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Jack is roped up and turned into a sex captive

Meanwhile at BreederFuckers, Jack is leashed and led around like a dog, but he still resists. This stupid fucking hetero needs to learn to fall into line and serve with every part of his body. To do that he needs to be completely immobilized. Aaron gives him a series of smacks and throws him down on the filthy mattress to plunder his tight arsehole. With Dave’s assistance they rope Jack up till he can barely move a muscle. With his pants wrapped over his face, he must constantly breathe in the smell of his own gooch while being worked over by his sadistic captor. Jack’s arse is stretched open with a vibrator while Aaron shocks him with electro zaps. The worst thing about this is the sorry straight fucker has no idea where or when the next shock is going to happen! He trembles all over, fearful of each new sting that comes to his balls and cock. The pressure is ramped up as Aaron then uses a feather to tickle all his most tender parts. Given that Jack can’t do anything to fend off this torment, the moaning straight captive is in absolute agony. Once-proud Jack has turned into a whimpering, snivelling mess.

gay BDSM

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gay bondage and humiliation