Risk – Part 08

By lthr_jock

The day at work was a bit of a pain. Mike and Dave went to several tricky jobs, and by their lunch break they were both tired and irritable. To make it worse, every time Dave spoke he brought up Mike’s new look and was constantly criticising and complaining about his partner “looking like a thug.” As they got back into the station at the end of the shift, Mike finally had enough. “For fuck sake, Dave, just fucking let it go.” He stormed out of the car and slammed the door. He avoided Dave as he finished off his paperwork and only then remembered that he had got a lift from Dave that morning. Cursing quietly to himself he spotted Frank, a younger officer who lived near him, and went over to him to cadge a lift. He thought about leaving Dave waiting, but then changed his mind and texted him to tell him he had got another lift. He got no reply, so he shrugged and settled into the passenger seat of his colleagues’ car.

As they worked their way through rush hour traffic he became aware that the younger man was repeatedly glancing over him and seemed to be summoning up the nerve to say something. Mike shifted uneasily and before the other guy could say anything snapped at him, “What? Come on, you clearly want to say something. What is it?” The driver flushed and looked away before saying, “I just wanted to say that it’s a good look on you, Mike. I’ve been thinking about shaving my head as well but haven’t got the bottle for it. I haven’t exactly got the gear either.”

Mike looked at the young copper who was dressed in slacks and a formal shirt and nodded, “Yeah it would be quite a change for you.”

Frank relaxed and they chatted amiably before he finally asked Mike where he could get the gear he was wearing. Mike, of course, had no idea so he quickly texted Gordon. “Hi Sir, got a colleague who wants to know where I buy my skin gear. What can I tell him?” Gordon texted back a website almost immediately followed by “Not for PC Stensland is it?” Mike texted back a negative and then sent the details to Frank’s phone.

Soon after, they pulled up outside Mike’s building. So he thanked Frank and headed inside, but not before the younger officer had offered to give Mike a lift every day. Mike thanked him and made an excuse – he didn’t want to encourage him. As he walked inside, he couldn’t see the young copper watching his tight arse in his skin-tight combats or the way he reached down to stroke his cock through his slacks.

The next couple of days passed uneventfully. Mike and Dave barely spoke as they patrolled apart from anything they had to talk about relating to the jobs they went to. Frank seemed to be hanging about a lot and several times he came across to ask Mike for advice. He also proudly told Mike that he had put in an order from the website so could be getting his head shaved soon as well. Mike just nodded and said something non-committal, missing the look of disappointment that went across Frank’s face.

On Saturday, Mike started a set of rest days and was looking forward to being away from Dave. He headed out to the gym early and after a punishing session headed home. Gordon had already texted him and told him what to wear that evening, so he shaved his head again and then spent the day relaxing before getting ready. When he heard Gordon’s car horn outside he was ready to go, so headed out to the car. Gordon grinned as he watched Mike walk across to the car. The previously nervous copper was wearing a leather waistcoat over a leather bulldog harness. The waistcoat was hanging open to display his chest and abs. He also had on engineer boots under a tight pair of black leather chaps and a red leather jockstrap. His boots clumped as he approached the car and got into the passenger seat.

“Good evening, Sir.”

“Evening, Mikey. Ready for some fun?”

Mike nodded. “What’s the plan?”

Gordon grinned at him as he pulled away from the kerb. “It’s a surprise. Open the bag behind your seat.”

Mike reached around behind the seat until his fingers touched something leathery. He fumbled around until he found a strap and then pulled a leather rucksack out and put it on his lap. He opened it up and inside found some leather straps and a sports bottle. He looked over at Gordon.

“Put the gear on, drink the juice.” Mike sipped at the juice in the sports bottle – seemed like normal orange juice and he drained the bottle as he got the other items out. First was a pair of thick leather bicep straps that he strapped on, flexing his muscles and enjoying the way the leather creaked. Then Mike added thick wrist straps. Both bicep and wrist straps had large D rings on them. Finally he slipped a thick leather collar around his neck and pulled it tight. He looked across at Gordon who nodded in approval.

“Looking good, Mikey.”

Mike was feeling good as well – his cock was already tenting the jockstrap. “Just the padlocks to add.” Mike reached back into the bag and his fingers found a set of open padlocks. Without prompting he used them to lock the collar, bicep and ankle straps in place.

“Good boy. Now, here are the rules for this evening. You do what you’re told and you do not make a mess. If you do make a mess, you will be punished. Understand?”

“Yeah, sure..uhh .. Sir. A mess? What sort of mess?” Gordon pointedly looked down at Mike’s crotch. “I think you can guess. Oh, just to make it a bit trickier for you, that juice was laced with Viagra. That boner should be sticking around for a good couple of hours.”

Mike sank back into the seat – he should have realised Gordon wouldn’t play fair. Still, he would just have to make sure he kept himself under control and he sure he was able to do that. Gordon parked the car and Mike looked up to recognise the entrance to the nightclub Pitch. As before, Gordon led Mike down a narrow alley, past the huge doorman and into the club. It was early in the evening, only a couple of people were in the club and Gordon nodded to the barman as he led Mike over to a corner of the bar. In the corner was a large wooden chair with footrests in front of it. An array of boot cleaning gear was in boxes in front of the chair and Gordon told Mike to kneel down in front of it. He grabbed a thick chain from the wall and locked it to the back of Mike’s collar. He then secured a thick chain between Mike’s wrist shackles. “So, Mikey, here’s the deal. You are tonight’s boot black. Do a good job and you will be rewarded. Make a mess and you will be punished. Understood?” Mike nodded. He realised that he hadn’t thought about it, he had just agreed. “Good. Time to finish getting you ready.” Gordon held up a tube gag and as Mike opened his mouth pushed it in, securing it tightly in place. “I prefer a ball gag, but this will allow me to give you fluids without letting you speak.” He padlocked the gag and then got Mike to go to all fours. Gordon liked the look of Mike’s arse this way – tight, muscled and surrounded by black leather. He put thoughts of that to one side and unsnapped the poppers on the sides of Mike’s jockstrap, causing it to drop to the floor and allowing Mike’s cock to rise free in front of him. Before Mike could react, he grabbed Mike’s balls and pulled them back between his legs and through the central slot of a metal humbler. As Mike grunted angrily into the gag, Gordon tightened the humbler so that it pushed against the back of Mike’s thighs, preventing him from standing.

Gordon slapped Mike’s balls enjoying the way the young police officer grunted and twitched and then went around to the front of the kneeling man. He crouched down. “I just want to make sure you know your place – and that you can’t change it.” Gordon paused. “Our deal remains. Do you want to stop?” Mike glared back at him, then glanced down to where his cock was now rockhard. He shook his head. Gordon smiled. “Good lad.”

He stood and on a chalk board above Mike’s head he wrote: “Guest bootblack: Slave Mikey”

He then headed off to the bar, smiling to himself. Mike hadn’t even considered the fact that his face was exposed. Gordon considered that an important step forward in “Mikey’s” development.

Mike shifted uncomfortably, all too aware of his cock waving in front of him. He tried to get comfortable but the humbler kept a continuous pressure on his balls. He tried to stand, but the sharp pain stopped him and resigned himself to an evening on all fours. The tube gag was already making him drool and he realised what he must look like to anyone else. His first customer was Gordon and he worked hard to make his boots shine. The chain between his wrists made it trickier, but he quickly got the hang of it and started to enjoy himself.

As the evening went on he had a steady stream of customers. The boots were of all shapes and sizes but he worked hard on them all and was left with a gloved hand stroking his head or a murmured “good boy” as the man walked away. His cock was still rock hard and occasionally leaking pre-cum and he hoped Gordon had not noticed. He tried to furtively wipe it up with one of the cloths available for his use. Gordon visited regularly but said nothing. Each time he had a sports bottle with him and he used it to squirt juice into Mike’s mouth. Mike assumed there was more Viagra in it but there was nothing he could do to stop it. He stopped worrying about it, instead working on the boots in front of him.

Mike’s world became the boots that were in front of him. He rarely looked up, although he did give the occasional glance to see the people clad in leather, rubber, skinhead gear or uniforms towering above him and waiting for him to clean their boots. One of the reasons for that was he didn’t want to get any more aroused than he already was. He recognised several people – Master Tom visited him as did Shane (the big leather man who had expressed an interest in him last time.) In fact, Shane spent a lot of time in the chair, smoking a cigar and letting the smoke and ash drift around the two men. Just as Mike was finishing, Shane leant forward and deliberately let ash drop onto his pristine boots, forcing Mike to clean the toe again. For some reason that made Mike’s cock leap.

Hours passed. Mike’s cock remained hard but he was sure that he must be approaching the end. He had managed to keep control of himself and all he had to do was keep going a little while longer. He looked up to see a tall pair of Ranger boots get placed on the footrest and he started to wet the polish with his own drool. As he did he looked up to see Jan grinning down at him. “Hey Mikey, you little fucking perv. You having fun down there?” Without waiting for a reply, he leaned back in the chair and took a long sip from the bottle of beer he was carrying. “You know, Mikey, you look like you having a good time.” As Mike worked on one boot, Jan sat forward and slid his other boot under Mike to tease his cock with the toe. As he did that, Mike could feel his cock leap and jump and he closed his eyes and tried to maintain control.

Jan laughed as he saw Mike struggling and he leant forward. “Wassup Mikey? You a little bit excited? You needs to relax more.” With that he grabbed the D ring on the front of Mike’s collar and pulled his head forward as far as the chain locking it to the wall would allow. He then pushed the mouth of his beer bottle into the tube gag and pushed Mike’s head backward until beer flooded Mike’s mouth. With the tube forcing his mouth open, he couldn’t do anything but gulp the beer down or choke. As he did he could hear Jan laughing. After what seemed like ages, the flow stopped “Now, Mikey, do me boots.”

Mike coughed into the gag, drool and beer running out of it, and bent to shine Jan’s boots. The ones he was wearing were almost knee high, so Mike took a long time to shine them. All the way through he was treated to a constant stream of comments from Jan. But he persevered and soon one boot was gleaming and he was finishing work on the other one. Jan chose this moment to push his other boot forward, under Mike and past his cock and with the toe of his boot he started to tickle Mike’s balls. Trapped as they were, they were incredibly sensitive and although Mike tried to resist he eventually gave way and his cock exploded with cum, sending it spraying over Jan’s boot and the floor.

Jan roared with laughter. “Yes! I tell Gordon I can make you do that and he do not believe me.” Mike sighed and wondered what his punishment would be. While he waited to find out he finished shining the boots of the laughing skinhead, making sure his cum was fully wiped off. As he finished Gordon walked up. “Mikey, I’m very disappointed. I told you that you’d be punished if you made a mess.” At this point he crouched down so that Jan couldn’t hear what he was saying. “Now, if you want to back out this is your last chance. Do you submit to punishment?” Mike looked at him – chained, restrained, cock hanging out and drooling like an animal. He nodded twice. Gordon smiled. “Good.” He stood up again and reached into his pocket. Taking out a key ring with padlock keys on it he tossed it to Jan. “Mikey is yours for 48 hours. That it is his punishment.” And he walked off.


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Metal would like to thank the author, lthr_jock, for this story. If you enjoyed it be sure to leave a comment in the comments section!

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  1. Omg yes!!! I love the hot boot scene I came when Mikey did!!! Can’t wait to see what Jan does to him!!!! Keep up the Awesome work!!!

  2. I’m really enjoying this story please keep going, I really want to see what Jan has in store for the next 48 hours, I’m sure Mikey will have all that he can handle.

  3. This is one of my favorite stories. Please keep it going. I’m being guided through a similar change.

  4. Please update soon!!!
    I want to see Jan make Mikey get a skinhead tattoo or service one of his fellow officers!!!

  5. A well-planned arrangement to delegate the next step to Jan. Can’t wait to find out why.
    Mikey’s boot-black predicament was evil and hot public working bondage, he could not have avoided ‘making a mess’ even without the Viagra!

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