Risk – Part 11

By lthr_jock

Mike shook his head as he blearily came back to consciousness.   He was lying on his side in a back alley. He could feel the heat of another person close behind him, skin touching and he could feel the urgent push of an erect cock against the small of his back. He flinched away from the touch and rolled over to see a man lying on his side and grinning at him. Even lying down, it was clear he was bigger than Mike – taller and more muscular – and his hair was in a military flat-top. He was naked except for a black speedo, which did nothing to hide the fact that the man was clearly aroused.

“Hey fella, calm down. Looks like we all got dumped here.” The man seemed unconcerned and levered himself to his feet. “We’re the first ones to recover.” He pointed to another four men who were lying in the alley and seemed to be asleep. Mike looked down to find that he was also naked except for a black speedo. He stood up and headed over with the other man to see if the others were alright.

They quickly came round with mixed expressions of confusion and disgust. Mike was still trying to process what had happened – the whole thing had such a dream-like quality that he could almost convince himself that it had never happened. The man that had been spooning Mike walked up to him and offered him his hand. “I’m Barry. Barry Andrews.” Mike replied “I’m Mikey” and nervously shook it. As he did Barry pulled him in for a hug and as he did whispered in his ear, “Don’t know how much you were into what happened, Mikey, but I thought you looked amazing in that rubber.” Mike started to ask how Barry knew which one was him and then realised that his skin still had fragments of the liquid latex on it.

Before Mike could reply, Barry turned away and helped the last man to his feet. Now all of them were stood in the alleyway, naked except for speedos. A horn sounded from the end of the alleyway and Mike looked up to see a taxi parked there. Barry jogged up to it and bent over to speak to the driver. He then went to the end of the alley and peered out into the street before returning to join the others.

“Ok guys, whoever did this to us has provided taxis to get us home – there’s one each and the driver at the front tells me that the fare is paid for.” Two of the men immediately ran down and dived into taxis. The others made their way carefully down the alley, with Barry and Mike bringing up the rear. By the time they got to the end of the alley, there were only two cars left. Mike headed towards one and as he did he felt Barry stroke his arse. He looked around and blushed, but said nothing and got into the taxi.

“Where are we? Who’s paying for this?” The taxi driver turned around. “You’re in Highgate, mate. No idea who’s paying. I just know that we do this about once a month. You part of some sex club or something?” Mike made a non-committal reply, wishing he could give the driver more information. He gave the driver his address and settled back in the seat, pondering what had happened and what this meant for his deal with Gordon. He was disturbed from his reverie by a tap on the window – Barry was stood outside, waving at him. Mike opened the door and Barry handed him a sheet of paper. “Look, I know not everyone is into that…stuff. But you look good to me and I like a man in gear. Call me if you’re interested.” With that he shut the door and ran back to his taxi, giving Mike an excellent view of his muscled body and tight arse. To his surprise, Mike found himself getting hard in the speedo and he hoped the taxi driver couldn’t see.

The journey back home took over an hour as although traffic was light, it was right across London. Mike leaned forward and saw that the clock on the dashboard read 06:17 and the date indicated that it was now the following day. He sighed and tried to relax, soon drifting into a doze in the back seat. When he blearily looked up and recognised his surroundings, he started to wonder how he was going to get back into his flat. The taxi pulled up outside it and Mike could see that the front door to the flats was open. Muttering thanks to the taxi driver, he ran up the steps and into the flats hoping that he didn’t meet up with any of his neighbours. He got to his door without incident and found a small parcel on the mat in front of it. Opening it, he found his wallet and his house keys inside and with relief he let himself into his flat.

Mike secured the door behind him and stood leaning against the door gasping. What he had gone through was more than he had envisaged – far more – and he didn’t know what to do now. He decided to get himself settled so he went into the bathroom and ran a very long hot shower. Coming out feeling invigorated, he threw the speedos into the washing hamper and dressed simply in a Chile 62 tracksuit and Adidas trainers. He wasn’t in the mood for anything else today. He sat down in front of his computer, checking his emails. He had two from Gordon, but he ignored them. As he surfed, his phone rang – it was Gordon. Mike decided not to answer it as he really wasn’t in the mood.

Gordon also texted him and emailed him – again. Mike ignored them all and deliberately didn’t go into any of the chat rooms that he would normally have visited. He realised that this wasn’t doing him any good, so he put some Underarmour on under the tracksuit and then headed out to the gym. He saw a few people that he recognised there and he nodded to them. He stripped down to his Underarmour and started a heavy session that soon had him sweaty and panting with effort. He could feel his muscles burning, but he pushed harder and longer than he normally would. One of the trainers came over to talk to him, but Mike only answered in mono-syllables and the man soon walked away. At the end, Mike had another long luxurious shower before heading home.

At home, he put on a DVD and ordered some food in. He was due at work tomorrow, so he sorted out his uniform and then went to bed early as the combination of the odd evening and his gym session had left him exhausted. Just as he was going to sleep, something occurred to him and he texted Frank to see if he could get a lift. He got a reply back quickly and settled down to sleep.

He was still tired when he woke up early the next day to head to work. He was stood outside when Frank pulled up. There was an odd atmosphere as the two men drove to work, but Mike put it down to his odd weekend. It seemed to him that Frank was on the verge of saying something, but kept pulling back from it. Mike plodded through the work day which started off with the usual slog through the emails that had built up while he was off duty. As he went through them to see what was urgent, he saw entitled “Mikey” with an Unknown sender. He opened it up. The email contained three photos – two of him being painted with liquid latex and the final one of him on display. The email said only “Your silence, or I publish.” Mike cursed to himself and deleted the email, making sure to clear it out of Deleted Items as well. The rest of the day, Mike was distracted and when Frank drove him home he gave little more than single word replies to Frank’s attempts at conversation.

When he got in and turned his laptop on, he could see that Gordon had sent him two more emails. He had also not answered when Gordon called him earlier, as he still hadn’t decided what he was going to say to him. Mike should have gone to the gym, but he decided to skip it for a night and go to bed early.

Mike woke up as a ball gag was pushed into his mouth. He struggled but his hands had been slipped into restraints and they were quickly secured to the head of the bed. His ankles were similarly secured. He grunted angrily into the gag and the light was switched on to reveal Gordon. Gordon walked over and sat on the bed, before undoing the ball gag. “ For fuck sake, Gordon, I’m not…” Gordon put one leather clad hand over Mike’s mouth. “ Shh. Shh Mikey.” He kept it there until Mike calmed down and then removed it. “Now. Tell me what happened.”

Mike started to shout at Gordon, only to have his mouth blocked again with a gloved hand. When he calmed down, the hand was removed. “Tell me what happened.” Mike started to tell him everything that had happened. As he described the events inside the flat, Gordon nodded, but as he told him about the events afterwards Gordon frowned and it was clear that he was getting progressively more angry. As Mike finished Gordon stood up and walked towards the door. Before leaving he turned “I will deal with Jan, Mikey, you have my word on it. I hope this doesn’t jeopardise our agreement.” He then went to leave.

“Hey! What about letting me out?” Gordon turned back with a smile “But the rules are that you sleep in bondage, Mikey – I think you’ll find those ice-locks will let you out in time for work.” He grinned, the old Gordon shining through. Just before going he turned back again “Oh, and don’t think I didn’t notice you breaking the rules. There will be punishment.” With that he left.

Mike laughed ruefully as he lay there, spread-eagled on his bed and hoping that Gordon was right about the ice locks. He pulled against them vainly, and then he quickly fell asleep. He woke up again as his alarm went off and he found that the ice-locks had melted in time and he was able to get himself ready for work in good time. Mike felt much better now he’d spoken to Gordon – especially as it was clear that he had no idea what Jan had done. He was still concerned about whether or not this arrangement he had with Gordon should continue, but was happy enough to dress in bleachers, boots and MA1 jacket before heading to work.

Mike hadn’t called Frank for a lift, but saw him in the locker room at work. He was happy to see Mike in a better mood and the two men chatted a while before morning briefing. Mike wondered if he should grab a beer with Frank one evening – and then remembered that tonight was the night he was meeting GingerTop. The day went quite quickly and, Mike quickly found himself heading home and trying to decide what to wear that evening. He slipped on a pair of skin-tight leather trousers and a pair of black, glossy Rangers that he laced up to the knee. He put a chest harness on under a white t-shirt and leather bike jacket and then headed out to the Hope and Anchor.

Mike knew the Hope and Anchor pretty well. It was a typical corner pub with a set of regulars and very little passing trade. It wasn’t a particularly rough pub, but nor was it a classy one. He had been there before and he knew that whatever he wore, he would attract attention. He parked up and headed in. Sure enough, he got stares from all the regulars as he walked up to the bar and ordered a pint. He then grabbed a seat at a table where he could watch the door and took out his phone. He logged into his emails and sent a message telling GingerTop that he had arrived.

Mike got no reply and by the time he finished the pint, no-one had arrived that looked like the man in the picture that had been sent to him. Mike knew he could risk another pint, so he bought a second one. As he was walking back to his table, the door opened and Frank Harding walked in. Mike saw him first and he was able to take a step back into a dimly lit area. He swore to himself and looked around for an exit he could use – he didn’t want Frank seeing him dressed like this. Unfortunately, the only other exit was on the other side of the pub and he would have to walk past Frank to get there. He picked up a paper and used it to screen himself, furtively peering out from behind it. It was then that he registered what Frank was wearing. As he leant against the bar, Mike got a great view of the padded leather trousers that were covering his legs, disappearing into tall shiny boots, one of which had a riding crop sticking out of it. On his torso was a thick padded leather jacket that matched the trousers and the open front of it showed he was wearing a leather shirt and tie underneath. Finally, he was wearing tight leather gloves and a leather Muir Cap on his head. Mike realised with a shock that Frank was GingerTop.

The revelation caused him to gasp and he dropped his newspaper, which fell against his pint and he had to grab it to stop it falling over. He looked up to see Frank looking at him and then walking over with his own pint. Mike immediately saw that Frank was far more confident than he ever appeared at work. “Good evening, Mikey, almost didn’t see you there.” He sat down and leaned back, his legs spread wide to show the impressive bulge between his legs. “So, do you want to lick my boots here, or somewhere more private?”

Mike was unsure how to answer and as he paused, Frank burst into laughter. “ Oh damn I love that look on your face. Don’t worry, they don’t mind me leathering up in here but I play somewhere far more discrete.” He paused and his voice grew serious. “I thought you’d appreciate that.” Mike nodded “Yeah, yeah thanks.” He was about to ask a question, but stopped when Frank leaned forward and grabbed his chin in one leathered hand. “Let’s get one thing sorted out. Whatever our relationship is at work, right here and right now I am in charge, so you call me Sir. Understand?” Mike nodded “Yes, Sir.” Frank smiled, settled back into his seat and sipped his beer. “Good. Now – ask your question.”

“Sir..Sir…what the hell are you doing here?” Frank looked quizzically at him. “What do you mean?” “I mean, you weren’t at the club the other night, so how did this get arranged?….Sir.”

“The club? What are you talking about? I met you online. I recognised you from the pictures you posted.” Mike groaned as he realised what Jan had done. He thought about explaining it to Frank, but that would involve a lot of explanation.

“I think I see what’s happened, Sir. There’s been a mix-up, so I’ll just be on my way.” Mike stood to go and as he walked past Frank, Frank grabbed him by the arm. “Hold on, I’ve come here in good faith and I expect to get my boots cleaned. So sit down.” Mike hesitated and sat down. “Good. Don’t worry we won’t do anything here – well, not much.” Frank reached into a pocket and pulled out a thick length of chain and a heavy padlock. “Go to the toilet. Strip off your shirt and put this on.”

Mike looked at him ready to argue and as Frank matched his gaze, he dropped his own eyes, picked up the chain and padlock and went into the toilet. He took off his jacket and T-shirt revealing his muscled torso and the leather chest harness he had put on. The metal of the chain was cold and he shivered as he put it around his neck. It was heavy and he realised he would be constantly reminded of its presence. He took the padlock and realised Frank had not given him the key – so once he closed it, he would be relying on Frank to release him. He felt his cock stir with excitement as he locked the padlock in place and let it go, feeling it bounce against his chest bone. Mike put his jacket back on and went back into the pub with his t-shirt tucked into an inside pocket.

Frank looked up as he approached and grinned as he saw the collar was in place. He drained his pint and with a wave towards the barman walked towards the exit. Mike followed him and headed out into the evening. Frank walked over to his car which he had parked in the corner of the car park away from public gaze. He opened the car door and sat down with his booted feet resting on the ground outside. “Kneel.” He pointed at the ground in front of him. Mike hesitated a second and then sank to his knees, automatically putting his hands behind his back. “Good lad.” Frank leaned forward and unzipped Mike’s jacket and then reached under to tweak and twist the nipples that perched on the edge of his muscled pecs. “ Very nice, lad. Jacket off.” He leaned back as Mike pulled off his jacket and put it to one side, then returning to his original position, his torso now naked except for harness and collar.

“Very good.” Frank stretched out his booted feet and then pointed at them. “Lick them clean.” Mike looked at him and without saying anything bent to start licking Franks boots. He ran his tongue all over the glossy leather, until it shined even more with his spit. Frank moved his foot to allow Mike to explore the whole boot, and once he had finished, Frank pushed forward the second boot. The more he licked, the more eagerly he did it, making little grunting noises of pleasure. Frank made the occasional comment praising him and ran his gloved hands through Mike’s hair as though he was a pet. Mike felt his cock swelling inside his leather trousers and could not deny the arousal he was feeling.

Frank was satisfied and pulled his boot away from Mike. “Well, Mikey, that was truly pleasant. You’re a keen boot licker. I’ll have to get you round to my place sometime so you can clean all of my boots. Now, off you go. I’ll give you the key to the collar when I pick you up tomorrow.” With that, Frank closed the door of his car and drove off, leaving Mike kneeling in the car park.

Mike suddenly realised what this must look like and scurried for his car. Once inside, he turned the engine on and got ready to head back home. As he was about to pull away, he stopped and took out a sheet of paper from his inside pocket. He didn’t know why he had taken it with him earlier, but now he was glad that he had. He looked at the number on the paper, took out his mobile phone and dialled it.

“Barry? Hi this is Mike. Yes, Mike from the other day. You got any plans tonight Barry?”

Mike noted down the address that Barry gave him and finished the call before driving off into the night.

Half an hour later, Mike was on the other side of the river and driving down Ruston Road. The road seemed to have warehouses on both sides and Mike wondered if he’d been given the wrong address, but as he rounded a corner he saw a small estate of 3 storey blocks of flats. He crawled slowly along in his car until he identified the right block, then had to drive around for a few more minutes until he found a parking space. Eventually, he parked up and jogged back to Barry’s flat. He used the entry-phone and was quickly buzzed in. As he walked up to the first floor, he heard the door open and as he got to the top of the stairs, he could see Barry waiting for him. Barry was wearing combat boots, camouflage trousers and nothing else. He was standing with his arms crossed across his muscular chest and a big grin on his face. He looked at Mike’s current clothing and his smile widened before stepping forward and hugging Mike. Mike stood there, embarrassed and waited until his grin loosened before pushing himself away from Barry.

“No, wait, I’m, not gay.”

Barry looked surprised. “Really? You certainly don’t dress the part of a straight guy! So, if you’re not gay, why are you here?”

Mike wondered that a bit himself and turned to leave. He stopped himself and said “Look, I needed someone to talk to, someone who would understand this stuff and I though….fuck, I don’t know what I thought.”

Barry stepped forwards, a look of concern on his face as he could see the younger man was clearly upset. “ Ok, sounds like you have a lot on your mind. Why don’t you come in and we’ll talk it through over a beer – no funny stuff, I promise!” He waited while Mike turned to him with a sense of relief and agreed.

Mike sat down in his small, tidy front room and took the bottle of beer he was offered. He then started to talk and found himself telling Barry everything that had happened, including the arrangement that he had with Gordon. Barry didn’t interrupt except to ask some questions to clarify points, and to get more beers. Finally, Mike was finished and he sat there.

“So, Mike – or is it Mikey this evening? – what you’re saying is that you’re not gay, but you enjoy being put in bondage by men. Have I got that right?”

Mike nodded. Barry smiled. “Well, I can’t deny I would love to have sex with you but I happen to be a man who enjoys putting people in bondage – and would happily go along with the same arrangement you have with Gordon.”

Mike exhaled with relief and finished his bottle of beer. He stood up. “Look, thanks for listening. I’m sorry to have wasted your time, but I really appreciate having someone to talk to.” Barry stood as well. “Hold on fella. Seems to me that the night is young and we can still have some fun.” Mike looked concerned and Barry held up both hands to placate him. “I know the rules – and, after all, I was expecting some fun when you called.” He smiled in a disarming fashion and Mike found himself smiling back and nodding.

“Great. Get that jacket off and kneel down.” As Mike started to do so, Barry headed into another room. From the position he was in, Mike could only glimpse Barry as he came back into the room but he could clearly hear the sound of chains as Barry dropped something onto the sofa.

“Right – eyes front, no talking!” Barry’s voice had changed to that of a Sergeant Major and Mike obediently faced forward.

The first thing Barry did was pull a thick leather collar around Mike’s neck and pulled it tightly shut. He secured it with two padlocks and before Mike could react, he pulled Mike’s hands behind his back. Thick leather bands went around each wrist and were locked on and then a heavy padlock was used to lock them together. Barry then took a heavy chain, looped it around the padlock and the back of the collar and pulled it tight, forcing Mike’s hands high up his back. It had the effect of making him push his pecs forward which tightened the bulldog harness, fixing it in place. Mike didn’t think his hands could go any higher, but Barry wasn’t until he tightened it another inch, then locked it in place.

Still staying behind Mike, Barry dropped a ball gag into his field of vision. “Open wide.” Mike obeyed and soon his mouth was filled with a heavy red rubber ball that Barry secured behind his head. He then slipped a leather blindfold over Mike’s eyes. Now that Mike couldn’t see, he moved in front of him and helped lower him so that he was lying facedown on the floor.

Barry slipped leather boot cuffs over Mikes ankles and secured them together with another large padlock. He then took a second length of chain and used it to pull Mikes legs up behind him until they were touching his arse. He then locked them in place. Mike was now neatly hogtied, totally erect in his leather jeans and drooling into the gag. Barry knelt down by Mike’s head. “Ok then Mikey, nothing too complex for our first session. Now, I’m going to watch TV, so you just keep quiet down here.”

To Mike’s surprise, he heard the TV turn on as Barry settled down on the sofa with another bottle of beer. Barry figured he would leave Mike there for an hour or so before letting him go – all the while giving him an excellent view of the restrained policeman. He found the whole situation intriguing – and while he would love to do some serious bondage with Mike, he didn’t want to scare him off. He found it quite distracting having this hot guy restrained on the floor in front of him and he found himself stroking his cock with arousal as he watched him wriggle and writhe. As the hour finished, he took a couple of shots of Mike with his phone, before kneeling down beside him. “Hey, Mikey, ready to be released – or would you prefer spending the rest of the night chained in my bed.” Mike stiffened. “ Don’t worry, Mikey, still no funny stuff.” Mike paused and then grunted into the gag. Barry chuckled as he realised what he had done. “I’ll try that again. Do you want to spend the rest of the night chained in my bed?” Mike grunted and nodded his head. Barry grinned. He released Mike’s ankles and helped him to his feet. He massaged Mike’s arms before leading him through to the bed room. There he locked Mikes collar to a chain hanging from the bed head and used several lengths of chain to secure his legs together before locking the end to the bottom of the bed. He then released the chain pulling Mikes arms up behind him, though still left his arms locked together.

Mike struggled a little, but was still helpless – and he stayed that way as Barry turned off the lights and slipped naked into the bed beside him. Barry hugged close to the restrained man “Sleep well, Mikey,” before settling down to sleep.

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8 thoughts on “Risk – Part 11”

  1. Woof! The party and writhing in the last part were great, but I’m glad that Gordon’s angry with Jan about it, especially not that Mikey’s being blackmail threatened. Maybe Gordon can help take that arrogant politician down a couple pegs with some counter blackmail. Glad Mikey finally has some new friends to play with too, both his hot work friend and his new military buddy from the party. Gonna be interesting at work from now on with Sir Frank! Keep up the great work, can’t wait for more!

  2. Great addition, eagerly await Part 12. Great story, complex but still easy to follow, hot action and every part add more questions eg. Can Mike trust Gordon? Who is blackmailing him? How is work going to be with his partner and now Frank? What will Gordon think of Mikes new buddy?

  3. Wow, what a story, so pleased that the relation with Gordon is holding and that he will go after Jan. Mikey is resisting any gay attraction through denial or lack of self-discovery. Of course he could be totally str8, but I hope not, he could be having even more fun. I’m a bit scared the ending will be abrupt as we are getting so close, this story could go on a long while yet, and it should. Please?!

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