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Hog chained in a jail cell

Vaughn Green is brought back in. All his info, weight and body temp is logged in for part of the inmate’s booking file. This criminal convict asked a lot of questions, and Officer Denali hog-tied him on the bunk without his striped uniform because he wanted to remind him who is in control and that is why he was arrested and transported in for strip down, cavity search and jail processing!

Hog chained in a jail cell


See the video at Guys In Lockup


male strip search cavity search

Matt on Display – Part 3

By Steellock

Jess looked around the big barn dungeon. All around there were scenes of bondage and BDSM. Men indulging in ‘leather sex’ of all kinds.

On one side a guy was strapped to a wheel being tortured by electrical shocks, applied to pads placed on the muscles of his legs and arms, he had ring contacts on his cock and a pair of polar clamps passing current through his tits.

Other guys were being flogged and whipped on a pair of St. Andrews crosses. Scenes in all directions.

In the middle of the wide space there were two matching leather covered tables. On one a heavily built black haired man in black boots was locked into a steel ankle and wrist bar. His head, wrapped with a black leather gag, was writhing from side to side.

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