Risk – Part 10

By lthr_jock

Mike panicked at the thought of being paraded down his own street dressed like he was and braced his feet, trying to resist as Jan pushed him towards the door. “Jan, come on, you can’t…” Mike paused as the muscled Pole pushed him another foot towards the door. “You can’t fucking DO this!”

Mike twisted out of Jan’s grip and turned to face him. Jan’s reaction was to shove Mike hard in the chest causing him to crash into the door with a massive thud. As he hit, the back of his head slammed against the door, causing him to see stars momentarily. That was all the time Jan needed. Before Mike could do anything else, he slammed a fist into Mike’s stomach. The young copper doubled up and as he gasped for breath, he felt Jan force a large rubber ball into his mouth. In seconds it was secured behind his head. Mike was relieved as he knew Jan couldn’t take him outside while he was gagged. He stood up, gasping for air through the gag and watched as Jan pulled a spit hood out from a pocket on the stab vest.

He pulled it down over Mike’s head and then secured it around his throat. Mike peered out through the cloth and realised this had been treated somehow – it was hard to see anything because Jan had painted the inside of the hood so that his features would be totally invisible. He relaxed as he realised that no-one would recognise him and he stopped struggling as Jan opened the door.

Mike soon found that he was totally dependant on Jan. The paint covered the inside of the spit hood except for a few small holes so he could only get glimpses of the world around him. He nearly fell down the stairs, stopped only by the firm grip Jan had on his arm. He tried to get his balance back, but Jan alternated between pushing him and pulling him back which made sure that he was off balance all the way down the stairs.

Outside, he naturally turned towards his car, but with a curse Jan pushed him in the other direction. Mike couldn’t see where he was going, so could do little but stumble along as the man in uniform pushed him down the pavement. Jan grabbed his arm hard and pulled him to a halt and Mike peered through the hood to see a white van. Jan opened up the rear doors and opened up an internal door to reveal a plexiglass holding cell. Mike gasped – how the hell had Jan got hold of a police vehicle? He started to grunt a question through the gag, but Jan merely shoved him hard and Mike had to concentrate on getting into the cell.

With the door slammed and locked behind him, he wondered where they were going – Jan surely wasn’t taking him to a police station? As the van pulled away, he found himself sliding along the seat and he braced himself with his boots. With his hands cuffed behind him he couldn’t brace himself easily and for the first time he realised what it was like for the people he normally put in there. He was now seriously worried that Jan was really going to take him to a police station and so he tried to yell to the skinhead. But the gag was tightly in place and his all he managed to do was make himself choke and cough.

Then Mike noticed something else – his cock was rockhard and bulging down the left leg of his rubber bleachers. The more he thought about the situation he was in, the more aroused he got and he shuddered as he thought about how humiliating it would be to be seen in public with a massive and obvious erection. There was nothing he could do about it, so Mike determined to just cope with whatever happened and he tried to relax. Unfortunately, at that moment the van went over a pothole in the road that nearly threw him across the cell, so he concentrated on bracing himself in the corner.

As the journey continued, Mike tried to rub the hood off, but Jan had used the drawstrings to secure it around his neck. So when the van stopped and the doors opened, he still had absolutely no idea where they were. Jan leant in and grabbed his arm, dragging the taller man out of the back of the van. Mike could feel the ground uneven underfoot and concentrated on staying upright as he peered around. He caught glimpses of blue sky and a brick wall as they approached a door. They headed inside and he could see fragments of a broken roof and bare rafters. Jan steered him inside and then told him to sit down. Mike peered around for a chair, until Jan spat a curse at him and he realised he was to sit on the floor. He did so, feeling concrete under himself and wondered again what was going on.

As he sat there, Jan was pacing around behind him and muttering to himself. Mike tried to talk to him, but all he could do was grunt into the gag and the only response was a kick from Jan “Shut it, Mikey!” After what seemed like an age, Mike heard footsteps approaching and Jan walked across to greet them. Mike peered through the hood and could make out Jan (still in Mike’s uniform) talking to three men. One was blocked by Jan, but the other two were clearly bodyguards, huge, wearing black suits and sunglasses and peering suspiciously around the room. Mike could make out Jan as he turned to point at Mike. Jan nodded in response to something and Mike could then see Jan was handed a silver briefcase.

Jan opened the briefcase, nodded and handed something to the man. He then walked over to Mike and knelt down. “So, Mikey, you got a day of your punishment to go. So you enjoy.” He laughed and walked away. Mike looked up in confusion. As he did, he realised the two body guards had moved closer and were stood either side of him. From this position they looked about 7ft tall and now that he was closer he could see that their suits were made of a shiny material – were they made of rubber? As he wondered about that, the two men grabbed him under his arms and easily lifted him to his feet. Mike looked to try and see where the third man was, but before he could one man put him in a headlock. As he struggled to get free, he felt a sharp sensation in his arm and realised the other bodyguard had injected him with something. In seconds, his vision darkened and he collapsed.

Mike woke up with a start and looked around. He could now see where he was at least, but the room was completely alien to him. He was lying on a double bed similar to his one at home – including the black rubber sheets. But this one had a mirrored ceiling above it. The rest of the room was lit by recessed lights in the ceiling allowing him to see the items of bondage furniture secured to the floor. Clearly whoever lived here was committed to their bondage fetish. Mike levered himself off the bed and stood in front of a full length mirror to get a good view of what he was wearing.

At first, Mike thought he was wearing a full rubber suit but as he looked closer he realised that the black gleaming material he was looking at was his own skin that had been painted with a layer of liquid latex and then shined. The result was that he was looking at his own body – just a body that was black and shiny. His muscles stood out as though he had just finished a workout and every movement made the rubber gleam. He felt his cock swell and then winced as it stopped. He looked down. Over his crotch was a steel chastity belt preventing him getting erect. The belt was large and heavy and clearly there was no way to remove it without the key. Mike became aware that his arse was painfully full and he realised that the belt included a butt plug as well that was pushed inside him, filling him and massaging his prostate with every move.

His feet and calves were covered in the thick gleaming of a pair of boots that were laced up to just below the knee. As he stood, he staggered a little as the boots were stiff and did not allow a great deal of movement. They were also joined together by a foot of gleaming chain that was locked to steel bands around each ankle. He reached down to see if he could unlock the chastity belt and then realised that his hands were covered by stiff mitts of thick rubber that were secured in place by steel bands around the wrist. Finally, his head was also painted with the liquid latex and over the top was a rubber head harness that held a thick red rubber ball in place in his mouth. He wondered who had done this to him and what the hell Jan had planned.

Mike staggered across to the door of the room and then realised there was no handle on this side of it. He shrugged as even if there had been, he wouldn’t have been able to use it with the mitts locked into his hands. He looked around the room to see if there was another exit, but was unable to find one. He did see several security cameras set into the ceiling, so he assumed he was being watched. As he looked up at them, he heard the sounds of bolts being unlocked and the door was pushed open.

He stepped back and the two bodyguards stepped through the door. He could now see that their suits were made of rubber – thick, heavy rubber tailored to perfection and squeaking as they walked towards him. As they approached he could also see that their faces shone as well – they were wearing form-fitting face masks that completely covered their features. Their hair was rubber textured and moulded to look real. Mike had never seen anything so detailed and forgetting his own attire, he stepped closer. He could then see something red inside the slightly open mouth of each man and he realised that they were also gagged under their rubber masks. He grunted at them in an attempt to communicate. The two men didn’t seem to react, instead going to a cupboard in the corner of the room and taking out several items.

Mike grunted a question louder this time, but they didn’t seem to hear him. They stepped back towards him, one carrying a thick posture collar, the other a set of thick chains. Mike backed away, but there was no escape and soon the posture collar was locked around his neck, painfully forcing his gagged mouth to look upwards. The thickest chain went around his waist where it was locked on with a heavy padlock. Then smaller chains secured his mitted wrists to his sides. Now completely helpless and on display, Mike wondered what was planned for him.

The final chain was locked to the front of the posture collar and a yank on it pulled Mike away from the wall and outside the room. He found himself in a well appointed mansion and wondered who on earth owned all this. He was led down a wide corridor and onto a balcony above a ballroom. Below him he could see several people milling around – clearly some kind of party was taking place. Most people were talking and laughing and holding drinks. But there were several figures stood at the side of the room – each one of these was dressed in some form of fetish gear and they were being stroked and toyed with by the rest of the guests. Mike was led down past them and he could see each had a name-plate – Fire-fighter, Marine, Ambulance Driver, Police Constable. There was a space behind the last name-plate and Mike was pushed into place behind it, with the centre of the chain between his ankles locked to a hasp in the floor.

Mike was immediately the centre of interest as he was new. The guests crowded around, leaning over to touch his rubbery skin. His attempts to get away and yells into the gag only encouraged them and he found himself being laughed at as the fondling of his body continued. Just as he thought it could not get any worse, he felt the invading plug in his arse move and it started to vibrate. Initially it was slow, then it sped up, pulsing and grinding in his arse and rubbing against his prostate. His cock swelled as much as it was able and Mike then discovered the presence of blunted spikes inside the chastity which pressed painfully against his engorged cock. He pulled desperately at the restraints and his struggles only caused more mirth amongst the party makers. Mike was being driven wild by the feeling and still had no idea who was doing it.

The party continued on for what felt like hours. Mike was kept painfully hard in the chastity though at the same time unable to get completely erect or cum. The bondage was secure and the situation he was in was highly arousing. Finally people started to drift away. When there were only a few left, they gathered around one man who went from one “exhibit” to the other. As he got closer, Mike recognised him as a prominent politician – one who had long stated contempt for the police. As he came up to Mike a cruel sneer ran across his face and he pulled out a remote control. He thumbed it and Mike felt the vibrator intensify even further and judging from the muffled grunts and groans from the other restrained men, the same was happening to them. The man smiled and as Mike collapsed to his knees leant forward.

“Remember this. I know who you are and I have proof that you came here voluntarily. Tell anyone and I will destroy you, you pathetic pig.” With a cruel laugh he walked away, leaving the men twitching and groaning on the floor behind him.

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  1. Somehow feels like a different author’s hand here.

    Or maybe the plot twist was just too sharp.

    Nonetheless, I love this story and the trials of Mikey.

  2. Once again another fantastic chapter, please keep it going. It’s getting way to hot to stop the story now!

  3. Please please upload the next chapter soon I really don’t want to wait any longer to read it!!! This story is so freaking hot!!!!

  4. This Author really needs to write a novel. I’d read every book. I’ve read each of these stories multiple times and still can’t get enough. Also I’m an illustrator myself and would love to draw images from them.

  5. So is Jan is being payed by the mansion guys? – and will he return to rescue Mike – will they let Mike go easily? Does Gordon know about Jan’s other face? Ground rules are now ‘half’ broken, Mike feels good having something up his arse, he will be begging for more soon! Such a hot and intriguing story.

  6. You wrote a story for The Cellblock called Transformation of a Master but you never concluded it there. Is it available elsewhere? Or here?

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