Rituals – Part 2

By Rubrpig

Charlie kept watch over Ben as he slept and then he moved over to the sleeping pad and untied his breechclout and let it drop.  He rubbed his hard cock and used the pre cum to lube it and then he suddenly flipped Ben over onto his stomach and dropped down on him and began sliding his cock into Ben’s ass.  Ben groaned and came to realizing what was happening and tried to relax enough to let Charlie slide into his ass.  He groaned as Charlie’s large uncut cock slowly slid into his hole.  He had not been fucked much so his hole was still tight.

Charlie slid all the way in and then began to fuck Ben hard and fast.  Both men groaned and were in a frenzy of sex driven by the pain and agony they had experience over the last day.  They both were lost in a frenzy, one claiming his new boy and one pleasing his new Sir.  Both men knew it was now instinct that drove them, and they came to terms with what they had become in a short period of time.

Charlie finally came howling as his cock pumped a heavy load deep into Ben’s hole seeding him and making him his boy.

The men collapsed just as Ben’s cock pumped another load into the bison hides that covered the sleeping pad.  The men laid there and slowly Charlie’s cock shrank and he pulled out of Ben’s ass.

The first test had been passed by Ben and Charlie had taken and made Ben his boy.  The two men spent the next couple of days sleeping and fucking.  Ben’s ass got broken in and he had become good at sucking Charlie’s cock.

The last morning, they would spend at the lakeshore dawned and both men work up entangled in each other and the sleeping robes.  The sounds of horses approaching got them to sit up and Charlie looked over at Ben and told him that it was time for his final test.  Ben nodded and stood up.  Both men walked out of the teepee naked, their cock swinging between their legs as the walked.  The group of riders came up and nodded.  Charlie greeted his grandfather and father and the elders with them.  He told them that Ben had passed the challenge and had been taken and bonded with him.  Charlie’s grandfather nodded and looked at Ben and asked if he had accepted what he had become and accepted the bonding with Charlie.  Ben nodded and told him that he accepted and that he had learned what he was and what he needed and that was to be Charlie’s boy.  The men nodded and told the men to get into their buck skins and be prepared to leave for the final test.

Charlie and Ben went into the teepee and quickly put on their buck skins and walked out.  They got on their horses which the men had brought with them, and the group rode off.  They rode for about an hour and Ben realized that they were in the middle of the reservation in an area which had always been off limits to him.  He had asked but all that he was told was that the area was sacred and was for the tribal members only.

They rode up to a compound of teepees which surrounded an old tree which was tall and had been shaped into a smooth pole shape.  Hanging on the tree were leather strips.  Ben was curious but knew better than to ask so he kept quiet and rode beside and just a little behind Charlie showing that Charlie was in control.

The men dismounted and Ben was led to the centre of the compound and told to remove his tunic and he obeyed.  He stood there in his breechclout, leggings and moccasins as the men brought out drums and prepared for what was to come.  Finally, one of the elders came up to Ben and rubbed a liquid into Ben’s heavy pecs and waited as the liquid numbed Ben’s pecs and nerves.  He took a knife and cut two deep lines into each pec and then taking two pieces of polish bone he shoved the bones through each pec’s muscle pads, so the ends came out of both slits on each pec.  Ben looked down and saw the blood running down his torso and stared as he did not feel anything.

He was then led over to the pole and the elder grabbed 4 of the leather thongs hanging from the top of the pole and put them over the ends of the piercing bones securing them to the bones.  He then began to tell Ben that he was now required to dance around the pole while keeping tension on the leathers, so they pulled hard on the piercings.  He was told that as he danced around the pole the leathers would be wrapped around the pole and slowly draw him closer and closer to the pole until he would be tight against the pole standing on his toes to maintain his balance.  Ben nodded and looked up at the pole and moved back several steps to tighten the leather strips and when the elder nodded, he stopped and kept the leathers tight and felt the pressure pulling on his pierced pecs.

The other elders including Charlie’s grandfather and father began drumming and Charlie moved close to Ben and told him to start dancing keeping to the beat of the drums with his feet.  Ben and Charlie had done some tribal dances before, so he understood what he needed to do.  He began dancing and moving to his left in a circular motion around the pole he was now tethered to.

As he completed each circle around the pole, he was pulled closer and closer to the pole.  Finally, he was tight against the pole but by now he had fallen into a trance and was just reacting to the beat of the drums.  He kept moving and then he found himself unable to touch the ground as he was hanging from the leather strips and the piercings.  He stopped trying to move and just let himself hang.  His head flopped back in ecstasy from the pain and pleasure the pain had caused so his body could handle the pain.

The elders and Charlie let him hang on the leathers for a few minutes and then they moved forward and carefully lifted him up and removed the leathers from the piercing bones.  They carried Ben over to a pile of bison robes and lowered him.  The elder who had done the piercings, slowly removed them from Ben’s pecs and then cleaned and dressed the wounds with a special herbal salve which would help the healing and keep the wounds from being infected.  When this was done, Charlie pulled Ben to his feet and helped Ben put on his buck skin tunic.  They stood quietly and Ben suddenly dropped to his knees and kissed Charlie’s moccasins to show that he was submitting.  The elders watched and nodded their approval.

Ben stood up and moved beside Charlie standing just behind him on the right.  The men then left the ceremonial area and headed over to the cluster of teepees and they found food and water.  The men ate and relaxed.  Ben sat quietly by Charlie and ate slowly and watched his new Sir to see if he needed or wanted anything.

Finally, the elders stood up after eating and told Ben to stand up.  Ben scrambled to his feet and stood facing the elders his head bowed and hands clasped behind his back to show his submission.  The elders nodded and smiled at the change in the brash dominant cowboy they had known a few days before.  They called Charlie over and pointed to a spot beside Ben.  Charlie stood quietly and looked at his grandfather and father standing facing him.  His grandfather asked if he was sure that Ben was the one, he wanted to be bonded to.  Ben nodded and was handed a braided loop of deerskin which he placed around Ben’s neck.  Charlie’s grandfather and father nodded as the two men were now bonded.  Ben stood quietly as the loop of deerskin was placed around his neck.  He knew he was now bonded to Charlie.

Charlie then took loops of deerskin and looped them around Ben’s wrists and then tied the loops together, so his arms were bound behind his back.  The men nodded and all of them walked out of the ceremonial site and over to the horses.  Ben was lifted onto his horse.  Charlie easily swung up onto his horse.  He reached over and took the reins for Ben’s horse and the men set off for Charlie’s father’s home.  Ben had to concentrate on staying on his horse and holding on with his legs, so he did not fall off.  The heavy deerskins they all wore absorbed the heat, so he was sweating, and his legs ached.

Finally, after several hours of steady riding, the men reached the house and Ben was the last one to get off his horse.  He was allowed to slide down with Charlies help and then standing by the horse with his hands bound behind his back he was led into the house.  Charlie’s mother and grandmother were waiting for them and smiled when Charlie led Ben into the house.  The two men were in their deerskins and Charlie had a big smile as he held onto his new partner and boy.

The two men headed into Charlie’s bedroom and stripped off their buckskins and breechclouts and went to the bathroom and showered.  Washing the sweat and grime off their bodies.  Charlie checked the dressings on Ben’s pec and made sure they were changed, and the wounds cleaned.  After showering, they put on their breechclouts and moccasins and walked back out.  A large meal had been prepared and the entire group sat down to eat and enjoy the food.

After the meal, the two men went for a walk, their breechclouts swaying as they walked.  Ben instinctively now always walked slightly behind and to the right of Charlie.  The men talked about their future and that Ben would always be in some form of bondage when they were together.  Ben nodded and asked what he should call Charlie.  Charlie smiled and told him that he was to always refer to him as Sir and Ben nodded and replied, Sir, Yes Sir.

The End

Metal would like to thank Rubrpig for this story!

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