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A straight guy allows himself to be hogtied for some extra cash

Corey is a construction worker who is between jobs in a move to another state and willing to do anything for the cash he so desperately needs to resettle. He has a firm, muscled body built through hard, physical labor. He has to assume and hold a humiliating position on his back with legs spread in the air. Then he gets hog tied while sucking a dildo, deep throating it until he gags.

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Title of this shoot: “Corey – Part 1”

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The Drool Bucket – Part 1

By submittor

The Drool Bucket male bdsmDrip…another lump of slime falls into my open mouth hole with an audible plop. i’ve no idea how long we’ve been tied like this. All i can do is stare up at the handsome beast above me. Tough looking, masculine, muscled, handsome. Drip…when i’d been dragged in i’d instantly got hard at the sight of him…naked…hogtied…gagged….sweating…struggling….drooling. He was dirty, a few bruises, looked like he’d been in a fight maybe. Wide leather straps secured him into the vicious hogtie, muscles straining. His grunts and groans the only thing breaking the silence. He looked angry, aggressive, scary….fuckin hot. A Beast.

Drip…Drip…But i didn’t have long to admire his manliness. Rough hands dragged me and threw me on the dirt in front of him, a few swift, brutal kicks got me into position, lying directly under him. Inches from this fuckin God….beneath…lower than him in all ways.

Drip…Drip…Drip…its fuckin gushing now! filling me, drowning me. Next they’d wrapped lengths of leather hide round my body….tight! Everything bound tight together…painfully tight so i couldn’t move an inch. My balls also wrapped in tight leather hide. My cock sticking up purple and horny…not allowed to cum in a month.

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Dylan Strokes gets his super-hard, 9-inch cock edged

In this archived shoot from Men On Edge, hung stud Dylan Strokes is suspended in a hogtie as his hard cock dangles toward the floor.


As Sebastian starts him off, Dylan moans in ecstasy as soon as the vibrating dildo is inserted into his ass, bringing his cock right to the edge the more the dildo hits his prostate. Dylan then has his legs spread open, with a spider gag and blindfold on as Sebastian continues to tease his aching cock. Dylan has his toes sucked while being jacked off with the fleshjack until it’s time to break out the Shockspot machine. The machine is placed inside Dylan’s greedy ass until he finally blows a load of cum all over himself.

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Bondage stud Braden gets roped in a tough hogtie

At Roped Studs, Braden is a professional model. You can tell by his flawless, tanned skin; thick, golden hair; beautiful, gleaming teeth and, of course, his near perfect gym body. Well, “professional model” might be a bit of an overstatement. He’s gotten a few gigs through a semi-legit agency, but mostly he’s done porn and a lot of dancing at gay bars. That’s how our rope man, Matt, spots him, wiggling on a tabletop, wearing nothing but super-tight, see-through briefs. Matt, who is surprisingly rich, does nothing more than flash a wad of bills to entice Braden to go home with him. Braden figures he’ll play nice, maybe suck some cock, and take care of next month’s rent in just one night. Little does Braden know, he is in for a lot more than a little cock sucking. He is going to suffer long and hard for being so damn hot.

male bdsm Bondage stud Braden gets roped hard

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