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Matt on Display – Part 3

By Steellock

Jess looked around the big barn dungeon. All around there were scenes of bondage and BDSM. Men indulging in ‘leather sex’ of all kinds.

On one side a guy was strapped to a wheel being tortured by electrical shocks, applied to pads placed on the muscles of his legs and arms, he had ring contacts on his cock and a pair of polar clamps passing current through his tits.

Other guys were being flogged and whipped on a pair of St. Andrews crosses. Scenes in all directions.

In the middle of the wide space there were two matching leather covered tables. On one a heavily built black haired man in black boots was locked into a steel ankle and wrist bar. His head, wrapped with a black leather gag, was writhing from side to side.

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Male bondage and tickling with Leo Forte and August Alexander

At My Friends Feet, August Alexander is far from ordinary in his sexual tastes. He loves tickling guys and sucking on their toes. He has an appetite for the unusually sensual things in life, like being tied up and helpless at the hands of his boyfriend Leo Forte. Leo ties August up (the footage of him doing the rope work is at the end of this video) and teases him for a while. He licks his toes and tickles him until August is squirming around, making his own cock hard. Once the ropes come off Leo explores August’s body and feet more until he shoots his load on August’s toes.

Leo Forte and August Alexander

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Scene Title: August

Scene Short Description: Leo Tickles & Worships August

gay porn Leo Forte and August Alexander

Robbed and Humiliated

By SockgaggedJason

SockgaggedJason story gay demonIt’s past two o’clock in the morning in a quiet upscale neighborhood. Two disguised men have crossed a lawn belonging to one of the larger homes at the end of the street’s cul-de-sac. Using a suction cup and glass cutter, they break into one of the side windows of the darkened house.

They look like classic burglars. Dressed in blue jeans and long sleeve shirts, they’re wearing latex gloves with black neoprene ski masks disguising their faces. One is tall and broad shouldered. The other is average height and slim. Both of them are wearing light backpacks.

The thieves make their way through the rooms with flashlights, assuming no one is home. They’d be casing out this house. When they reach the living room, however, they notice evidence to the contrary. The TV is still on with a PlayStation console connected to it and the game menu on the screen. The fresh smell of pizza and weed is in the air as they notice a pizza box on the coffee table next to a bong.

They’re not alone after all. But they’re prepared for such contingencies as they remove duct tape and several plastic zip tie cables from their backpacks.

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Wanna get tied up bro?

male bdsm cnmn

Blond, blue eyed, 6-foot-1 and heavily tattooed Keith has recently moved back to Philadelphia and in need of cash to get settled, so he’s willing to do anything, even get tied up! He gets tickled silly, and acts like a giggling bitch. Then he has to lay on his back, legs spread in the air, while getting a cleansing enema.

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Title of this shoot: “Keith – Part 1”

male bdsm

male bondage and tickling