Risk – Part 04

By lthr_jock

Mike struggled and fought against the restraints. He screamed into the gag, but the thick rubber apple was well secured and all he could do was make incoherent noises. The only people who knew he were up here were probably speaking to his colleagues from the station, so no-one would be coming to help him. He tensed, knowing what was going to happen and utterly helpless to prevent it.

And he waited.

After several minutes, he realised that nothing had happened, that although he could feel the vibration from the machine and hear it whirring, nothing was pushing itself against his virgin arse. He relaxed, slumping in the restraints with relief and now that he realised the danger was passed, started again to enjoy the situation he found himself in. His cock quickly hardened and by the time he heard the clump of approaching boots he was dripping a steady stream of precum.

“Damn. Such a filthy pig.” Mike grunted with relief as he heard Gordons voice. The older man moved around behind Mike and switched the machine off. He then moved around and crouched in front of Mike. “ Like I said, nothing like that unless you want it.” He grinned and reached out with a gloved hand to tousle the rubber pig hood. Mike swore at Gordon, secure in the knowledge that everything he said would be tortured into unintelligible grunts. Gordon laughed as he seemed to understand what Mike had said. “Careful, Mikey. Swear at me like that and I’ll leave you here overnight. Or are you ready to go home.”

Mike nodded and grunted. Gordon stood and unlocked Mike from the fucking machine and then handed him his jockstrap. To Mikes surprise, Gordon left the thick, heavy collar on. Instead of removing it, he clipped a heavy chain to the front and led Mike downstairs. In the front room of the pub, work was underway to clean up the broken glass and many people had left. Gordon took him straight out the back door and Mike was soon on all fours in the cage again.

This time, his head was uncovered but he still couldn’t make out where they were going. It was after dark now and he could see the regular flash of streetlights as they passed under them, together with the other colours of shop fronts. As they pulled up at some traffic lights, he realised he was completely on view to anyone who got close enough and he kept his head down as much as the collar would allow him. It was really making his neck ache now, but the more it did, the more his cock got hard.

Finally, Gordon pulled into a dark garage. Mike heard the door close behind the Range Rover and the whole garage went dark. He felt the car lurch as Gordon got out and then light flooded the area. Gordon helped him out of the cage and he saw he was in a small, tidy garage. Gordon unlocked the collar and removed the gag and hood. Mike went to spit but Gordon stopped him with a glare and he swallowed it instead. “Come with me.” Mike thought Gordon would have taken him back to his car, but he now realised Gordon had something else planned.

As he followed Gordon out of the garage he realised that they were around the back of Gordons block of flats. He hoped no-one would see them as they walked inside – and his hope was granted. He soon found himself in Gordons hall and stepped towards the front room. Gordon stopped him “No, you need to get a shower”. Mike didn’t quibble – he was hot and sweaty and still tired after work, so he headed in and stripped off the clothing he had been wearing.

Gordon smiled at the way Mike had obeyed without pause. He headed into his bedroom and laid out one of the items that he had added to Mikes order from the fetish shop. He slipped open the bathroom door and removed the clothing Mike had piled up on the floor. He then went back into the front room to finalise his preparations.

Mike luxuriated in the shower. He had aches from his day at work and then the unfamiliar clothing and bondage had left him with other aches. His cock was sensitive and he was tempted to jerk off in the shower, but felt that would best be done at home. He stepped out of the shower and towelled himself dry before realising that the clothes were gone. He sighed and cracked the bathroom door open. “Sir, I don’t seem to have any clothes.” Gordon stepped into the hallway. He had removed his heavy leather jacket, but was still wearing the rest of his leather uniform. He pushed open another door and leaned inside to turn the light on. “Clothes are in here. Come into the front room once you’re dressed. And hurry. I got an appointment in half an hour.”

Mike wrapped the towel around his waist and went into the room, which he then found to be Gordons bedroom. It was dominated by a four poster bed with shackles hanging from each corner. On the bed was the clothing clearly intended for him. Mike looked at it and gulped. He knew he could refuse – but that would be the end of the game. He sighed and stepped forwards. One the bed was a pair of gleaming black trousers. Mike picked them up to confirm his suspicion – yes, they were rubber. He had never tried rubber before, but had read about it so he grabbed the talc on the bedside stand and poured some inside the trousers. He rubbed talc over both his legs and then started to pull the trousers on. Initially they went on easily, sliding over his calves and knees, covering them in thick gleaming rubber. He then had to work harder as he pulled them up over his thighs and arse. He grunted with strain as he pulled them up until with a slap and snap they pulled into place. They clung to him like a second skin. His cock was pushed to one side and as he adjusted it, he realised there was an internal pouch for it. He slipped his cock and balls into it and immediately felt them pulled slightly away from his body. His cock was now pointing directly upwards, and decorative white lacing over the crotch made it stay out even more. He secured the trousers with a thick rubber belt and the inevitable Union Jack belt buckle and then turned his attention to the DMs. These were tall, running nearly up to his knees. They were laced with white laces which stood out starkly against the gleaming black. He pulled them on and laced them tightly on place. There was nothing else to put on, so he headed into the front room, his bare chest gleaming with sweat from the effort it took to get the rubber on.

The rubber trousers felt strange. It was like being naked while also being clothed. The grommet he had pushed his cock and balls through made every step massage the root of his cock and he could feel it swelling as it rubbed against the rubber. He stepped into the front room and stopped short at the new item of furniture that was there. Sitting in the centre of the floor was a heavy chair made of thick beams of wood with steel bracing. Mike could see that the rug on the floor had been pulled to one side and the chair had been bolted down. Restraints, straps and chains festooned the chair and there was a pair of solid leather mitts fixed to the end of each arm of the chair.


Mike didn’t think twice about where Gordon wanted him to sit, and he plonked himself down in the chair. Gordon immediately set to and started the process of strapping and locking Mike in place. First his legs were secured, his knees apart, his booted feet strapped and chained down. Then straps went around his thighs, pulling them apart and exposing his crotch. A net of chains and shackles went over his naked chest and then tightened pulling his body back against the chair. Gordon slid Mikes hands into the solid leather mitts and then locked them in place. That, together with straps around forearms and biceps made his arms immobile. A thick collar was wrapped around Mikes neck, pulling his head up and making him face forward.

Gordon took a step back and looked at the restrained police officer. He grinned. “How does that feel?” Mike experimentally tested the bonds. “Feels pretty secure, Sir.” Gordon raised an eyebrow. “Only pretty secure? I’ll have to do something about that.” Gordon pushed a ball gag into Mikes mouth and locked it behind his head. He then pulled out a heavy leather muzzle and strapped it in place, hiding half of Mikes features behind the thick leather. The muzzle was then secured to the chair holding Mikes head securely in place. Finally he placed thick blinders over Mikes face, hiding everything except his nose and his hair.

“Perfect.” Mike heard the doorbell ring and Gordon stepped into the hall. “Hello? Oh yes officer, come on up.” Mike tensed and tried to yell as Gordon came back in. “That’s my appointment. I couldn’t give my statement at the time, so an officer kindly offered to come around and take it now. In fact, I believe you know him.”

Mike tried to argue but was helpless as he heard Gordon go to the door and greet someone. As he returned with the unknown man, Mike heard the unmistakeable tones of his partner Dave. Mike froze – if anyone was going to recognise him, Dave would. They had known each other for years. He heard Dave stop as he walked into the room. “Fuck me, that’s not something you see every day.” He heard Gordon chuckle “Oh him, is he distracting you?” Dave laughed, no, but wont I be distracting him. “Not at all, he’s due some down time. Would you like a coffee?”

Dave refused and started taking the statement from Gordon. For Mike it was torture. His best friend was sat less than 6 feet away from him unaware who the restrained man was. As time passed, Mike relaxed. Dave clearly had not recognised him and although his friend kept pausing and Mike was sure Dave was looking at the bizarre figure he must make, he gave no sign of recognising Mike. Mike could hear Dave teasing the information for the statement out of Gordon and his steady voice seemed to fade into the background. Mike became more aware of the restraints, the rubber trousers, the gag and his situation. His cock became rockhard, pushing against the rubber. He groaned to himself and then stopped as he heard Dave chuckle. “ Fuck your friend seems to be having fun. “ “Ah well some people do constable – maybe you should give it a go yourself one day.” Dave’s outburst of laughter made his answer clear and he and Gordon continued their task, chuckling to each other.

After what seemed like an age, Mike heard Dave asking the final questions and getting Gordon to sign the statement. He sighed, he was incredibly aroused and wanted nothing more than to be released so that he could get some relief. He impatiently heard Dave making small talk with Gordon and wished his friend would just fuck off. Finally, he left and Mike heard Gordon step back into the room. “What a nice young man,” he said as he removed the blinders. “Did I forget to mention who the appointment was with?” Mike grunted and tried to nod but the collar and muzzle prevented him. “How silly of me. “ Gordon grinned. “How silly of me. And now I have another appointment. You’re fine here aren’t you? I mean, you would say if you wanted to be released, wouldn’t you?” Mike rolled his eyes helplessly and Gordon roared with laughter. He pulled his leather jacket back on, then left turning the light out as he went, leaving Mike in a room lit only by reflected light from the streetlights outside. Mike heard Gordon leave the flat and then there was silence. Or as much silence as ever existed in an inner city. Soon Mike could make out the noises of televisions in other flats, or arguments and conversations, of people talking as they passed in the street. He wrenched angrily at the restraints, but they didn’t give an inch. His fingers were feeling numb in their stiff leather prison, his jaw ached from the gag and his muscled ached from being kept in the same position. Through it all, his cock remained stiff in its rubber prison and Mike decided to add some rubber to his shopping list.

His mind started to drift until he heard a thump at the front door. He froze wondering who it could be and hoping they would go away – it must have been one of Gordon’s neighbours or they would have had to use the entry phone. The thump came again and then Mike heard the sound of a key in the door.

“Oi, Gordon. You in?” Mike froze as he recognised Jans’ voice. “I got that bag out of that bin. What’s in it anyway? Gordon?” There was a pause and Mike heard Jan mutter something in Polish. He then heard the door shut and he relaxed – until the door to the front room opened and Jan stepped in, turning the light on. He was dressed as before in heavy boots, tight T-shirt and an Ma1 jacket. He stopped dead as he saw Mike in the chair and then he burst out laughing. “Why, Mikey, you looks like you are a bit stuck!.” He walked over and tousled Mikes hair and bent to look him in the eyes. “ Mikey, I find you again in a bit of bondage. I begin to think you like it.” He looked down at Mikes crotch “And your cock says you like it too.” He laughed and sat sprawled on the sofa opposite Mike. He took out his phone and took a couple of photos of him. He then looked around. “You know where Gordon keeps the beer, Mikey? No? I go look.”

Jan wandered off into the flat and Mike hoped desperately that Gordon would come back soon. He didn’t trust Jan and was feeling very vulnerable. He could hear banging and crashing in another room and after a few minutes Jan came back. He was carrying a bowl full of steaming water, and he put it down on the floor. His pockets were bulging and he pulled out a can of beer, from which he took a long pull, followed by a pair of electric clippers, a razor and a can of shaving foam. Mike’s eyes bulged and he grunted desperately at Jan. “Now, now, now, Mikey, we had a deal, You turn up with hair again, I get rid of it.” With that, he powered up the electric clippers and ran them over one side of Mike’s head. Despite Mike’s urgent grunts, he carried on and soon most of Mike’s hair was lying on the floor. The straps of the muzzle stopped him getting everything, but Mike could see his reflection in the window that his hairstyle was ruined.

Jan reached around behind him and unstrapped the muzzle. As it fell free, Mike tried to talk again, but he was still gagged so could do little but grunt and drool. With the muzzle removed, Jan now had access to all of Mike’s head and the clippers soon reduced his hair to stubble. Jan then got a liberal amount of shaving foam and spread it over Mike’s head. With the razor he carefully went over Mike’s head, removing every vestige of hair from it.   He then towelled it clean and then rubbed it with something that made it shine. “That better Mikey” he said, clearly happy with his handiwork. He then replaced the muzzle and left, singing quietly to himself.


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  1. Ah, so no cherry-popping yet, but the hair is gone – slowly slowly with sensitivity and precision – no need for force, Will Mike be begging?
    The story is so well written.

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