Risk – Part 05

By lthr_jock

Mike opened his eyes to blackness. He could feel the tightness of rubber over his entire body including his head. He took a deep breath and felt relief as air flooded his lungs. His nose was full of the smell of rubber and he couldn’t hear anything. His arms were down at his sides and when he tried to move them he could feel heavy rubber over his fingers preventing him moving them. He could feel sweat running all over his body and his cock stiffened as he realised that one again he was completely trapped. And once again, he had allowed Gordon to do this to him.

Mike cast his mind back to the chair. After Jan left him he raged and struggled against the restraints. He couldn’t believe what had just happened, how the Pole had shaved his head and now he was sat there like some skinhead. He panicked a little gasping for breath around the gag, causing drool to pool inside the muzzle and then run out the sides and over his thick collar and naked chest. Eventually he started to calm down. He had no choice but to wait for Gordon to return and he would finish this all then. This was a step too far. He started to breath more easily and once again became aware of the noises from outside the flat. He also became aware of his stirring cock, of the way the rubber slid and slurped with every minor movement and he realised that he was still highly aroused by his predicament.

He started to shift his hips as much as he could to get some pressure against his cock. The slick interior of the rubber resisted him, but the grommet he had pushed his cock and balls through allowed him enough tension that he was able to work his cock. With a shudder and a groan he came inside the rubber trousers. He closed his eyes in pleasure, even enjoying the feel of the cum slimed around his cock. He jerked his eyes open at the sound of Gordons chuckle – though there was no-one else in the room. Mike looked around and realised the sound was coming from the speakers by Gordons computer – and that the webcam light was on. Gordon was watching him from somewhere else. As he rolled his eyes, the screen flashed and turned on. Mike could see Gordons face and behind him a crowded bar.

“Hey, Mikey, glad to see you’re enjoying yourself. You didn’t think I’d just abandon you, did you?”

Mike grunted a response.

“Don’t even try – can’t hear you with the noise here even if you could speak. Love the new haircut, Mikey.   Glad to see you found a friend.”

Mike swore incoherently into the gag, while Gordon continued. “ Anyway, I’m going to be here for a couple of hours so just amuse yourself.” With that the screen went blank, although Mike could see the webcam was still active. He settled back to enjoy his predicament.

Mike wasn’t sure how much time had passed when he heard a key in the door and Gordon walked into the room. Gordon chuckled as he looked at the restrained police officer whose cock was still clearly outlined in the rubber trousers. “I do hope you enjoyed yourself, officer?” Mike grunted and nodded as much as he could. “Did you make a mess?” Mike sighed and nodded again. Gordon just grinned wider. “Wow, good to see that you can let yourself go like that.” He reached behind Mikes head and unstrapped the muzzle. He ran his gloved hand over Mikes shaven head. “Nice and smooth – just right to go with rubber. You ready for more?” As he asked the question he removed the ball gag.

Mike gulped the accumulated drool down and moved his jaw with relief. He looked up at Gordon. “Yes please Sir.” Gordon grinned at the lack of pause and undid the mitt on Mikes right hand. “Get yourself free, then go and get a drink in the kitchen. Take a piss if you need one but do NOT clean up down there. Then present yourself in my bedroom”.

Mike wriggled his fingers in his freed hand and proceeded to unstrap himself. It was more difficult than he thought it would be and it took several minutes before he could stand up and stretch his muscles that were aching from the bondage. He flexed a little and stretched to get the kinks out and then headed into the kitchen where he drank 2 pints of water. As he moved around he could feel the sweat running down his legs inside the rubber and his feet squelched slightly in the boots. The slime and sweat pooling around his cock made slurping noises as he moved. He went to relieve himself, unlacing the front of the trousers to let his cum-slimed cock out. He pissed and then tucked his cock back into his trousers, hating the way it was still slimy from his orgasm but also enjoying the way it made him feel. He laced up again and headed into the bedroom.

Gordon tossed a rubber T-shirt to him as he entered the room. He started to pull it down over his head, but as it touched his sweaty body, the rubber rolled up and he struggled to put it on. Gordon chuckled and held out a can of lube. Mike took some and started to spread it over his chest, but the shirt still rolled up around the back of his neck. “Here, let me.” Gordon grabbed the can and stood behind Mike, generously lubing his back. He then moved around to the front, his heavy hands massaging lube into Mikes pecs in a disturbingly intimate way. Mike looked away as Gordon loosened the shirt for him. “There you go.” Mike was now able to pull the shirt fully on. As with the trousers, it was skin tight. It was an armless t-shirt made of black rubber with panels over the chest that formed a union jack.  Mike tucked it under the belt and ran his hands over the chest. The panels were raised slightly giving the rubber some texture but did nothing to conceal his body underneath.

“HEY! Stop admiring yourself.” Mike looked up to see Gordon handing him a pair of thin rubber gloves which he worked onto his hands. The final item was a thick, heavy rubber jacket styled like a motorbike jacket and emblazoned with another Union Jack across the shoulders. Mike shuddered as he pulled the cold rubber on and then secured it by the belt. Gordon swung him around to look at himself in the mirror. His gleaming shaved head stood out against the shiny black of the rubber and looked almost as though it had been shined in the same way. He was unrecognisable and he could feel his cock stirring as he looked at himself.

Gordon moved to stand beside him, wearing a full leather uniform. He put on his uniform hat. “Right. Time to party.” He reached around Mike and placed a rubber collar around his neck. This one was tall – at least 4” – and Mike could feel it pressing against his collar bone and the bottom of his chin. Gordon secured it with three straps and then put heavy padlocks on each of them. In the mirror Mike could now see what looked like a thick tube of rubber, the front plain except for a single large D-ring. It made his neck look longer and restricted the way he moved his head. Gordon grinned and clipped a leash to the D-ring. Without a word he walked out the door and Mike followed.

They stepped outside the flat before Mike even considered what he was doing. By then ir was too late and he was being led down the stairs past one of Gordon’s neighbours who took a good look at the young man wearing a collar and head to toe rubber. Mike paused and Gordon yanked on the chain, forcing Mike to stumble down a couple of steps. “Wait…” Gordon stopped and turned around. “Your choice. We go on or we stop and you leave. Choose.” Mike thought about it and, the decision made by his cock rather than his brain, nodded “We go on Sir.” “Good.” Gordon gave the leash a vicious yank making Mike stumble up against the older man, who leaned in close to whisper “Don’t embarrass me and don’t make me transact business in public.” While Mike processed that, Gordon stepped away and heading down the rest of the stairs towards the garage.

In the garage, Mike was expecting to see the Landrover that Gordon had used last time. Instead a gleaming black BMW was parked up and Gordon waved him around to the passenger side. Mike got in and settled into the soft leather. Gordon sat down in the drivers seat and turned to him. “Right, Mikey, here’s the deal. We’re going to a party. You will be on display once we get there. As agreed, nothing will be done to you sexually unless you ask for it.” Gordon paused and grinned widely “..actually, unless you BEG for it. The people here aren’t part of the EES and don’t know about that. Don’t speak unless you’re spoken to and treat everyone who speaks to you with respect. Got it?”

Mike nodded “But…won’t this be kind of obvious as we’re driving there?” Gordon stared at Mike without replying. “I mean, Sir, won’t people see me?” “It’s the middle of the night and the side windows are tinted. You just have to hope we don’t get stopped by your colleagues. Any other questions?” Mike shook his head, wincing as the collar restricted the movement. “Good. Time to have some fun.”

Gordon confidently drove the car through the quiet London streets until they pulled up in a small parking area by some warehouses. As they got out of the car, Mike could hear the muffled pound of music. Gordon grabbed Mike’s leash and led him through a cramped passageway to a poorly lit entranceway. A huge man in leather jeans and a white T-shirt was stood by a metal door and as Gordon walked into the light he smiled a greeting. He leant forward to open the door, and as he did so Mike could see that he had a baseball bat tucked down beside his chair in case of trouble.

As soon as the door opened, the noise of the music from inside got much louder. Gordon quickly stepped inside and Mike followed and the door was shut again, insulating the outside world from the noise. Inside, the two men were stood on a small landing overlooking a bar and dance floor. Beyond the dance floor, Mike could see several areas that were partitioned off and figures were moving in there in various stages of undress. The room was packed – full of men wearing various styles of fetish gear and in various kinds of bondage. Mike stared in amazement. Gordon leaned on the railing beside him and moved in close so he could be heard. “Welcome to Pitch. As you can see there are lots of people here who share your interest in bondage, control and – it would seem – fetish wear.” Mike stared at him and Gordon burst out laughing. “Oh, please, your cock has been rockhard ever since you put the rubber on – you’re a right little pervert.” Mike blushed but couldn’t contradict him. Gordon leant in again “Your collar marks you as a sub, which means normally some people would happily grab you without asking.” Mike flinched and Gordon raised a hand to placate him. “BUT as you’re on my leash, you will be fine. No-one will touch you without asking my permission.” He stood up, wrapped the chain leash around his hand and with a sharp jerk, led Mike down the stairs to the main floor.

Gordon was obviously well known in the club and their journey towards the bar was slow as several people stopped them to speak to him. On each occasion, Mike was ignored which gave him the opportunity to look around.   The vast array of fetish gear around him was a surprise and he tried not to stare. Even so, he soon worked out that there were 2 types of men in here – those who were looking around, making eye contact and clearly in control; and those who were either trying to attract attention or were following the other men around. Mike realised that he would be classed as one of the latter. As he wondered how these situations worked, he was disturbed by a jerk on his leash as Gordon pulled him forward. “Mikey, this is Shane. He wanted to meet you.” Mike looked up at the leather clad man in front of him and, unsure of protocol, nodded his head and said “Glad to meet you Sir.” Shane rubbed Mikes freshly shaved head with one leather covered hand. “He’s polite, Gordon. That’s good.” Gordon nodded and the two men started to talk about Mike, completely ignoring him for the rest of the conversation.

Mike was initially nervous and was worried that he was going to be groped – but he was almost completely ignored. As he relaxed he looked around more – he could now see that the majority of the submissives were smaller than him and lighter built, which made him a bit of an oddity. He saw several of the more aggressive men staring towards him and a few came over to speak to Gordon. Mike couldn’t hear what they were saying but on several occasions Gordon clearly shook his head in refusal and gave them a few words of explanation. Mike realised that Gordon was keeping his word so he relaxed even more and took a keener interest in what was going on around him. He could see various people partnering off, some indulging in what he would think of as heavy petting and some just sat talking. He couldn’t see what was in the darkened areas of the club, but something near one wall caught his eye. Suspended 6ft in the air was what looked like a large leather mail sack. Occasionally passing people would push it or slap it and Mike wondered if someone was inside it.

He waited until Gordon wasn’t speaking to anyone and leant forward. “Excuse me, Sir..” Gordon turned around, secretly pleased at the way Mike was dealing with the club. “Yes?” “What’s that over there, Sir? I mean is someone inside that?” Gordon looked in the direction Mike was pointing “You mean the mail sack? Yes, of course someone is inside. Why? You after a spin?” Mike had been wondering what it would be like but before he could reply, Gordon started making his way through the crowd pulling Mike along behind him by the leash. When they got closer to the mailsack, Mike thought he could see bulges that might be limbs inside it. He could also see it was held in place by a pulley system. Gordon went up to speak to the man by the pulley. He bent down to speak to the man who was considerably shorter than Gordon, but heavily muscled and dressed in chaps, jockstrap and a leather chest harness. As the two men spoke, they turned to look at Mike and the shorter man beckoned him over. “You want a go in the bag, boi?” Mike hesitated then replied “Yes…yes Sir.” The short man grinned “Get your jacket off then and ask Master Gordon to remove your collar.” Gordon started unlocking the collar as the man lowered the sack onto the floor. He unpadlocked the chain running through reinforced holes around the mouth of the bag and it fell open to reveal its contents.

At first Mike didn’t realise what he was looking at. The man inside the bag was clad in gleaming rubber from head to toe, topped with a perfect featureless sphere of rubber. His arms were crossed over his chest and Mike could see straps all down his back. The man moved behind him and undid a valve in the base of the hood and Mike could hear the hiss of air and saw the ball collapse. A zip at the back released the head of a young man who was red-faced and sweating. He was helped to his feet and Mike could see that the bottom of the bag was awash with sweat. He grimaced and wondered what he had volunteered for. While he was doing this, the previous occupant was being unstrapped and as his arms swung free, Mike realised he had been wearing a rubber straight jacket. As the occupant stepped out of the bag, Gordon pushed Mike forward “Hold out your arms.” Mike did so without thinking and the rubber straight jacket was pushed over his arms and onto his body. He could feel the damp sweat inside the rubber and tried to flinch away, but Gordon was ready and braced against him. With practiced technique, the two men did up the rear zip and secured the straps from collar to waist, securing Mike in the rubber. The jacket was tight around him and he could feel his cock straining against the rubber of the trousers as they wrapped his arms around him and secured them behind his back. One final strap between his legs pinned his cock in place and made the jacket escape proof. Mike looked up to see Gordon grinning. “I knew you would like this.”

Before he could reply, the two men pushed his face into the sweaty rubber of the hood. His mouth was filled with a gag similar to that of a diving mask and he was plunged into darkness. The rubber felt strange against his shaved head – strange and exciting – and as it tightened it felt even better. The zip was fully enclosed and then Mike heard the hiss as air was pumped into the hood, turning it into a rubber ball. The tightness around his head increased, the rubber pressing hard against him. As it pressed against his ears, the sounds of the club became muffled. Any grunt he made sounded strange and he wondered what he looked like.

Mike felt hands on his shoulders pushing him downwards and he knelt down. He then felt the heavy leather of the bag as it was pulled up around him and his head was pushed down further as the two men secured the bag shut. As the pulley was engaged, Mike’s weight tightened the bag around him and he realised that the suspension added an extra level of bondage to his already helpless situation. He tried to settle into some sort of comfort and as he did a slap from the outside made him flinch away from the contact – which did little except to make the bag swing to and fro.

From outside, Gordon looked on. He clapped his friend on the shoulder and thanked him for letting Mike try out the bag and in answer to a question replied simply “The rest of the night.” He gave a hefty slap to the bottom of the bag and then walked over to the bar, dialling a number on his phone as he did so. As the phone was answered he looked back with a smile as three men were stood around the bag spinning it around and slapping it as they did so. “Jan? You free? Good. I’m going to text you an address. Meet me there in an hour.” He cut the call short, sent a text and then headed out to his car.

Mike’s confinement in the sweaty, clammy rubber and leather bondage was definitely hitting the right buttons for him. The unexpected movements of the bag added to his already heightened sense of disconnection. Without the ability to see or hear and only rubber to smell and taste, he seemed to feel every contact through his rubber coated skin more sensitively than before. He couldn’t anticipate any of the movements or the slaps and so his nerves became frayed. Very quickly he was aware of only one thing – his arousal! The slimy feel of the fluids trapped inside the rubber with him got worse as he sweated inside the bondage and as he thought about how demeaning it was to be slimed with someone else’s sweat, his cock made the situation worse by spurting cum inside his rubber trousers.

He couldn’t tell how fast or how slow time was passing. All he knew was that he came several times until his still erect cock was sensitive and aching. He thought the music had stopped, but he could not be sure. The bag moved, and he expected it to hit the ground, but instead it stabilised and he felt nothing else. Tired from his long day, Mike eventually fell asleep.

Mike opened his eyes to blackness. He could feel the tightness of rubber over his entire body including his head. He took a deep breath and felt relief as air flooded his lungs. His nose was full of the smell of rubber and he couldn’t hear anything. His arms were down at his sides and when he tried to move them he could feel heavy rubber over his fingers preventing him moving them. He could feel sweat running all over his body and his cock stiffened as he realised that one again he was completely trapped. And once again, he had allowed Gordon to do this to him.

Mike lifted his arms and it occurred to him that they were not secured in front of him and he had moved them easily. He reached forward and could feel nothing else – he was clearly not in the bag any more. As he did so, he felt the jacket loosen and he realised the back was undone. Mike shook his shoulders and wriggled and he felt it loosen further. He got on all fours and felt the jacket slump down his arms and he slowly worked his hands out of the sweaty mass of rubber. He lay back, gasping into the hood. He reached up with his hands and encountered the sphere of the hood. Remembering what the man in the club had done, he reached around behind it and found the valve. After some experimentation, he triggered it and the pressure around his head lessened as air was let out of the hood. Once it was limp, he found the zip and removed it. He gasped for breath, his face sweat streaked and red, his shaven head gleaming in the light.

Mike looked around expecting to see himself in the club, but realised he was in a darkened bedroom. The curtains were closed but the light leaking around them showed him he was on the floor at the foot of a double bed and the room had wardrobe and a chest of drawers like his one did at home. He levered himself to his feet and as he did he realised that the bed was covered in black rubber sheets and had restraints attached at the corners. For a moment he thought he was at Gordons, then realised the room was larger. He stood up, his muscles aching and, with his rubber clothing squeaking as he moved, he stepped over to the curtains and pulled them to one side. Outside he saw the familiar view of his own road. He quickly stepped back, concerned that one of his neighbours would see him dressed like this. Pulling the curtain closed, he stepped across to where he knew the light switch was in his own bedroom – and found it. Turning the light on, he confirmed that the room was his – the only thing that was different was the bed. He could now see clearly that the bed was built with a heavy metal construction and the area under the bed was barred like a cage. The head and foot were made of metal and festooned with restraints. The sheets were rubber as were the pillow cases. Mike swore softly to himself.

Mike walked out into the front room where everything looked normal – except for a sheet of paper on his coffee table. He snatched it up to read “Mikey, glad you enjoyed yourself. Hope you like your new bed. Check out your clothes too. Talk soon. Gordon.”

Mike swore more loudly and walked back into the bedroom. He checked and soon realised that apart from his uniform, all his clothing was gone. In its place was a couple of sets of skinhead gear, some rubber wear, some lycra workout gear and he had gained several sets of boots. Mike swore and reached for his phone. Then, as he ran his hand over his rubbered self he realised that he had no idea where his phone was. Wondering what the hell he was going to do, he went into his bathroom and started to strip himself out of the rubber gear.


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  1. Love Mike’s progress and self-discovery so far. I only hope he will be able to stay a cop at the same time :-) Can’t wait for more.

  2. The story is very well detailed and does get the heart pounding with expectation – look forward to next installment.

  3. Amazing, as always! I am grateful that your stories, including this one, are each unique, with their own storylines, and that even though they share themes, they are not cookie cutter duplications of the same plot. I am quite excited for this story to continue!

  4. ‘shaving was a step too far’ — oh, yeah? seems like all is compensated for by intrusion and total control’ – we go on, SIR’. Amazing how Mike slid into this, just like his cock into the rubber sheath.

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