockshaft then at once returning to the head. ‘Fuck boy, you are good!’ gasped James. Suddenly he thrust forward, orgasming with a yell sending sperm down Tony’s throat, his cock throbbing pumping gob after gob, making tears form in Tony’s eyes. finally he withdrew. ‘Phew! Boy, I agree with your master. You are one hell of a sucker. I might let you wank yourself a bit later on! However, there is still more fun to be had. I haven’t forgotten your insubordination a while ago when you spoke out of turn.’   Tony gasped in anticipation. James went on: ‘Just above the pillory is a hook attached to a pulley. I will remove your chastity cage letting your balls hang free. I’ll then fit you with a scrotum shackle and clip the hook through the scrotum shackle’s eye. I will then hang weights on the other end of the pulley, which will stretch your balls upward. When they are stretched to my satisfaction I will zap them using a cattle prod. the more you yell the heavier the weights will be and the higher the voltage. If you don’t yell, I will gently wank your cock but if you come, your balls won’t be released and the torture will continue until I see fit to stop.’ Tony felt a thrill as James unlocked the chastity device and gasped at the sensation as the hollow tube was slowly drawn out of his urethra. he gasped once again as James reached round and removed the clips attached to his nipples and rougly tweaked the now painfully sensitive and swollen nubs of flesh.

James tugged on Tony’s sac and attached a metal locking ring shackle round the neck of his scrotum. He then attached a hook to the shackle pulley above the pillory bench and attached a weight training dumb bell to the other end, allowing it to fall a few inches. Tony gasped, expecting his balls to be ripped off. However, he could not really see what was happening to his genitals: he could not turn his neck suficiently, restrained as it was within the wooden pillory. He stifled a scream as he felt the cattle prod electrocute the skin of his stretched sac causing him to flinch, putting even more strain on his tortured genitals. Again and again James touched his balls with the cattle prod, sending his victim into paroxysms of agony.

James then grabbed his victim’s rock hard erection and very gently and slowly wanked it, using the copious precum oozing from its tip. Faster and faster James worked his hand with Tony trying to think of anything to slow or counteract the sexual crescendo starting to build. He did this mainly to prolong the exquisite sensation but he was also mindful of the consequence should he ejaculate: torture post orgasm is just that: torture!

How long could he hold out? Tony thought of everything to delay the inevitable: trips to the dentist, how he felt just prior to him sitting his final exams, vomiting; anything. However, he finally succumbed to James’ persistent wanking and violently discharged a week’s worth of sperm several feet and also onto James’ hand. he sagged, totally spent, hanging by his neck and wrists in the heavy wooden pillory.

‘Fuck!’ exclaimed James. ‘You shot a bucketful, slave! You will lick your worthless secretions off my hand then as a punishment I will double the weight on the pulley then zapp you with the cattle prod for the next half hour. i will then no doubt be hard enough for you to suck me off again! what do you say, boy?’

‘I am sorry for soiling your hand with my jizz Master,’ Tony replied, ‘Therefore I deserve my punishment, especially as it will give you the satisfaction of knowing that I certainly deserved it being administered most severely. I am also looking forward to satisfying you again with my mouth, hoping to redeem my worthiness as your slave.’ By merely uttering these grovelling words caused his penis to harden once again. He continued: ‘If it would please you Sir, please whip my thighs again as you zapp me! Make me learn my lesson!’

James could feel himself harden upon hearing these words from his slave. He added another dumb bell to the end of the pulley rope, causing Tony to gasp in pain then reached for the cattle prod. tony screamed as the electrodes contacted his painfully stretched scrotum. Again and again his genitals were electrocuted but his cock remained india-rubber hard throughout. James panted with lust as he gave several lashes to the inside of Tony’s left thigh with the quirt, then repeated his torture with the cattle prod, finishing with giving Tony’s right thigh several more vicious lashes.

Suddenly, James stopped Tony’s torture but left his balls stretched by the pulley. ‘I have another treat for you, boy,’ he said ominously. ‘I won’t be a minute,’ he said disappearing out of the cellar and up the stairs. He returned a minute later wearing rubber gloves holding something green. ‘Has your Master massaged chilli oil into your cock and balls slave?’ he enquired.

No, Tony’s master hadn’t, neither had anyone else, probably because none of his tormentors had ever thought about such a punishment. ‘No Sir, he has not,’ he replied through clenched teeth, ‘But if it would give you pleasure and if you think it would be useful to add this to my punishment then I would look forward to it.’

It took a few seconds for the chilli oil to penetrate the skin of Tony’s already tender testicles and penis. He moaned in his unforgiving shackles, tugging even more against the pulley weights. James merely laughed. Cupping some more chushed chilli juice in his rubber gloved right hand he brutally wanked Tony’s rock hard erection. he screamed as he orgasmed for the second time within an hour.

James stood in front of the now groaning Tony and plunged his cock once more into the eager mouth. Deeper and deeper he thrust until he ejaculated with a roar, leaving his cock inside his prisoner’s mouth. Tony knew what he had to do: he gently cleaned the cockhead using his tongue.

‘Fucking hell boy!’ James exclaimed, ‘I’m fucking spent and knackered! I’ll release you from these shackles and I would suggest you have a shower. however, you will not leave this room. I will affix a chain to your ankle, the other end of which is embedded in the floor, which will be long enough for you to reach the shower cubicle and the bog. When you have showered I will give you your evening meal; one befitting a slave in your position. It’ll be bread and water. What do you say slave?’

‘Thank you very much Sir!’ replied Tony.

James went on: ‘You will remain here in the dark until your Master fetches you. That is unless I fell like giving you some more abuse!’ With that, he released Tony’s balls from the pulley rope. He sighed with relief as James then freed his neck and wrists from the wooden pillory. Shortly after, he dragged the heavy chain complete with shackle from the centre of the room and clicked it round Tony’s right ankle. ‘You shower boy; I’ll give you ten minutes then i will bring you your delicious meal!’ he said with a mocking laugh, then left the cellar.

Tony hobbled over to the shower cubicle, turned on the water and waited until it ran warm then stepped in. It felt fantastic running over his bruised and cut body and he took great care to gently wash the remains of the crushed chilli from his still stinging cock and balls. He carefully dried himself, noting that there were spots of his blood on the fabric, as a result of the severe beatings he had been given earlier.

The cellar door opened and James entered now fully clothed, bearing a large glass of water and a plate containing a few dried crusts of bread, no doubt saved from the ends of a plastic wrapped, ready sliced white loaf. Sit on the floor and enjoy it boy! Bon apetit! What do you say boy?’

‘I am grateful Sir! Thank you Sir!’ replied Tony as he sat, painfully cross legged on the cold and rough concrete floor. Once again, James left the room.

Tony ate his meagre rations and waited, still cross legged on the floor, hearing his tormentor’s footsteps coming down the stairs. He entered the room carrying the cattle prod. ‘Get up!’ He barked. ‘Stand facing me in front of the whipping post!’ Tony did as he had been commanded and shuffled over to one of the vertical steel girders, encouraged to do so faster by James prodding the terminals of the prod against his prisoner’s anus. ‘Raise your arms up boy!’ shouted James. ‘I need to fit your chastity cage!’ he shackled Tony’s wrists to the topmost metal ring and applied the toothed clamps once again to his nipples. He then unlocked the chastity device and secured it round Tony’s balls and over his semi flaccid penis. He gasped as James slowly inserted the hollow metal tube into his urethra. Once this was done he lunged his fist into Tony’s abdomen cusing him to double up with a gasp. ‘I’ll leave you now slave. Your Master wil be here to collect you in an hour, so night! Night!’ said James as he left the room, turning out the light.

What seemed like an age later Tony thought he could hear knocking at James’ front door. he could pick out: ‘Hi Ray! Come in mate! Ah! You’ve brought him! Fuck! He looks as though he’ll be fun!’

he could hear Ray reply ‘How was Tony? Had fun? Do I need to punish him when we get home?’

‘Fuck! He’s definitely a good cocksucker! He also loves chilli oil!’ replied James.

‘Okay, I will remember that! However, I have been using this new e-stim machine on the slave here. That made him squeal but bloody hell! He’s got a nice tight little arse! He loved the abuse! he was insatiable!’

‘Come and get your boy Ray! he’s ready; I have fitted the chastity cage and you’ll see he has a few marks – “tiger stripes”, well, that’s what they look like!’

James and Ray descended the stairs and regarded Tony, nipples clamped, cock imprisoned, dripping with perspiration and well striped across his flanks, back, buttocks and thighs. Ray merely laughed as James released his wrists from the whipping post and quickly pulled off the clamps from his nipples. Tony fell to the floor at Ray’s feet, kissing his leather boots. James undid the shackle attached to Tony’s ankle and kicked him in the abdomen and said ‘Get up boy! Time to go home!’

Tony put his tight leather shorts on and Ray secured his wrists behind his back and marched him out of the cellar and up the stairs. At the top was waiting Ray’s erstwhile playmate for the day: a young, muscular black lad, about Tony’s age, with a gym fit body, imprisoned in a rigid neck and wrists iron. He was naked except for a loincloth and his back bore the stripes of a very recent beating. He bowed his head as he caught sight of Ray and James, but shot a nervous glance in Tony’s direction.

‘Good Swap James!’ said Ray, ‘Fuck! You will have fun with this one tonight! Will you have the energy after the day you have had with my slave here? Still, you no doubt will be shagging him all night!’ He laughed.

Turning to Tony ray said ‘Electro-stimulation for you tomorrow, boy! I have bought a telephone generator!’

Tony had seen videos of the generator before, and the effect it had on its victims. He gulped but his cock, constrained as it was, started to harden.

The End

Metal would like to thank Bikermike for this story!

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