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Jared gets hog-cuffed and tape-gagged

At Dream Boy Bondage, Jared is removed from the wooden plank on which he has been displayed naked. He’s allowed to “rest” on the floor, cuffed wrists to ankles. He rolls around, arching his back and flexing his impressive muscles as his dick hardens from friction with the floor. His joints ache and the metal cuffs dig into his flesh, but nothing he does provides any relief. After a few hours, they turn his intense discomfort into real pain, roping his cock and balls and lifting his 180 pounds of solid muscle off the ground. A tape-gag muffles him.

Jared gets hog-cuffed and tape-gagged

Jared gets hog-cuffed and tape-gagged


VIDEO at Dream Boy Bondage

Title: JARED: Elite Athlete – Chapter 5

VIDEO at Dream Boy Bondage

The Art Show

By Cutieboy90

Matt and his buddy TJ stood awkwardly by the big steel door of the warehouse. Matt instinctively covering his flaccid penis with one hand, while TJ didn’t even bother trying to cover his big package. He swung his arms idly as they waited for some sort of instruction.

“We ain’t too early, are we?” TJ asked Matt. Matt shook his head.

“No, we’re right on time. And exactly where we were told to be. They must be running late.” Matt finished with a slight hint of annoyance.

“It’s cool, man.” TJ shrugged. “You know how civilians are. They can’t help it.”

Matt nodded. Of course TJ was right. Adjusting to life after years of structured army life had been difficult for both of them. Matt was glad TJ was always so chill.

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Isaac submits to a hogtied tickling session

August talked his friend Isaac into getting tied up for the My Friends Feet site. Isaac said he didn’t think he was very ticklish since he hadn’t been tickled by anyone in a long time — and never where he was restricted (like, say, by a hog tie). It turns out that Isaac’s big size 12 soles are very, very ticklish and he may never trust his friend August again. If he ever gets free.

Isaac submits to a hogtied tickling session

VIDEO at My Friends Feet

Scene Title: Isaac

Scene Short Description: Isaac Tickled

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A Day on the Market

By Cutieboy90

All they needed was for someone to hold the sign for the flower stall at the Sunday market.

But it’s never that simple, not with Master Skylar involved.

Mitch sniffed in mild discomfort as the cool morning air and flower pollen tickled his nose. He’d grab a tissue, and maybe some Claritin, but his hands were tied. Literally.

Locked in a bulky wooden yoke, Mitch couldn’t move his hands within two feet of his head. As if that wasn’t enough, his hands had also been locked into thickly padded leather mitts before being placed in the yoke. The mitts couldn’t even be accessed unless the yoke was removed, and of course the only person with the key to unlock the yoke was… Master Skylar.

“It’s for publicity,” Skylar had said. “Just stand on the corner for a few hours, get people’s attention, and they’ll come buy flowers.”

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