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My Night at Pledge Brother Chris’ Apartment

By SockgaggedJason

SockgaggedJason gay bondage storiesThis is a true story from my college years when I was closeted and had joined a fraternity.

I decided to spend the night with my pledge brother, Chris Thompson. It was after an evening of partying at the frat house and his apartment was walking distance. I didn’t want to drive home drunk, but mostly it was mostly excuse to get him alone. I was curious about Chris ever since I heard the rumors from the other members of our pledge class. The story was, Chris was gay. What threw me off though was his persona. Chris was a recent Army discharge and he was a muscular, hyper masculine meathead.

I felt like he didn’t fit the stereotype, but then again neither did I. Was he a closet case like me?

At his apartment, we started to drink more beers from his refrigerator. We kicked off our shoes and watched UFC on the couch. I could smell the warm scent of his socked feet. Smelly socks were a big turn on for me! It was an aphrodisiac.

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Let’s Gag Him, Bro!

By SockgaggedJason

SockgaggedJason gay bondage storiesKevin, flanked by his best friend, Matt, stormed into his own beachside apartment with purpose where he found his roommate, Flynn, in the middle of removing his motorcycle gear. Flynn had just returned from a long motorcycle ride in the mountains. He had taken off his helmet, gloves, and one of his boots when they barged in so suddenly. Flynn was still fully suited up in his motorcycle racing leathers, though. Kevin and Matt, without warning, tackled him. They had restraints ready; a collection of clothesline rope and duct tape.

Flynn didn’t put up much resistance since he shrugged it off as innocent horseplay that wouldn’t go far. He laughed but was handedly taken to the floor. They sat on top of him and pulled his hands behind his back. Kevin skillfully tied Flynn’s wrists together quickly with some of the clothesline they brought. Once they were bound, Flynn then knew it was a little more serious.

“Fuckers, this hurts!” Flynn complained.

“So, what?” Kevin laughed. “We’re kidnapping you, bro!”

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Daman gets restrained and roped up

At BreederFuckers, Daman is totally exposed and desperate to protect his virgin bum. Pinned to the floor with his wrists and legs bound behind him, his arse is vulnerably pointed up so they can widen his sphincter with a vibrator. It’s fixed up his tight arse and he’s ordered to fuck himself like a slutty bitch. The dopey bastard is too slow so they mercilessly lash him with a cane till he breaks his own arse open!

tied up for male bondage

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Isolation cell bondage: This is the real fucking deal

Bind is in a severe hogtie at the Mountain Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania, run by the infamous Warden Harold Cox. Bind’s metal collar is locked to a bolt in the floor, and his legs are secured by cotton straps to anchor points in the wall. There is no possibility of escape. His condition is monitored from the adjacent room via a TV camera.

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