Robbed and Humiliated

By SockgaggedJason

SockgaggedJason story gay demonIt’s past two o’clock in the morning in a quiet upscale neighborhood. Two disguised men have crossed a lawn belonging to one of the larger homes at the end of the street’s cul-de-sac. Using a suction cup and glass cutter, they break into one of the side windows of the darkened house.

They look like classic burglars. Dressed in blue jeans and long sleeve shirts, they’re wearing latex gloves with black neoprene ski masks disguising their faces. One is tall and broad shouldered. The other is average height and slim. Both of them are wearing light backpacks.

The thieves make their way through the rooms with flashlights, assuming no one is home. They’d be casing out this house. When they reach the living room, however, they notice evidence to the contrary. The TV is still on with a PlayStation console connected to it and the game menu on the screen. The fresh smell of pizza and weed is in the air as they notice a pizza box on the coffee table next to a bong.

They’re not alone after all. But they’re prepared for such contingencies as they remove duct tape and several plastic zip tie cables from their backpacks.

They quietly make their way upstairs and find two young men sleeping in a bed in the furthest room down the hallway.

They’re sleeping on opposite corners of the bed. Their shorts and sneakers are lying on the floor next to their bed with a basketball close by. They’re sleeping in their underwear, socks and t-shirts.

They are best friends. This happens to be Corey’s parent’s house, and Kenneth is spending the night. It’s summer and both of them are on break from college. The young men are nineteen years old, sophomores in college.

The tall burglar motions the other quietly and the two thieves take up opposite sides of the bed, each now standing nearby to Kenneth and Corey.

The intruders slowly, carefully, peel off the guys’ socks from their feet, taking the socks into their hands. Then, with a signal from the taller one, they aggressively straddle the young men on the beds.

Kenneth and Corey, rudely awakened, but confused, don’t have time to react as their mouths are stuffed with their own socks. Then, their hands are immediately zip tied tightly behind their backs.

“Don’t spit out those socks or we’ll kill you,” the tall one warned in a chilly, masculine voice.

Kenneth and Corey looked at each other with sheer terror, obeying the command, biting down on their own used socks.

The robbers stood them up on their feet and marched the men downstairs into the living room. They ordered them to stand still, side by side, as they shivered with fear.

“Whose house is this?” the tall one asked.

Corey grunted in to his sock gag, indicating it was his. The thief yanked out the sock and then demanded to know where the most valuable things were in the house.

Corey nervously ranted about various objects, upsetting the burglars. The tall one grabbed him by the cheeks and said plainly, “How about jewelry?”

“Ya ya yes sir,” Corey trembled.

The burglar lifted up Corey’s t-shirt, putting it over his head and behind his neck so his bare chest was exposed. Then he squeezed Corey’s right nipple, slightly twisting it, causing him to whence. “WHERE are they?”

“Owww!” Corey yelped.

His best friend, Kenneth, reflexively tried to come to his rescue, lunging forward bravely but futilely. The other burglar, guarding him, punched him in the gut and then put a headlock on him, holding his latex gloved hand over Kenneth’s mouth so he wouldn’t spit out the sock.

Corey told them jewelry could be found in his parents’ bedroom, so he and the tall thief went on a little journey down a hallway, as the thief kept a tight grip on Corey’s neck. The latex material of the glove was pinching at the tiny hairs on his neck, causing him discomfort but he didn’t complain.

Meanwhile, Kenneth was forced on to his knees on the floor of the living room as the slimmer burglar kept watch over him, now holding a knife to his throat.

Corey watched, hands tied, sock stuffed in his mouth, as the burglar rummaged through drawers in the master bedroom. It produced poor results, which frustrated the thief until his eye caught something in the closet. He spotted a safe.

He removed the sock from Corey’s mouth, pinched his right nipple again, twisting it even harder, and demanded he better know the combination to the safe or he was dead meat.

Fortunate for Corey, he did. He quickly gave him the combination, then trying to say something else afterwards, but was once more gagged with his sock.

The broad shouldered thief entered the combination code and heard a satisfying click followed by a light, but it was flashing yellow. Then a countdown started on the LCD display of the safe, counting down from sixty minutes.

It was a timed safe. Once a code was inputted, it wouldn’t unlock for an hour.

“What’s this bullshit?” the robber growled returning to Corey, brandishing his knife that he placed against the crotch of his underwear. “How do I get around that timer? Tell me or I’ll cut your dick off and feed it to you!”

“Mmmmhhhm mmhhmmm mhhmmm!” Corey gasped unable to speak with the sock in his mouth. The thief removed the gag and Corey continued shaking with panic, “Yyyoouuu yyoouu cannn’t, I don’t think.”

The menacing tall thief replaced the sock in Corey’s mouth, marched him back down the hallway towards the living room, clutching him by his hair, causing Corey great displeasure.

As they entered the living room, the burglar was just finishing off gagging Kenneth with an impressive amount of duct tape. Corey’s poor friend had been gagged not just horizontally around his face but the thief had wrapped extra layers vertically under his jaw and around the top of his head. Most of his face was encased in duct tape!

Corey was thrown down on the floor, as he landed at his best friend’s knees. Kenneth looked down at him with wide, sympathetic eyes, as if to tell him it was okay, but looking awful with all that tape around his face.

“What the fuck should we do?” the smaller thief frowned as he heard the news about the timer.

The two intruders debated their options and determined to wait it out. As they did, they taped up Corey’s face the same as Kenneth’s. Now both captives were permanently gagged with tape and their socks shoved inside their mouths. They couldn’t make a meaningful sound even if they wanted to now.

The tall burglar, who clearly was in charge, decided, however to have some fun with their hostages as a means of passing the time.

The young captives were rolled on to the floor and told to lay on their stomachs. As they did, the robbers zip tied their ankles. Then they used a couple more zip ties, doubled up, to connect their bound wrists to their bound ankles. This put the young men into a very uncomfortable hogtie.

The captors weren’t done yet, though. They shuffled the captives against each other, on their sides, torso to torso, but facing opposite ends. The robbers then shoved their heads forward, burying them in to the other’s crotch!

“Stay close! Don’t back off!” the tall burglar laughed, then he slapped each one of them hard on their butts. “If you back away from each other, we’ll kick the shit out of you!”

It was a humiliating position the best friends were forced in to. As they lay pressed against each other, hogtied, their heads were buried in to the other’s crotches. Being gagged so mercilessly as they were, their only breaths could be taken from their noses. The two men were cruelly subjected to the other’s smelly, foul crotch odor.

This amused the thugs who could see how embarrassed and discomforted the captives were. They plopped themselves on the couch, propped up their feet and decided to take a few hits from the bong on the coffee table.

“Want a slice?” the slimmer burglar laughed, opening up the pizza box.

“Don’t mind if I do!” the tall burglar laughed back.

Meanwhile, the poor young hogtied bastards on the floor were whimpering in their ziptie bondage, sniffing each other’s funky, salty nut scents. They both regretted playing a long game of basketball earlier that night in the humid summer air and skipping a shower.

“Let’s get some photos of these two cuties,” the taller thief suggested. “We’ll use their phones and text them to our burner.”

The smaller crook took a cell phone from the coffee table, that happened to belong to Kenneth.

“Let’s see if face recognition works with duct tape!” the smaller burglar chuckled holding up the iPhone to Corey’s face, then Kenneth’s. Sure enough, it unlocked.

He started to take pictures but the taller one stopped him, saying, “Wait! It’s not quite right!”

The bigger thug knelt down at the captives, then he yanked down their underwear to their thighs. As the young men whaled and moaned in protest, he adjusted their ball sacks so they were more visible for the camera and to make it obvious their noses were plowing right in to the each other’s nasty sweaty nut sack.

“Mmmmphhh! Mmmhhhh! Mmhh!” both Kenneth and Corey moaned.

The burglars started taking more photos, as the helpless young captives had their faces buried in each other’s balls!

“NOW that’s a prize photo!” the tall one cackled, approving of the last picture they snapped.

The thieves pulled the captives’ underwear back up and went back to the couch, taking another hit off the bong, and deciding to play video games while their hostages squirmed around humiliated and degraded on the floor.

It felt like an eternity for the two friends as they squirmed in their restraints, staying, as told, pressed against each other, forced to inhale and endure the other’s disgusting smell.

Suddenly, a series of beeps was heard in the distance. The safe timer had unlocked.

The burglars together took off for the master bedroom, leaving the tied up captives. Several minutes went by.

The thieves returned to the living room, with their backpacks loaded up and smiles on their faces. They knelt down at their bound hostages, rubbing their heads and saying they would be taking off.

“Mmmmphhh! Mmmhh!” the captives begged, trying to indicate they wanted to be untied before the thieves left them like that.

“I suppose we can give you dudes a fighting chance. I’ll tell you what,” the bigger intruder smiled down at them.

He pulled a folded pocket knife out from his back pocket. He turned Corey to his side and made sure he saw the knife. Then he moved in on Kenneth, yanked down his boxer briefs and pressed the folded knife against his balls, as a mess of pubic hair caved around it. He took the roll of duct tape and started to cruelly wrap several helpings of the sticky tape around Kenneth’s nuts and dick, trapping the knife inside, as the bushel of pubes stuck to the tape. Then he pulled Kenneth’s underwear back up, mockingly patting him on the gagged cheek.

“Sorry you had to get the short end of the stick,” he laughed at Kenneth before adding the insult. “But, it’s cause you are the short stick, pee wee.”

“Well,” the tall burglar smiled looking down at Corey, “I think you can figure out how to get your freedom.”

The thieves laughed out loud, kicking the two captives one last time as they exited the house, turning off the lights to the living room as they did. “Romantic lighting for you two, hah hah!” The captives could hear the fleeing robbers laughing as they went out the side window in the other room. There was only a faint glow in the living room now, coming from the TV still on the PlayStation main menu.

The two young men were now rolling around, struggling in earnest, trying to get free of the zip tie bindings but it hurt to fight that much. They were grunting and groaning as they did. Corey remembered the lighter on the coffee table, thinking he could use that to burn off the plastic cables. Unable to prop himself up to see, he kicked the coffee table over with his feet and the contents landed on the floor. The lighter was nowhere to be seen. Those assholes must have taken the lighter with them.

Corey looked over at Kenneth with resigned expression, knowing that he has to dig into his best friend’s scrotum. Kenneth, also resigned to the fact, nodded at him.

Corey flipped over, with his back now to Kenneth and shuffles closer to him. When their bodies touch, Corey fumbles with Kenneth’s underwear and awkwardly pulls them down, having limited range with his hands tied up like they were.

Corey’s sweaty fingers are now dangling around Kenneth’s duct taped sweaty crotch. He can feel the adhesive strips, the soft skin of Kenneth’s ball sack, the puffs of pubic hair. It’s swampy and sticky. It’s disgusting. Kenneth whimpers at the first touches to his privates.

Corey can feel a strip of duct tape that’s loose and begins to pull away at it. As soon as he does, his best friend lets out a muffled, but loud wail of agony. It’s pulling at his pubic hairs. Too much of the sticky adhesive material is attached to his nest of hair down there. It’s too painful for his buddy if he pulls at the tape. He has to approach it differently. He realizes by going in slowly underneath the tape he can lessen the pain. This means, however, making direct contact with his friend’s sweaty member, but he has no choice. Corey slowly glides his fingers under the tape, gleaming over his friend’s soft nuts, brushing against his cock briefly, until he can feel the cold steel of the folded blade down there.

“Mmmmphhh!” Kenneth moans, feeling terribly distraught as his friend is digging into his nuts.

The best friends spend several minutes engaged in the embarrassing act, as Corey fondles Kenneth’s sweaty organ, trying to free the pocket knife without hurting him. His fingers pass by what seems like mountains of thin, curly pubic hair that slowly releases from the adhesive as he glides deeper.

Kenneth continues to moan and gasp, feeling the pain nonetheless of the pubes being pulled away from the tape. He stiffens up his whole body, taking the pain as stoically as he can.

Finally, Corey is able to get a firm grip on the knife and slowly retreats his hands back, removing the sweaty, sticky knife.

Kenneth lets out a big sigh of relief and collapses on the floor, anxiously watching his best friend fumble with the knife in his sweaty hands trying to unfold it.

He flips open the pocket knife and, after a few failed attempts, is able to cut the plastic zip tie cable around his wrists. This immediately frees the large zip tie connected to his bound ankles and frees him from the hogtie. He quickly cuts the cable around his ankles. He’s free!

He then moves on to Kenneth, and easily cuts his zip ties with the knife.

After thirty minutes of humiliation, digging for that knife, both captives are finally free! They’re drenched in sweat that cakes their underwear and shines over their bodies.

They try to remove their duct tape around their heads but it’s difficult. It’s a lot of tape. Kenneth motions Corey to stay still and takes the knife. He carefully glides the blade underneath the tape over Corey’s face making sure the sharp edge stays away from his best friend’s skin. As it goes past his nose, Corey can smell the rank film of ball sweat on that knife. Finally, Kenneth frees him of most of the tape allowing Corey to pull the rest off and spit out the disgusting saliva soaked dirty sock in his mouth.

Corey does the same for Kenneth, removing the duct tape allowing him to now remove his dirty sock gag.

The friends breathe a sigh of relief, taking their first full breaths after ninety minutes of pure hell.

They pick up Kenneth’s phone from the carpet to call the police but notice a recent message. They see it’s from an unknown number. The message reads, with an embarrassing picture of them:

“Don’t call the cops or we send this picture of you two lovebirds to all your Snapchat friends!”

Kenneth and Corey look at each other, speechless, hesitating to do anything.


Thanks to SockgaggedJason for this story!

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